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good morning everyone happy Friday it is September 14th it's that time again for daily Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news it is 10:30 and of course those of you guys tuning in for first time subscribe of course also smash up the likes and we'll give it a few minutes for people to tune in today it's a special day because Weber is not number I mean Mike is not number one whatever coin actually beat him so congratulations you get to ask the question so good morning everyone good morning yeah as we're waiting so since today is Friday and the market is gonna do well I'm gonna do two special things for you guys okay so I've done this in the past number one I do have a shop right so a lot of you guys know this I've talked about a little bit in the past right and I won't give out one free coupon at that end of today's episode so you have to stay tuned until the very end to fight for that I mean usually a crash of the site when I do this but it's okay you wait ten fifteen minutes they'll come back up so those of you guys interested definitely check it out and I'll give that coupon code at the end of the video and also I know a lot of you guys I know a lot of you guys been you know I've been tweeting out clues about the car I got right so it's uh I finally decided to do something with it I created a video I create a new car channel so I'll reveal that at the end for you guys as well so since a lot of you guys do like cars and no it's not a Lambo so good morning everyone good morning unfortunately I don't have any dental Oien to give out if I did I will give them all out but I don't have any so good morning guys so today I guess everyone's in a much better mood because we did see some good games yesterday today or slightly slightly down from last night but it's looking like the market has continued to go up or wants to continue to go up what do you consider making out xrap ripple coffee cup and their new logo sure I didn't know they have a new logo for those of you guys that wants uh wants a ripple cup I'll make that happen I'll make that happen alright let's get started sell CMC we're right at 200 billion last night we hit as high as about two hundred and four billion before coming down a little bit but overall much better than where we were a few days ago right so why I also released a video yesterday night and if you guys watch the gravy didn't shame on you Mike Novogratz tweeted out that according to him he thinks that we touch bottom two days ago when we hit about 180 billion which in the video I talked about the significance of that those of you guys didn't watch this definitely watch this video so he called bottom right and I kind of said yeah this looks like its bottom but regardless of it is it's a good buying opportunity right and sure enough we did come off but I know that it's too early we're still only at 200 billion we're nowhere close even the 240 billion we were last week right but it's a start it's a start and overall you got a lot of a lot of big movers especially ether em it crashed down to like a hundred and seventy eight dollars at one point right and now it's back up to two it was like two ten to fifteen last night so it's definitely moving up a big way now the gap is again about ten billion rather than that seven billion mark okay so you three of us still going up and down a little bit more volatile than what we would expect the number two coin and coin market cat to be but you got other ones that's come up in a big way obviously Nana went up like 40 percent yesterday and for most part most of these big caps and all coins all went up 10 15 20 percent and today because of the slight dip we're seeing you know some some reds and that's okay that's okay as long as we continue to go up right our chain is pumping today at 27% interesting you got them to coin that that actually went down yesterday so good so it's not recovering today so that's always positive all right so I made this I made this made this video the the thumbnail and the title to be 80 trillion market cap prediction that's not by me that's by no other than Tim Draper okay and true Tim Draper is a smart guy he's a big big big coin bull okay and he says the overall market behaves go hit 80 trillion in 15 years now why should we listen to him okay why I mean is he just some not like John McAfee that's just throwing on wild numbers out there possibly but he does have some history all right so he put his he put he put a lot of money into Bitcoin so he put were what's that saying he put his mouth he put his money where his mouth is I guess is that the saying I don't know I've been getting all confused but in 2014 when Silk Road was closing down and the FBI was auctioning off all those bitcoins that was seized he paid 18 million dollars you know I out of his own pocket to buy 30,000 bitcoins which at today's price is a hundred and seventy million all right so he about 10 extant in four years okay we're talking about a hundred million dollars right and that's now that's not it five months ago he did predict that Bitcoin would reach $250,000 by 2022 and during 2015 he predicted that Bitcoin will get at least 10,000 by the closes 2017 and we know that came true also he's a big investor we know that a lot of come he has this Draper fund which is a VC company also involved with cryptocurrency and so forth right so this guy is someone that you should listen to these also advisor Brennan catch those of you guys that follow me I've been trying to I'm actually