24 thoughts on “73 Million Dollar BITCOIN PIZZA! GlobalCoin by Facebook – Crypto News”

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  2. I think Facebook would gain access to valuable spending data by creating its own payment system.
    More about GlobalCoin: https://taklimakan.network/news/20067

  3. I dont understand why everyone keeps bringing up the pizza story. If you want people to use it as a currency you can't make fun of people who spent it when it wasn't worth much. Stories like that only make people hoard btc out of fear they will be the next "idiot" who used their btc.

  4. FUCK ZUCK & FACEBOOK! Don’t be stupid. This beta punk wants to rule the fing world! Imagine how FUCKING SHITTY life would be if anything fuckerberg did became dominant!?!?! God forbid you say something on nazibook that they don’t like…. remember how that little PRICK lied his ass off and lied during sworn testimony… remember all the SECURITY BREECHES????

    IF YOU THINK IM JOKING… look up “financial blacklisting “!!!!!

  5. Hey Matty, Can you please take a peek at this video and try to help me understand it. It is both scary and confusing. I appreciate and enjoy your imformative videos to no end. Thank you for taking the time to share!

  6. i heard that Globalcoin is just another Stable coin with a value of $1 … i dont see how anyone can get wealthy holding this coin… but it will bring more awareness to Bitcoin and LItecoin my 2 favorites with Halving Years coming up soon…
    …fasten ur seat belts and stock up…

  7. Worth noting that Randi Zuckerberg is advising Pledgecamp (PLG) – I think that connection will help cement Pledgecamp as the crowdfunding platform of the future ?

  8. I no Facebook account and I will never have any Facebook Globalcoin. All I need is Zuckerberg debiting my account every time I tell him to go fuck off.

  9. Zuck can't be trusted. But he needs a scheme to keep his platform from collapsing. Enter crypto. Bad idea.

  10. Facebooks coin is going to change the whole market. That pizza was super expensive! I’ve paid rent and for a car with bitcoin!

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