A Review Of Steem’s Decentralized Applications | EP#188

Hey everyone Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness today we’re going to be talking about steem interfaces and I’m
going to be doing a review of a bunch of the different interfaces that exists and
the reason I’m saying interfaces and not platforms is because steem is the
underlying network where all the content exists what you use to interact with
that content is the interface built and they’ll they may appear to be different
platforms they all use the same content and the same login and everything is the
same it’s just a different design and typically they might filter some of the
content so for example for a video application on Steam they’re only going
to show you videos but everything else still exists with that being said let’s
dive in so in front of you you’re just seeing the review that I’m going to
upload in blog form to publish so X medium mines etc and you could just go
through and read this yourself or you can watch this or listen to this
as I go through and explain some of my reasoning for you know why I prefer
certain platforms over others and why you might prefer certain ones over
others so the very first one is one that probably most people who are aware of
what steam is already are aware of and it’s steam it and steam it is the first
interface to have been built on the steam blockchain
and it is very verbatim basically it’s very raw there’s very little content
that is filtered it is probably the best for that if you want the most unfiltered
experience to see everything that saw in the blockchain just in a very raw format
this is the best place for you I prefer steam it because I want to see
everything that’s there and once they start filtering and deciding what’s
showing up it it gets very close to censorship so I’d rather just see
everything and then make my decisions based on seeing at all the content in
all the data now again it might not be the smoothest viewing experience because
of that and so there’s a lot of other great platforms that I’m sure a lot of
people would prefer to see much more curated content more quality content
rather than just everything verbatim but this is what I prefer this is also more
challenging to blog on because you have to blog with with markup with HTML
markup which essentially is like while on other platforms like busy you’ll have
the regular toolbar where you know you could highlight something and then make
it bold or whatever if you have well there is an editor actually that will
help you with the markup so I’m not sure if this is built-in automatically if
this is because of Steam Plus this might just actually be a default thing now so
make sure you look out for that because this will obviously make it a lot easier
you know since you could just use a regular toolbar and in raw HTML that’s
what that would look like so typically when I write articles I
actually do write them in markup language so if I wanted to make like a
header it would look like that right and then here would just look like this yeah
it’s pretty straightforward I mean it’s a blogging platform you can throw in
videos you can do in everything else you can’t actually upload a video directly
which is a huge like drawback for regular steam but if you are
specifically looking for a video hosting application on Steam we’re gonna look at
Dee tube in just a bit so I mean I don’t want to go through the whole platform
for all the platforms because it’ll take way too much time I just want to do the
gist and the gist of this is you’re getting the most raw unfiltered
experience this was the first platform a lot of the features are very
straightforward though it might be a little more challenging to start using
and get used to because it’s it was one of the first interfaces it’s kind of a
more raw experience so it’s not as streamlined and easy for new users so do
consider that and while you could make an account on any platform you could
still use steam or any platform as you please with the same account so you know
you could use it for a few days decide go to another platform and you could try
them all here if they wanted and you wouldn’t have to have the inconvenience
of like restarting making a new account trying all of them you could just use
your account as you please on any of them so busy is another really popular
alternative to steam it and essentially it’s steam it but with a little bit more
it’s a better design better UI it’s a little bit more curated but a lot of
people really prefer using busy to steam it and as you can see it’s pretty
similar but the UI is just a little bit better you know they have things too
help kind of guide you along the way easier signup process just a lot of
different things one thing that people don’t like is that for steam it
typically takes one to two weeks to get approved and have your account created
the reason though then it takes one to two weeks to create an account is
because they’re going to lend you free steam and that is significant they can’t
just be lending free steam to everyone who wants to join so it’s really just to
ensure that you’re not a bot or you already have an account you can spend a
tiny amount of steam to just create your account on your own not that many people
want to obviously spend money but this is really just an easy way to quickly
get access and and if you’re on steam for a long time you’re probably earning
a bunch of steam and you could easily create an account if you know you should
choose to um I’ve created accounts for some of my friends instantly to make it
a more smooth process for them and I encourage anyone who has friends who
want to join to just spend a little bit of your steam and make the account for
them to streamline the whole process moving forward so yeah again Bizzy is
just a great alternative and it’s really easy to use you sign in basically the
same way that you would normally steam Connect is what most platforms typically
use today to connect your steam account to the interface it’s just a very easy
way to sign-in using a regular password not the permission keys that you
originally set up I also do like that there is notifications on here on
regular steam you don’t have notifications so it’s a big plus for
people to be able to see that on busy personally for me I just go by my phone
like my mobile application particle and I just go off the notifications for that
I don’t need it so much on Desktop but though it would be more
convenient I do admit but I am just used to steam it and it really just comes
down to preference though I’m sure people will have a more streamlined
streamlined experience he using busy so the next application we have is alpha
I’m not as keen on alpha because it kind of takes away some of the different
aspects of steam like for example you only write posts with stars between one
and five you can’t actually decide how much money you’re going to give them as
you would normally on Steam and it feels a lot more curated obviously there’s a
lot more limited topics and things that you can you know add to and they have
