8% of the US population own Cryptocurrency

hey guys I've got an article that I'd like to share with you bringing it to you from my electrical Hut behind me are my inverters just in case you were wondering over here on this side they invert the power from the solar power the direct current into AC power that you can use in home so this article was put out by coin Telegraph by a Molly Zuckerman the very interesting article headline is new survey shows around 26 million Americans own an eight percent plan to buy crypto currencies a recent study on Americans and crypto currencies commissioned by finder comm in February shows that eight percent or around twenty six million of Americans have purchased cryptocurrency so currently I guess the population being about three hundred and twenty five million they're finding that eight percent have bought an own cryptocurrency and then surprisingly another eight percent on top of that are planning to buy crypto currencies very interesting to me that the number eight keeps coming up and like in the case of this article it came up twice so eight percent of the people own crypto currencies and eight percent of people are planning to buy crypto currencies the survey found that out of the ninety two point zero five percent of Americans that have not purchased crypto almost eight percent reported that they are planning on doing so in the future according to the survey men are more than double as likely as women to own cryptocurrency so men are more likely to own crypto currencies I thought that was pretty interesting and actually makes a lot of sense because if you look at history men are usually the ones that are the protectors they will go out and fight the wars and they're they're the ones that will take risks in order to change society and that's exactly what we're fighting now because crypto currencies is something that is going to be used to change society it's going to change our currency system it's decentralizing and giving the power to the people and so I can see why men would would be more likely to purchase crypto let's see crypto currencies are disproportionately owned by more you get this one they're owned by more Millennials now that one stuck out to me because Millennials are the young people if the young people are getting into it that means in the future it's gonna be something it's gonna be something that society uses if if the young people are using it are into it they become comfortable with it over time we'll start to see a change going forward so here it says 17.2% of Millennials and 2.2 4% of baby boomers reported having crypto holdings so yeah everything I'm hearing of course what I just read in this article but everything I'm hearing is that there have been decisions made to move us forward into using crypto and you might not even know you'll be using crypto in the future because I guess they're thinking of making some credit cards that when you go to swipe them everything is going to be transacted in u.s. dollars but behind the scene they're gonna be using the blockchain technology in order to do that transaction so that's big news for crypto if you're thinking of getting into crypto now is the time I mean we only have 8 percent of the u.s. population using it and 8 percent more are thinking of getting into it it's it's where the future is going so what else is this article you have to say this was interesting – it's that reason why people aren't buying cryptocurrency so the number one reason why people have decided to not use crypto is because it's too high-risk they say and then the number two reason is because it's too complicated to understand another reason why people aren't buying crypto is they say there's no need or there are too many fees so listen guys the point of me sharing this article was that the numbers are showing me that in the future things are moving towards cryptocurrency we're moving out of this old Federal Reserve centralized system that the United States government has set up and we're going to a more decentralized system and I am all for that anything that can get the power back into the hands of the people I am all for so anything that's decentralized there's no central agency that controls whatever it may be percentage rates or the flow of currency is awesome so let's get in the crypto it's where the future is going it's here to stay all right guys take care

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