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five four three two one let's do this yo what is going on viewers up YouTube Tyler here Chico crypto coming to you guys live another epic livestream oh shoot I didn't get my chat up it's a little backed up I was making sure I had moderators so none of those chicken fuckers could come into the stream fuck this shit up hope everyone's doing pretty well Sunday I thought it was Saturday actually I was hoping it was Saturday because I wanted the post office to be open and then I could have got some new vape juice but markets are doing the same thing holding in three eight level my personal opinion the bear market I mean I still think the bear market could be not over with that's why I still have this hair but I'm 20 percent saying that the bear market might not be over with I'm about well actually 30 30 and 70 I'm saying that it is we have hit the bottom 3200 was the bottom that'd be great it was it depends on what kind of trader you are and if you're short in the market or not so we'll see what's gonna happen I have feeling big things are coming up down sideways one of the things I want to talk about is who's controlling the prices right now popping out my chat right now so I can get you guys all haven't got to see if any chicken fuckers are fucking with me hell yeah no chicken fuckers yet yo what's up everybody are we bullish yeah well that's question what are you guys thinking the chat yo what's up Igor what's up crypto Dracula Joshua crypto surfer Floyd Damian there's a guy waving a chicken I don't think he's a Russian chicken guy he's just being an ass hey what's up Pancho Junior pon Padres what's up brother so I got a pretty should you invest in oh you shouldn't invest in a XRP I've talked about it like banks are coming out with their own solutions people aren't gonna banks aren't gonna be using XRP you guys I've always said get away from the banking system we don't need that let them create their own garbage bitcoins gonna move on as it pleases and ripples whole plan was to create you know a banking coin a banking solution for these banks now ripples whole you know go to market strategy is kind of falling apart before their eyes especially with JPMorgan and their coin and they're like oh well that's just for JP Morgan's clients and everything no you guys it's actually they're planning on building a quorum for multiple banks across the world they're not gonna just let ripples come on in step on their toes you guys I mean thanks man I appreciate it hey Bob Jenkins hello I like Icahn not the biggest fan of Hwan chain personally yes JPMorgan did step on the toes um I don't know if you're gonna even be able to buy JP Morgan coin we'll see you though personally I don't think so but JP em is a theory based token and it's gonna be a quorum of different banks creating their own tokens so they can do transfers between each other fast I mean it kind of gives validity to blockchain technology because as these banks are seeing they're like okay it does actually work and it is beneficial so it's not it's good news for crypto because it just gives validity are people gonna use it no because it's not trustless you're still every nodes gonna be run by those banks so it's similar to ripple how ripple is centralized you know you can't put the tress it takes a trustless factor out of it and I'm not gonna be a partner to that I want something that one has control over the nodes the amount of coins issuing things like that yeah JPM coin is for internal use now but they put out an article regarding the quorum they're planning on building a network between banks so now I'm from the future Bitcoin going to 200k uh-oh I love future people so the May one of the main topics I wanted to talk about today was regarding you saw it in the thumbnail the Federal Reserve has been for a while now prop being artificially propping up the stock market using their own quantitative easing tightening they do it back and forth as well as their own purchases of stocks to keep stock market alive and healthy and people thinking that you know it's gonna keep going up but this can't go on forever because what they're actually doing is using printed money to buy this of course it makes the stock market look good in the short term but long term you can't do this I mean the laws of economics just say that you cannot do this eventually there's going to be a crash and it's coming I personally think well maybe if Trump doesn't get elected again even though you might we'll see the stock market start to crash once he goes out of office so balance sheets are overall just growing across the board as a TED ballot by the US Federal Reserve is in the black European Central Bank blue and then the Bank of Japan just all the way up I mean since 2008 it was nearly 5 trillion now it's 15 trillion so it's pretty interesting to see that interest rates to are basically falling but now they're starting to climb again even though the IMF is doing negative interest rates across the board so here's basically the global intervention when their federal government is actually intervening with the global stock market not only the Federal Reserve here but as we can see here's the expansion and then five trillion injected and here's quantitative quantitative tightening the end of accommodation or end of accommodative and as we can see a crash happened right when that happened but now the stock market's going up again because they know they have to allow it to grow so they're gonna start buying more stocks again and I personally don't understand how this can keep going I mean we've been doing it since 2008 the market should have went down further after 2008 but you know we bailed out the banks we let them get away with everything and it's gonna be an interest being next couple of years especially with the next presidential election here in the US I'm not for any one party Democrats Republicans the main reason I I did vote for Trump and it's not because I wanted him to rule our country I think the guy's a total ass he's a total fucking psychopath I just wanted to take a hand grenade a human hand grenade and throw it into our political system and that's exactly what happened he is fucked it up to where we're gonna see our economy collapse is it onion and it should have happened