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hey everyone Josh here with CCN bringing you a brand new deep dive this time over at AK stat extent is an up-and-coming Fiat two crypto exchange based out of the EU that has an exciting new campaign called the bullwhip movement now the bullwhip movement is going to be ex debts forerunner to manifest their vision of crypto for all and they want you to be a part of that by participating in the bullwhip movement you can earn incentives such as 2,000 euro in their native token in addition to earning an exclusive ex debt community token so how do you earn all these rewards well that's the exciting part all you have to do is become a node now a node in the extant bullwhip movement is anyone who wants to trade in crypto Arno's others who want to trade in crypto as well as a node you will be ex debts crypto ambassador to expand cryptocurrency adoption among various users and this can be anyone from the range of a rookie investor to a professional trader there are only 500 nodes available if you are lucky and are among the first 200 nodes you will receive additional benefits so the process is very simple and can be done within three easy steps one you need to register with ex dad very simple number to whitelist yourself to save a spot number three add at least 5 users who can actively trade to reach cumulative trading of just 1000 euros or 0.25 BTC when you reach this mark you become a node and you will receive a community token so sign up as a node with ex debt today this is a great initiative by ex net that opens up the door to anyone in the crypto space they've invested 1 million euros to kick-start the initiative moreover ex that is bringing this bear market what it really needs with the bullwhip movement for more information you can visit the ex dot website which we are going to do right now so here we are on the ex that website if you want to visit it it is wwx do as soon as you visit the website you will see in the middle a giant signup button that says right above it register and earn 10 euros of native tokens also at the top you will see the earn up to 2,000 euros by joining the bullwhip movement so if you want to enter this you need to move fast because only 200 participants are gonna be able to make it in also if you want to keep up to date on all of their information make sure if you visit them at these websites they have their medium their reddit their YouTube Instagram Facebook Twitter and their telegram accounts not to mention staying up to date would be really easy if you make sure and make an account so sign up so why X debt regulation complaints and compliance with incumbent regulation it's also user friendly simple to use for beginners and diverse features for advanced traders it is also transparent and secure airtight security with comprehensive kyc and AM L also fiat crypto compatibility accepts major currencies and hosts multiple trading pairs not to mention a robust support with 24/7 support with quick query add wrestle and something X debt is also provided on the front page it's places that they've been featured on so here are eight wonderful little articles that you can read that accident' has provided on their front page so be sure to give them a read you can also read their blog article with more information on the bullwhip movement let's go ahead and do that so here we are on X that's medium page as you can see I need to be able to receive updates and I would like to receive updates on X step because I want to keep as informed as humanly possible so let me go ahead and do this real quick and sign up with either my Google or my facebook I think I'll link with my Google account so now that I've done that let's go ahead and read this article about the bullwhip movement so here is your chance to earn up to 2,000 euros only on X debt the best time to invest in cryptocurrency was ten years ago isn't that the truth and the second best time is now okay let's see what this has to say statistically most of the crypto currencies are at a three-year low making it almost the optimal time to invite new traders at X debt we are on an optimistic intent to empower the crypto community by increasing the influx of users who want to trade in crypto currencies you can earn up to 2,000 euros only at X dot sparking an interest in this bare market we are going to be doing these phases alright so we have a little chart I like that the bullwhip very cool so as we can see here we are looking at an artist rendition of the bullwhip movement I very much like this piece so let's go ahead and read what it says here are you an individual who wants to trade or knows at least five users who are interested and willing to trade crypto on a secure and easy platform avail a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a node on X stat we are lining up comprehensive incentives for kyc and trading for every distinctive move you make let's move down a little bit you can be our knight in the global crypto arena brace yourself as we are investing 1 million euros to aid a crypto gush that accelerates growth and inclusivity in the crypto ecosystem reaching one step closer to achieving our vision crypto for all we believe in mutual growth only when you grow can we grow X debt is taking giant leaps to cater to mass adoption across nations reducing barriers on crypto trading