linked up with Tim Draper on LinkedIn he's not responding to me some people have been asking about legitimacy of uncashed so he has not answered yet but anyways this is his prediction and you got a lot of a lot of these billionaires okay that's coming out that's really really backing crypto is a big coin right so are they all wrong no they're not all wrong they didn't become a billionaire by accident right and the same thing with Mike no regrets who is an ex hedge fund manager turn billionaire now he's in cryptos these guys they're smart guys okay just right now right now everyone's focused near-term right like what's gonna happen tomorrow let's go happen next week what's gonna happen next month these guys are focused 3 5 10 15 years out and that's what we all should be focusing on right I always talk about life changing wealth this is the reason you just have to be patient accumulate as much as possible you gotta ignore all the volatility and hold for a long term and that's how you go build life-changing wealth all right so you got two big billionaires that's uh that's really bullish but you got some bait bitpay executives that says all coins will never come back and his reasoning is really stupid so according to him all coins will never come back I believe in the same way a Bitcoin will come back you know fidelity Blackrock they're not launching all coin products they're go launch Bitcoin so Bitcoin will rebound next year when these mainstream products begin to see why it's widespread it releases he said adding that initial point offering market is in a lot of trouble well that's really stupid okay first of all yes yes fidelity Goldman Sachs Blackrock coinbase all these guys right back iced Nasdaq yes of course if they're go come on the product it will focus on Bitcoin first right but this already rumors about ether iam ETF litecoin ETF and so forth of course you start with the biggest product out there which is Bitcoin once that becomes successful then you castrate and others and all these other I guess companies right all point companies there the blockchain companies they are to technology right so this guy I mean he's near really narrow minded to say that to say all coins are not gonna come back because these large companies are not coming out financial products based on them that's really narrow sighted okay so I totally disagree with that moving on you got remember I talked about okay X's leader right supposedly he got arrested because of this connection with this Wi-Fi company now okay axis coming out saying no he didn't get arrested he's just helping authorities although there's there's you know pictures of him in a jail cell and stuff so I think this is just damage control I do think he's in trouble because of the connection Wi-Fi but we will see but okay ax is one of those exchanges just like Big Macs they're up to no good they offer a lot of products that that that really damages the market so I'm not a fan although if okay X just suddenly closes down that will be disastrous you don't want that either so it's kind of like you're stuck being a rock and a hard place alright what else was there so this is and look this is a this looks good on the surface but it's really not so you thorium's lad Zamfir so far is a fear I'm sorry I'm really all right claims breakthrough in black blockchain sharding sharding is is one of the things that you thorium is trying to do to increase scaley however looking through here says it is still work-in-progress estimated to be released not for another two years that's a long time and implementing sharding does not mean that it makes ether in scale infinitely either so so the thorium has a lot of work to do in terms of scaling they have to switch to proof of stake first before they can implement sharding and proof of state could be in the next year maybe two years and then charting so this is just the estimate so ether nefeli has its work cut out for it alright and then speaking interim metallic he basically said he came out I said the government's ok the governance process the voting process like what T's owes and Yeo's is doing he finds it that it's crazy according to him now he's he said that at first it sounded really good but then he thought about it because these largest changes that owns majority of the tokens they have a large voting power and they could kind of control things and he's now more in favor of you know like Bitcoin Z cash Bitcoin cash in terms of how they're doing they're making decisions and how boats are working so he's basically saying that he doesn't like complete governance or complete decentralization you know a lot of these Bitcoin Maximus guys they they all talk about how you can't have anything centralized right it has to be everything be decentralized and that's why you have like these governance forties O's and Yeo's that supposedly everyone can vote and make decisions and so forth right but it also becomes a mess and not everyone could agree and so forth and not everyone even cares so I don't know you just got to find a balance between the two all right and then what else is there I don't know I don't know what brokers this is but I guess they're pretty big Wall Street EF Hutton wants to raise sixty million issuing crypto instruments I don't know who they are but you know to issue 16 million in various cryptocurrency instruments and in july 2019 that can't hurt okay so another good example of some Wall Street company that is getting involved with cryptocurrency all right so what else is there I guess that's pretty much