7 Razones por las que Heath Ledger fue el mejor JOKER

ey that you are welcome to a new video in this I will explain 7 reasons why I believe that the character of the joker played by heath ledger is the best that is created to date I think in Latin America I call the joker this character, I will refer to him as the joker recently was the anniversary of the death I think it was on January 22 when head ledger died for those who do not know has made several movies among them the patriot who is well 10 things that I hate about you that also and many others but almost everyone remembers him for the same reason his best work that was the version of the joker at levels well above the average and these are the seven reasons why it is the best of all number one he designed his own makeup the same heath ledger was the one who designed the makeup of the joker or the joker using clown paints and cosmetics bought in a pharmacy this was because he thought the joker was making up personally then it would make more sense for him to paint himself not to be painted, others would give him a more realistic touch and the truth is that it was number two he locked himself in a hotel to prepare his role at the moment ledger hid in a motel room for six weeks that time he used it to adapt deeply to the psychology of the character perfecting a special tone of voice and different sticks that I would use along the tape based on the performance of jack nicholson on the tape 1989 For his appearance he was inspired by sid vicious the legendary rocker of the sixth English band while for his gestures and movements he was inspired by alex delarge the character played by malcolm mcdowell in the ‘mechanical orange’ of 1971 issue 3 does not look at the victims in the batman comic the man with life named in honor of the film that inspired the creation of the character of 1928 it is mentioned that one of the secondary features is that it practically does not change when joker kills someone that very few had achieved and heath ledger decided that that would be basic then you can see that when he kills several characters he does not even look at them when he does that gives him a touch of contempt and what causes the character to grow more number 4 asked cristian blade to hit him for me this is something that I value very much in an actor because it is not simply the act of making a money, it is the fact that you have to create works of art try to make everything as realistic as possible how could you imagine a punch get one I’m not saying that as you could imagine a shot in the head gets a shot not up there either but if you for example there is a method it is called the method what is I going to do as I’m in jail I’ll lock myself in for a few months in an enclosure and it will seem a burden to feel in how you felt so it will be more real I am very supportive of this and this actor it was from that subway before recording the interrogation scene ledger wanted his co-star christian blade to hit him as hard as he could so that it would seem something more real than what would be supposed to be done to both actors they kept loose and improvising so they improved a lot by doing all the questioning it’s pure improvisation thing that makes the most of the relationship number 5 he invented his own tic of the tongue As I told you in point number 2 for your paper preparation Ledger spent six weeks in a hotel room there he developed tics a deep voice and his famous sadistic laughter however he also began to roll up his tongue to speak and whistle in a way accept it annoying but that gives a great touch to the character It clearly costs a lot when you have a tic but you have to imagine what will be doing at all times that is very difficult because you have to get used to doing something that is true you do not have to do that shows of actors very involved in the character number 6 the videos of the joker head ledger got into both the character and the psychology who asked director christopher nolan to allow him to direct the terrorist videos with which I wanted to threaten batman nolan agreed to take care of the first of them where the false batman appears but under the supervision of nola however the video liked so much to nolan that he realized that ledger did not need supervision he was an artist so the second video where the reporter of a joker communication was made entirely by ledger and the truth is that it is one of the best parts and finally the number 7 I improvise at the scene of the hospital explosion the scene where I who blows up the hospital was not entirely in the script well it was not as it came out at the end when the ledger squeezed the detonator the bomb did not explode as it was supposed to happen however the actor he stayed in his character and comically he shook the detonator and began to beat him until in the end there was the exclusion result a comical part although at the same time destructive that was one of the most incredible scenes of the whole movie and it was totally improvised, well, that was all it was like to comment and share it and subscribe to see more videos like that I like this type of videos and I would like you to leave in the comments if you like it or if you like another type Leave me in the comments that you would like it to be the next video and see you in the next a greeting and chau

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