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point two trillion dollar giant coming into crypto we’re also gonna be looking
at are we finally in the bull run it smells tons of other news that went on
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don’t know what you’re doing follow someone who does now let’s get started
with some new so first of all Obi is announcing the listing of four new
stable coins guys the reason this is so big is because everyone is going after
everyone’s going after sample coins now I’ve been talking about this for
countless amounts of times that seem like stable coins are becoming the new
trend and you know what everyone is jumping into them now so that is again
very interesting to see very funny to see the more and more we go on the more
and more that’s coming to life with everyone launching their own stable coin
meanwhile tether is suffering around a lot of fun a lot of you know there’s an
image actually going around recently of tether from Venus which was completely
photoshopped showing a picture of a by Nance
announcement and of one of the reasons they were delisting tether was because
tether was big scam right so it was just no good grammar if you read it properly
you wouldn’t have believed that it that that came from violence you wouldn’t
have believed that that there was any truth to that but some people did fall
for like I said a lot of fun surrounding around tether again a lot of unanswered
questions we have but they post it in their official blog that deposits of
pack so standard tokens so PA X true USD TUSD circles USD C and Gemini exchanges
G USD so a lot of us DS in there are a lot of stable coins will be supported on
its platform starting with October 1928 teen so again they’re gonna be we’re
gonna have more options and I’m curious to see if tether will remain on top in
terms of the go to that everyone’s using I’m noticing more and more shift true
USD is one I know a lot of people actually like to use and I might
experiment a little bit more just to see what it’s a box I haven’t done my full
research onto it I might do that sometime soon but let me know in the
comments what your guys’s favorite stable coin is what do you use to bet if
you if you don’t long ensure if you don’t short on bit max for example and
you just sell to a stable coin and wait for the market to drop for you to pick
up more cryptocurrency that cheaper price if that is what you do let me know
in the comments right now exactly what stable coin do you use do you still use
tether do you use TUSD you know are you going to use gem and
are you going to use serve let me know what you guys are using in the comments
down below now about entering the bull run which we are going to talk about in
just a bit so Bitcoin according to Mike and novigrad
– has talked about cryptocurrency a lot in especially in the last few months
he’s went ahead and called a 10k Bitcoin at the end of this year then switched
his expectations and switched his prediction and said that he doesn’t
think it’s gonna break 10k this year but a rally in 2019 following a wave of
institutional investors will occur and one of the things that might that points
to this being a true at least the institutional investment side is from
fidelity so there was a disclosure that fidelity the world’s fourth largest
asset manager guys with seven point two trillion dollars in assets under
management they provide services to over 13,000 institutions right the huge huge
seven point two trillion dollars huge they’ve disclosed and it kind of slipped
through the cracks that they have been mining Bitcoin since 2015 guys I haven’t
been in Bitcoin I haven’t been in Bitcoin that long I
know majority of you guys haven’t been in Bitcoin that long these guys have
been mining it since 2015 and I’ve just kept it under the radar and this is
something I wanted to emphasize even though we don’t see all the news even
though we don’t see everyone jumping in all the institutions jumping in straight
away Wall Street jumping in we don’t see you know a bunch of regulation we don’t
see the adoption that we want to see right now everyone is looking at
cryptocurrency everyone knows what cryptocurrency is everyone is doing
their research and things like this are gonna start coming out more and more
where these huge companies where obviously they have they have they have
some dedicated teens specifically looking for innovation specifically
looking for new things coming up and in 2015 they started to find out ma about
mining Bitcoin and then they went ahead and did it and again this is something
we’re gonna start seeing more and more of as more companies disclose that they
have actually been researching crypto currencies for several several years now
it’s not all of a sudden you start talking to you know Bank of America
about cryptocurrency and they’re like oh my god what’s cryptocurrency I’ve never
heard of this at all no these guys have been these guys know about it for a very
long time they’ve been researching it for a very long time and you can rest
assured that they are very educated on this matter as well now that doesn’t
apply for all the people that we see speak out against it
