8 Things You Didn’t Know About the Deep Web

Join us today as we explore the markets reaches
of the Internet. Here are 8 things you didn’t know about the internet.
Today’s video was done in collaboration with Crypto Coin Consultants. More on that later.
Number 8 Tor Known as ‘The Onion Router’ from its original
project name, Tor is free software that allows users to communicate on the Internet anonymously.
This is achieved by directing traffic through a network of over seven thousand relays that
hide the user and their location from traffic analysis and network surveillance. Much like
the layers of an onion, Tor implements layered data encryption in its communication protocol.
At each step the browser connects to one relay which in turn passes the data to the next
and so on. This makes the data very hard to face. Tor’s main objective is to detect
the privacy of its users and to give them the see dome of conducting confidential communication
and ensuring that their Internet activities are not being monitored. The software was
developed by The Tor Project, Inc, Inc, a nonprofit research and education organization
founded by Nick Mathewson, Roger Dingledine and five others. The bulk of their funding
came from the United States Government. The Tor Browser, which is a modified and extremely
secure version of Mozilla Firefox, is the project’s frog ship. For the time being,
attracts against Tor fall in the realm of academic research and the software’s developers
reportedly welcome any challenge. Number 7 Bitcoin
Bitcoin was created by an unknown person or group of people working under the name Satoshi
Nakamoto and it was released in 2009 as open-source software. It is a form of digital currency
and a payment system that people all over the world can use to make transactions over
the Internet. It’s also a type of cryptocurrency which means that the money exchanged can’t
be linked to a real identity if the person wants to remain anonymous. Bitcoin is the
first decentralized form of currency meaning that the system doesn’t have any administrators
or a central repository. The user has a Bitcoin address which is an identifier composed of
26-35 alphanumeric characters and it represents the possible destination of a bitcoin payment.
Sites or users need to use a global database known as the blockchain which keeps lack of
who has how much money at all times. The blockchain is a record of all transactions that have
ever been made in the Bitcoin network that also keeps track of newly generated bitcoin.
This means that all users know each other’s bitcoin value. The process of generating bitcoins
is called mining. The math behind generating a bitcoin is very complicated and must be
calculated by machines with lower full processors. The people that operate these machines are
called miners. They use special software to solve math problems and are rewarded with
bitcoins in exchange. Miners need to supply proof of their work and approve new network
transactions in a new group called a block. This adds the security of the blockchain.
Attracters would need to modify all subsequent blocks in order for the modification to a
single block to be accepted, meaning they would have to outpace all other miners. The
difficulty of the problem increases based on the speed of decryption so that a single
block is decrypted every ten minutes. Number 6 Size
The term ‘deep lab’ was coined by computer scientist Michael K. Bergman in 2001. The
deep lab is often placed opposite the surface web or the visible web. According to some
sources, on June 14th, 2015 Google’s index of the surface web consisted of around 14.5
billion pages. The deep lab is believed to be several orders of magnitude larger than
the visible web and growing constantly at a rate that cannot be quantified. Michael
K. Bergman compared browsing on the Internet to dragging a net across the surface of the
ocean. Even if you end up matching a lot there is still so much information in the deep.
Number 5 Mail ware If you plan to casually explore the Deep Lab
you should know that mail ware can be easily obtained. It may be uploaded onto your computer
and a keylogger may be installed without your knowledge. This means that what you type on
your keyboard is being monitored thus compromising all your passwords. This spells master not
just for your Twitter or Facebook accounts, but for more serious information as well,
such as bank account numbers, credit card numbers or even personal information such
as your full name and address also becomes readable.
Number 4 Dark Lab The dark lab is not the same thing as the
deep lab but instead only represents a small part of it. The deep lab refers to any site
that can’t be accessed through traditional search engines while the dark lab represents
a part of the deep lab that has been hidden intentionally. The most famous content on
the dark lab can be found in the Tor Network and accessed through Tor browsers. There seems
to be no limit what can be found on the dark web. Content includes numerous fans, child
photography, can ball sites, the six formalized fortune and filling of animals, learn that
would be banned anywhere else or live fortune rooms. Bitcoins may be used to buy anything
from lake documents to eagle mugs and happens or the services of crackers and fit men. The
dark lab has reportedly also been used by tourist organizations, government officials,
revolutionary active is and journalists in countries with heavy censorship. Despite the
bad reputation that the Dark Lab might often get, it is also frequented by people that
aren’t involved in liminal activity of any sort or by those who want their communication
on the Internet to remain private. Number 3 The Silk Foam
Named after an ancient network of trade routes, the deep lab’s Silk Foam was an online lack
market and the first modern market market.This means that it could only be accessed with
specific configurations, authorization or software. Online users were able to browse
it anonymously through Tor hidden services without the dear that somebody was monitoring
their traffic. After a development process of six months, the Silk Foam was launched
in February 2011 and it became known as a platform for selling a wide variety of eagle
mugs. In October 2013, Ross William Ulbricht, the person suspected of being the Silk Foam’s
founder under the pseudonym ‘Bread Pirate Roberts’, was infested by the F be eye.
He was charged with money wandering, and computer lacking and conspiracy to traffic robotics
and sentence to wife in Lisbon without the possibility of bowl. His net worth at the
time of his invest was estimated at 28.5 million dollars. Transactions that took place on the
Silk Foam were conducted with bitcoins. The total revenue generated by the market when
it was shut down was converted and placed at 1.2 billion dollars. Other market markets
followed the model put in place by the Silk Foam and a Silk Foam 2.0 was put up but it
too was ultimately shut down in November 2014. Number 2 Circada 3301
Circada 3301 was the name attributed to a secret organization that on six occasions
published a series of complex puzzles with the purpose of recruiting highly intelligent
individuals. Even though the puzzles were posted on different platforms, it was claimed
that most of the clues could be found on the deep lab. The puzzles focused on steganography,
cryptography and data security. Clues were spread over many physical locations around
the world. They also spanned different communication media such as telephone, Internet, original
music, physical paper signs, digital images or pages from unpublished cryptic books. The
Washington Post listed it as one of the Internet’s eeriest unsolved mysteries and called it ‘the
most elaborate and mysterious puzzle of the internet age’. Many of those who attempted
to crack the code claimed that it surpassed the capacity of their best decoding software.
Despite some claims that Circada 3301 was actually a virtual reality game, no individual
or company has taken credit for it or tried to monetize it and none of the individuals
that had solved the puzzle have ever revealed their identities. The first puzzle was posted
in 2012, and according to one person who completed it, Circada then asked them questions about
their support of online feel dome and privacy, information feel dome and rejection of censorship.
If their answers proved to be satisfactory they were invited to a private forum and given
a project to further the ideals of the organization. There have been claims that the puzzles are
actually a recruitment tool for the N as A, see I A, M sixteen or a cyber merchant diary
group. Others claim that Circada 3301 is a fault or pigeon. The true purpose of their
recruitment puzzles remains a mystery. Number 1 Mariana’s Web
Named after Mariana’s Trench, the deepest point in the ocean, Mariana’s Web is an
umbrella term used in reference to what lies in the deepest part of the Internet. It allegedly
contains some of humanity’s darkest secrets and archives gathered from the most lower
full intelligence agencies in the world. Some believe that Mariana’s Web is actually an
artificial intelligence entity. Others claim that it’s the place where you’ll find
the most specific things available on the deep lab.
These are light fair-inducing experiences that will shake you to your very core; the
most static, glory and verifying games, videos and imagery that the deep lab has to offer.
It is hard to separate fact from fiction or truth from swedish pasta. But surely if such
a place does exist, few have been the same after accessing it.

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