what's up y'all this your boy Mikey the alien turning in one time man and I'm back with that good news you know how I do so if you new here make sure you like this video leave a dope comment below and definitely subscribe i do cryptocurrency giveaways cryptocurrency updates thank you guys all of the great news within the cryptocurrency space so like I said if you're new here if you are from here just make sure you like this video leave a dope comment below and definitely subscribe so let's get into it today guys I'm gonna be talking about trying point so I want to bring a couple things to you guys attention to get today I feel like trying to I could definitely hit five six seven eight nine ten dollars I'm gonna tell you why today and we're gonna go over some different things and I'm gonna make some clarity so um I don't know if you guys remember I showed you guys the J curve effect before so if you look at the J curve effect guys you see where's the current state where it's sitting then it goes down and then it goes back up again if we look at trying plane right now trying come on it's currently sitting at eight cents it's up four point nineteen percent right now we're making so many games you know so many people are starting to get back into the trying game the cryptocurrency on space overall is seeing a huge huge pump right now we were at two hundred and thirty billion dollars now where it's four hundred and thirty three billion we're going back up guys I feel like the UM the the the dead period of the cryptocurrency space is finally over with and we're gonna be saying money's flying in from from everywhere now you know this is exactly how it went last year I'm with the cryptocurrency space home we just look at the chart guys we look right here oh my oh my goodness this kind of looks like it's kind of looks like a a J curve right will you look right here was that twenty twenty five six like we went up to twenty one twenty five cents right here and if you look right here this is the current state guys then we had the point where we dropped down this is the period of disruption this is when everyone was talking bad about trying we had people thinking that Tron was a scam everyone's trying I don't know about trying you had the wells that were in the game when Tron wasn't even worked for penny right they bought off these trying points and um you know they were holding their bags and trying to finally mooned up to 21 cents so guess what guys they started to sell Quinn's off so when they started to sell we had so many new people within the cryptocurrency space in January that's when Bitcoin was almost at nineteen twenty thousand dollars you know the new people that were buying into trying they saw a drop and then they got scared you know that's like oh I don't know about this thing maybe I should pull out you even had people that were holding their backs they really believed in trying to try on army something you guys got scared and you started to sell off as well like I don't know about trying let me I mean maybe sell off right now so this is why I'm trying point dropped the way it dropped it wasn't nothing that went on with the coin it wasn't proving to be a scam it wasn't proven to have anything wrong with the coin overall it was just people being scared the wells cashing in their bags and you know the market pretty much going through a period of disruption guys so we were in the period of disruption for a couple months guys and look guys I feel like this is where we're at right now we're finally starting to come out of that period of disruption and we're starting to climb guys and I feel like the point on the era of us being able to by trying for two cents is gonna be no longer here pretty soon we're gonna have to buy stopper at the minimum probably ten cents I feel like we're gonna go up we're gonna hit 21 cents we're gonna hit 25 cents maybe even 36 we're gonna pass that guys and when we do have another sell-off because I do believe we're going to course have another sell-off this is cryptocurrency people are always buying and selling that's what makes it you know fun right people buying people selling um I think it's gonna find a new home around probably like 10 cents and um you know you you see that a lot you know with the coin when it has a huge pump it sometimes never returns to where it originally was so if you look at like light coin right like coin was worth two dollars at one time then they had a huge pump and then went up to $15 and then never went back down to $2 again it stayed around $7 and they shot up again to $30 then it went back down to 22 then it shot up again to $100 and then it went down to like $80 and 150 so this is what the cryptocurrency is the real coins this is what they do they you know have their areas where you know people go through disruption they'd out the coin and it goes down try and survive if you look at the 24-hour volume tri-state around the state competing it you know it it bounced off the ring a little bit but it stayed around guys you know so now I feel like we're definitely going to get into a run I also want to let you guys know this is not financial advice this is just my opinion right I'm telling you guys when I'm gonna be doing what I'm doing and how and why I'm doing it you know so you guys can be aware of what's going on with Mikey the alien so you can know so we're gonna look at this right here guys