communities which are like curated feeds more or less which is interesting and
might be really appealing to some people but again for me I’m probably one of the
minority who actually prefers the most raw experience with little curation
because then it feels it doesn’t feel like a genuine social media experience
if everything I’m seeing is curated content and I’m not just seeing what’s
actually out there then it’s actually gonna make it even more challenging for
people who are new you know because they might not know the format they might not
be making you know quality articles and things based on what people deemed to be
soup-like worthy of curation not that not that we want spam but I think it
does kind of push down the people who aren’t able to get into those curation
feeds makes it even more challenging but you know that’s just my personal opinion
and preference I’m sure more people would disagree than agree but regardless
so you know take that as you will again I don’t totally understand how their
voting works and how that how that applies to to steam it
like I don’t know if a one-star is a down vote I have no idea how that works
and you only really see the rating based on the stars which is kind of
interesting rather than just uploads in town votes but um you know make your
make your decisions as you will so let’s go to the next one because I don’t want
to I don’t want to spend too much time on the ones especially that I’m not a
huge fan of and topaz kind of similar to the previous one they’ve got contests
and curated feeds and stuff unfortunately with the with the homepage
here it’s just curated kind of looks more like like this kind of an awkward
curation feed here because well there’s just an awkward feed in general how it’s
only one column after the first three that seems really odd to me it kind of
lays out almost like Pinterest but again I think oh there you go that took way
too long to make that change happen you know you gotta have a good streamlined
experience that doesn’t have glitches and issues I mean a lot of this really
just comes down to preference and you know are the moderators and the curators
doing a good job are they being fair you know is it
biased it’s really for you to decide one thing to consider is on a lot of these
platforms outside of steam it you have to use their tag like you’re usually
forced to and sometimes they’ll actually also take a cut of your earnings if
you’re using steam it that’s not gonna happen you’re not gonna have to be
forced to use a tag and you won’t have to be forced to use give them any of
your earnings but for example with Dee tube I believe it’s
either 10 or 15% of your earnings go to D Tube almost all of these platforms
will take a commission so that’s also something that you really should
consider whether or not you want to just use the default platform if you want to
use something else now when oh yeah there’s also d like
instinct peek okay so we’re not on two videos yet D like has it also has its
own token called D like so if you’re using this you’re able to earn steam as
you normally would as well as D like tokens now they’re not worth very much
and I don’t know how much you’re actually gonna earn from using this and
how easy the process is to actually go and sell it etc etc and what the volume
is but you know if you’re enticed by the idea that you could earn more money than
this might be something for you personally
I I don’t really care for this the style I mean a lot of the tags seem to be kind
of irrelevant to me it seems focused on sports but I have no idea and I mean
like look at that that’s pretty awkward I feel like D live is just a little bit
true like to preliminary like it does it’s not polished enough with its design
and a lot of the features but it it definitely appeals to people who want to
earn you know more than just steam like that’s obviously a very appealing thing
to have mind you it’s not the only platform that has that there’s actually
a few others that we’re gonna look at that actually have that as well if we
look at steam Peak for example this one is pretty popular a lot of
people like this because it’s very well curated but again I’m always going to go
back to I am NOT a fan of overly curated platforms because it’s not going to let
the people who are new or you know struggling together content scene it’s
going to be very challenging for them to get that in front of people and I think
needing to be curated is almost like a turn-off for people like that you can’t
just do this on your own and you need someone else to lift you up and unless
that happens you’re not really gonna get anywhere that’s why I prefer to use
steam it and in doing so hoping that other people using steam it might also
be able to find me because I’m not really being curated thus no one’s gonna
see me on steam Peak so you know you got to consider these things I think it’s a
great design a lot of people really enjoy using this again this kind of
looks like like Pinterest the way that it’s laid out but um and as you’ll see
here all of these topics are curated so I don’t even know if there’s a way to
not see curated all right guess in here but most of what you see on here is
curated so you know definitely take that into consideration and you know while
you’re gonna see more quality content it’s going to be quality subjectively
based on the curators and not just in general so you got to consider that
you’re gonna be missing a lot of what is actually out there and I turn my quality
filter off on Twitter you know wherever I can because I want to see what’s
actually out there and you end up seeing a lot of things that you would think
shouldn’t be filtered out but they are and that’s why I I don’t like doing that
and again it all comes down to preference what you prefer to use
because at the end of the day you’re still going to be using the same account
still gonna be earning steam all the same it’s gonna go to the same place
it’s still gonna be the same profile same followers it might even be
beneficial for you to try out a bunch of different platforms because your content
may do a lot better on certain platforms or you might be able to get more
followers or whatever might be on certain platforms because you know maybe
your content fits that community a lot more effectively like something more
sports focus could be better for D like potentially you know I’m not really sure
because I haven’t heavily explored these communities like I said I really just
use steam it but all these platforms have their own ups and downs and they
they all have merit to them and there’s decent communities on them so I would
not recommend them but personally it’s not what I use so now we’re gonna be
looking at video applications on Steam and this is where it gets more
interesting I’ve been using D tube since the very beginning and it’s a great
great platform and currently they’ve launched their own token dtc so like d
like you’re able to earn their token on top of steam and you could separately
just use their platform or you can log into both as you see that I’ve done here