after 2008 so I just I'm all for p2p I'm a kind of funny anarchist you could say I want to see the Fed lose its power its gripped over people I want to see person-to-person wealth person-to-person money transfer that's why I'm all-in on Bitcoin I want to see a change money is great yeah it's an aftereffect but more I want to see a change of how things go in this world so this is a good article I wish I would have added in the description I need to add all these articles in the description but the tightening is going to come I mean the debts global debt is reaching astronomical levels and the only way they're gonna get some of that down is to lower interest rates because we're just getting debt after debt after debt as you can see in these charts has just been growing since the night mom ad is about and it's reaching astronomical levels lately so the central banks are gonna react to this you won't hear this much on mainstream news you're gonna say all the stock market's booming it's doing great and in the meantime you know debt just keeps on expanding while each recovery produces less and less organically driven growth and even higher wealth inequality this is what the system is going to produce and it's going to crash in my personal opinion that's why I would love to get my parents I mean they have a little bit of Bitcoin I got him in 2013 but they only purchased a couple I want them to take their 401k not all of it it's always good to diversify your risk but definitely get their 401k money and put a lot of it into cryptocurrency because if this does come down I mean right now they're sitting well because of their portfolio but if stock market does crash like it's about to it's gonna be bad and they they can retire right now but they haven't yet I might get that fucking money out but here's another article I'm just showing you guys that it's not only you know one little Market Watch newsletter talking about it if you just look up US Fed propping up the stock market you're gonna get multiple articles and recent articles – this one was in February 13th of 2018 but this one's a lot more recent but they're really recent articles so it's a common common knowledge if you do your research of course you're not gonna fucking hear about it on the mainstream media they do not want you you know our moms and dads you know people who have large amounts in the for their 401 KS and the stark stock market hearing this they want them to keep it in there mmm yeah I'm sure Bitcoin isn't from the NSA are you kidding me Satoshi was a cipher cyberpunk so not NSA you guys hmm interesting oh nice thanks Otto moderator so next thing is I want to talk about so we do have the Federal Reserve increasing their debt devaluing fiat money constantly so what is the Federal Reserve doing they're actually testing Bitcoin they're added the Bitcoin crash to stress test scenarios this was just recently posted and feds board announced Thursday changes to policy statement on the scenario design framework for the tress stress test says that Bitcoin market collapse can be said considered one of the significant market risks so this is coming from the Fed they're actually looking at Bitcoin right now now why are they looking at Bitcoin do some of them know that this is going to come and this might be the next best thing are they investing in Bitcoin my personal opinion they have started and they started probably now I don't know if they did it before the bull run like probably started looking at it heavily once it got up to about 3,000 in 2017 and probably started really getting interested once emé futures launched Trevon is a thief that is true jungle bunny so this is what I wanted to talk about a bit is see Emmy Bitcoin futures if you didn't know I've done a couple videos on CM e Bitcoin futures basically paper traded bitcoins people can bet go long or short on Bitcoin the price of it but they never have to have any skin in the game they can just it's all cash backed and settled so basically it's no bitcoins are ever purchased but it does contribute to the spot price based on the outcome of that so CM e and their Bitcoin futures they just released their data on quarter 1 2019 this was posted two weeks ago so it wasn't for fully through quarter 1 2019 2018 about 1854 plus the 1523 then it grew it pretty much doubled in quarter 2 and then it almost doubled again in quarter 3 this is where we had some of the worst crash you know this is when we went down from 6,000 down to 3,000 we kind of relaxed quarter for 4000 plus the 3356 and then in quarter one it looks like we're gonna be almost reaching that look by the end of quarter 1 we'll probably reach that same level around 25,000 derivative contracts so are they shorting logging what the fuck is going on I mean if they keep shorting the shit out of it and betting it's gonna go down it's not a good thing I mean just with any other commodity out there futures especially paper traded ones are not good for the price it's been seen over and over in every different commodity that has future's launched against it gold silver uranium I mean even real estate I mean tech stocks it's absolutely ridiculous what these things do to commodities even though tech sock not a really comin up commodity I was more talking about ETF launched against those so we need to keep a close eye on seeing me because one of the things they have said is this is see me groups Leo Melamed wolf came Bitcoin this was said before the derivative giant launched Bitcoin futures against it he said we're going to tame it yes what does that mean he wants to bring the price down it obviously happened I mean I don't think the Bitcoin futures were a hundred percent reason of the crash of course Bitcoin was an above all it was overinflated but it did contribute it was a combination of things that led to this last crash and it was a combination of things that led to the extreme price increase the ICO bubble tether things like that so this was a major factor it is any people who says it wasn't I mean you're crazy I've done a couple videos on it there actually in the description of this video too if you want to check them out and I go through basically the paper Ponzi scheme of Bitcoin futures with CBOE seeing me exactly what happened this next one is actually talking more a little more deep