it’s not what I’m talking about I’m talking about the big institutions a lot
of them do know what they’re talking about and if they try and say bad things
you know to cover their behinds because they’re scared cryptocurrency is going
to take over their business go and replace them they’re trying to put fear
into people that’s another story but they do know what it is and they do know
what that what it is capable of and that’s why a lot of them could be scared
as well but either way let’s jump into more news there’s more than just
fidelity mining Bitcoin they’ve they’ve disclosed that they’ve been closely
watching the digital asset class for at least five years now so well before 2015
is well around 2013 these internal disclosures led the firm to open up an
institutional custody and warehouse platform that will allow institutional
firms to trade Bitcoin and presumably other other cryptocurrency wellness in
like a theory in ripples on whatever they add there what asset besides
Bitcoin could be available to institutions is yet to be known so they
haven’t disclosed yet now in their announcement they actually did go out
and state they made it very clear that their goal is to seriously compete with
the likes of backed we’re seeing Nasdaq jump in other firms are gonna jump in
there’s a lot of news coming up a lot you know back towards the first we heard
about and everyone was excited looks like there’s gonna be more and more and
with competition is a good thing you know a competition is a good thing the
fact that these guys are gonna have a monopoly in terms of that market it’s
gonna be fantastic to keep everyone you know in check keep everyone doing the
right thing no one’s gonna do anything you know there’s not gonna be any
corruption anything bad there hopefully that the competition’s gonna allow for
you know that to not happen and also to make them want to give the best product
possible because if they don’t one of the competitors will so other things
look like the a lot of you know institutional money looks like it’s
gonna becoming a cryptocurrency and my god if you guys have been waiting for
this moment guys 2019 he’s looking very very bullish I know people expect it to
happen in 2018 we had you know some speculation of the second quarter of the
second half of 2018 for institutional investors to come in I’ve been seeing
that since the end of last year that people were expecting the second half of
2018 to be that year and well it looks like that is starting to be the case
with backed coming in soon but it looks like a majority of the
money will be coming in in 2019 so for those of you guys who haven’t sold yet
now is a very good time to keep holding to build that portfolio congratulations
for not being one of those peoples that were the people that bought high and
sold low if you sold at six thousand because you bought in at $0.10
congratulations enjoy your yacht and your giant mansion on and on your
private island somewhere but I was gonna say on an island it’s probably gonna be
your Island if you bought in at that cheap but either way guys big big news
here a lot of a lot of money looks like it’s coming in a lot of people are
taking cryptocurrency very very seriously like I said these guys have
been looking at the digital asset class for at least five years if not more
which is a lot longer than either of us have been in the market for so it’s guys
know what they’re doing I’m excited to see what there is in
store now let’s get started and then I’ll take a look at the overall market
so 211 billion dollar market cap with Bitcoin dominance at 54% so not much
change in terms of Bitcoin dominance but we did seem to add a nice little chunk
of a few billions into our total market cap what you guys see right here is
exactly what happened how we caught this trade in the trade alert group it was
very simple we all knew we were forming a Bart at least in there so you know
some very smart people in the group as well in the community check Stephen for
example was talking about how it looked like we were forming a Bart and we have
a big job like this which wasn’t a hundred percent natural because it had
built up it was building up from the fur from a while before we had that drop and
so this huge job when something that big happens we expect it to have a
correction that’s just a trend bitcoins been falling for the longest time now
this happened traded sideways for a period of time and then boom had that
nice little run so again congratulations for everyone who was in on that trade
and guys for we’re in the market something to learn right now in the
video is that Bart’s are very common it’s called a Bart because of Bart
Simpson spiky hair right this is why it’s called the Bart and it’s something
very very common at least recently very easy to keep track of now look at tether
actually really interesting to see this dump from tether basically that happened
to all the flood and everything going on around tether corrected a little bit but
still not something we see often is tether having this type of movement that
has actually a lot of volatility for tether with it at 98 cents still a very
low something that should be stable at around a dollar that’s still fairly low
now if we do take a look the biggest winners though we have mobile go