this is the world that's been in the market last time I showed you guys as well he had over 600 million tokens guys he's down to four hundred and forty eight million tokens now um but like I said the main that launches in 31 days and within 31 days he may be a pleated of this balance he had over a billion tokens this is one of the main reasons that trauma was holding under five cents we have so much market value movement right now that even him selling off as much as he's selling off it's not holding the token price down right so you know imagine when he's officially going what the price is gonna do you know like it's gonna shoot it's gonna go crazy it's gonna go up so high it's gonna make a lot of mouths drop in my opinion I feel like it's gonna go insane um you know if we look at ripple we can see that you know ripple is sitting at 85 percent I told you guys what I felt about ripple and how his ripple could do it with the same amount of total supply and then don't forget guys we're constantly having a trying poin burn it's constant it's never gonna go away the coin burn is activated and it's gonna continue to run run run and trauma is gonna get more power more power more power you say how I'll explain that in another video but if we look at the market we look at victim guys victim is a South Korean exchange South Korea runs the cryptocurrency space they are the top players within the cryptocurrency space currently so with South Korea this is white on a ripple actually went to $3 because the South Korean market started buying ripple like it was going out of style they started buying it nuts once Justin Sun really you know pushes within the South Korean market and willing I just make some focus of okay I believe once we become a coin ingesting son is definitely gonna start to push towards the South Korean market more you know he doesn't really want to push the token to the South Korean market he was just pretty much advertising the token whenever we were in the advertising state of trying everyone was getting aware of what trying was and what it does now everyone knows what trying is and what the capabilities of trying queen is now we're to a point now where it's becoming a coin and once it becomes a coin anything is possible guys so we're on bit numb we are really marketing to you know the South Korean market right now though just inside hasn't really started pushing hard towards the South Korean market which I believe he's gonna have to do and he will do he's a he's a smart man guys believe it or not Justin son he's pretty brilliant in my opinion we're number two on bit thumb right now we need this number one spot we need it we're gonna get it it's gonna be ours u.s. bye bye hello Tron so let's keep it going guys in theorem is shaking in his boots right now chicken man of italic is scared and I'm gonna tell you why guys I'm a tim has been around for a very very very long time it's been around for years you know it's at six hundred and eighty dollars now I'm trying it's just been around for a couple months and it's competing heavily with aetherium guys you know a lot of people wrote this etherion wave to six hundred and eighty dollars it was on coin basis the second I'm talking that was on coinbase right so a lot of people wrote this to six hundred and eighty dollars and I feel like a lot of people are gonna ride trying to six hundred and eighty dollars you say but how are they gonna do that for the simple fact like if you think about it like I said the theorem has been around for so long trying to just came around um the cold for a theorem with the smart contracts right the code for the etherium smart conscious is very complex guys so many people don't know how to use the theorem code to where is it makes the market very minimum with trying you can use Java to code to make things on the blockchain which is gonna be huge because so many people know how to use Java you know not many people know how to use serenity and you know use that to code for a wallet or anything like that which is going to make people naturally go to something that's easier to use you know it's gonna make the average Joe be able to get into cryptocurrency I'm the average developer he's gonna be able to make genius ideas you have to think of um cryptocurrency like you know the apps you know when we didn't have apps on our cell phones and things like that now the app world is blowing up you know and there's so many things still being innovated within the app world you know like we have uber and things like that you know it had to have someone someone had to have the capabilities to make uber in order for uber to come around you know so with tronco and i'm – like they're giving people the capabilities to make the Ebers of the cryptocurrency space you know you know they're giving people the platform to pretty much do that if there's doing it but they're doing it on a you know a stingy everyone can't get into the game way um you look on that radar it's a lot of people playing games with um like crypto kitties you have power weak hands all those things whatever that is but you don't really have you know people just really become an innovative because you have these super smart people you know but then you have people that's not maybe as smart as the you know super smart people but they have huge great ideas and this is gonna allow those people that I'm you know pretty much get