into the matter I talked about virtue financial they're a market maker and basically CM e is paying them to do this to Bitcoin paying them the short there it's you know they get credits for launching contracts against Bitcoin paper contracts it's pretty insane you guys so if you haven't watched these videos check them out it'll open your eyes into what and actually Bitcoin futures order and it's crazy to like even I kind of thought when they started launching Bitcoin futures cuz I didn't know I was just like oh these are gonna be actual you know backed and settled with Bitcoin that's gonna be good for Bitcoin on it well I didn't understand so I fought back in November before they launched so I was like yes this is gonna do good things for the price of Bitcoin nah so me talking about the federal government actually testing Bitcoin this is you can see some weird things going on within the past couple weeks the mean pool so basically these are the unconfirmed transactions that get into the mean pool basically as they sit and wait to be confirmed so they've reached on February 25th up to 15,000 strict deeply dropped right after then a little bit 7,000 then we had two more big spikes unnatural spikes so is this actually the federal government you know putting in spam transactions to see how the Bitcoin network can handle it oops want to go 60 day chart here's another one and why are even larger one it got up in February 11th I mean as you can see I mean it does happen once in a while but this was super unnatural this is unnatural and these look a little unnatural to you go out a year and it just doesn't make sense to me why we have these unnatural spikes but I may be wrong this may not be I just thought this was totally interesting so all I answer some questions from you guys I've been chatting my ass off have fun with Ikon Ikon is not a shit coin Ikon is slower at developing but they are maturing as a company right now when they first started out they were very immature I actually talked to min Kim at it's like one of my first conferences I went to and he said they're gonna have their decks out like within like six months now he was totally overshooting it yep I agree David hundred percent what's the nationís tell me it Wayne based neutrino oh yeah I'm talking a little bit about that in here shortly quark chain hate it not a big fan yes I just use a nano ledger s easy simple hey Hale LTC litecoin fan I mean like coin does have a use case it's a test net for Bitcoin but it's a gold of Bitcoin I mean the silver of bitcoins gold I don't try to follow pumps I'm not a traitor you guys I'm a passive investor I just look for the projects early buy hold forget it easier that way but I mean there's multiple strategies in trading so used to be ver spamming it probably is still but after reading that there this article regarding they're looking through their test scenarios I think the federal government could be testing in a little bit here recently I hope to get a nano x2 why don't I talk about any cloud computing projects um while I'm talking kind of about one Ceyda is kinda its first dreaming it's not necessarily cloud computing but yeah exactly Pablo litecoin is just the test net for Bitcoin do I have a bi Nance account no I don't oh I love Tasos it was one of my top picks here recently it's in my opinion even though coinbase is a shit house it's gonna be added to coinbase as the first staple coin oh yes i talked about yas once in a while hmm financed launch pad killer token Jen well I mean I SEOs i mean i just don't think i SEOs we need a bunch of I see I mean of course there are gonna be some good cryptocurrency projects coming out and they need to launch so I CEOs aren't necessarily dead but a platform launch pad like that I don't see the value in that I see Oh mark is pretty much we're not gonna have another boom like that for a while so I like Steam it's one of the most utilized blockchains I do like I mean I'm not I don't necessarily hate coinbase I have a coin base account I'm probably gonna move away from it now because they're actually going away from their shift card which was one of the main reasons I used it was because I could have a crypto debit card but now that's not gonna be and that thing was awesome I don't like wanting which one do I pick well I pick last dose over a DA because they're actually more built Alice's card on a card on Charles hoskinson's just having a good old vacation time he's travelling the world you know take pictures funky hat on not even working Hong Dardano I mean they only have a wallet out there just write papers check out that peer-reviewed paper well it's just a paper yes quant does have a big announcement I'm hoping it's gonna be big because they have hyped it a lot in their telegram group if it's a letdown hmm I hate let downs especially with announcements had to deal with that BS with neo you know fucking the king of letdown announcements how come Raven coin is pumping I have no idea but we're gonna talk about Raven Queen oh so this guy if you want to watch a YouTube video um regarding Bitcoin he says bitcoins in a bull market right now and basically you can identify what's gonna happen here soon with the price of Bitcoin because the Fed is propping up the price of Bitcoin only 41 views but it's a good video it's kind of long I didn't watch full all of it I only watched up two parts of it here so if you can sit around for over an hour it's a good video so this one's pretty interesting on the Bitcoin subreddit they are looking for a Satoshi proposal the least um the lowest denominator for Bitcoin one one-millionth of a bitcoin is the Satoshi and they're looking for a symbol for it and I kind of like this one it's like s and then an @ symbol Sat Toshi pretty cool there is multiple people who submitted their ideas but this was one of my favorites and you know if Bitcoin hits a million then we're pretty much gonna have one dollar Satoshi once Toshi will equal one dollar we will get a lower low okay nice prediction oh man thanks for the tip brother um digi byte they are actually moving oh man hold on one second so dizzy by is moving quickly digi ID and digi assets are coming out but I mean box has been delayed it hasn't been in the news much but Bach is actually going to be I've read over their proposals and what it is