and then when I post on D tube it’ll also post on Steam and I’ll be able to
earn both so as you can see I’ve earned 26,000 d TC which has given me 17
million worth of voting power and you know that’s pretty awesome if we look at
the leaders oh that’s weird before there was a list of leaders okay
we’ll just ignore that then anyways though it works really really
well I’ve been uploading all of my stuff here the same way that I would for um
YouTube more or less and you can also import your YouTube videos here which is
a really nice bonus and yeah I just I highly recommend you guys checking this
out I think there’s a lot to to gain and um yeah I mean there’s there’s so much
benefit to using this platform as a great alternative to YouTube and you
know it’s really really simple you can just be uploading your videos from other
platforms or uploading it directly you have a lot of options and again this is
easily the best video hosting application on Steam really all they’re
doing is they’re only showing video content and they’re filtering everything
else out so in that way you’re gonna end up seeing just videos regardless of what
else is on the actual blockchain this is just what’s being filtered for you which
makes sense because you are using this as YouTube so obviously you only want to
see videos mind you if you’re on Steam as I explained earlier you’re still
gonna see everything that exists so when I go and post on the tube it’s still
going to post on Steam so you know you’ll still have your D Tube video but
then I can also write like a blog to go with it on Steam and unfortunately you
can’t embed a video but it’ll just bring you to D tube and then you can watch the
video here so the next one is vim TV and this is a live streaming platform for
steam and it’s basically your twitch alternative I’ve never actually done a
live stream but from what I can see the platform has a pretty solid you know
bandwidth like it loads fast enough and yeah I mean it works the same way that
you generally see with twitch I mean there’s definitely not a big community
here all suggested channels have barely
anyone watching so this is super preliminary I I would say like you’re
not really gonna be able to do a whole lot here but if this builds out and goes
really well then you’ll probably be happy that you got started and got set
up this is really like the only live streaming option that I’ve seen on Steam
so keep that in mind if you do know any other live streaming applications on
Steam definitely let me know 3 speak is another alternative 2d tube and I guess
I’m corrected because clearly you can live stream on here um so I guess yeah
you can live stream on three speak as well I didn’t actually know that but
yeah I mean for me it’s just a slightly worse version of D tube it’s also a
little bit slower it’s also a lot newer so there’s a lot less people using it
but if you don’t like D tube and you want to use something else this might be
better for you I’m not sure what fee they like they take from your earnings
it might be lower than D tube you’ll have to figure that out yourself but
that might be a reason why you would might prefer this over D tube but
personally I I prefer using T tube the next one we’re gonna look at is D sound
and essentially what D sound is is a alternative for SoundCloud and it looks
exactly like SoundCloud but it’s just gonna be showing you audio files that
people have uploaded to D sound and yeah it’s literally exactly a replica of
SoundCloud so if you want to upload music or podcast this is a great way for
you to do that steep shot I actually worked with steep
shot for a few months and they’re not really supporting their project anymore
but I’m pretty sure it’s still available on iOS currently it’s not available on
Android anymore and they stopped supporting their their web version
unfortunately unless this loads and proves me wrong does not look like it yeah it’s unfortunate because it was it
was a good alternative for Instagram but the they more or less abandon the
project currently the new version of steep shot or the other alternative to
Instagram is going to be app picks so watch out for this it’s not out yet but
it is it’s supposed to be the good alternative that’s going to be coming
out and the last two that I’m not gonna bother diving into for alternatives
before I look at the mobile apps and end this off smoke IO and score ‘m aren’t
actually the same as the others they’re not just interfaces they are
completely separate platforms running on I think coffees of steam I’m actually
not sure what they’re running on but it’s essentially the same as steam but
their niche networks though again they aren’t running on steam so you would
have to create a new account and they wouldn’t all the content you’d share
there wouldn’t show up on steam it or anywhere on the steam block
smoke is related to like an itch cannabis community and then ask Orem is
a niche sports community so if you’re really into cannabis and you want to you
know share different things about it styles of rolling different things are
growing whatever might be or if you’re really into sports
any sport I’m pretty sure is on here you could check out those as well and then
before we end this off we’re gonna take a look at particle and easting particle
and East eeem are just the two mainstream top mobile applications so
far built for steam particle in my opinion is way way way better way easier
to use this is what it looks like on a browser because they still want people
to be able to access it even if they’re not using the mobile application you
also earn points for everything you do and which you can then redeem for votes
from particle so they also incentivize you to use their application whereas
east team is a little bit rough around the edges it’s definitely not as
polished it’s a little slower it’s a little more awkward to use you also
can’t or maybe you can explore it yeah okay so you can still explore it as well
more so east team is trying to be a steam it for mobile where is particle is
like its own entire thing again it really just comes down to preference but
when you actually go and look at the mobile applications I’m sure you’ll see
that Parko is much more polished much more it’s just a better experience using
particle versus East team but again it’s really just what you prefer and what you
like using it’s the same login it’s the same content it’s really just up to you
at the end of the day so yeah let me know what you guys prefer to use in
terms of mobile in terms of your video applications in terms of like where you
blog let me know in the comments below what you guys use and also let me know
if you think I’ve misrepresented any platforms or if I missed anything
it’ll make sure to add it in if I feel it’s relevant and if you watch to the
very end thank you so much make sure to comment #1ham to let me
know that you did watch to the very end and don’t forget to comment like and
subscribe thanks for watching I’m Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness signing off Cheers

