5 Simpsons Predictions Yet To Come TRUE!

There are many different variations of this
topic on YouTube already, i’m a simpsons fan myself and thought i would put together some
odd theories that relate to past simpsons episodes. Don’t take this video too seriously as I simply just connected the dots between simpsons episodes and events that are happening now. 5) Holographic Projection Entertainment
Although this isnt really a prediction its more of a prediction of an invention but it’s still a possibility. In this episode titled holidays of future
passed from the 23rd season the plot takes place in the future.
It shows Bart living in a classroom in Springfield elementary, it shows him watching a third
dimensional projected image which interacts with the rooms surroundings. While watching
an episode of itchy and scratchy you can see the blood splatter across the room even though
the blood is merely a hologram. This might actually become a possibility in the future
as we have seen much holographic use in the past few years this has ranged from performances
to communication. Some people even believe that some of Obama’s
speeches are holographic. In 2010 tech websites predicted that we would
have holographic TVs by 2017. As of today some TVs that use holographic displays but they are not quite as advanced as in The Simpsons.
Holographic technology has been around for 70 years but we still can’t seem to make it
as entertaining as seen in movies, this is simply because of the cost. At the moment
it’s mainly the scientific community looking into holographic technology and therefore
not much funding Is available. Even though there were predictions for 2017 right now
holographic technology doesn’t look like it will be invented for even the next 5 years.
We can only hope that a big company starts to fund it to boost production. 4) Machine Uprising
In this episode titled Them, robot from the 23rd season, Mr burns makes all employees
at the power plant take a drug test. After the tests are complete Mr burns lawyer informs
him that the drug tests are quite costly so in response to this he replaces all power plant workers with robots this causes unemployment rates to reach an all time high. The only
human left working there is Homer. Homer loses his mind trying to communicate with the robots because they do not respond to any interaction. Homer then accidentally breaks a robot and when trying to repair it he realises that they have an artificial intelligence function after this they become way too friendly so more modifications are made and this is when the machines
take over. Now this could become a high possibility as within the past few months many companies
have decided to employee robots over humans. A McDonald’s in phoenix Arizona has decided
to launch a restaurant run entirely by robots, after receiving a loss for nine years straight
the branch decided to cut some expenses so fired its employees and is now replacing them
with robots however a few human employees will remain to maintain the robots. The store
is planning to open on july 4th 2016. The McDonald’s C.E.O also warned that all humans jobs will soon be replaced soon as it is cheaper than employing people on minimum wage. Also as of February 2016 car manufacture Mercedes Benz have replaced humans for robots on their assembly lines. More and more companies from around the world have begun to replace humans for robots as it is much cheaper. So could a robot uprising be coming soon? 3) Donald Trump Becomes President
This episode titled Bart to the future was released in 2000, it is the 17th episode of
the 11th season. The Simpson family go to a casino, as Bart
isn’t allowed in because he is underage he tries to sneak in. He successfully sneaks
in but gets caught immediately and is then sent into the officer of the owner. The owner
then shows him his future and the rest of the episode takes place in the future.
The future shows that Bart has become a pathetic loser while his sister Lisa has become the
president of the United States. Once in office Lisa states that the president before her
was Trump and that he caused some financial turmoil in America’s budget and claims he
left the country broke. Millhouse then goes on to explain that the
previous administration tried to invest in the children of America to build a better
future but failed. Now there is a very big chance that Trump might become the next president of the United States as he seems to be dominating the presidential
campaign however if he becomes president he may not cause damage to the financial budget but I guess we will just have to wait and see. One of the writers for the episode Dan Greaney
has commented on the episode saying it was a warning for America showing how insane America
will truly be in the future. He said “It just seemed like the logical last step before hitting
the bottom. It was pitched because it was consistent with the vision of America going
insane.” 2) End Times
This isn’t much of a prediction as they were predicting what was going to happen on
Y2K, The Y2K scare came as we approached the year 2000, this was because computer programmers
had to update the details on many technological software’s but because the programmers represented
the four digit year with only the final two digits the year 2000 became indistinguishable
to the year 1900 and therefore many people believed technology was going to fail
and cause an apocalypse but clearly as we are still here the programmers managed to
fix the bug. however in the episode many occurrences match
happenings of the past few years so the apocalypse could be right around the corner. Coming from
Season 11 episode 4 from the treehouse of horror franchise this segment is titled “life’s
a glitch and then you die” It begins with a countdown to the year 2000. Lisa then warns Homer of the impending danger of faulty units within the Y2K bugs system. Once the clock
hits midnight it comes to the realization that homer didn’t debug the computers at the power plant and therefore the other computers in the country are effected and the apocalypse
begins. All electronics start to fail and planes begin to fall out the sky this seems
familiar as over the past few years many planes have mysterious disappeared out of the sky without a trace for example Egypt air flight 804 and Malaysia Airline flight 370 as for technology
failures we have seen the rise and fall of hover boards, the malfunction of self-driving
cars and we have seen many software glitches within banking systems. As the episode goes
on the Springfield community console in the church but then abandon this idea and go looting.
While out the Simpsons family come across a hurt krusty the clown, they find a note
on him which is an invitation to part take in “operation exodus”. Once they get to the
location they find a rocket which is going to mars, many famous people are queuing up
to go aboard. This might actually become a reality as NASA are planning to colonize Mars
by the year 2030, but I’m guessing not any average joe will get the golden ticket. As there is so much war on earth already this
could lead to an outer space war and the idea could lead to real life Star Wars. Lisa is
allowed to board the rocket but can only bring Marge with her which leads to Homer and Bart
finding a different rocket, they then go inside and notice that instead of heading for mars
the rocket is heading for the sun. They then hit an eject button and float off into space
and the episode ends. So could of Y2K just of been a warning to the impending doom waiting
to come as we progress with technology? 1) Reptilian Politicians
This episode is the first episode of the 8th season, it is also part of The Treehouse of
Horror franchise. In this segment called citizen kang, we see Homer fishing in a lake he is
then abducted by aliens. The aliens demand that Homer brings them to the leaders of his country so he takes them to the white house where they abducted Bill
Clinton. The episode was released October 27th 1996,
a few days after its release the 1996 presidential election occurred between Bill Clinton and
Bob Dole. Homer explains to the aliens that the election
is coming up so they decide to abduct both candidates.
Once abducted the aliens bio-duplicate the men and being to impersonate them in order
to gain full control of the world. Homer is then kicked from the spaceship and tries to explain to his family what going on but nobody believes him. He then makes it his mission
to expose what’s really going on but by the time he finally reveals that they are aliens
it’s too late and they’re already in power. The aliens then use their power to enslave
the human race and build a ray gun to destroy a rival planet. Now you might be thinking
so how does this relate to modern day life.. well
writer, public speaker, former member of the British green party and world renowned conspiracy theorist David Icke believes that Inter-dimensional beings from beyond our visible light dimension
have possessed or taken the form of world leaders in order to bring havoc among the
world. Now this may sound crazy right off the bat
but he actually has historical evidence to back it however it would take far
too long to get into in this video. He and many others believe these reptilian
beings can be the cause of UFO sightings and descriptions of demons in past books such
as the bible. Many people believe these reptilians are related
to the Elohim mentioned in the bible and also explains why it was a serpent that tempted Adam and Eve. The strange thing is almost every culture
from around the world mentions the reptilians also many ancient art-works and sculptures depict the reptilians such as these sculptors
which date back to the Ubaid period from roughly 6000 B.C., they were discovered by a British
archaeologist called Charles Woolley in the 1920s and 1930s.
He found them in cemeteries in southern Iraq. Now believe it or not there is actually some
scientific evidence that backs the reptilian theory which doesn’t include mythical beings,
its known as the triune brain. The triune brain also known as the reptilian
complex is a model which shows the evolution of the vertebrate forebrain and its behavior.
It was proposed by American physician and neuroscientist Paul Maclean.
In simpler terms the evolutionary theory shows that we first evolved from reptiles
and fish due to this we still have a reptilian section in the brain which is responsible
for more primal instinct such as aggression, dominance, territoriality and
ritual displays. Therefore brains of politicians and the elite
could be more active in this certain area which would explain why there has been so
many wars and havoc in the past. But you never know they could actually be
possessed by reptilian entities from different dimensions, the theory goes quite

