90% Cryptocurrency Channels are Scams!

Hey there! It’s STIPS FinTech, the fairest cryptocurrency channel. I’m Nikita Kutsenko. Our team has studied tens of various Russian YouTube channels dedicated to cryptocurrency. Frankly speaking, 90% of them (just as 90% of cryptocurrencies traded) are scams. There are 4 categories of such channels: 1. A bored swanky guy, living in Maldives or driving Maserati, tells about which cryptocurrencies to invest in to become as wealthy as he is. 2. A home-grown cryptoanalyst that bought a few coins, set up a farm and decided he is a great specialist. Usually, they are cryptocurrency professionals that have just graduated from school. Some of them got into scandals, then were imprisoned, and became even bigger experts. 3. The third type includes channels promoting master classes, lectures and other cryptobullshit. Some of them get bored when speaking, and others have no idea what they are reading. 4. Old-world channels that transformed from “How to make money online”, “Hype analysis”, and are now ready to do anything for referral links and bonuses from advertised projects. It’s not that awful here. Among this cryptocurrency channel chaos, it’s still possible to find good and reliable content. Such channels should teach you to make your own decisions and analyze where to invest money. These channels are ValeraTV, Phoenix Group, Mister Xal, and some others that we will mention in other videos. By the way, our channel is in the white list! Our mission is to familiarize you with the cryptoworld and explain difficult things in simple words. Well, that’s pretty enough for today. Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe. More great stuff to come!

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