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BK thank you for everything you do it my
number three okay that’s awesome was here number Chris what number do you
play roulette that’s one thing we were up
we didn’t make some money coat the coat the coat sharks who were on the roulette
wheel I take it out right now we have we have a pretty amazing story we’ll share
it on our became Co channel but yes she yeah she a sharpshooter on that table I
will go ahead and get started let’s do it 7:02 the bosses in the building make it
do what it do this your boy BK the boasts a Bitcoin decree stone of crypto
and if you don’t like me you must not like money think but joining me
everybody I appreciate the support I appreciate them love do you already know
what time it is they – you know I’m saying got this live stream syndication
you know I’m saying from the north side strip right now Trump Towers what can I
say I just like Dubuque I’m saying a building painting and go I’m saying
remind me of myself this is your first time tuning in congratulations baby
you are now rocking with the best my name is BK – crypto trader I am them
both these charts as you will soon find out every day I graced this microphone
with my voice is another day you get the profit as a result and today is no
exception so amen – about to do it we right here with a little boss method
methodology video a lot of people ask me how does the energy work how do the
fractals work how does a Fibonacci work well I’m going to show you one chart
that has all of this built into it right now right and then I’ll give you an
opportunity you know to join the money team and come on board money train and
you know make some money with this chart and a few others as well so let’s go
ahead and jump on over to our featured presentation let’s see here that’s off
the screen so hopefully we can quickly there we go right first things first a
little bit of housekeeping if you are just now in the crypto space and you
just happen to stumble across my video congratulations baby you are officially
a part of history this is the fastest-growing crypto community in the
world 20,000 of my best friends have come together on three different
platforms trading view Facebook and patreon
for Facebook all you need to do is type in number one Bitcoin group in the world
hashtag one Bitcoin and then for patreon type in my name BK crypto traitor and
that will take you Tata packages products and services we
have available you know to stream streamline your fast track to success
and I’ve been BT Kelly 1203 and you will be able to follow me on there every few
days at post you know just different ideas and charts that I see in the
market let’s see one that’s still shaping up
this one was Nexus I did this early May May 2nd I said positive vibes only I
said we got this nice green line of energy you know happening in June and
you can see we loaded up BAM that we hit it went all the way up to the 6 180 came
back down to the 3 8 – you know but I don’t think we’re done with Nexus if
this crypto community stays strong if its markets stay strong you know Nexus
will be a real time benefactor of that transition right so BT Kelly 1203 on
trade of you and men what we’re gonna be doing on this one is actually looking at
this chart right here specifically to figure out what’s going on behind the
scenes I always tell you it’s three hopefully you do if you don’t just type
in are you watching closely on YouTube and you will find my video as to what I
think is happening with Bitcoin right now if you don’t know what this chart is
it is actually stellar lumen xlm to BTC finance right and so what you see right
now I know my chart don’t look like nobody else’s that’s because only one
person can beat a boss and cain’t nobody use this method this is called the boss
method its intellectual intellectual property on exclusively for the rights
and replications of Brendan Kelly LLC there are a few simple rules so to speak
just fix this up real quick right three simple move now here’s a 7 a 77 and a
231 and when that 7 goes above that 77 when that white goes a blue over boat
above the blue you know what to do put down your money and go get paid stop
playing right when it go below it’s got to go if it ain’t paying it ain’t
standing just that easy hit him over the head for 61% inside of 37 days this is
real money this is real profit this is real progress and this is a real process
it is a stellar big coin on a 343 and you see it’s literally just that easy
right buy sell profit right cash out like a
boss if you want to learn more this this video specifically will be featured in
my playlist go to youtube type in the top chart like a boss and you will see
specifically how I break these charts down like a fraction and how you can
change the energy inside the charts to the currency inside your possession
right that’s all it is energy is energy currency is currency right and currency
is a derivative of the energy 43 kind of captures you know two macro macro cycles
we can see on a 343 day you know it’s it’s it’s nearing the completion of
Canada’s down cycle right there right that’s kind of like a compression
consolidation cycle but what I’m gonna do in that and that started that goes
all the way back to you know May yeah here let’s just do this this is
kind of like a a half cycle that we’re in right now and you can see like that’s
the box that we’ll be looking in you know from the end of begin an April to
the beginning of July that’s essentially like a little three month window out of