gonna be and it is gonna be a asset Bitcoin backed and settled futures contracts so I am excited for it that's what I want to see it I mean GME and CBO your cash backed and settled what do I think a phantom interesting tech that distribute or dag tech so I'm not a hundred percent for sure on it because I am a blockchain enthusiast but a lot of people have been telling me to take a look so I will be taking a look at phantom here soon yeah that is true Batman uh dragon I never was a big fan of that because they kind of use tried to use Disney or if you're talking about dragon chain hmm Bitcoin heading back down to two eight eight five no you're stupid ghost Acosta yeah actually I have thought about streaming on theta Network I might be doing one here soon but let's talk about point base so coinbase hooked up with a company neutrino they said they had some of the best industry leading class technology I mean and neutrino was actually selling client data to outside sources so coinbase there's a big huge delete coinbase hashtag going on across the board and yeah this is big for data especially with coinbase customers they selling my data this person has a good tweet storm on it and especially all that went down so coinbase is under the microscope right now people are saying boycott buying it I mean well I'm saying boycott finance but it's the late coinbase I wish there was a stronger boycott that finance hashtag going around and yeah she goes through a long tweet storm of what coinbase is doing so I'm just like uh yeah I mean this is what big companies usually do they want to try to make money so they start selling your goddamn data and yeah but that's neutrino company they have done some very very shady stuff call him an enemy of the Internet well the second of March block stream was testing lightning payments huh interesting Facebook I mean I I don't like Facebook either Google I use it because it's the only thing you can really use to get the search results you need it sucks that these tech companies that have so much power they shut out other competitors they buy them up but there are other options out there DuckDuckGo you can use but it just doesn't have the what you need what do I think CDP's dollmaker I love them maker downs like my when you think about that probably my six largest holding right now six or seven and yeah it should be in everyone's portfolio 2% of aetherium are locked up in CDP's with maker Dow right now that just shows you something bigs going on with it so this is something I want to give you guys a hint on what's coming on my next video tomorrow yeah tomorrow I'm posting it Monday so on chain you guys know on chain neo a private company behind me oh I'm just gonna show you guys cuz I don't want to give you guys too much on chain isn't called on chain in China on chain is called Shanghai distribution information technology company just giving you guys a little hint not gonna tell you anymore tomorrow's video is gonna be a fucking killer I'll tell you that right now so I made some picks on yesterday regarding some top kryptos of 2019 March edition my three I picked was theta network maintenance coming out on the 15th of March also token swap from the ERC 22 maintenance and made a fuel distribution three exchanges are supporting it as of right now the token swap and beta fuel distribution bit thumb up bit and gate IO so I have a it's probably gonna keep pumping I would say up to about a week three days before and then just like any other coin theta is probably gonna come down after they mate main net launch greeting stall thanks sir Newton veritasium I never really got into it my other pick though besides theta was Besant and I Colin to Korean projects and they're actually connected to each other some young Park of son young Park of Ikon he is actually daily financial who's the big company behind icon is an advisor to Besant so I picked those two because they're actually building you guys I mean I showed in this video their offices and I compared it to Neos office you know Neos office is tiny a neo house will have five over five hundred billion dollar market cap I come on only has you know 100 and something million dollar market cap the zone only has an eleven million dollar market cap where is the money going with neo it's not going obviously into anything to build out their platform and that's a hundred percent the reason I'm out of neo it's just look at the facts of what's going on they took neo used it as a fundraiser got rich in the last bull run created another project where they got rich again and now they basically gave neo they're not gonna work hard on it or all the developers moved over to ontology and you know they gave it to the community they basically said how here's your project you can mess around with the city of Zion will give you peanuts you guys developed that for us it's it's greedy it's downright stupid I hate it pain but bazan to one thing I made a prediction that basalt will be coming to two exchanges as well here shortly bit wrecks and a bit I've been pretty on with my exchange prediction so I believe that's gonna happen here shortly hopefully it comes true so this is something that actually applied to myself regarding journalism ethics so we'll the crypto media ever follow the ethics of journalism hmm probably not cuz crypto is so crazy well there's a lot of I mean a lot of line just goes down in crypto hands down projects lie to you exchanges lie to you so guess what the journalism I'm probably gonna lie to you too I mean as we can see you know paid for news articles from you know what are supposed to be reputable outlets like coin desk they will talk about Tron and how it's gonna you know get over a million users because of BitTorrent 100 million and that is a lie I mean and it was paid for article and they're not releasing that hey this is paid for you like finding projects early but a DA no I mean a DA they've been trying to build for four years you guys and they don't have nothing Charles is not taking this project serious I'll tell you that right now he's traveling the world right now when he should be building Cardona ah thank you sir new and I appreciate that but I mean all I'm not stating I'm not saying that cardano's technology won't eventually come I'm just saying where is the building going