5 Predictions for Cryptocurrency Traders in 2019!

I see Oh what's up crypto nation yo what's up guys welcome to 2019 you guys are hanging out with me at DC TV daily raw uncut uncensored and straight to your firmament yo it is Tuesday January 1st 10:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time thanks for joining us guys it's the new year you know that means it's time to get into fine nope nope nope nope nope that's pretty good well good morning good morning everybody welcome to DC TV daily we are starting over in 2019 my friends you know you might be wondering Peter it's January 1st 2019 why are you not streaming no other reason is is because before I start the day I check out YouTube and check out its latency and see whether they're throttling me or not and I woke up this morning and I did three tests and I'm tired of doing tests because every time I try to turn on streaming it begins to chunk off I get really chunky chunky chunks so what we're going to be doing and I'm gonna just I'm just tired of I'm tired of testing out YouTube because they enjoy censoring us shadow banning us and doing all sorts of nonsense that makes the experience hanging out with you guys live in unbearable experience so we're gonna be pre recording these and I'm gonna do this for the next 90 days yes yes yes you may say well Peter we're not gonna experience you live I'm just not willing to spend 20 minutes every morning because there's so much to do spend 20 minutes every morning trying to test out the YouTube stream to see whether it's working so what we're gonna do is we're gonna save myself we're gonna save myself time every morning and we're just gonna pre record it for the next 90 days maybe just maybe in the next 90 days YouTube might wake up from the slumber and might want to play nice with me so you guys are gonna be hanging out with me this year and I'm gonna be doing some I'm gonna doing some live streams I'm gonna do some tests and experiments with live streams maybe not in the mornings maybe in the afternoons or maybe at night who knows I want to do some streams because obviously I guys want to hang out with you guys in 2019 but youtube is making it hurt for me and that's why we're building again especially like button guys we have one news bit that I want to get in today it's five predictions for 2019 in the crypto world I love and when other people write these predictions you guys probably saw my 2018 Bitcoin in review as well as my predictions for 2019 but what's also great is to see other people's opinions around this and so we're gonna talk about five predictions for the cryptocurrency community in 2019 tomorrow I'm gonna be talking about seven trends for cryptocurrency so we're gonna see how these fly let's jump right into it guys this one's dropped in politics and society in the Bitcoin dot pub for any of you guys out there who are not part of the Bitcoin table I highly suggest that you become a member because it's free it's a great place to learn and grow with our community here in the crypto nation and well we're always learning from each other so thanks John for dropping this in this is from a medium five predictions for crypto in 2019 a deep dive into five broad themes that will influence the markets whoo I'm intrigued guys I could dig this what began nine years ago with a white paper with a white paper and the Bitcoin Genesis block has evolved into a fully fledged asset class traders the world over are drawn to the crypto markets by the exponential growth prospects of the technology as well as the opportunity to swing trade in such a volatile market doubling in the crypto markets is not for the faint of heart as the narratives driving price up and down are constantly shifting and changing it is a shifting sands guys despite witnessing the particular collapse of the 2017 bubble 2018 has been an exciting year an exciting year for crypto traders as a market edge its way towards maturity and certainly we've been seeing as long as you guys have been with me we've been certainly seeing the maturity of the market it's growing guys it's expanding the the high highs and the low lows of emotionality in the market are starting to kind of balance out a little bit which is a good thing because we want to be ready for the new wave of new blings the new wave of noobs the new wave of foam O's and the new wave of flood stirs in the market which will invariably come especially if you hang out long enough you get to ride the next wave with me doubling in the crypto markets is not for the faint of heart as the narrative is driving the price up and down are the counselors shifting and changing deep despite witnessing the spectacular collapse of the 2017 bubble 2018 has been exciting year for crypto traders the market edges its weight towards maturity making bold predictions in such a rapidly evolving market is a particularly complex task which I broke down last year nevertheless there are a few broad themes that will exert a measure of influence over the markets in the coming months here are five macro trends that crypto investors and traders should watch out for the next 12 months so if you are a traitor and you are enjoy moving in and out of the market this might be for you number one trading volume increasingly shifts to decentralize exchanges number two the age of naps and money moves up a layer Bitcoin ETF draws in the institutional investor supposed to be quarter one and quarter two of 2019 oh man it's weird saying 2019 guys valuation models introduce some sanity into the market and increase adoption of security tokens or stos number one trading volume increasingly shifts to decentralize mark this is actually a good thing this is it would be an exceptional thing if this happens in 2019 more and the goal is to win anything there's no nothing to win here it's just to increase increased consumption increased capacity increased use increased spread that's the point crypto enthusiasts are passionate about creating a parallel financial system that is more inclusive transparent and equitable then the legacy system existing today however centralized exchanges that allow buyers and sellers to trade crypto currencies are hampering the growth of the decentralized financial industry by providing a single point of failure these exchanges are attractive targets for hackers and regulators alike think coin check think coinbase think mount GOx from the infamous mount GOx breach which caused the 2014 bear market to the recent slew of hacks including a bit