these charts run on three and twelve three nine 12-month cycles so this is a
quick little three month cycle that we have on excel limp right so here we go
this is gonna be very quick very easy a couple things
I think that could benefit us is to create our little circles just to show
you the macro energy that we’re capturing right so this is our break out
this is our breakdown right even if I wanted if I wanted to confirm that
relationship I could just do something like that go all the way up to the top
of that look at that the harmonics their harmonics the resonance is already there
break out to break down right we tap out right there at the top of it if we
wanted to do our cycle lines this is what that looks like so we take it out
we go all the way out right there right if I wanted to put it at the peak of
that let’s stick to that since that’s what we did the first time peak it out
right there boom boom and the last thing I like to do on these kind of charts is
I like to capture all of our macro energy Hill than the top of that 231
that 231 is kind of like a crown jewel you know once that thing starts going
down that means beep Billy G and his billionaire buddies that means they’re
not buying it anymore so I just like to measure some of my energy
on them right cuz they got all the money anyway so all we do is put a little sign
line right there and now you see that just as cleanness you know it’s clean as
day right there boom boom this is our comeback line we can paint this one
yellow so 618 is our comeback line that’s when we’ll have more positive
energy returning to this thing than negative energy and on top of that we
already know from previous discussions there’s three parts to any cycle break
out break down flat line what comes next BAM it’s just that easy does is
literally just that easy you can’t make this stuff up that’s gonna happen right
around there that will be our hot zone inside this cycle should the energy
continue to exist this way and again being that where we’ve we’ve stretched
this data all the way back to April we can only assume that energy will
continue to move in the direction that it’s moving in only unless it’s acted on
by an external force all the energy internal to this cycle right now shows
that if we will be going at least to that four eight four seven on this quick
cycle right and you can almost place a little quick quick money line right
there and a reason I’m doing that is because I’ve found that this part of the
parabola is actually where the most energy is that’s where that thing is
tangent most perpendicular to our parallel lines if you understand
statistics mechanics you know exactly what I’m talking about but you know put
it this way if I was to reflect a line point right there it would give me as
close to a 90 or 45 degree angle as possible that’s because this angle right
there is very sharp so it wants to do
something like that and that’s gonna happen right there in the early part of
July July 3rd I think we have a pretty good chance to be at least at 42 if not
all the way up to 46 and if I was a bettin man which I am I would say that
we could be you know pretty safe right there right south of 45 right so what
does that look like for stellar given where it’s at today that looks like 18
percent and 25 days that’s not too bad right one of the last things you can do
we can take this out to a 343 you see when we do this thing on the 343 you
know it just scales it out a little bit but one of things I’ve learned is that
you know normally we can do that to bet copy and paste it bring it up top right
there look at that that’s already hit right there
we’re data energy came back at you see that so boom boom
that’s our energy inside this segment well right and so what’s gonna happen
when we start a new cycle that will be the energy we look to repeat boom boom
and you see it cascades and Capstone’s look at that this is kind of crazy right
there at the top of that triangle I don’t think the price will get up that
high but that just goes to tell you again that’s where the maximum energy
will be that’s where the most positive energy will be and then we settle out
somewhere right there between the 4 6 & 4 to notice that’s very very close to
the high part of that curve so you know the middle of July into July this thing
will probably have a pullback given that you know the first part of July this
thing is gonna be bangin right so if you’re interested in stellar it’s it’s
looking like a stellar forecast you know to make some real-deal money in the
markets right and for anybody that was curious if you ain’t know now you know
that’s how you chart like a boss oh so it’s just that easy job another Cavs
game is all you know Golden State look like they go do it but you know I just
wanted to get on let you know that after this game is over
you know once then once once once that clock ticked down a zero you know and
then teams ain’t running around back and forth on the court no more harnessing
the whole world’s energy guess what it comes back to reality to game ends and
life begins right and now you need to make a decision what do you want the
next quarter of your life to look like do you want to be sick and tired of
being sick and tired tasting a dollar that ain’t working for you right working
for a dollar that ain’t working for you paying your energy into a system that is
broken by definition they call it inflation when actuality it’s theft due
due to inefficiency and redundancy right or you go convert some of that energy