it for the news BTC chart let's just update this real quick all right BTC chart RSI you know after yesterday it did look like it was getting up there right so now it's taking a little breather it is a 4-hour chart all right so I went down MACD still has not crossed over but it does look like it will cross down if we continue to go down although it is holding pretty good right around 64 65 and it's not really moving so we're waiting we're waiting for this to hit this hit this this top right here break through it don't worry Dan we're gonna be entering bolt country right so once we pass this then we have to break some previous resistance points right like the one that we formed just last week and when we formed about two months ago and then we're going to start going up but overall it's looking like we're close to bottom all right we're close to bottom if not we are already at bottom so this is a good time I believe we're we're past the worst of it right it may be we don't fly up all the way like we did last year but I do think that there's a good chance we got a lot of stuff coming those triggers man like the CBOE been like ETF that will be a huge trigger when bat comes out huge trigger any more adoption merchant adoption will be huge triggers maybe Facebook introduces Facebook coin Amazon start syncing Bitcoin a lot of these are triggers that can start moving things up really really quick alright so that's it let's turn it back over to you guys yeah someone tweeted out about credits how they're they're simulating node right now they're simulating they're doing stress tests they didn't say 1.2 but anyways go chain also already hit 1.2 or 1.4 there's a lot of these companies that claim really high transaction rates right but these are theoretical tests and plus what we really need is DAPs we really need – to go on top of it what's the point of a really fast operating system with no – money on top of it so that's the problem right now those of you guys tuning in late obviously hit the likes always appreciated alright so it's Friday let's make a little bit more casual what do you guys got for me are you buying us no I'm not buying us I much rather buy Bitcoin at this point I am a trigger no I am that link I'm surprised you you didn't ask me if I'm buying litecoin I bought a lot during the dip I've been buying a lot you know increments while things are going down right and in my portfolio I got about 10 different 10 different coins it used to be a lot more consolidated down to about 10 and I feel like those are that's a good number still like nulls what kind of question is that of course yeah job that's the thing this is all simulated stress test you know real world option is first and then we could talk about transactions right total day says 90% chance we will see five thousand ok well that's his prediction right 60% of the time it's right all the time right do you think September 21st of 7 out of 30th will have big impact on the market of course because September 30th is when the decision on the ETF is supposed to arrive so that is gonna be a big thing so yeah but I don't know about the other date I'm not I'm not sure to significance of that yes I did report yesterday Morgan Stanley's also Morgan Stanley and Citibank are both getting to crypto trading and they're doing it based on custodians and it sounds like they're not coming out their own crypto exchange they're just helping other companies buy and sell it they're just gonna become the middleman but they're helping institutional investors so we're talking about companies have millions to billions of dollars they want to get into so Morgan Stanley Citibank to the largest banks in the world are getting into it so you guys can see right this is all building up to something none of these companies will be involved if if they thought that it wasn't worth their time and definitely they do think it's worth their time DTF gets postponed or ejected you know I'm not so sure about that we have seen the pass ETFs get rejected nothing happens and plus at the level we're at I'm not sure there will be a massive sell-off I think there might be a dip but I do think that the market will shrug it off because I think most people think that it's not going to be approved anyways I so that might be already built in mobile tech support yes would you invest intent no I I think there's much better investments right now I think that is at the mercy of the carriers I don't think that's going well who bought litecoin I didn't buy litecoin I don't know if you guys misinterpreted that I'm not a fan of like when actually so I've been saying that for a while I just been saying Lincoln has been coming on here ask him about litecoin and and that's not today what do I think about you throwing classic not a fan I don't see the future use case for it other than miners switching to etc1 ethereum switches proof of steak why do you think the last quarter of the year is the usual anticipated time for bull rally well it's just like why why does the stock market do well traditional last quarter right that's why Black Friday and stuff it's because that's usually one companies making the most money and thinking about their bonuses the colony season is their holidays traditionally I mean during the q4 companies traditionally do butter so they also report better earnings and that's why things get pumped up in q4 basically and same thing with Kryptos that's why a lot of those guys that make a lot of money from a stock market they wanted that Versa Phi and what do they do they put the