on and hey I appreciate the tip as well man stop posting your referrals no hate when people do that is Brad a paid killer I'm not gonna comment on any of that I kind of decided to just move away from blockchain Brad because I mean he's just always tried he's gone behind my back a few times and you always just tries to step on my toes especially likes easy finance and stuff so I'm just that I'm not gonna talk about him I haven't looked into populist brother hyperinflation is coming back here USD with a CDP and stay safe hmm good concept no I mean I've done research into card oh no you guys I mean the ICO was ran I mean they should have been building this thing for four years already and they don't got much out so but again I'm not saying anything bad they could come out with something maybe it does take this till next time but another reason is Haskell the language it's a very very 1901 uses it who's gonna switch over developers to build out an awesome aetherium competitor and no they won't Legolas I've looked into it not that big of a fan yeah Charles was Vil busy building a theory implies out of this fight yes yes I did a video on that he basically backed the theorem classic to try to take down the theorem when the split happened he was like oh shit I have a chance to actually do it so he started working on it the backs are all there you guys it's easy to see no I didn't see a serum lab commercial man Hawkinson is a dude he's having his summit here and uh what Miami – IO HK summit should I go and pay the $2,000 to have a private dinner with Charles that would be hilarious force him to go have dinner with me oh man should I do it you guys if you guys want to put a fun together so I can go have dinner with Charles Hoskinson you know me and him sitting across the table hopefully a candlelight dinner at that you know romantic that would be awesome my pleasure mark T I'm trying I'm trying I mean even in this video tomorrow I'm creating I'm not give you guys started fun oh man that would be an alert I might do that after this on Twitter I like origin trail setting up an Origin trail node right now might be huge it's cheap – yeah it's just to go trolling I bring like candles with me if you didn't have them like set it in the middle of the table light it look into my eyes Charles I like wax I like engine more they are actually building out more than wax wax has a skin marketplace right now I mean there are use cases with those to post in his links Jesus criminy what was this oh yeah so if you guys never heard of multi-sig wallet I'm sure a lot of you have but I'm sure to review a lot of you haven't basically needs multiple signatures to release any funds multiple wallets habit electrum when the first bitcoin wallets its feature-rich now multi-sig functionality it just makes everything a lot safer with your crypto so if you've never looked into multi-sig technology i recommend it most exchanges use multi signature technology to stop you know like employees trying to get funds out and all of that but it does have a use case for the general public maybe you know also if you like come up with a business you know based cryptocurrency project or anything and you know you need funds release you could have a Treasury and you have a multi signature wallet where you need majority of the employees to sign it to actually release the funds it's almost like a democratic type thing is digi Dow working with maker hopefully that's not a question for me that's question for Jared tape and some of the guys up there high up with them but I hope so that'd be awesome to have a gal type stable coin CDP on top of digi byte fabien cheers to that brother I'm not towards I haven't reached my workout goals yet I'm looking to get hopefully up to 165 I'm 150 right now up from 134 133 I've gained about 8 pounds 9 pounds a month getting strong as fuck to again so once I reach my workout goals I'll definitely bring cold ones back on the channel because I know all you guys like cold ones so here's interesting theta sliver TV this is one of the first web applications the apps built on top of theta let's go to actually an on VR stream Internet's probably going slow as dirt 2 right now but yeah it is yeah when I started this train stream we were only getting like 40 megabytes I was like fuck is a stream even gonna hold but yeah basically you're giving some of your bandwidth right now it's on the test net right now all right basically people across the globe are donating their bandwidth helping cache these streams for guys and I don't think it's gonna show it in that one the last one it did and basically you earn theta fuel for doing this so the longer you're watching you know it's dream you're participating in the network yeah this is a test channel so obviously you can see here's this data fuel coming into you here's um your test net wallet so if you haven't I would definitely sign up because the maintenance doesn't only you know relate to gaming streaming there's could be a youtuber streaming there could be actual television streaming coming this is the next generation and this is actually a functioning platform that's why I like theta is it's actually functioning right now and it makes you know setting up a caching node to help the streams it's nothing you got to do it's you just click on the stream and you start does it for you so it looks like I'm having fifteen point five two megabytes addition to the stream this engine is it time to buy now um I mean I've always liked engine it's one of my favorite gaming coins but also I like theta right now but it's not necessarily pure gaming focus well like I said in my video the reason I like theta is it's like a self-reinforcing loop okay you have streamers that are gonna come on as you can see they get donated from their community that watch them they get donated theta fuel which is gonna have a mom and carry value and the streamers for watching them are earning fate of fuel so it's just basically like a self-reinforcing loop it's pretty genius and it's my pick for the streaming platform decentralized ooh theta CEO gave a hint of a partnership at main net whoo hopefully hopefully not a lot let down so here's engine I wanted to bring up this pretty cool site Ian j1 155 dot-com and it basically shows you locked engine in each platform in game so