A Sneak Peek Of Voyager's Fee-free Crypto Exchange App (Coming in January 2019!)

hey everybody this is Marcus Henry today I'm reviewing Voyager crypto exchange Voyager is a crypto currency exchange slated for launch later in January Voyager will be out on iOS and will eventually come to Android while at this time Voyager is only launching in the United States they say they'll be launching in other countries later this year now there's still time where you can sign up ahead of release and get $25 and free Bitcoin you can sign up with the referral link just below this video now let's explore some of voyagers features at launch Voyager we'll have 18 kryptos available for trade including bitcoin ether IAM z cash litecoin neo and AOS to name a few voyager contains detailed charts data and news specific to the cryptocurrency you wish to trade trading is super simple all you have to do is choose a crypto add the amount you want ten dollars and above swipe to purchase trade confirmed transferring funds is quite simple all you have to do is link your bank account they already give you a couple different options to choose from or you can just go to the bottom and select another account I'd equated to any trading app or any bank app that you've ever had to set up you can enable security with touch ID or face ID if you have an iPhone X and up you can look at your history to see what you've been trading and then you can also see your trade your transfer history as well help opens up an email where you can communicate with the staff while I've yet to encounter an incident that would require me to reach out support I only imagine that they want to make sure that their customers are happy especially as they're about to launch overall the app was really quite smooth and enjoyable to use I think that there is definitely a lot to feel bullish about with the company in general their management is pretty strong strong leadership is very important especially because a lot of this leadership comes from successful companies like uber and etrade I think there's a lot to look forward to with this Voyager app and I think you should definitely check it out thank you guys so much for watching my review please subscribe to my channel and I definitely look forward to hearing what you guys think

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