5 Settings For Mining Cryptocurrency On Windows 10

what signs buying on list on the tech once again and today I have another mining video for you it's going to be five settings you should change in Windows 10 for your mining rig so stick around alrighty so item number one is going to be turning off Windows updates to do this in the run section you can actually just go down to the Cortana box with search box and search for run open that up and then in that option type in services.msc this will bring up the services page and you will search for Windows Update click stop if the status is live or checking / running select disabled on startup type by click right-clicking and selecting properties and apply now we're going to reset after or restart after we change all of the settings but if this is the only one you need to do you can go ahead and reboot your PC now next is to adjust for best performance to do this type in this PC and then right click and select properties once in the properties tab click advanced system settings and then select performance under here you'll be able to select adjust for best performance or appearance etc now adjust for best performance is what we're going for next you're going to want to go ahead and set the page file to 16 gigabytes to do this within the same window click the Advanced tab and then under virtual memory click Change a new dialog box will pop up and you're going to want to select custom size and then type in 16,000 megabytes to set it to 16 gigabytes click set and ok at this point it will request a restart but we're not going to restart yet again so just go ahead and say you will restart later the next setting they're going to be changing is the power plan to high performance mode there's going to be couple things you want to do here but right click the start button and click settings once in settings click system and then click power and sleep on the top right you'll see additional power set click that and then select high-performance then select change plan settings after you selected high-performance because there's one more step we want to do here click change advanced power settings and then scroll down and find PCI Express link state power management and make sure the setting is set to OFF this will prevent the cars from turning off when going idle or going idle at all so they will keep mining for you essentially there's only one more step we have left and that's going to be putting the bat-file your start dot bat file essentially for the miner in the startup folder to do this click and click and search for run once again open run and then you're going to want to type in shelf colon startup in this folder you will want to place a shortcut to your start dot bat file so just navigate to your miner right click and say create shortcut it'll create the shortcut in the miner folder and then you will just copy and paste that into the startup folder after you've done all this you should be ready for your reboot and once you reboot the machine should just be auto start at that point and start mining right away the reason this is good is because you'll be able to just pretty much let it go if there's any power outages etc as soon as the machinery boots or regains power you'll be able to get going right away of course for this to be as automated as possible there were some BIOS setting changes you want to make and I'll leave a link to those up here just click the card and you'll be good to go I hope this was helpful for you all if it was leave it a like if it wasn't go ahead and leave a dislike I suppose and leave a comment in the comment section below of what other options or helpful items or tips you think you would prefer until next time I'll see you next Tuesday

37 thoughts on “5 Settings For Mining Cryptocurrency On Windows 10”

  1. hi there..i messgd you on crow's channel. Youre so savvy i thought you might be able to help an old lady trying to keep up with this stuff…

  2. Thanks man, I increased my hashrate on my RX 550 4GB from 7-8 MH/s up to 10-11 MH/s thanks to your recommendation.
    For those who have an AMD card I would recommend to decrease your core clock on 950-1000 MHz to reduce the temperature of your GPU and increase your memory clock for 200-300 MHz as it will have a small benefit from it depending on how much you increase it.

  3. you are awesome. That was very simple for a non techy, Could you show how to set up a mining rig as well?

  4. Great video, thank you. Where can I find thé video on making the changes in the bios settings? Cheers!

  5. I am facing a problem my Windows enable settings automatically enable after restart rig eachtime I disable windows update in services and apply

  6. for 2 years, i have been searching for a way to make money off cryptocurrency and i got too frustrated until i met mr crow who makes me about $2600 every week with his mining software based on my investment. his email is cryptocrow800(at)gmail. com

  7. good tips, thou can you help and make a video on troubleshooting crashing rig, mine keep crashing randomly i thought it might be a risers but couldn't find it is there any best practice to find the issue such as this?

  8. Hey cud u help me with the issue i m getting on 2 nvidia Gpu's. It says insufficient system resources exist to complete the api -error code 10.
    I try to reinstall clean install everything but still my 2 cards shows this error

  9. Good stuff Brah; but if suggestions do not trigger you then it would have been a good idea to make it "Six" steps, and add "netplwiz" then once you do the last step and put in shell:startup, once you start your miner then it will enter the password too and be in an endless loop until you hit Ctrl+C. Just a suggestion .. just say'in bra.

    Very Respectfully,

    Addendum: I guess you cover the power state setting in the bios in the next vid you mentioned; for it to turn back on after power loss. I was referencing a reboot from like a watchdog or gpu hang; or one of windows other full tilt boogies.

  10. son of tech i need you help pal
    i have MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB OC GDDR5 Graphics Card
    but they dont have any power plugs on the cards
    will i be able to use the will i be able to use VGA G+ to power the risers aswell as the sata cable?

    also on just testing it out on windows it dont pick up all my 6 gpu only 4
    using gigabyte z270p d3 updated the bois files aswell for mining
    but cant see the mining mode to enable

  11. After download Amd nicehash software, my antivirus find virus in niceshash software. Kindly suggest or send the right software link. My gpu (asus rx 570 and motherboard b 250 fintech gigabyte and os win. 10) . Kindly suggest the right way.

  12. unfortunately my windows 10 pro antivirus is NEVER letting me download the miner software, i have tried claymore,ethereum miner , and others. anyone know how to be successful?

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