into a tokenized economy which is a more free market the freest market we’ve seen
probably in the past thousand years I would imagine and this is what it looks
like it has Peaks valley slopes curves and energy right everything is a cycle
of two things something happened before it and
something yet to happen and that’s all we do is we or lay our intuition into a
little bit of uh you know methodology in the markets and and we can benefit
greatly as a result I appreciate everybody in the chat that was holding
me down earlier thank you for showing me love thank you for the number one
Bitcoin community in the world you know and I
will be making a major announcement I believe if not tomorrow then the day
after as you as you can see I’m on vacation but you know I still take so
much so my peoples in love make y’all some money on Sansa Janka y’all could
take a vacation one day I remember back in a date you know being a substitute
teacher in Northeast Ohio I was paying into retirement like oh you know I
thought worth 20 25 years you know and go get a masters and I’d be a principal
somewhere that wasn’t a good plan needless to say I changed directions I
changed my tide and I changed my energy and now I can live on any beach in the
world you understand change okay change Oh energy change the course of your
existence to coexist within the universe right one chord one frequency one
existence we all know each other we all can talk to each other we all can
interact right that means we all exist together right all the energy that
exists in that whole network of everything is all the energy there is
ever gonna be energy can’t be created or destroyed and merely transfers from one
phase of the cycle unto the next once we do that we will all be a lot better off
so let’s unplug the idiot box and reconnect to each other and more
importantly reconnect to the alignment the subconscious agreement that we have
by design we are human beings we are all beings in the hue of man right so that’s
how this stuff comes together let’s be better to each other list you know let’s
not fight it bigger and better over things we don’t have let’s start to
envision and empower each other over things we will achieve and anybody
listening to these words can wake up in this room there’s a nice hotel but I’ll
tell you it ain’t the nicest hotel out there you
know if I told somebody you know that I was staying in the Trump Plaza on the
57th floor you know I’m saying looking over to strip just having time you know
spending X amount of money a day money ain’t real right what’s most important
is that energy and existence that you are able to create with those around you
right money and own thing money is it is value right I guarantee you I’m giving
away more value than I’m bringing in right I’m not a banker right thanks
banks take in value and just shell out a little bit right it’s not a bank it’s
like a suck it’s a time suck it’s it’s you know it’s not a bank it’s a vault
it’s a trap um it’s a prison it’s a sailboat technically a bank of energy
needs a battery mm-hmm you’ll 30 years in yo 401k is the battery think about it
all this stuff is set up this is a system of design I change your values
change your worth once you stopped valuing a dollar that don’t work for you
and you have a chance to do anything you want to do so here we go I appreciate
everybody again I’m gonna jump off of here you know catch the last few minutes
of this game if you appreciate me it’s kind of now is this kind of content you
know show me some love subscribe likes here jump over to the patreon page just
type in my name BK crypto traitor as you already noticed is a the number of first
YouTube channel second one number one big coin videos and world has tagged one
I think we got up to about a thousand two thousand subscribers on there right
now and then like I said if you’re ready to get paid if you really did ready to
dive deep into this thing everybody in my patreon group the boss alert messages
get a direct line to my inbox so if you got a question a chart you know you need
some clarification on anything I talked about that’s available to you in
addition to that we do have the profit package to seven coins every seven days
the movers the Shakers and the money makers in the market like I said I make
it real easy for you to be successful so jump on over to patreon com jump on that
profit package I will have an update coming out in two days you know and this
uh this one might not even make the cut because
this disco talk this this ain’t coming back till July middle of July yawns and
it’s the second weekend in June I’ve got to get paid every day I wake up that
being said it’s that time of a date signing out this is the boats yo boy BK
no matter where you stay brazil debate Califonia all the way back up dude jerk
money good night good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you
for your time make sure you share this video copy and paste the URL text
somebody you care about tell them I’ll better wife that boy BK now BK making
some money moves out here they talk about Carter B ain’t the only one became
a getting money at moves do that for me you appreciate my until we meet again
stay cryptic y’all

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  1. Stay connected, that is our way to freedom, hope more people will start to realize that, thanks BK for your sharing knowledge and all good explanations.
    Turn off a “box”, stay connected, use brain and feel energy..
    Good luck everybody!

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