you have here's total amount you have about 52.1% engine locked up in you know engine assets here's war crypto you have 10.4% locked up in that game nine lines arena crypto fights age of rust cats and mechs force night and then a few other ones down it actually shows you the recently transferred non fungible tokens as well as fungible tokens actually gave you the price – that'd be cool but this is a pretty cool site to see what's actually going on with engine so it looks like total lock in items is 9 million over 9 million engine I like Manero it's my favorite of the privacy coins yes sander make sure you have the theta and the new wallet especially for the main net token swap coming up but if you have it on exchanges which I don't recommend anyways but if you don't want to deal with any of that yourself bit thumb gate IO and up there supporting right now run some HGH no I'm okay I can bulk up pretty fast without anything dealt me yeah I don't know why this is up those brows in them read it before the stream I forgot to close this but it is good overdose puppy on tennis balls whoo-whee I want to get a puppy actually I was talking about that in my telegram group earlier oh yeah if any of you guys haven't subscribed to me and you're watching this stream definitely subscribe I'm looking to get up to 50,000 subs here soon definitely gonna have a party giveaway I should have a meet-up once I have 50,000 subs would any of you guys come to the Meetup that would be freaking awesome and I'd have like a giveaway pizza and beer did you I receive your email gambling platform um I get tons of emails so I don't know I need to get a secretary to answer all my emails because I get so many I want to get um actually I'll show you guys what I get fuck what's it called I want to get a bull nation it's a mix between a bulldog and a Dalmatian that's freaking cool I want it cool like mixed pet like that Oh what Rifkind Dalmatian Ana Bassett hoon that's pretty cool xrp I just talked a little bit how I don't like it damn didn't we just hit 20k yeah we did Drechsel channels growing people are starting to realize that all these other shitheads are fucking shithead chills and they only got into the market you know a year ago they're all confused they are all confused hey morning from Samoa dude nice oh yeah I know about Dalmatians problems but hopefully none of that affects some bull nation do a meet-up in Miami I probably will hear shortly expressing you with fifty thousand subs hadera i'm not a big fan of you guys where was I so this was interesting I posted this on my Twitter if any of you guys follow me on Twitter IMF the International Monetary Fund recommends immediate action on maltose mln CFT supervision anti money laundering and oh fuck I can't remember it's something about terrorism Oh combating the financing of terrorism so basically they're recommending immediate action against this because of all the blockchain companies that came and a lot of money laundering is going down through Malta so companies who are registered there they're probably going to get a big wake-up call finance Tron and they might have to move depending on the outcome of this investigations are gonna happen some of the larger ones like finance they're gonna want to know where that money's been going I mean you can't just get away from shit like this hey hey thanks and Irby yep smash those lights no just click click the like button I hate that frickin stupid thing Superman says that smash the likes no just click that like button and give me a subscribe whoa-ohh coming to Miami on March 15th Scooby DJ Oh Scooby I love Scooby Scooby has a channel himself you guys you guys should check it out um actually we're just getting to the finance bashing so I was talking about this IMF recommended immediate action on Malta as a ml and CFT supervision so they are gonna be looking into some of those cryptocurrency companies that are registered there there's a lot finances one the biggest ones I mean you just have to look at the coin market cap to understand who they're probably going to be looking at the most financed coin Tron Tron starts looking ugly as hell yeah so that's not good but this is one thing I want to talk about a lot of people coinbase going after your personal data we should be looking at finance to these assholes are getting away with this shit so they have this competition where you can one-up 10 financed hoodies I mean it has 439 likes 914 freaking retweets and you can enter to win so let's see you what we do we go to this and you can log in using one of your personal accounts your email your Facebook your Instagram SoundCloud or your Twitter well if you click on it let's just click on it see what happens huh I wonder what they get access to well they could access to read your tweets on your timeline see who you follow and follow new people update your profile post tweets for you they will not be able to access your direct message see your email address or see your Twitter password what the fuck that is crazy I wonder what it does for Facebook email address it gets from your Facebook so basically it's a way for finance to collect information on you collect data on you and what does finance probably gonna do with that data what coinbase is doing it's obvious I mean I hate that people are just focusing on coinbase right now finance is bigger than coinbase when they're doing the same goddamned thing and getting away with it mmm huh disgust me and people just think oh it's all finance they have the volume they have the liquidity oh god damn it dude well if we fucking shut down this criminal organization where will the liquidity go hopefully into actual Dex's that's my oh yeah finance what's your data so any of you guys participated in this I feel sorry for you because he just gave finance a shit ton of your data so here's an interesting thing um I actually need to go back to show you what's going on so stellar lumens had a nice pump today having a little come down right now massive bump massive bite so what's the reason for this well I'm at the Asia money 2020 event stellar lumens and IBM say they have a big announcement coming so this is probably due to that definitely but there's a project connected with stellar smart lands not directly connected but they are built on stellar and I think maybe