breaking it’s a top 100 of 15 percent Tasos
nano loop ring icon a lot of good cryptocurrencies in the green a majority
of crypto currencies I believe I believe it’s probably like 60 40 60 green and
then we have a few losers here small losses for silicon Neil two very good
crypto currencies like coin as well and the biggest losers are Oh futures is
down who had a nice little run up futures coming down eternal token a on
mo AC nebulous and so on so 60/40 overall a green day in the market why
probably because of something this might have something to do with it – you know
might have some due to the reason that we are up anyways a lot of people are
asking are we in a bull run yet because we have sort of broken out of the wedge
that we have been forming for a very very long time which the top was I don’t
have the chart with the technical analysis open right here but either way
we have a wedge that has been going on for a long time sure you guys have seen
it everywhere and we did actually technically break above that in this
last pump now am i confident saying we’re in a bull run yet no and my
confidence saying we are not in a bull run yet no I think there’s still room
for us to fall if that’s where Bitcoin decides to go we have no real catalyst
to bring us up we have things coming up obviously a lot of good news coming up
but there’s no real catalyst to drive the price up however at the same time
you know if we did break that wedge now the thing I’m gonna be seeing other
thing I’m gonna be looking at something I just mentioned in the group out to
several people as well already is that we have to wait for more confirmation
with something that’s been building up for this long you know such a strong
resistance that we’ve had in that wedge I need more confirmation than just a few
hours or you know a day I need more confirmation to ensure that we are going
to stay above that and we are going to start building
are way higher for the full bull run for the official bull run I’m looking at 10k
as the region that when we break I am comfortable saying we are in a bull run
we will have broken five figures everything is looking good but the start
of the bull run this is a good indication of what might be it but again
we’re gonna have to get more confirmation at least that’s how I’m
handling I need more confirmation after such a
strong resist after you know trading in that pattern for so long I need more
than just a few hours to finally see that we are going on the upward trend
and we are not gonna fall back down cuz like I said there is room to fall down
as well now last piece of news is about ripple or XRP of 3% today a
cryptocurrency that has been in the news non-stop and well turns out ripple
apparently has been in Talk has been in talks with Trump’s administration and
then they also went on to clarify that XRP does not equal ripple ripples the
company XRP is the toka it’s a very different beast as they called it but
clearly they were talking about that the administration’s research on ripples
products and crypto in general that there’s been a lot of homework going on
this ties with what we’ve been saying before about the fact that these guys
are looking at the cryptocurrency government’s institutions wall street
all these guys have been looking at cryptocurrency already for some time
this isn’t news to them this year what we’re waiting for is actual action in
what they do with the research because we know these type institutions these
type of you know people it’s slow overall it’s a lot of methodical
research it takes a very long period of time before anything goes through before
anything happens what we’re waiting for that’s gonna actually have an effect is
the actions that are taken so we have to wait and see exactly what that happens
but ripple isn’t talks with Trump’s administration now this is also due to
the fact that they did not like the fact that China has 80% of Bitcoin mining it
takes place in China and a majority of aetherium mining also takes place in
China then they went on to talk a little bit of good stuff about XRP which if you
like or dislike that’s up to you guys personally I think there is a there is
going to be good returns for people who do have XRP and that is why I am
continuously picking up some very happy I got in at the bottom I was originally
holding off from X saw it hit some just very tempting
levels and started buying in and now I am accumulating because to me that is
the best that’s the best thing to do now again I’m not a financial advisor this
is not financial advice this is just my opinion but if you guys are looking to
pick up ripple XRP whatever you want to call it I have a link to Finance in the
description which is my favorite exchange that you guys can go ahead and
do that with but again very big news a lot of people are you know showing more
light on the fact that a lot of people are looking at cryptocurrency they’re
taking it seriously they’re doing their research and then eventually we’re gonna
see some action taking place I’m excited to see when that happens the guys that’s
gonna be for this video hopefully you guys did enjoy if you did don’t forget
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