7 websites to claim FREE BITCOINS + NO LOSE tricks!

But because i got win strikes lets try to bet 10,000 tokens and lets see what will happen. OMG! i just won 320,000 tokens with this settings! Hello whats up? Welcome back to my new video this is Aiza Mercado again If you noticed, i changed my video intro and comment down below if you think intro before is much better or stick with this new one. Graduation is done its SUMMER again! I am really excited to take a vacation! Its really hot, take a swim, go to the beach, but still, i am here to share with you a legit website where we can earn free bitcoins. The site is called CoinPot its legit and pioneer to faucets where we can claim free bitcoins and crypto currency. You should finish the video so i can show you the tips and tricks how to multiply your bitcoin here in coinpot. But before that, let me first show you how Coinpot works and the use of 7 faucets to earn free bitcoins. Shout out to: Darwyn, Geram, to Team VetVloggers and Aldren for requesting this video update. For you to create an account here in coinpot just go to www.coinpot.co and check out the video description where to find the 7 faucet links. You can see here Coinpot Token, Bitcoin core, Bitcoin cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Dashcoin. This 7 faucets can get us free crypto currency. 7 free faucets and should active on your web browser coz we can claim here every 15 mins. Moondash: we can get free dashcoins You need to log in using your coinpot email address and it will directly sent out to your coinpot every time you claim. i have claimed it then lets try now moonbitcoin Moonbitcoin: we can get free bitcoins Next moondogecoin “claim now” Moonlitecoin: we can get free litecoin Bonusbitcoin: we can get free bitcoin Here in Bitfun: we can get free satoshi which is bitcoin Okay, i have done claiming all 7 faucets and you will see the countdown timer like for example here in moonbitcoin we can claim again in 6 mins but this faucets are 15 mins to claim again… We can convert to bitcoin all the claims with the 7 faucets. and lets go back to our coinpot. I have refreshed the site and as you can see all claims are now appears in my dashboard. Question: how can I convert BCH, DOGE, LTC, and DASH into BTC? Bitcoin core is “Bitcoin” too. what to do now is for example, dashcoin just click “view dash summary”. here you will see “deposit dash”, “withdraw dash” if you want to convert dash to btc, just click
“convert dash to” select crypto currency you want dash to convert to i will select bitcoin core amount to convert: click maximum this is the btc you will get enter your password then click convert. then click “confirm conversion” its converting now, please wait…. Completed! 0.09952591 dash is converted to
0.00243629 btc You will see, my dashcoin now are all reset to 0. You just got to claim, claim, claim and claim until you make a lot and convert it to BTC and when its on your BTC you can now withdraw it on any BTC wallet or in coins.ph This coinpot tokens can also be converted into BTC but just like in freebitco.in, you can use multiplier here too! In the left menu, you can see “multiplier” and now I will be teaching you how you can multiply your coinpot tokens! Disclaimer: this is my settings that im using but i do not guarantee it will be successful in yours. anyway, i will still share it to you. High or Low: HIGH Options for multiply by… you can select 2x or 5x i can select 5x coz i have lots of coinpot tokens but for now, i will use 2x then click auto roll settings Pause between rolls: 1 second Here in stop autoroll when profit reaches you can enter 1000 tokens you can enter 100 tokens too or 10 tokens, depends on you but for me, i will enter 1000 tokens On win… High/Low: No change Multiplier: No change Stake: Reset to starting stake * take note of that In on lose… High/Low: No change Multiplier: No change Stake: Increase stake x2 then close it select tokens you want to bet you can select 1 token, 10 tokens 100, 1k, 10k and 100k tokens. for me i can select 100 tokens coz i got lots of tokens but if you have low balance you can select 1 token or 10 tokens. so for example i will choose 100 tokens and it will start rolling. there, im winning 400 tokens now there you go i have reached the 1000 tokens winning thats why my auto roll setting now stopped. lets try again im losing now and it stake x2 i won again 1000 tokens thats why it now stopped again. okay, now lets try 1000 tokens lets see if i can win for experimental, 1000 tokens Oh! i won easy 2000 tokens! but i suggest bet only 1 to 10 tokens (for beginners) lets try 10,000 tokens Oh. i always win! Thank you coz the settings works!! Okay, i will stop betting now And if you want to convert your coinpot tokens to BTC just go to view token summary convert it now convert it to Bitcoin core click maximum amount 710,262 tokens is converted to 0.01378453 BTC For now, i will not make any proof of withdrawal coz i already posted of proof before, you can watch it on the (i) button at the top of this video but do not worry coz coinpot and freebitco.in are both legit and paying! Alright, this is just a short video about coinpot how to use the 7 faucets and how to multiply your BTC! Thank you again for watching, if this video helped you how to earn money online hit the like button! Also, SUBSCRIBE now to my Youtube and Telegram Channel. This is Aiza Mercado again and have a great day!

