6 MISTAKES We All Made During The 2017 Bull Market! (Common Crypto Investing Mistakes)

so during this prolonged bear market it is a great time to reflect about the previous bull market and think about all the mistakes that we may have made and what we can learn from those so in this video I've compiled six different mistakes that we all may have made and that we can potentially learn from so if you're curious to hear about those then all you have to do is just keep on watching hi everyone my name is Kevin I'm from Bitcoin for beginners here to bring you interesting and informative content with no frills nor fluff so while you're watching this video today if your interest is piqued or if you find it helpful at all then you can support me by smashing a like button and subscribing down below if you haven't already okay so let's take a look at these six things I was just talking about like I said earlier it is a good time to reflect right now on everything that went on in the last bull market all of our mistakes or sins for say and we can learn from them and be ready for the next one and together if all of us take good actions we can build a healthier and more sustainable crypto world so number one the biggest mistake that we may have made is invested way too quickly right let's say we heard about something to read it like bounty o X always to Perl etc and we just went and just bought it immediately without doing due diligence or maybe our favorite youtubers told us about this like an ballina data – whatever data – himself after you put out some videos saying coin X Y Z to buy during this next month it cost a legitimate spike in this coins in the market especially if they have low market caps or just on telegram groups and so forth we all know about all these predictions like oh these this is the next 10x potential right and we didn't do much research scan to the website maybe you looked at the charts on coin market Capcom and then just bought it many of these turned out to be bad ideas whether outright scams delisted for lack of volume with lack of trading and so forth big mistake a lot of us made me included number two is flirted with outright scams right like the pump and dump signal groups on telegram that promise you that is going to pump up and that they're gonna do it for the long term but that always turns out to be BS if you look at the stats Ponzi schemes like big connect regal coin USA tech extra coin Gabbar and more a lot of these were people like crypto Nick Trayvon James Craig grant they push these famously but I also saw a lot of people in our group constantly defending big connect constantly railing on me for putting our content calling now regal coin for being a scam and so forth a lot of people in the crypto space they might not be here anymore defended these projects and that was bad for us cloud mining for example like Aurora mine and so forth you might not remember these but they were all scams pretty much and shut down the website never had a real team have fake pictures of their teammates think I see us with anonymous teams as well confidence really famous that one hit us hard and a few other ones as well also just fake profiles on Facebook's telling you that they'll make you a profit if you send them some coins like send me one big coin I'll return to you five some BS like that right and also just worthless Forks like Bitcoin gold like coin cash and so forth just flirting with all of these giving them the time of day that they shouldn't deserve and also just propping up their price by buying them and holding making the crypto space look really bad with all of this nonsense in it number three just being lazy with security right keeping Dean's on exchanges that ended up exit scamming like big Grail with nano for example didn't set up two-factor authentication properly and if you just had it on your phone for example without using Google Authenticator or of–they you might have gone to a SIM card hacked and then if you just had a text message code then they could have just logged into all your exchanges and stolen longer funds or you lost your two-factor authentication backup key or just didn't write down that secret key so that if you lost your phone then you're kind of screwed and had a way months for example for the exchanges to fix it for you stored private keys or passwords in the unsafe places a very famous example of this was am ballina Sauron his stuff in Evernote giving that password compromised and then losing a lot of his funds like millions of dollars worth or just entered private keys into malicious websites like fake Iota explorers now I know these are a bit more complicated to catch and not necessarily your fault as much but once again just not being careful enough number four felt the worst the emotions out there all the vices FOMO greed jealousy you name it when noobs were making Tenex in a week while you and I weren't I got jealous I don't know about you right or like why are these noobs able to make so much and not me this is not fair I need to chase it even harder I need to get more profits right so when your friends are also bragging about the crypto riches it's just gave you a really negative feeling like why can't we just feel happy for each other why do we have to feel like a competition all the time that's the worst part of the crypto world that was brought out during the last ball market and just the feeling when your 3x gains wasn't enough for you and you wanted a hundred x gains this all that greed when your portfolio's moving way too slowly when other coins are moving super fast in any given day and just if you wanted to prove that you're the best trader at analyst and that the way to show that was with the best performing portfolio number five it's just acted way too tribalistic right you treated your favorite coins for example like sports teams aka you wanted your team to win and everyone else to lose but that's not necessarily the case in the crypto world you can have coins coexist many people bash on all other coins that were competitors of their bags and called them coins if you didn't hold it instead of allowing for other projects to succeed alongside the ones who supported this was just really toxic behavior in my opinion is something that we should look not to do moving forward especially in the next bull market and last but not least you may have given out irresponsible financial advice to other people told friends and family for example at the Christmas dinner to buy random coins that you owned without really educating them building them a solid foundation to work off of to operate in the crypt of space in the future rather than just getting a short-term pump for your own financial favor this honestly at the end of the day came from a self-serving place sure you may want other people to get rich too but you wouldn't care as much if you didn't already have a bag that you're holding that you wanted to shell and get even greater profits right you got to admit this and most likely because they lost a lot during this bear market you made them hate the crypto world and maybe even hate you as well so that's lost credibility and Trust that may reputable and so that's not something we want to operate within the next bull market because we need everyone we can in this crypto world if you really want mass adoption and if you really want prices to go up right you need to educate and build a solid foundation for them so they can truly understand the benefits the pros and cons of various crypto points and operate themselves as in like a teacher person to fish kind of example so what do you think did I miss anything do you agree or disagree with any of my points also do you pledge that you won't do these things anymore in the next bull market I will pledge and try my best not to because I know I did some of these actually I did a lot of these except the scam ones I didn't ever do pick connect or any of those but I was tempted at some point seeing that people got a lot of gains during that so let me know what you think do you pledge that you won't do this anymore and we can build a better crypto world together I hope you enjoyed watching this video thank you for watching hope you can smash that like button subscribe if you haven't already hope you have amazing rest of your day and I'll see you guys next time

18 thoughts on “6 MISTAKES We All Made During The 2017 Bull Market! (Common Crypto Investing Mistakes)”

  1. How many of these did you all succumb to last year (and early this year)? Admit it… we all did some of these!

  2. Got way too many friends and family involved who basically relied on me as their "financial advisor" after ignoring my warning that they should "do their own research" before committing to buying into a coin or project…

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  4. Excellent analysis! Made several of those mistakes, and ALMOST got into BCC after watching a few videos by TJ. Thankfully, the "if it seems too good to be true…" mantra kept red-flagging that thought process, and I decided against it.

  5. So nice had to watch it twice. Lots of great observations here. Guilty as charged on 3 counts of impatience, fomo buys, and xrp tribalism. Its been fun as hell learning the hard way. Thats why we do crypto. Now i have a trading strategy and feel good abt the future of BTC, ETH, XRP and my bag of shitcoins lol

  6. Very good points bro! I hope things change next year for the better. There are still good passive incomes out there. Hit me up if u are interested.

  7. Do you remember that you wanted to buy ALL the ponzi scam coins lol? I just remember one of the classic mistakes: overtrading!

  8. Wish this was my first crypto video instead of that XRP 589 vid. Still got my Lambo on lay away! I drop 10 XRP a week on it. 20,000 XRP sure will be life changing, I just hope in this life!

  9. Lol the last bull market was way too crazy. Even more negative emotions than the bear market I'd argue.

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