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  2. You think of Bart Simpson as future prediction ? Let me tell you guys something……they didn't predict the future but they make it reality it's part of new world order made by illuminati organization I mean we all know that organization try hard to rule and control the world so maybe someone try to expose their plan through Bart Simpson animation…well it's just my opinion tho

  3. This guy sounds like a fucktard, all this tech and robots are ready, they need to slowly bring it.

  4. Obviously they do know something, but I don’t believe that Trump is goin to ruin our country. I mean, how much worse could it have gotten, with Obummer aka Barry Soetoro

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  6. If every event is planned then the election is a sham. Presidents were already chosen, not through voting.

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    Another future prediction not mentioned, they had a show where they mentioned "Prince" is dead. The show was shown a few years before "Prince" was found dead in his home.

  8. Dumbass people saying it’s all staged and planned, if the Simpson’s planned everything then how did they predict the tiger attack of Siegfried and Roy in 2003? Did they just tell the tiger “ok it’s time to do something bad” everyone here is so insensitive.

  9. Not predictions….it’s all part of the elite plan

    Edit : if you believe in evolution you’re gonna fall for their plan

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    "This is the most dangerous enemy mankind has ever faced in his long climb from the swamps to the stars, there is no where to escape to [THIS IS THE LAST STAND ON EARTH."]

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  18. Well dates are wrong but everything there mentioned is accurate, mean there’s NASA and Elon Musk when it comes to mars, and the part before it where it said “the earth will stand still” is very true, mean the earths rotation started slowing down in 2015 and just like a spring, it also has a limit, that’s when earth stops but it rotates in the opposite direction, meaning the sun will rise from the west, which is one of the first major signs of judgement day in Islam

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