49 thoughts on “50 Banks Trial XRP With Corda Settler And Ripple”

  1. If y'all don't like his personal commentary at the beginning of HIS videos, take on thing that DAI often says and… MOVE ON!

  2. DAI NEVER interacts with his subscriber's comments. This is a sign of someone that thinks he's better than all you folks. He doesn't want to lower his standards by interacting with you, and that's why he talks to you like you're a child. He thinks most of you have the mindset of children. This is why he refers to examples of raising his children because you might relate. 101 Psychology.

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  4. Brother!!! I like your content, but this story's have to stop some of us are on the go at all times. And yes some people might get something out of your stories. Not to disrespect you, It is your channel and you can do as you please. As a content provider you might want to listen to your audience.

  5. Keep on the approach DAI fuck the sarcy put down merchants! It will be truly boring when we hit Liechtenstein if we only talk XRP! Baseball, Aston Martin West Ham all good topics 🙂

  6. Love your stuff DAI. Your life stories are pretty cool, It's kind of like listening to Wilson from Home Improvement. Your content does not need to change.

  7. DAI ignore All the Haters, You are doin Something Right!!! Always Great Material. Enjoy The Family Guy Talk. I’m a father as well. Wish my Father Taught me this stuff too.

    I didn’t know that was a Ford quote and I used that the other day. My kid also plays baseball and watching him grow is worth more than all the money in the world. Time is more valuable than Money. That’s a saying I use a lot. I believe the XRP stash will Give us way more than Money. It’ll be Beyond our Imagination….

    Choices- No problem!
    Time to Spend with those we love-
    You Betcha! And it’s All Worth it!

    We will be able to go where we want, do what we want, all that and Start A Dream Business if we do so wish. Whatever we find ourselves into becomes POSSIBLE and Money will be the least of our riches. It all starts with a Vision and when we get there it’s because we Attracted it into Our Lives!

    My Favorite Inspirational Speaker the Late Mr. Jim Rohn said:

    Personal Philosophy is the major determining Factor in how your life works out!
    Each Person is like a captain of a sail boat and so where we windup at the end of the week, month, or year, is NOT a result of the wind that blows. The wind blows on us all, it’s like circumstances that happen to us. But where you end up depends on what YOU DO about it, That’s what sets a better sail.

    I believe it!

    So-Guys. It’s All You!

    Set Your Sail!!!!!

    Keep Up The Awesome YouTube post Brotha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Rock!!!!!!

  8. All you people that bash him for talking about his family or his little short stories need to (GET OVER IT)!! ITS CALLED TRYING TO MAKE A PERSONAL CONNECTION WITH EACH OF YOU ON A DIFFERENT LEVEL THAN ANYONE ELSE DOING THESE INFORMATIONAL VIDEOS!

  9. Thanks DAI! I actually really enjoy your 6min life intros. I'm at a point in my life where these stories can be applied in my own way, especially this time. Keep on going!

  10. (Dear Digital Asset Father,)

    Seriously thank you @digitalassestinvestor. I actually really enjoy listening to ur parenting and how you raise your kids. Me being in my mid 20s and a father of 2 boys like you, ages (6 in June) and (2in march) I really appreciate listening to your perspective and how you raise your kids. You're like a Father to me, my dad died 5 months after I graduated high School and it's always nice to hear a great dad speak about what he does to make his kids successful in life. thanks again as always for the amazing videos, parenting advice,and inspirational quotes. They actually really help me out and play apart in my daily life, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  11. Love you man, but we don't all need your advice on life on this specific site. You kinda take the tone on your opening enlightenment rants like we are all a bunch of developing adolescents here. Your charter is Digital Asset Investment. You wanna be a life coach, set up another site for that. I may even watch it. Stay on the XRP here please.

  12. i can not for the life of me find any on info on the date that these trails will start ANYWHERE. can someone please tell me when??? surely they didn’t announce this with no date attached.

  13. This is supposed to be about digital assests , not the family show….. everytime , christ!!! FML… Never again.

  14. XRP via xRapid that a Dan Morgan, the Head of Regulatory Relations at Ripple Inc said the product is yet to go live despite being commercially available after launching

  15. SEC need to pull their finger out. Holding up the whole XRP process and digital asset adoption. USA is in danger of being left behind.

  16. Thanks for sharing your lifes wisdom mate ! your a legend, keep doing what your doing and doing it as you do it !

  17. Also can you please check the SBI report link stating $138 billion per day with insta-match trials and 50 banks..can it be true?

  18. 7.8 billion ppl on earth and growing if we gave out all the xrp equaly that would be 12.8 xrp per person

  19. All you people who are bashing him for talking the way he does the first 5-6 minutes. He sounds like many of the great mentors of our time, Napoleaon Hill, Jim rohn ext…Nothing wrong with learning , He is trying to teach you something and its valuable. Self improvement is a great idea.

  20. Hey DAI never wrote to you before
    Heard you talk ' about your son
    If you ever read it
    You are being too tough on him
    Listen to you everyday
    Do not know you much
    never seen you
    Some how my common sense tells me you talk sense so watch all your videos from past few days and only you
    So respect your opinion in mostly however first time ever i disagreed with you is when you spoke about baseball thing
    Leave your son alone if he is a slow starter let him figure it out himself if you want him to really grow
    If you think practicing more or a lot makes you perfect or you think game situation is same as practice
    You do not know sport then
    I used to play a sport too my sport is similar to BB
    My practice session never used to help one bit in match situation special as a batter i have a logic n psychae with experience talking here
    It is only for making a technique sound
    Reduce his practice effort 70%
    And watch the results
    Hope hope you watch this message

  21. To Digital Asset Investor – Thanks for the great work you do. Had a request…Ford had a lot of wisdom about money to share no question, but also important to note his shortcomings such as his blatant anti-semitic vision for this country that was reflected in his four-volume set of antisemitic booklets or pamphlets published and distributed in the early 1920s by Henry Ford "The International Jew." Would be great if you could say something about this in your future videos since you cited him as a source for learning etc.

  22. Jimmy Carey wrote himself a 10 million dollar check not 1 million dollar check for acting services rendered. Love Jimmy Carey!

    In 1985, he wrote himself a $10 million check for “acting services rendered”, dating it 10 years in the future (Thanksgiving 1995) and kept it in his wallet.

    And then, just before Thanksgiving 1995, he found out he was going to make ten million dollars for Dumb and Dumber.

  23. Please stop talking about your kids and baseball. We know you love them, and that's great, but we come here to talk about XRP. Thanks.

  24. haha I saw that store last week when I was in Croatia, can't believe u bring that up 🙂 Greetings from Slovenia

  25. DAI, last year you gave us some great predictions and most materialized. Give us a few more. I know there some great things happening in March and throughout the year but can you share based on your experience what you see coming? God bless and take care.

  26. You make the best videos and being all a ball player myself who played elite ball my whole life with rings to prove it…..confidence is everything

  27. Almighty DAI, I too wrote a check post dated Sept 2020 for products and services rendered for 500k. Long before knowing what products and services are coming from xrp and other digital assets. Let's cash these checks as if they are pocket change.

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