6 MADDEDE BITCOIN VE ALTCOIN’DE NELER OLUYOR? Hangi Coin’de Sert Düşüş Gelebilir? BNB-XLM-B2Business

And we resume the previous video from where
we left off. What will happen in BNB, Bitcoin SV, Tether,
EOS and Stellar in September? Which coin can dump in September? We’ll discuss them all in 6 points, but at
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for the first point. I’m going to make a short, new update here,
as we already analyzed Bitcoin in the previous video quite extensively and shared the critical
date for September. Now it’s actually just Bitcoin not like all
the crypto money market is going towards a deadlock. The size of Bitcoin in all the crypto coins
that we call dominance is based on 68.8% or 70% In this case, for a big rise in altcoins,
either Bitcoin money will be shifted to subcoins or fresh money will enter the market. Since there is not much of both at the moment,
this place will definitely break from where it gets thinner. I think that the longer the expectation of
the breaks and the destructive effects of those breaks, the more likely it will be,
I think. Think of an arrow, that arrow is stretching
well, stretching, stretching and going all the time, eventually it’s going to jump out
somewhere, right? Anyway, Bitcoin likewise as ping pong ball
to roll forward, or as I said before, we continue to stretch due to market dynamics. These stresses can extend the time and increase
the intensity. If we talked enough about Bitcoin again, let’s
move on to Binance’s BNB in ​​the second point. Binance Exchange, maybe 1 year ago or something
I’ve described through the Bitfinex exchange lending came to the rental service. Even the CEO of Binance CZ drew attention
to this lending service by taking a tweet saying he would like to make money while he
was sleeping. The thing is, actually. You’re renting the coins to Binance leveraged
trades, and you’re actually making money, making rent money. It’s called lending, fellas. These lending transactions will initially
be active in BNB, USDT and ETC. According to Binance’s figures, which will
have a return of 15% in BNB, 10% in USDT and 7% in ETC, but to be honest, I’m surprised
I didn’t see a Tron here. You know CZ and Tron’s CEO Justin Sun have
good relationship. This lending platform will be active on 29
August. By the way, as I said, this is not a brand
new application. Bitfinex’te, Poloniex’te or something that
is already an application, but it is a gain that can be without risk too much. You can try if you want to try. The earned money will be credited to the accounts
after September 11, Binance says. Coins held at Lending will also be eligible
to participate in Launchpad projects. So when you look at these things, folks, when
you look at these things, we see that Binance is trying to create more space for BNB, but
I think some more real-world applications are needed for the long term. In addition, Binance received an order type
called OCO. Using this type of order, you can now place
2 orders under one order. To give you an example of Bitcoin, you have
1 Bitcoin and the price of 1 Bitcoin is $ 10,000. You can put a stop order for this single Bitcoin,
which can stop the damage for $ 9,800, and you can put a profit order for $ 11,000. Anyway, if we talk about the price of BNB,
if we talk about the price of BNB, Launchpad’s water is out, the old excitement is already
left, you know. In the technical analysis, we see how the
descending wedge formation, which we have drawn in the previous monthly videos, has
worked and broken with the rise, but if we talk about it today, as I said before, there
is no old fire, no old excitement in BNB. This time we’re the smallest of the wedge,
we’re moving in a wedge. The big one is called a wedge, the small one
is called a wedge. We can break the wedge, but we broke, we are
rising to say 26 and a half, we need to rise to $ 27, but as if the environment is preparing
because the RSI also travels at a very low bottom, but even as a strong resistance point
27 BNB’de let’s not say a strong resistance point, but a strong resistance point stands. In short, it may become clearer until the
first two weeks of September. At least we can see a possibility of an upturn,
albeit short-term. Now, let’s talk about Stellar, XLM, in the
third article. We see Stellar renewing its website. Unlimited, unlimited and strong words seem
to be the slogan of the brand. With this new web site I got a message as
if they were going to concentrate more on the rebuke. E is now heating up. Ripple is planning new acquisitions, partnerships,
we spoke in the latest video on my channel. Facebook is trying to bring Libra to life,
albeit blind lame. What will Stellar do? He’s got to do something, right? Well, at this point, I think they need a little
more polishing. Although he and Binance had started a campaign
that provided the opportunity to earn free coins at the rate of staking. In addition, they also started the airdrop
campaign, which we call free coin distribution, and Stellar works very hard with IBM normally,
but we don’t hear any new announcements at this time. Already the market is not so great that they
do not reflect much on the price. In Stellar’s technical analysis, when we look
at the event from a wider perspective, it is as if an inverted cup handle formation
is formed, or rather the cup is formed and the handle remains. More recently, a wedge has been formed in
Stellar, but Stellar seems to have escaped a bit from that wedge. This table gives us a positive outlook in
the short term, but the first one doesn’t have much volume, the second Stellar seems
to hold on to a short-term support of 67 cents. and, although this Stellar has broken this
wedge, it is necessary to take a special look here in September because it can enter again. If he doesn’t enter and the crypto coins don’t
come down sharply in general, Stellar can pull himself off. By the way, we talked about what you think,
BNB, Stellar. I’m telling you the general weather in crypto
coins, but how is your weather, it’s all about it. You can leave your comments below. Let’s quickly move on to fourth. Let’s talk about EOS. EOS, something like this is going on. A video of Brock Pierce, who was once the
founder of the Bitcoin Foundation and then the first co-founder of Block.one and Tether,
of which EOS is also affiliated, says a video has fallen to the internet and says that I
am a big fan of China and Chinese culture. in the seminar. Where is this going to EOS? Did the EOS become part of the Chinese oligarchy-style
charges. Especially this accusation from Larry Sanger,
co-founder of Wikipedia. And the Chinese crypto money list, which is