this announcement has something to do with smart lands I mean no pomp from this yet 15 million but it is on the reversal it hit its bottom after getting up to six dollars look at the morning on the chart actually so it is on the reversal that it's bottom is coming up I'm not predicting if something's coming with smart lands regarding stos there but I mean this is a risk may be worth tanking not putting a shit ton of money into smart lands but if it has something to do with IBM smart lands and stellar you're gonna see a bat pond from that coin all I ciose our scam 100% no even Peng not stellar already so let's sold its next okay when welfare I don't know I'm doing good hope none of you guys bought out at the top so they actually smart lands is beginning the onboarding of stos on their platform where was the thing I want to talk about so there actually I'm going to be announcing an sto campaign there so that's why I'm like huh and we've all heard Jesse LUN head of octane development digital currency IBM hinting at a special announcement at the money 2020 Asia event regarding stellar Development Foundation so could it be we'll see I mean all three of them are gonna be there so I mean I'm not saying put all your money in I'm not telling you to do anything but the risk could be worth the reward on that one here's another sto platform owned blockchain Brad is actually a big fan of this one and it's been coming down after a wicked pump so I don't know if it's gonna keep coming down but this is one of my favorites of the SEO platforms own and then smart lands and then all the others yeah smart lands has the necessary license they wouldn't be going to a big event like that pit announcer sto wins a B moose yeah never I was a total total hustle so this was interesting regarding pomp so supposedly pomp got it banned from Twitter it got temporarily restricted for a while all the pomp Leon au pomme pumping dam pumps a scam bump it up crypto denominators Bitcoin maximalist no Bitcoin isn't the only s area multiple other projects maybe Chris we're almost to Raven coin so I'll get to that in a second but supposedly pump might be using some bots to juices follower account because he does have a fucking shitload of followers I mean he doesn't need to but I'm sure he wants to get one of those accounts with millions of subscribers followers I mean the more followers you have the more you can charge for a tweet you stop trying to pump Raven coin it's garbage so here we are – Raven point speaking of the devil Raven coin let's talk about this so they just put this is a pin tweet this is why they're disgusting for one a big shoutouts easy finance and the great builders that financed Raven is decentralized and has never paid listing feed any exchange there isn't even a person to pay or officially request it finance understands open support source and support of this bull shit you guys Raven coins difficulty for their mining because no one was caring about it Raven coin was dying miners were leaving it was at a low point so raven coin i'll tell you who was behind it in a second and by Nanna struck a deal they're like alright well if you add our coin to exchange will let you mine the shit out of this you know finance probably they I mean they have connections in China to GPU miners farms and they're like well let you mind this shit out of this for a month or so and then Lisp it for us you know there was deal that happened and you can just see it in the difficulty charts I did a video on it should I had that up I don't know where it's at but I did do a video on this um regarding it I show you exactly what went down so they're lying I mean you well not necessarily lying well they're lying that Finance is great that's why shady and spot that's one reason I will stay far away from Raven coin is because they're in bed with Finance but they didn't necessarily lie about paying a listing fee I mean they let them rape mine their coin for a month month and a half you can just tell by the big spike in difficulty right before the listing and then who is behind Raven coin they say um actually one second so right here and they say as with all exchange listings no fee was paid Raven is decentralized and has no funds no offices no leadership no executive no CEO and no one authorized to sign anything bullshit so raven coin is actually fully funded all the developers are fully funded by overstock and medici ventures who has mid ec ventures it's a wholly owned blockchain venture capital fund owned by patrick byrne and overstock that's who's behind it I mean it's obvious right here overstock CEO puts millions of dollars into unknowing unknown coin compares it to Bitcoin it's basically like he was he's investing in it well actually no he's decent ventures it's fully behind it they are the ones who built the code so I mean I can't believe they put out tweets like this and just straight light of people it's disgusting fucked overstock fuck from DC ventures I mean Patrick barn has said multiple times he wants take over cryptocurrency and he's trying to do it in multiple ways t0 Raven coin I mean and this is just him by trying to make a community coin sorry guys hold on I'm coming back it's back my camera there we go hey sorry about that Mac my tablet guys ever used OBS probably one of the best open-source broadcasting sorry about that everyone haha no I packed my tablet and it knocked my webcam off so yeah the DC ventures it's garbage you guys I mean Raven coin trying to say they're a fully decentralized community run project it's bullshit they are funded by I mean who's paying the developers to work on it who's building out their sto platform they're not working for free guys yeah it's Patrick Byrne and Medici Ventures don't listen that bullshit and they're in bed with finance they let finance do it have their way with it no I don't think theta has really any strong competitors to worry about haven't looked into insite chain yes OBS is the best I mean kind of doesn't have like a lot of instructions on how to use it but once you figure out OBS I mean there's so much stuff you can do with it I mean I'm not even using half the functionality I could create some really cool things especially if I had someone controlling it for me could have like sex come over and all this MIDI C is a Satan pseudo name