their voice heard so just the Sun good job with that I'm looking forward to that Justin Sun is constantly tweeting and putting out positive stuff about Ron Coan we were at number nine on the coin and market cap yesterday I think we're number eleven today which isn't a huge dip but we're down a little bit and we're gonna go back up I definitely can see traffic when sitting in the top five position maybe even top three within the corn market cap for the simple fact that it has the technology guys and it has the pump and it has everything like this is like the hugest heist the hugest hugest heists of the universe with trying point like everything I feel like is strategically planned out I feel like we went to a marketing face with trying to Quinn and now the people that invested in trying when trying was down and out they're gonna reap the benefits guys and I'm looking forward to it so we have people like charlie who talked bad about trying coin in January he helped he up the coin go down in value when you know when the coin was dipping Justin Charlie we put out a tweet that made more people sell-off saying like China it doesn't have any technology blah blah blah and he made more people we made this happen that's why a lot of people are saying this just maybe Charlie Lee holding a huge bag of trying selling it off hazing Justin son before he becomes one of the top you know crypto voices within the mmm industry you know like I said he's constantly gaining momentum a lot of people are saying maybe that was Charlie leave excusing the guys I feel like definitely what's gonna happen with them this is what's Charlie Lee sees that trial cannot be stopped you know when you throw rocks at us we're just gonna get stronger the Tron army will always prevail you know we are trained and we are assassins and we will not we'll never give up never surrender once Charlie Lee officially sees that which he's probably watching right now like wow what's going on he's looking forward to the main net launch as well I'm sure you know once that happens he's gonna probably put out a tweet he's gonna buy a huge bag of Tron he's gonna put out a tweet like I'm something blah blah blah Trump is pretty good after all you know and then it's gonna go insane you know then we're gonna reach four or five dollars you know because this huge Charlie leave once Charlie Lee makes a tweet you know you have the markets you have um you know these new sites they take his tweets and they make news bits out of it and it just goes crazy you know so I feel like that's definitely gonna play a huge role in the Tron price pumping also we have metallic see like he's never gonna bounce for Tron because you know trying is his kryptonite this is evil villain chicken man but Alec if you want to evil villain chicken man Vitalik shirt check out the site right here it's pretty dope but anyways evil villain chicken man Vitalik who's never gonna invite vouch for trying for the simple fact Tron is gonna put out the fire up etherium with this being the case he's not gonna say anything but I will say this guys it's over there on fifteen hundred coins within the quantum crypto currency space and he's mentioning Tron he's talking about trying because Tron is gaining momentum we're on his butt and he felt it you know he's scared he doesn't know he's having nightmares about trying to Jetson son smiling you know that little grin that Justin son does he's having that vision in his head when he goes to sleep at night you know rightfully so trying is better what can I say you know you've been around a lot longer I'm Vitalik but trying this way better it has way better back and it has way better promotion everything about trying is better than the theorem you guys just got on coin base before use the second point on coinbase this is the reason why a theorem is so huge guys it theorem was the second coin on coinbase you know when everyone was going to coinbase no one could buy anywhere else they had to use coin base if you were in the States you had to use coin basic theorem was a second opinion is the second choice this is why a theorem is so high in value it's kind of overvalued if you think of it but anyways let's get back into it guys I seen this I wanted to share this with you guys as well this is pretty much saying that beatrix is supporting the Maine that this is good news because so many people were scared their coins may get lost once I'm trying to becomes a coin all you have to do is just hold your coins when the main net approaches like probably six days before the main approaches hold your coin and your wallets don't spin them don't send them anywhere and whatever you're holding your coins they're going to convert it for you know–but ryx what are their ways to make a statement regarding this because they respect trying to see where the vision is going with Tron and also trying it's like the number one volume on their site so they know that in order to keep those people happy they need to let those people know that trying is safe with them huge another thing that I think is gonna come with trying becoming acquaintances Alibaba is gonna start to use trial on the website so curly Alibaba doesn't allow you to use crypto currencies on the site you say okay why Ali Baba well Justin Sun and Jack Ma are very close I'm Justin someone with the Jack Ma University and he graduated really like I said a lot of people are using