officially published every few months, is the main reason for this issue. That’s why EOS always comes first. Anyway, besides, folks, let’s talk about this. EOS is now an ambitious project in the field
of decentralized application development either. I looked at how he’s doing now. For example, a game called Prospectors developed
on EOS has reached 3300 users in the last 24 hours. This is a nice event for EOS on this list,
which also includes Ethereum and Tron, but of course it shows the last 24 hours, so let’s
look at the price of EOS in September. If we take a look at this, we see that there
is a pressure on the price of EOS. In fact, most of the subcoins have pressure. For example, there is a descending triangular
formation, which turns to fall. It’s not investment advice at the moment,
but there could be a sharp drop to EOS. As a matter of fact, 3.62 tries to hold on
to the support zone, but it cannot afford it. There’s a chance he could just shift the gearbox
out of here in a moment. If rounded, the first target could be 2.42. Ha may come out of here with very low probability. If this happens, of course, you can talk about
$ 3.88 and $ 4 in turn, provided that you can stand firm at 3.62, but I’ve already told
you which side I’m closer to, and remember that there’s downward pressure on almost all
of the subcoins. Now, if you want, let’s move on to Article
5 and talk to Tether. Although we can talk about what Tether is. We can talk about his new suspects, after
all, a coin trying to stay steady at $ 1, and for a while Tether hasn’t blown a negative
wind. If you remember, Tether has two different
forms. One is the omni and the other is the ERC20
token working on the Ethereum. Even a few months ago, Binance omni was closed
and started to use the ERC20 Tether on its stock market, and with the ERC20 infrastructure,
Tether had promised that transfers would be cheaper and faster. But as far as I’m researching, Tether’s tokenes
in the Ethereum network are so heavily used that I see that all of Ethereum traffic is
31% of all Ethereum traffic going to Tether. I’m talking about all Ethereum traffic. This may mean that the Ethereum network is
busy and new application developers cannot use Ethereum as efficiently as before. As a result, although Tether is not at the
forefront of technology as it enters the market at the right time, it is far ahead of other
stable coins in terms of prevalence and volume, my expectations from Tether have been reduced
to a minimum due to events. Let it not explode, people who buy and sell
wake up one morning to find Tether in a state that has fallen to 75-80 cents. I think that’s enough. Oh, by the way, let me give you an idea. You can try to earn around 5% by buying and
selling between tether and other stable coins. In high figures, these 5% can coincide with
significant gains, but of course there are risks of stable coins. We’re talking. Now, let’s discuss Bitcoin SV in point six. Bitcoin SV is already one of the unwanted
children of the crypto currency industry. Founder Craig Wright, who claimed to be Satoshi
Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin and unknown, recently lost an important case, and the court
ordered him to send half of the full 1 million 100,000 Bitcoin that he had excavated with
his partner, 550,000 Bitcoin to his business partner. Now, for example, it is being discussed that
these 500.000 – 550.000 Bitcoin will be sold. These are sales that may adversely affect
the price of Bitcoin. It’s good to be careful. When we look at the technical analysis of
Bitcoin SV, this case does not seem to affect the price much, but there is also downward
pressure on Bitcoin SV, which is below the 50-day moving average and there is a wedge
formation. Well, I’m not going to go far. The SV project is not something I’m very interested
in. Therefore, investors can see if this wedge
will come out. Now guys, would like to talk to you about
a project as well sponsored by you without giving investment advice. Then we’ll switch to today’s bonus information. The name of the project we will discuss is
B2Business. The aim of the project is to provide a stable
income opportunity for the masses who say that I cannot deal with it, I can do it wrong,
I can lose my money, and I cannot allocate time. Even though the promises of profits are high
for me, the company says that we have been in the sector since 1994 and we have reached
a volume of $ 3.7 billion since then. In fact, the business model is that there
are various sectors, such as finance, media startups, natural resources. While you invest in someone and wait for your
return, the company says you invest in those resources. In the last 6 years, 47 projects have been
completed, either fully or partially, and one of the benefits we provide to our users
is the passive income, the second the diversity of payment, the third is the professional
teams, which means that a professional team manages the money you entrust for investment. Fourth, high profit rates, which is what worries
me the most. Very high profit rate is definitely not a
good thing. Very high profit and explode in 1-2 years,
less, get the company constantly. That should be the point. And fifth, users say they can get support
from us very quickly. The last money deposited on the platform and
the money drawn on the platform are also shown on the site, but I think that they are called
TX ID, for example, Ethereum is Ethereum, Bitcoin is Bitcoin, payment details should
be that we see it. B2business can receive payments from Bitcoin,
Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin and crypto money as well as Payeer and Perfect
Money services. The minimum deposit is $ 1, by the way. As a result, if you want to try an investment
site, you can try it without taking too much risk, even if you lose it will not upset. Why am I saying that? Investment business is risky. Good, bad can be everything saying, as we
are aware of this, we have to set out. Now, if you like, fellas, let’s move on to
today’s bonus. Today’s information is about the color of
the American dollar. The green color of the dollar is due to
the fact that the green color is the most resistant to fading, spilling and discoloration. We’re at the end of another chapter. Don’t promise anyone at 19:00 on Friday, let’s
meet a whole new video here. I’m going to do a question and answer session
in the coming days. I’m waiting for everyone’s questions that
may be related to the subject or other irrelevant crypto currencies and Blockchain technology. Next week, we
will draw the crypto dictionary gift box of August. I will give a gift box of about 350 pounds
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