money into crypto so that's that's my theory about that anyways what's your question Weber yeah just so you guys know those of you guys are first and you want to ask a question you can't ask it when when I'm reviewing the news because I don't see the comments you have to ask it like now what I'm looking through this Pontiacs I have concerns about that because it looks like square is going troduce is go introduce crypto payments on there under system right they already got a pad form so that's the next stop their goal to go basically take crypto payments and they're already being used tens of thousands of places so all those merchants will soon be able to accept cryptocurrency I'm sure it's coming so because of that direct competition with the Pontiac so I don't know I don't know so what what's your what's your what's your question instead of saying you missed it just type out the question it's again if we held on five ten years almost certainly will be millionaires but many of us aren't going to sunk at it too early that's true that's that's part of my message is ignore the short-term volatility concentrating on long-term right that's how you build life-changing well if market it's 80 trillion how much would land in token gosh you mean Athlon I'm no idea it will be it will be like probably much larger than where it is now I can't even I can't even guess where some of these all coins will be once the market hits that much but then again it could be like 79 trillion of that somebody nine trillion 80 trillion is is all in Bitcoin itself and we're one trillion is for all the all coins it could be like that – we don't know okay so Weber's question is what's holding big players back from just implementing a something crypto payments for services simply because no one is using it it's pretty easy overstock which is you know you know they basically sell everything online they start taking bit Bitcoin you know years ago and during their quarterly results they always say that the number of people that pay with Bitcoin and it's like Oh point zero one percent of all their transactions that's why because no one is asking these merchants to actually take Kryptos that's why no one's implementing it so let's go take a while let's go take a while crypto chico Kryptos in the house asking about neo ontology situation I'm not sure what does a situation is I'm sure I know he is following up on that but overall my opinion is I like ontology much better than neo they're both started by on chain they're supposed to be you know helping each other right ontology is supposed to help companies get into blockchain utilized the Neo EBM and smart contracts is supposed to help with interoperability but ontology seems to be doing kind of like separating out they have I SEOs that's coming on that's being conducted on ontology they have their own native smart contracts now they're building out their own things so it almost seems like they're trying to separate themselves out so and because of where ontology is it's where they send in the market cap I think their potential is higher so that's why I like ontology better do I invest in dogecoin no I do not and I'll be careful for people that's looking into getting the dogecoin because it's been pumped up for a long time now and it's at its same level so I'm afraid once the bottom drops out it's goat Inc so just be careful about those dogecoin right now obviously those of you guys tuning in late smash up the likes and those of you guys have patience to wait to the very end I will relieve a release of coupon code for one item for free in my shop happy Friday Tony you're late you're very late are you actually working on a Friday what's your biggest argument for people concerned with energy consumption of crypto mining well I don't really have a good argument right it's it's it's no doubt Bitcoin mining uranium mining any kind of mining that's not just staking takes a lot of energy but it's good for argument in terms of why those those clients have value like Bitcoin why is it worth 6,000 or 7,000 it's because it actually costs that much to my 1 so you can say that is why it's worth that much but in terms of how much like Sioux City that goes into it I don't have a good argument for that it is wasteful it is extremely wasteful Bay Area you don't have to guess my car so I was saying at the beginning I created my other channel it's gonna be a car focused car reviews right I'm because I have a passion on cars I think I'm just gonna release it let you guys know what it is and the very first review is the car I got so it won't be a surprise anymore so you got to wait until the end for that what else is there yeah Knowles was at $8 last full run so we're we're nowhere close to that but but look at the good right look at the good is actually holding on much better than some of its peers some of the other coins that was 200 300 400 500 million in market cap there are under 50 million or nulls at least it's still holding around you know the hundred million mark right a little bit below that so given that most of these other projects and falling much further Knowles is actually doing well all things considering I don't drive Alexa's and I don't drive a Tesla Marcus thank you for that end of the year Bitcoin prediction I think it's gonna be anywhere from twenty five thousand thirty thousand dollars and what I think that because I think the market cap will end at one trillion by the end of the year or maybe first month or two out nineteen so I think that is coming we're gonna reach all-time