well Patrick Byrne is actually like gone crazy and said he thinks like Devils are after him and stuff so that doesn't surprise me Patrick Byrne is a psycho so I'm regarding maker it looks like a Syrians Lightning Network is live on ring B and coming to maintenance and you can use dye instant cerium and dye collateralization now routing issues non could stow do no full node micro fee and it works on mobile that's fuckin awesome you guys so again looking into maker now if you do not have maker doubt in your portfolio you are doing it wrong no McAfee it was overstock you guys I mean Mideast overstock and Patrick burner behind it they created it you guys it's you know they tried to make it look like it was just him investing in this random no Medici ventures those developers have been building it for instance day one it's not some community coin it's a whole big sham no that is wrong sorry brother EOS will not be there so the Constantinople hard for it it went good but it looks like that's a remaining community is not fully alright with it so it looks like people are asking is still worth mining and guys people are saying not Intel Prague P o W and everyone's saying it's doubtful propio W will come to aetherium you know they haven't implemented it yet they haven't said they're gonna implement it and you know if proof of stake is around the corner less than a year what is are they gonna add it probably not and what does that mean it means most GPU miners are going to drop out as I mean it's not yeah I mean even a person with good electricity rates right now in 80 something miners I think he was only getting like 31 bucks a day and how much in revenue like 12 dollars I mean he could go to a different going to make a lot more so basically you're gonna have big mining companies Lindsay bit main they're all coming out with the Syrian miners they're probably already out actually mining it so you're gonna see the death of GPU miners on aetherium good it's a sad sad day I mean it's any even in the ethereum white paper they stated they're all for that against ASIC miners know it's a si si Asics are the shoes do I think the Mesa go can bounce back um maybe down the road especially if they get sharding figured out but not here anytime soon what exchanges do I use I try to use decentralized exchanges as much as possible bitshares is a good one waves has good decks even though that's not fully decentralized I still like waves if I have to use a centralized exchange I do usually use bit wrecks but I've been looking at liquid more because they actually keep your friends in cold storage but that's not great for me because I don't keep my crypto I I don't trade much he eyes I mean I buy the coins and I get them off the exchange and I put him in a hardware wallet or on a wallet on my computer if they don't have Hardware functionality yet what web browser I use basic attention tokens sometimes Google Chrome sometimes bitshares yes the bitshares has an excellent deck steel a lot of trading pairs a lot of different coins on bit fares I think they have close like 300 so this guy this is one of them is talking about he this guy has 88 GPUs and he pays 0.67 per kilowatt-hour and look at this he's only making thirty one dollars and fifty six revenue twelve dollars and thirty-six cents I mean that's crazy no I don't use Exodus while I've lost my crypto on Hardware wallet my top three picks Bitcoin aetherium number two and number three is probably digi byte as of right now because I really like what they're doing the morals they stand for so I'm gonna answer a few more questions and then I gotta get going you guys because it's Sunday I'm gonna try to get some stuff down around the house maybe go disc golfing I haven't done that yet in Florida I do I talked about idea before on the channel I was invested but I got out a review on the ledger nano s top three mid-cap coins what do you call mid-cap I mean most coins are low cap now I mean you're seeing the shakeout happen you know page one of coin market cap is mostly I mean starts dropping off quickly I mean my page – you get to mid cap I guess you could say hmm crown crypt okay I've never heard of it hey hey hello from Florida I love 0x I've talked about it multiple times I love the financial economy ecosystem they're building with that 0x auger make it Dow die I mean it's pretty cool to see that stuff starting to mmm do I believe ontology will be a true powerhouse I don't know I don't know Oh s taking you need 32 aetherium mistake so if you don't have 32 a cerium I would get it right now is the time I think Veda is gonna do very well very well it's a functioning platform I mean once the streamers start to realize hey I could get a lot more money streaming on top of theta and the streamers are like I can earn money just for watching this streamer and you're gonna see a whole economy build itself within beta so no no poultry information YouTube doesn't care about anyone they don't care even about you know the streamers or their content creators with over a hundred thousand they won't talk to you I mean you can get in a chat group with a guy but he doesn't have any information ever turtle coin yeah yes thank you sander thumbs up try to click that thumbs up button subscribe if you haven't also you haven't joined my telegram group come join it I'll type it here it's pretty lit up in that group just don't come in and troll in or I'm gonna boot ya t-top me / Chico crypto 1 check it out you guys I hope you enjoyed the livestream I'm thinking about getting off so this guy's spamming Morpheus Labs nah not a fan of it swing trade teams will be number one hmm not sure about that what's the significance of 32 etherium that's the amount you need to stake once the proof estate comes garbage bitcoin gold garbage alas dose um you'll hear about what I think kind of about Alaska's to borrow you guys so definitely join the telegram channel I posted it teen out Meis last week over crypto one follow me on Twitter at Chico crypto if you haven't subscribed like and I appreciate everyone who's in the stream everyone who gave me a tip you guys are excellent tomorrow I have an epic video coming out I'm going to expose some crazy shit so get ready for that and again I'll see you next time you guys Cheers

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