7 Reasons Irina Likes Cryptocurrency More than Fiat

hello my name is Serena today I am post guest guest host of daily decrypt and today's episode is brought to you but that one reason I am liking cryptocurrency predictable inflation rates I do not like when my pesos my rubles my dollars are losing purchasing power overnight and I not know why with cryptocurrency money creation is open and transparent I like that second reason I am liking cryptocurrency is that I own it whether on my cell phones or my computers the currency is mine no one can take it from me I like that to start the reason I am liking cryptocurrency a certainty of payment there are not shenanigans like chargebacks or account freezing's or other such things when the money is there the money is there for the reason I can send and receive payments anytime there are no business all hours are business hours no holidays no weekends cryptocurrency always open fifth reason dead I can send payments to anyone and anyone can receive payments from me no need to create fancy accounts I can send to my cousin my mother my nephew in Spain just as easily as I could send to you sixth reason I like cryptocurrency there are so many to choose from if I like dogs I use dogecoin if I like stability of US dollar I use new bits if I like untraceable payments I news Monaro I have choice in shoes choice in men's choice in WOD cos why are not one choice in currencies reason number seven Christel currency is programmable monies so if there is a way to make better you can upgrade also the developers of these monies keep competing for my business I love it that is all I am thinking of for now thank you for joining me on work today's episode is brought to you by – a cryptocurrency with a native coin joint called dark Center built into the protocol for your privacy when you want it if you don't want it to use it you can learn more attached at work the daily decrypt is independent member of LTV network you can listen to their podcast there if you like and their magic word for today is wonderland yes that's it okay goodbye

30 thoughts on “7 Reasons Irina Likes Cryptocurrency More than Fiat”

  1. I just had a thought: What if Amanda was really the caricature the whole time! ?lol
    -This is great though ?

  2. Man, everything you do just makes me wish even more that I had met you in real life… you don't know where I can meet girls that are like, exactly like you, do you? You know, same thoughts/looks/knowledge/experiences/opinions/wardrobe/car/address lol

  3. ha ha ha and hi from Leningrad. nice info and at the same time very entertaining Russian parody, even the choice of clothes was precise. just some cars in the background looked a lil unrussian. thanks for the great channel and the wide range of topics.

  4. You're sooooo talented!!! I'm really amazed; Amanda, how those directors from hollywood still not able to discover you? lol

  5. Hilarious! Love it. Too bad I found Daily Decrypt months after it has ended. I'll just have to marathon all the episodes…

  6. Така чудова і цигарка,це не є гарно…А насправді байдуже про що тут йдеться,головне що за перегляд платять…

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