13 thoughts on “A $1 BILLION Bitfinex IEO?? – Crypto Happy Hour”

  1. Bitfinex got it right when they moved towards LEO, the token aroused people’s interest and the time to come back has finally come

  2. I am surprised that bitfinex literally dances on knives. Exchange has previously shown that it can deal with difficult situations. Let's see how to get it now.

  3. It's not a fact yet that they gonna do ieo. Just fucking give this poor company some time to respond to everything.

  4. The only problems Bfinex has is money being seized by the corrupt US banking system. Its war and most crypto fans are on the side of US banks.

  5. FYI, your website isn't Brave verified anymore. You might want to check that. I just tip you through your YouTube channel but just letting you know that I remember your website used to be verified a long time ago but not anymore.

  6. I think we are seeing a shift, first it's been announced by you and others that several corporations like Sony and Apple ? Samsung, Disney to issue their own blockchain with crypto currency. This will draw much interest, it will draw away from alt coins and bitcoins. They will more than likely build their own exchanges. I think eventually the market will dry up for nebulous coins including bitcoin, which is really being proofed up by a bunch of nefarious funds who are chasing yield and manipulation. As well this bitcoin experiment was taken over by the traditional wto imf and governments. Effectively it's game over for the alternative financial system. It's been turned from a open source system open block chain decentralized system to a now fully monitored controlled pretend market
    Next… after the corporations issue coins and run their own exchanges then governments will issue as well
    Most likely at the state municipal idle level first and then foreign governments.
    The exchanges are all fully manipulated in cahoots with either governance government and their agencies
    Or through Wall Street manipulation
    Game over until a new system is formulated
    The mojo is gone
    It's just another asset class or experience
    Bitcoin never caught on with mamma and pappa
    It was not understood and rejected
    Mass appeal wasn't there.
    PayPal crypto may get some interest and western union
    Except it defeats the entire mind set of what was supposed to happen
    The ico and ieo market is basically unregulated and now regulated pink sheets or grey sheets.
    The graphs you use charts are just utilizing the Goldman model.
    We're playing into their hands
    I believe there will be a revolt.
    I believe the first initial players sold out
    They took their money and ran before the government steeped in
    It's a changed world and the underground economy
    was usurped by greedy tech people and greedy financiers as usual
    There are only a few areas that will truly be original and make a difference
    I won't mention here as we want them to be the true game changers
    I see the true users of the satoshio philosophy is going to be P2p only and not exchanges abd unhooking
    The adoption by merchants is small
    Unfortunately they have made this asset class absolutely controlled contained.
    The legitimacy is as stinky and untrue as a fiat system and now fiat has corrupted
    Regulation has killed crypto
    I think smart contracts work without regulations
    The community became fragmented and most originals
    Have forgot independence and Sovereign citizen individuals
    Creative minds shared economy thinking
    Shared resources

  7. Zcash is a good example of an altcoin in a bear market that abandoned 3/4 of the people who supported their project. I mean, they were going back and deleting forum posts and tweets where they explicitly stated they were committed to asic resistance. I'm glad I sold all of my zcash bage as soon as they did that.

  8. Here it is….Financial institutions driving market demand. Marketing begins with Grayscale’s new Bitcoin trust drop gold commercial leading the charge. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_BIDcmh_6Es

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