today the brief origin story of the
crypto spectator that’s me I hate it when people point their naked
finger at the camera it’s so gross I don’t wanna see your finger that
close-up unh so thats what i tripped on so welcome to my studio it could
possibly still need a little work… maybe best of all about this space it comes with its own kitchen I have lots of art to contemplate to inspire me like this and
this and this and also this and this and this and this and this I especially like
this one it’s very inspirational it’s like a blank slate and the other thing
that’s good is if you get bored get some stratego going in here plays some stratego or gooey Louie or some chipmunk gets a nut game
what is that called game of Course yes and let’s not forget
gonna for connect 4 yahtzee kid charades don’t break the ice that bean balancing game I can’t get
bored in here okay let’s do this the but first lets mow the lawn! time for a little bit of green screen
love so I first became interested in Bitcoin
in August of 2017 so I got to experience the entire insane run up to 20 K in
December and I was completely new to this I was thinking this is amazing this
is it it’s happening it’s going to go up exponentially forever oh my god it’s happening whats the procedure I miss those ignorant days of
irrational exuberance I mean I’m still exuberant I just like to think not
irrationally so so I was updating buddies at work on the price every few
hours like a good co-worker I’m sure I did not irritate them at all actually
they were pretty chill about it but the price it was rising for $500 every two
hours it’s crazy I was not a trader I didn’t have a history of trading stocks
or studying Elliot wave theory and trade analysis so this year it’s been
absolutely fascinating to me to learn more about how all this works over these
last 24 months so as im new to all this let me just say up front in
this episode one I am NOT a financial advisor and this is not a financial
advice this is what I like to call financial entertainment but to be
serious what I’m really passionate about is this incredible mixture of learning
of data of exploration of the financial world around us and how it works how it
all fits together Bitcoin technology yes I said Bitcoin
technology I’m feeling bored today of hearing a phrase blockchain technology
although I guess that would be more accurate and also I’m just as passionate
about joy humor and fun in the human experience and how it’s so good and how
it’s just and gnashed right now with the online digital currency revolution I
earnestly feel like it’s making finance fun again because finance was super
boring in the eighties and nineties unless of course that’s just because I
was a single digits to low double digits person in age I don’t know but in any
case I have a sad sad story for you I was originally told about Bitcoin and
urged to buy some by a close personal friend in the year 2013 let me repeat
that the year however I was somewhat just bewildered
by the concept I was very busy at the time so I really just did not look into
it too much and also sadly although my buddy attempted to get a wallet advice
in Bitcoin he eventually gave up due to the lack of user friendliness at the
time now why was he alert to Bitcoin so early why was I able to become
interested in late 2017 which is still very early I like to think that’s a
secret I am going to explain in future and one last thing the channel name
crypto spectator refers to the fun of watching all things crypto and all
things vaguely related that’s why I have you know popcorn in the logo also I
really like popcorn so you yes you watching right now my
name is Dan and your first assignment should you choose to accept it is to
tell me in the comments who is one of your favorite crypto content creators
and why and bonus points for including a link to one of their best videos lately
be warned I may argue with you if I disagree these things are extremely
important I don’t play around bonus points for including a link to one of
their best videos lately and I’m going to put up a card for another video if
you won’t check that out as well in three two one


  1. So…. If you've seen Cryptodaily, you'll realize he's my favorite YouTuber in the universe… Also I like datadash, FUDtv, Bix weir, cryptoblood, and altcoinbuzz… Who's your fave? Any channels I'm missing out on that I should check out?…

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