A Large Grocery Store Accepts our Bitcoin!

hi I'm Austin Craig and I'm Becky and we're going to live the first 90 days of our post honeymoon married life strictly on Bitcoin if we had chickens right now we can feed them all of our food that we don't want to eat greens and a bread we don't want to eat arugula plain make a bomb was it okay for 20 years only so then he called me back after talk to you and have you do another one for 30 okay all we ask is when you go through ask your checker for a duplicate receipt get that to me okay I can do that okay and we'll get the a the the regular Charge account yeah he said um Ryan said he's gonna try and get ahold of Mark tomorrow figure out exactly what it was he had in mind okay grant cut eat for now deal we will thank you pit so great he can't go grocery shopping Oh coconut milk that's T milk Inc well it's like the first thing you saw coconut water what's happening we love flan we do love one let's get a thing of fun okay we're just gonna go down the the Mexican aisle Perth we have beets and tomatoes from our garden you have chard and kale from our garden they're only ninety-five cents we could buy fifty of those but you're really excited I like the grown-up serious good flick we're back in Costa Rica whose weird to stay within a budget that's like $3 what does it say about us that a budget is weird this is not great things that's not that's cool um I'm gonna get some avocados um is there anything you want here yes okay juice I would eat meat if we found like a local a local chicken I'd roast it we'd enjoy it we can do that let's go to farmers market and see if we can find a local farmer who raises local animals and feeds them good foods without bones I don't think we're gonna find anybody who raises two it's pretty important to us that this bring up at below 50 dollars so if it looks like we're getting close to 50 we might have to put some stuff back since it's the low lows yeah yeah into this location before but it was a different grocery store love it it's way better than when it was by low up to this point you guys are going to be the first grocery store to take Bitcoin I talked to mark who's one of the executives here at Ryan they sent us up with a charge account that we're going to use the charge account and pay that off in Bitcoin but for right now we have these Laurie yeah 186 left lamb this is just one for me with of them good we're all set perfect thank you so much thank you we use Bitcoin for these her for no Redbox different things different things at the option we get a swig of our computer some are red flakes neck box red flick we're do part I don't know

38 thoughts on “A Large Grocery Store Accepts our Bitcoin!”

  1. Already hate both of you after watching a 4 minute video featuring your personalities and the way you carry yourselves like 1980's TV couple. Must be absolutely insufferable in rl.

  2. Imagine if BTC or Litecoin could work with Apple or Samsung Pay technology instead of needing the medium of exchange of charge cards or cash.
    Cryptocurrencies have a striking resemblance to modes of communication: the telephone, cell phone, fax machine, etc.-it's value is only stable when others are using it and is worthless if others are willing to communicate in different ways.
    All currencies can't be forced to be used for the populace like most central banks' fiat currency…

  3. Using a charge account and paying that off in bitcoin is not the same as the grocery store accepting bitcoin. Major corporations will never accept bitcoin because they value stability in currencies above all else. Bitcoin does not offer that. The only reason it's as high as it is, is because the trading community has taken a liking to it. The high price of bitcoin has nothing to do with it being accepted as currency.

  4. I've been to Sweeto Burrito and bought some bowls there with Bitcoin, twice now. Had to use Coinbase though, they haven't trained their staff on how to use the Bitcoin app yet.

    Bitcoin or not, I didn't know about LoLo's, seems like a nice store. Better than Wal Mart and closer to my new place than Ridleys. Nice find.

  5. PS: A Vimeo account would also rock… it's a great community and they would support you heavily! QR Code for donations should be always visible. Good luck!!!

  6. Spanish accent LOL … I was kidding… πŸ™‚ Playing off your comment about being in the mexican aisle first πŸ˜€

    You could always add annotations after the fact using the annotations editor in youtube.

  7. David, I think your right about more mentions, and the BTC equivalent is an interesting idea. As for the Spanish accent, well . . . .

  8. you guys need to mention bitcoin more times as you're talking, and also post popup bubbles showing bitcoin equivalent whenever you quote dollars. or better yet, cheesy-voice-dub the bitcoin equiv over the audio track using a spanish accent πŸ™‚

  9. Awesome! Thank you for doing this. If we all did our own life on Bitcoin challenge the places that accept it would sky-rocket.

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