highs and that's why I think Bitcoin is go break all-time highs as well do I invest in the narrow no no I've been that's one that I haven't really gotten into because I really don't understand what they're being used for other than being used on the dark web so I understand that I've been watching them more because the certain supply is actually extremely low so it makes it scarce over time which is really really positive for them but I need to I need to start paying attention more to Manero I do like Ripple I like ripple a lot they settled their huge huge lawsuit with r3 the terms of undisclosed but that was the biggest lawsuit they've been working on for a long time ripple has a lot of banks a lot of banks under their belt even though they're not all using SRP but they do force them to buy some to hold some and eventually they're gonna come up with new services that will use it and we have seen companies now come up with crypto exchanges or VC firms that's based on Ripple so it is it is having effect what do you think the price of all points will be independent front price of bitcoins I think that's going to take a long time but the more fiat trading pairs that comes out the less reliance we'll have but I don't think all the changes will have all fiat trading pairs maybe for the main view right so I think the dependence on Bitcoin will still stay for a long long time do you expect a massive sell-off in January 19th again no no only if we shoot up rapidly we shoot up to like two trillion three trillion five trillion six trillion yeah then we'll probably dump after that so hopefully we don't do a hockey stick growth right slowly to study upwards but not hockey stick because hockey stick usually means it comes down just as fast Jake crow thank you for that thank you thoughts on icon big things coming they just released a yellow paper yesterday so they're still trying to work things out I think one of the biggest complaints of Ikon is they don't really they could do a better job informing the audience I guess investors right and I think that's what's held them back do you think that will end up in the top ten I certainly hope so it's one of those projects that actually has a really good use case and they have traction already they already have millions of people using the brave browser so it's looking very positive for bad they're really really undervalued right now ETF yes or no I do think it's coming I think it's gonna be approved most people say no I do think that to reject the CBOE is hard they have a lot of history with the SEC and they really know what they're doing the the ETF I mean SEC can't really come out and say the CBOE doesn't know what they're doing they can't because they do and the fact that it's taking this long for them to decide to make it decision I think it's very positive it's very positive any good news from fusion not really other than new CMO she's doing a really good job communicating out on the telegram and coming out of medium blogs and stuff like that so everyone is still waiting for for fusion to come out their main that right it's been delayed which is wise it's been not performing well but we're all waiting for that would win in a fight diesels at the top beetles for sure man have you have you seen him recently he's buff as hell he's been hitting the weights so we hit five Troy and how much will we have to hold to be millionaires I don't know I don't know but just just what the end game is should to hold as much Bitcoin as you can okay so that's what you have to concentrate on should or will these Kryptos have customer service in the future it depends on if they become a company that's the thing I'm sure ripple has customer service there's an 800 number you can actually call to talk to someone in ripple but most of these projects are just project or open source right you got a bunch of developers S is working and they don't really have someone you can just talk to in customer service but eventually when these companies or these projects become legit companies with revenue and and with actually staff yeah they should have customer service do I believe in Tron yes I do believe in front no drinks today it's a little bit too early to be drinking and I only drink when the market crashes our I feel is going to be dead seems like judges say they – bi so we will see it's looking worse and worse fry SEOs but that's actually a positive thing for the market if you guys notice you know I don't look at this a lot look at the two currencies numbers now just probably two months ago this was like 16 1700s now it's almost a 2,000 we still have a ton of companies introduced I see owes not all of them are bad but 99.9% of them are and the less reliance we have on ICO is the butter now airdrops everyone loves airdrops right no company will on come out and they want to give air drops and do private funding like a traditional tech startup that's fine but I cos you know it's the days of just releasing a nice white paper and a website I think that's gonna go away and while we've been having this conversation big point is going up almost 6,500 again so that's very positive no market caps probably a well it will be over 200 billion so overall the market is just looking good guys is that still consider all point of course anything that's not Bitcoin is all point alright do I hold all my coins long-term or do some day training I don't know date training a little bit of a swing trade so I mentioned about taking profits being more aggressive with taking profits right and that's how you