A scarce 2004 20 cent coin

so hello people and you go in today
and today I’m gonna talk about a coin that is not too common and there are two
variations of this 2004 20 cent coins so if I turn it over see it’s a 20 cent
coin platypus and there are two different types that were issued in 2004
yeah this is the rarer type it actually has the larger Queen this is the more
common type he has this smaller coin in the basic way you can tell difference is
in Australia the A’s on the large acquaintance appointed on the smaller
Queen that actually blunted so they’re flat and that goes with all the guys and
also the lettering on the smaller Queen is smaller and it’s lettering is larger
now during 2000s the Queen actually varied over time because they were I
presume now having a bit of problem with the actual dies and getting their
dimensions correct but now the Queen is pretty much okay so this one is a 2011
and it is similar to the large Queen here
the lettering in Australia is a lot thinner and so the numerals are totally
changed so this is the rare coin yeah and well maybe that produces first and I
found that there was a problem and then I changed it but this one is the only
year English coin is small as you can say it looks a bit different you can
actually tell the difference 22 Queens so I’m gonna try measure and let’s have
a look Oh Misha from the hop down to the bottom oh it’s bad
mmm 2.4 centimeters and this one is about 2.2 centimeters so there’s about
two millimeters difference in the size of the head that’s good because that is
much better and there you can see a hell of a lot better you can tell the
differences also the lettering is a lot closer to the rim in this coin so let’s
see if there’s any differences on the other side so as you can see on the
reverses it doesn’t seem to be much of a difference so well this side is okay and
there is no break in between this wave and the platypus – that’s fine the the
fingers look fine so that’s only do you ever saw you have
to worry about so this is the coin you wanna collect this one preferably in
better grade I’ve seen them on ebay then you go for
about two or three dollars that it can’t be that rare but I haven’t seen any in
circulation for quite a while I just get this coin and every time I get this coin
that’s uncirculated condition I just roll back this is just the demonstration
coin so that is one more collector’s coin in circulation that you should
collect so thank you very much for watching and have an awesome coin
collecting time because it’s exciting what you find out

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  1. I have 20c 2004 same as video show..with latars separated from rem and hole gap on platypus head …but please sorry ,accuse me about my poor broken English
    I have many collectable coin , but I'm not really collector yet

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