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  1. Regi here: https://coinpot.co

    ** FREE 7 faucets to claim:



    2) MOONDASH:




    4) MOONDOGE:






    7) BITFUN:


  2. Hi mam paano gagawin sa ibang link kasi ndi ako maka collect ng mga free point eh ang sa bi po. Kasi ganito Faucet claim failed due to high fraud level we no longer allow claim from vpn/proxy/tor lp addresses

  3. Lumalabas sakin pag nag mumultiplier ako no account sign in. Eh nakasign in naman ako. Sino po may alam jan na makakatulong sakin. Salamat po.

  4. Salamat sa tips ate Aiza legit to mga paps yung 100 tokens ko napalago ko na ng 1k ngayon wala panh iaang oras

  5. Anong wallet po ang ginamit nyo? Yung saken kase nagcash out ako ng pera tapos di ko naman natanggap.

  6. ms. aiza tanung ko lng po kng ginagamit nyo pa din po MAISBOT for Auto Claim Faucet, nung ginamit ko po kasi xa denied po withdrwals ko at d din makapag multiplier, ang message error ay no valid account is registered..sayang po earnings ko sana huhu..

  7. Ma'am ask lang po kung pwede ilog in dalawang coinpot acc. Gamit iisang phone. Baka kasi mahigpit sila about iP address.
    Notice please. Tnx 💕

  8. Ms. Aiza sana mapansin. Pag ba iniwan ko lang yung faucet dere derecho lang sya magdadagdag ng satoshi,litecoin,bch etc? Yung mga walang 15min timer?

  9. Hi Aiza. Started to subscribe to your channel. You are one of the few who provide legit information
    Keep it up. Looking forward to your new uploads! 🙂

  10. good eve sa lahat,nagloloko ba ang coinpot niyo ngayon?sa akin di ako makapasok..ano kaya nyare?

  11. hello po ate aiza ung ano pong minimum withdrawal para sa bitcoin core??? ty po nag eaearn na po ako ng faucet salamat po sa iyo

  12. mam aiza i like your videos po. but tanong ko lng po hindi po ba ma fully verified ang account f unemployed ang status. ilang beses na kasi ako nag send ng id try again lagi, ang selfie under review parin

  13. ano kaya problema ng coinsph ko bat unsuccessful parin ang id verification june 30 pa ako nag reg,,, same lng din sa gcash ko on process padin ilang weeks na… hmmm….

  14. I have a question, how do we transfer the bitcoin cash or earning in coinpot to my pay pal? any video can be shared?

  15. Hi ask ko lang san makikita ang mga wallet adresses ng 7 cryptocurrency pra maka collect dn po aq, nalilito pa kc aq kung paano. TIA 🙂

  16. Hi po ate aiza. Ask lng po, ahmm may alam po ba kayong easiest way to claim the 7 faucets? Every claim po kasi may corresponding captcha. Please notice me po. Thank you 💋like autoclaim?

  17. dati ko na tong alam tong coinpot na ito lang di ko tinuloy mga last two years marami na siguro akng naipon Kung tinuloy tuloy

  18. dati ko na tong alam tong coinpot na ito lang di ko tinuloy mga last two years marami na siguro akng naipon Kung tinuloy tuloy

  19. Hi Ms. Aiza.. pa share a blessing namam ng bitcoin po.. 1 piso pa btc ko.. hehe


    Thank and godbless😍😀

  20. maam aiza, ung litecoin ko po d pumapasok sa coinpot,
    tinignan ko po sa view recent payout,, blockchain transaction,, pahelp po

  21. maam aiza,,, pumasok na po ung litoshi sa coinpot galing sa blockchain,, ngayon naman po ayaw po maclaim ung litoshi,,, bakit po kaya ganun?
    salamat po sa pagsagot

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