can do it when things are super low and you're buying something new for example a couple days ago when you're buying neo and it went up 40 percent yesterday that's a good opportunity to take some profits right even though your overall portfolio might still be in red but that one trade is in the green so sometimes I do a little bit of swing trading like that take out profits so that's something I would advise not all of you guys but those of you guys that want that want to be a little bit more involved swing trading can definitely be possible and you guys can you know right now it's also easy to predict too because we see this bottom for Bitcoin at 6,000 6100 right so when our big hunk goes down there that's pretty much bottom and then that's when it's a good opportunity to buy of course that's not always gonna be the case but in 2018 that has been it's been like that 12 times now um was nulls I feel prey that's a good good question I don't know I don't know I do have a crypto taxman and I think everyone should should look into it base any base a right now it kind of sucks menu us any trade not just converting Fiat I think that's a misconception people think oh if you convert back to Fiat then that's a taxable event no every single trade is a taxable event even when you go from BTC to add BTC two nulls that trade is a taxable you bet even investing in ICO is a taxable event when you go from F to a token doesn't matter what token it's as if you sold F and you bought that token so that transaction is also taxable according to accountant so just so you guys are aware of that alright guys I think that's it right that's a it's a good session so those of you guys stuck around I promised that I was gonna release a coupon code for my website so my shop this is the shop Kryptos R Us / shop all right so I'll tweet this out and then let me tweet I mean not tweet it out I'll put in the chat and you guys can definitely utilize the coupon code for one free item it's only one time use guys so you've got to fight for it and the and the site is most likely to go going to crash but I don't care it will recover it has crashed with two previous times I've done this and of course smash up the likes alright ready guys here's the coupon code all right so enjoy one item from the shop and of course if you guys interested you know the items definitely take a look and that's pretty much it right I do have one other announcement and hopefully this doesn't backfire on me you guys know that I like cars alright and everyone in Krypton land is all about Lambos and stuff like that and we're not quite there yet but I did I did buy a toy for myself a summer car and I've been tweeting out little bits of information some people I've guessed it actually I think two people guessed it and I decided to start on their channel because I love cars and I like youtubing I like craving video so hopefully it turns out well so I will be tweeting uh not sweetie I'm so use the same tweeting so I'm gonna post a link in this chat for you guys and you guys are into cars or want to know what I got then you can definitely check it out and I'm gonna start putting this link in all my videos in the future in the description in case you guys want to know what it is and make sure you subscribe to another channel too if you're a car guy let me put it in here oh it's funny too because I was trolling the guy who invented is it John Bollinger because he tweeted out saying oh what's up going on with that you know why why is it seem like it's going down and I said hey you can't tell me how you don't know where it's going with your Bollinger Bands you know I was being a dick but I thought that was funny alright guys that's it thanks for tuning in smash up the like subscribe to channel have a great weekend and we'll see what happens to the market this weekend alright take care guys bye bye

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  2. Sq. Can only trade bitcoin and has no interest ,as Jack Dorsey has stated , in going beyond all these smaller crypto.

  3. I"m kind of a noob at this but it seems to me that actually using crypto for payment is pending on some FAST coins. BTC seems to cumbersome to use on a day to day basis. Wouldn't that come from the alts?

  4. Elastos (ELA) = internet operating system, decentralized p2p network, Bitcoin merge mining, side chain functionality for Ethereum and more, 1 million carrier nodes eoy, alpha released (beta eoy), 100 dapps funded (100k each), runs on Windows, iOS, Android etc, Zapya (Viewchain) and it's 500 million users to run on Elastos!!

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  6. anyone have to restore a nuls wallet yet? i did my private key linked me to an account with a 0 balance. watch out

  7. Every asset in this world combined is worth 500 trillion dollars, for Crypto to be 80 I call BS. I would be happy with 2-3 trillion

  8. I think it's greater than 50% chance it's a bad move to be calling bottom in every video right near the end of our descending wedge (major trends, the big boys).
    My TA:
    Log says a final (future) dip will touch 1300 for a hot minute with continuation around 2600.
    Linear says a channel between 3250 and 4900 between Jan and May.
    Wedge says we break down this Halloween +/- 12 days.
    $80T in 15 years? I would have guessed a bit higher. I think we could be at 27T in 3-4 years…

  9. was getting ready to subscribe then you did not know who E F Hutton was???? and you supposedly knows finance??

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