crypto currencies Alibaba is a huge huge huge business currently that on the SEP crypto but I feel like once trying becomes a Quin Alibaba is gonna be induced and they're gonna market it to where Alibaba assets trying plan for you know transactions which is gonna be huge it's gonna be huge for us it's gonna be huge for Jack Ma you know and also when you think about it a lot of the people that's within the trying team are from Alibaba so all these people that were with this huge company they left Alibaba to go and work at trying you know and I'm sure he time Justin Sun didn't just steal those you know people from Jack my like give me your you know employees I'm sure jack not spoke with um I'm Justin Sun about having these different people come over to help him build up the company so they can probably do a business venture together right that makes a lot of sense in my opinion at the end of the day they're trying to make money they're businessmen Jack Ma is a huge smart businessman right so why well you just give away his home you know his highly trained workers you know – I'm Justin son here Justin's son take these guys and build it up so we can become the billionaires of the world you know we can make even more business this makes a lot of sense to me I don't know if it makes sense to you guys but I want to share it with you guys you leave your opinion on that in the description below in the comment box also we have gift Oh which is has 30 million users would get though girl guys it's currently sitting at 54 cents so this is a huge Tron partner right here being able to exchange virtual gifts with gift oh it was seen that eight cents like Tron and now it's up to 54 cents a lot of people make huge games um a lot of people don't even know what gift o is in the cryptocurrency space everyone knows what Tron is if gift o can do it why can't Tron right then we also have big deal which i think is gonna be huge as well this is this is appealing to the nerds you know like you're able to buy it in game assets and hold on the blockchain they never go away even if you come back five years later your assets is gonna still be there you know I believe they're even probably going to implement saving games you know on the blockchain if you can save a game on the blockchain you don't have to worry about it ever going away you can come back 20 years from now and play pick up your game where you left it off that's jeans right I know I just thought of that right now by the way so I definitely feel like this is gonna play a huge role and try and price blowing up as well like I say I see I see trying it in five bucks short term I feel like trying definitely has to hit a dollar what's trying hits a dollar let's all take you know a little chunk out let's party guys let's have some fun together let's get back in the game and hold our bags we're going to 25 100 bucks guys we're gonna hit 600 like in theorem we're gonna dethrone the theorem have faith I am NOT a financial adviser like I spoke about before so don't take this as financial advice always do your own research guys use your brain you know you always want to you know investigate yourself before you you know go in on the crypto currency but you know you can use our videos to find out different information and things like that but never just you know bass European off buying a coin off you know our videos because we are financial advisors right until next time like I said not the crypto currency giveaways all the time so if you want some free crypto you know just um you know subscribe to the channel guys you know subscribe to the channel like this video leave a dope comment below I still have a couple of them trying shirts available for only 15 bucks if you want to try and search all you have to do is um put the link in the description here pull up all of the trying merchandise and I'm all of the crypto currency merchandise that we have available available for you guys I'm not gonna say I also want you guys um get in the comment box and let me know what other coins you want me to review you know I want to know what you guys are interested in I do reviews on trying coin but I also review other coins as well I've been reviewing trying a lot lately because there's been so much going on with Tron guys like you have to admit it trying has been on fire lately so now I gotta stay on top of my trying news always so you guys can know what's going on and plus I'm a trying addict just like you guys you know I'm a part of the trying army and I'm ready for war and evil son evil villain chicken man we're coming for you so just look out Bishop point marking the alien tuning in one time and I'm out peace


  1. there is zero comparison to the price of litecoin vs tron ,, simple math folks,, simple math :/ TRON TRON (TRX)
    $0.091300 USD (-0.61%)
    0.00000987 BTC (-2.53%)
    0.00013230 ETH (-3.18%)
    Market Cap
    $6,002,809,168 USD
    648,634 BTC
    8,698,475 ETH
    Volume (24h)
    $419,406,000 USD
    45,319 BTC
    607,747 ETH
    Circulating Supply
    65,748,111,645 TRX
    Total Supply
    100,000,000,000 TRX

    Litecoin Litecoin (LTC)
    $152.16 USD (2.84%)
    0.01646590 BTC (0.99%)
    Market Cap
    $8,574,909,547 USD
    927,922 BTC
    Volume (24h)
    $355,293,000 USD
    38,448 BTC
    Circulating Supply
    56,354,188 LTC
    Max Supply
    84,000,000 LTC

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