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BK price chart on and then you can click on
reset scale and it will make everything appear much much nicer you might have to
play with your scale in here a little bit re click on auto scale and now when
you zoom out the data fits a lot better when you go to zoom in it kind of gives
you like this dynamic zoom to see that right and so now we got our window set
our zoom extents in except and now you click on this little button right there
that says indicators strategies and economy and we’re gonna type in be okay
right go down to that ultimate be caves moving averages 1711 we got thousands of
people using this method all over the world that’s pretty amazing and bam
there you go that is the boss man that right behind you that’s all you need to
get paid you can see that there’s three simple moving averages that just popped
up if we double click it right it’ll open it up for us
that’s the candles so let’s double click just kind of like the columns column
area right it’ll open it up for us and you can see that we have a moving
average of a 7 a 21 a 77 and a 231 you don’t need to have the 21 activated it’s
more for quicker trades I make my videos on slower trades so you can just uncheck
that box right there for the redline and then you
don’t really need to indicator right you just need to 777 231 and then I like to
fade the 231 out a little bit so so it’s kind of like floating in the background
you don’t really need that much emphasis on it you just need to know kind of when
it’s there when it’s not right and then I like to make my line for the seven
little bit thicker 77 little bit thicker that’s it that’s all you need right and
then over here you can click on you can actually double click on handle off and that’ll open up these colors right here
Priceline sometimes it’s checked you don’t need it uncheck it let’s see
scales right top margin I have 5% bottom margin 2% right margin 30 that’ll just
give you a nice little cushion on the right side so you’re not always
stretched out and then theme I change from light to dark right and and so when
you do that it makes it a little bit easier on the eyes right and because I
use a white line it’s much easier to see it on the dark thing let’s see that so
there you go and now to make the candles disappear let’s see here just click this
little button line and that will actually turn everything into just a
simple moving averages right so when you put on line it should make everything concurrent with that chart I’m gonna
reload this I think it froze up for a second
but the biggest thing only thing you want to make sure you’re doing is you
just focus on the waves the momentum the energy inside the trend right follow the
trend follow the money never bet against
house these are simple rules that we’ll be using to make a lot of money in
crypto right and also notice that there you go and so if we click on candles
it’ll pop those candles up but when you click on lines does pop that scroll down
bar click on line I have both of them started so that you always have you know
both of them accessible it turns the candles off we don’t need
the candles all you need is the intersection and the play the boss
method works is when that white goes above that blue you know exactly what
you what to do put down your money by that coin and go get paid right and when
it goes below it’s got to go cause if it ain’t paying it ain’t staying and you
can see just that easy you could have made a hundred and seventy two percent
big coin in fifty four days like a boss that’s how you cash out like a king
right and then it goes down but guess what we sold it and we don’t take that
loss right when it comes right back you know we buy it right back sell it up top
and we lock in a quick forty eight percent in 44 days you know back for the
first time right and like I said you guys it’s always three parts to any
cycle break out break down flat line right what happens after that
BAM break out all right what are we doing now break down flat cut right now
just know that the energy in the market is pushing everything down so this isn’t
a great time to buy aetherium it may pop here but just know that the general
trend of the market is down whereas an April that wasn’t the case right so just
know we follow the trend follow the money last thing to note that we always trade
for Bitcoin my chart is aetherium too right we don’t value dollars because
dollars are designed to keep you broke keep you a slave keep you poor keep you
work in check the check week to week 401k with a three percent match but 38
years that ain’t go get it done we don’t value dollars because dollars keep you
booked we value Bitcoin the Bitcoin is the currency of the future dollars are
the tools of enslavement all right just look if you don’t believe me just
take a dollar bail out what does it say it’s legal tender for all debts debt is
servitude slavery don’t be a slave on your equity outright on the blockchain
and the way we do that is to always trade for Bitcoin we measure our value
in Bitcoin oh here what the US dollar correlation is I don’t care if it’s two
thousand dollars or two hundred thousand dollars for one BTC every trade I make
is gonna get me more Bitcoin and when I started and when that line is going up
into the right you are winning if it’s going down you’re losing right and
that’s why we use the boss method to do win win win right we let the bank’s take
that loss we don’t take it right that’s it it’s very very simple very very very
simple as you get more advanced you’ll see that you know there are simple
energy cycles you know where positive and negative trends just kind of fill in
we’ll probably be coming into another positive trend in early August or cerium
but you know you can watch more of my other videos to figure that stuff out
this is specifically just basic boss yet they 101 you know 7 above the 77 buy it
right ride it out buy it sell it buy right by it high or buy it low sell high
that’s all we do that’s all we do and again I have multiple videos on YouTube
all you need to do is type in chart like a false find my playlists and you will
have a plethora a library of knowledge for you to consume this is just a quick
intro get set up get started and make some money on the blockchain that’s how
you do it the boss method boss a Bitcoin comm check out the other resources that
we have available this includes both YouTube channels BK crypto traders with
bosses Bitcoin 25000 subs thank you very much we also got the number one Bitcoin
group in the world that’s got about two thousand subscribers now in the update
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got two thousand subs on that one dream jump on over to patreon mom type my name
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tactics to generate that profit on the block turn one of those coins one of
those products as a poppet packages the hundred dollars every seven days I give
you the top seven coins which are the best chance for success in the market
you know and we hit a we hit a few of them over the past few months Bitcoin
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and that Boston’s boss alert messages so check that out
you know he trying to get set up to make some real deal of wealth you know nyan
check out boss a Bitcoin calm this new website I just put together and like I
said man it’s all about empowering the people bringing people together you know
each one reach one each one teach one so people hurt people and I’m tired my
cheap of being I’m sick and tired my people being sick and tired right so if
you want a real-deal shot you know to buy back your freedom you know all is go
take is one or two BTC you know in about five years equity on the blood chain and
that can easily be achieved right but that being said is that time of date
signing out this is the Bose Doughboy detail no matter where you stay there’s
a little Bay or California all the way back out dudes jerk money
good night the morning name that they thank you for joining me thank you for
your time make sure you join the money team shout
out everybody holding me down on patreon click that subscribe button share this
video if you know somebody just getting set up on the flop team if you
appreciate what I’m doing if you appreciate the community 25,000 strong
you know just invite one person joining us right that one person might be this
different you know that might that’s one invitation that one copy and paste that
one text message that one retweet that one has egg might be the difference and
changing somebody’s life and the difference of them being a slave and
being empowered I found us to go back to being human right because we all are
created in the queue of man we are are of the same frequency of the same design
we are beings that coexist together in this one first on this one court in this
universe right till we meet again stay cryptic yo babes

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  1. thank you, Brandon, you are an optimistic voice amidst the confusion of others. I am grateful for your insight.

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