A Lesson On Holding: Selling NRG Too Early | EP#134

Hey everyone Scott Cunningham aka
@scottcbusiness today we’re going to be going over how I really should have held
on to my NRG cryptocurrency and this is really just a lesson of of holding and
why it’s important to not always just sell when there’s a nice you know
raising the price and yeah so let’s dive into it October 17th of last year I made
a video about energy and I had 1,000 and our G foolishly enough it the price went
up you know 30 cents or something or maybe 40 cents and I ended up selling
very soon after and I thought that was a great win I was foolish I talked about
how it was on the come-up and I sold it a month later had I been able to hold
out for you know like seven six seven months or where was it it was in May in
May it was double of what I sold it for and in May I was thinking wow I was so
dumb to have sold it back then and then in July it goes up to like nine 28 or
whatever the high is but ah man 9:28 I almost got 10x if I had waited
out till then and sold it and it’s like okay I’m sure a ton of people come out
saying oh like I wish with Bitcoin I wish I could have held it or whatever or
whatever this is just me sharing my story of that so that my followers
realize everyone makes mistakes and learns from them but the point is so
that you learned from my mistakes and that’s kind of what I’m all about right
I go when I learn about different blockchain platforms I test them I
invest a little bit and a lot of times more so than not I’ve gotten burned
because there’s been scams the platform’s end up just sucking and the
value goes way down all these different things I am willing to get those burns
so that I can show you guys so that you don’t
do and thus in return you watching my videos you donating via you know the
brave browser b8e all these different things that you guys
do to help support me thus enables me to to be able to do that and to afford to
write and ideally I’m transitioning slowly to a point where I could be
financially independent and just doing this full-time but the point was is that
you can’t always just you know get overexcited and sell when there’s a
slight rise in the price because as we see from this very short span of time
things can really really go up they can also go down so you know don’t don’t
entirely take my advice don’t not sell and hold and then it goes to zero and
then blame me for that this is more so you look at what
happened to me and learn from this learn from my mistakes because that’s why I’m
out here making them no it’s not why I’m making mistakes I I’m making mistakes
and I think it’s important to share mistakes to show that you’re human too
and as well as that you can turn a mistake into a learning opportunity for
yourself and for others I am I’m pretty happy with the way that that crypto has
been going lately so you know I’m not concerned per se but it’s just it really
sucked when I saw this go to 928 and I was sitting here like wow I can’t
believe I sold when it was like nine times less if not if not lower than that
so yeah let me know if you guys have ever made one of these terrible
decisions where you sold off way too early and you regretted it and it taught
you a lesson about why you need to hold or just try to be more patient with
crypto I think it’s a lot less about investing in the right kind it’s a lot
more about being patient enough to sell at the right time because a lot of coins
go up when Bitcoin goes up etc but point is learn from my mistakes and feel free
to share any of yours with us in the comments below or just you know
did you invest in energy after you saw my video because you probably might be
thanking me if you made 9x on your investment but or you know if you if
you’re still holding on to your energy or you know other coins that this might
have happened to you with feel free to share any of your experiences similar to
this in the comments below I’m sure we’d love to hear as well so we don’t all
feel like we’re the only ones making the mistakes but yeah good learning
opportunity and you know next time I won’t be so so careless with with when I
sell but I mean to be fair I’ve only been investing in crypto for about a
year and a half so it’s been a pretty short amount of time like when I sold I
was under a year of experience so I was still very very new to it but you know
we’re all learning as we go it’s a it’s a very new space regardless and we’re
all learning as we go that’s why we should be sharing these you know these
screw-ups so that people can learn and also feel that they’re not the only ones
who have made mistakes other people who are still doing well in the space can
make mistakes as well and and come back from those and use those as learning
opportunities rather than like you’re a victim or whatever it might be so feel
free to share your thoughts in the comments below I’d love to hear them I’m
Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness signing off

3 thoughts on “A Lesson On Holding: Selling NRG Too Early | EP#134”

  1. Let me know what you think in the comments. Has something like this happened to you recently? Have you invested in NRG?

  2. Its not a screwup, at the end of the day no one knows the future, you can just make a best guess at the time and hope for the best.

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