6.21.2018 Gana ICO Review đź”·Fintech Blockchain Business

GANA solves the problem of verifying cannabis. It is very essential to know who grew it, when it was raised, and what company distributed. GANA issues cannabis quality certification through blockchain technology. If a user scan GANA certification, she/he could look up the seed-to-sale information. All the data is managed with blockchain, so the users can trust it.

It will provide certain level of AI for product certification. The product  which is not distributed with GANA’s parter company could be verified with image detecting technology if it is “laced” or not.

GANA plans to provide two types of business based on product certification system. One is the PA service which provides the optimized personal suggestion. It contains video, music, food, new cannabis product, and guide for daily health care.

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