6 thoughts on “A Review Of Steem’s Decentralized Applications | EP#188”

  1. #1hand
    Have looked into lbry a bit. Think i will see if my old steemit acct is still accessible given all the cool new steem interfaces.

    Keep em comin

  2. I use dLike to create an initial posting and then edit and polish the post on SteemPeak. That way I get around the dLike restrictions and yet get the dLike upvote.

    Speaking of SteemPeak: I can see you on SteemPeak just fine. All you need is to actually log in and then click on your personal feed. You can also see content of the other tribes. I more or less stopped using SteemIt as SteemPeak is pretty universal — once you discovered all it's features. Which you didn't. Which is disappointing for a review video.


  3. #1hand! When I signed up to DTube they wouldn't allow me to upload unless I got like 100 followers or whatever which I could livestream but not upload until then so I haven't yet used it after signing up as my stuff is recorded and I hate livestreaming if I'm the one in front of the cam. Steem cleaner bot pissed me off and flagged me as a plagiarist due to reposting my startup content that I posted elsewhere on the web, so I don't like that proxy of censorship — I suspect I was targeted with the steem bot due to the politics that startup holds because my other startup did the same thing and has yet to be censored by the stupid steem cleaner bot. Needless to say I'm not impressed, if I have to go through all that bs just to sign up, log it, and post with long ass keys the last thing I need is to be frustrating with a steem bot smear campaign so Steem can f* itself I never liked their centralized token anyway I just wanted a platform to get the word out I could give a sh* less about it. So the fact that you didn't mention all these negatives disappoints me btw, much like logging into steem is an act of disappointment for me lol ever time.

    Lov your show btw, keep it up!

  4. Because I only post memes I started on dmaina until that closed and now I use a combo of memestagram and partiko #1hand. Hands down partiko is better then esteem. Really liked this one bro

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