and investing by adhering to compliance standards we aim at garnering an ecosystem that transaction on a trustworthy exchange with maximum functionality for our users what do we have in store for you X debt has promising incentives lined up for all investors who trade and facilitate trades on our platform everyone has the opportunity to maximize their earning when they trade in return for your participation apart from prioritizing you for a community token when you actively trade you have the ability to mint up to 2,000 euros place your trust with X debt become a node and be our night of trust to guide and create a crypto inclusive ecosystem so here are the guidelines for a node and these are the seven steps number one sign up on X dot io generate a referral link as number two number three complete your kyc and receive ten euros all right number four whitelist yourself as a node number five add five users with your referral link on ax that who will complete kyc and start trading for every referred user added also nodes get two dollars and fifty euros users get ten euros also number six encourage users to trade and number seven with cumulative trading mark of 1000 euros is reached by the referred users the node is now eligible to receive X debt community token also known as xct y so whitelist yourself as a node today as it says here limited nodes are available on X that before we run out you need to go ahead and get over there join the bandwagon of crypto ninjas and be a part of the leading edge of crypto adoption so make sure to stay tuned as we talked about earlier with places like their Twitter telegram LinkedIn Facebook reddit and their website what a very informative article this was I also want to read this other article on their medium page and it says how can you earn a community token with X debt so as we know the crypto industry is moving at a bydd pace evolving and changing constantly yet it has massive potential for the addition of more users in times like these it becomes the utmost importance for a regulated crypto exchange that supports new users we at axe debt are a new-age compliant Fiat to crypto platform to provide investors with diverse features of security and seamless transactions trust being our cornerstone our cardinal rule for long term vision is pledging for social good through crypto for all breathing this objective to life ex debt is excited to announce the launch of the bullwhip movement on a pursuit to encourage a bullish bull like purchasing behavior for ubiquitous adoptions of a crypto currencies especially in this bear market we are investing 1 million euros to foster a wave of engagement in the crypto ecosystem we are calling out to all interested messengers to trust who we shall be calling nodes who will help us bring our vision to fruition our core belief is that only when you grow can we grow join us be our crypto ninjas to facilitate widespread crypto trading and foster a crypto inclusive community by inviting new users help us reach out to new entrants and become a node and the rest of the article basically explains how to become a node which we already spoke about and it also mentions the 2000 euros that you could also have a chance to bank so yes I mean these were wonderful articles and I'm glad that we were able to go over them so make sure to check out their links down below in the description if you follow them on any of these I'm sure there are many other places that you can find more information on ex debt if you'd like to do some research for yourself so I hope you were able to enjoy this video and found it very informative if you 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    I know I've been gone for awhile! Explanation video coming tomorrow!

  2. Nice video. Watched the video after work! I like the idea of a transparency exchange, ETH: 0xFEC898B95380A4BbED43cEc73D90c3EFca5e09dB

  3. Really interesting project! Crypto community need such kind of exchange!
    whatever welcome back and keep up giving ✌️

  4. Great to see you guys are back with the giveaways !! This project looks pretty ambitious, and the sign up free 10 euros is really appealing! Hopefully this project can keep growing.

  5. I agree that everyone has the opportunity to maximize their earning! Will we see you back front and center reporting crypto news?

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  6. The video's very informative. Thanks for the opportunity to participate. I wish to win.

  7. I am always down for some free money, also sounds like a really interesting project, crypto will go global, is just a matter of time. good to heard you are back.


  8. Another good intro video thanks. Nice to see you again in here bro btw is KYC absolutely mandatory to start trading there?

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  10. Glad to see you back again. Really good video, Not for me but very informative.

  11. Interesting project, could be huge in the next bull market due to the fiat – crypto pairs, EUs new coinbase?
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  12. Looks interesting! I love the features especially the fiat compatability and the full security. Hope this will be picked up especially by the OGs of crypto and maybe promote it! Everybody should be included, no "buts". Crypto for all!

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