thumb big round coin check socialize exchanges have proven to be the weakest link in the crypto chain I don't know if I necessarily agree with that he says right here centralized exchanges have proven to be the weakest link in the crypto chain hmm link in what chain when you're talking about the context of centrally controlled systems yes I would agree with you then but I don't think it's the weakest link in the crypto chain there's many other weak links that I could talk about like personalities like scams it's not just centralized exchanges that we should be harping on here thankfully exchanges granted traders control over their funds are coming online with increased regularity you centralized exchanges such as those built atop of the 0x protocol promised to introduce the trustless permissions qualities of blockchains to to the trading process while most commonly used Dex archetypes employed centrally managed off chain order books traders retain possession of their private keys and toner counterparty is found at which point the trade is executed on train on chain which means extra security traders on ion idec's for instance do approximately 3 million worth of a daily volume while this is still considerably less than centralized behemoths such as finance which often exceeds the 1 billion mark as decentralized exchange to become more intuitive and pleasant to use which by the way we're gonna be introducing the easiest decks of the in the world it's called that you get en dot io volume will and le start to shift towards decks where traders can enjoy the security of transaction on the blockchain is that the goal there wants to move the financial world to the blockchain dap somewhat money moves up a layer I'm kind of interested to see what they have to say about this one an tinium was created with a very serious surprise of revolutionizing the financial system with smart contract technology however the first use case to highlight the viral potential of decentralized application was the fun quirky digital collectible game known as clip though kitties proved Oh kitties is a blockchain game which lets players collect and breed digital cats why the hell would you want to do that why would you want to do that during the raging bull market of December 2017 crypto kitties caught fire with a forty 808 idiom more than two million dollars daily volume of these novel tokens being traded at the height of the Kitty mania however with aetherium capable of measly 15 transactions per second investors have preferred funding competing foundation of protocols as opposed to a tedium depths which are constrained by the network's loan through Play meaning they can't keep up with demand those kitties guys at idiom developers are hard at work on the proposals such as Casper's charting and plasma that would increase the transaction capacity of the network while projects such as EOS and a card on o have launched maintenance in 2018 with aim of significantly increasing throughput as a scalability of DAP platforms begin to improve investment attention will begin moving up the infrastructure layer towards the applications that can be built on top of these platforms so this particular segment all they're basically saying is that as the platform's increase in maturity more gaps are going to be built upon these particular platforms and investments should be moving towards the DAPs on the platform's not the platform's themselves here's the problem if the platform itself isn't scalable then why the hell would you build a DAP on it and waste your time that's the real question is EOS the real not so this is not not this is not the point right where you see it yeah is at ilium the right solution for your DAP that's the question that you have to wrestle with and we've seen this we've seen this through a 2008 2017 and 2018 we've seen many many companies move away from that idiom over to an EOS or even to like a card on O or an eel or a icx or something like that and the reason is is because etherium just isn't slicing the bread guys number three a Bitcoin ETF draws in this into the institutional investor almost everyone that I've known or everyone that I've read rather as talking about 2019 is talking about Bitcoin ATF's myself included Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have their ETF proposal rejected in 2017 sec blaming bitcoins volatility and illiquid ad for the decision which i thought to be poor decisions but what do i know 2018 is here and the stage is set for ETF to sent more you mean 2019 is here CBOE futures have been trading without hitch for the last seven months while coinbase custody can ensure the underlying assets of a Bitcoin ETF are safe in a secure compliant custody solution in a nod to the likelihood of a favorable ruling much need the volume flowed into the crypto market giving prices a healthy boost while an etf promises a fundamental price boost by taking the underlying beat coins out of circulation and reducing the supply the psychological boost of a positive ruling promises to be altogether more significant and I spent a lot of time talking about this in my Bitcoin 2018 Bitcoin in review if you haven't seen that go back and watch it but what I'm really interested is in is the psychological effects is Bitcoin ETS coming online is it going to affect the market psychology and are we going to see maybe even higher highs or all-time highs within the crypto market this could be an interesting explosion of a new wave of green beans of new boobs into the market and we'll take their money Ponzi scheme tool up and it's going to zero narratives have become less effective when pension funds and endowments have the blessing of the SEC to expose themselves to beat coin basically saying it's harder just like I said in my 2018 Bitcoin in review it's harder to call it's harder to say and with every day that passes it's harder to say that bitcoin is a ponzi or bitcoins going away or bitcoins dead it just keeps surviving guys SEC is hesitant to hamper innovation as their decision to place any token are coined that is sufficiently decentralized such as ether beyond their jurisdiction as security regulators demonstrates a favorable ruling on a Bitcoin ETF is exactly the government stamp of approval institutional players on the silence have been waiting for once the ETF arrives this could be a big win guys once the ETF arrives according to Galaxy Capital CEO Micah Novogratz institutional Forman will start flooding the market and I can totally see this happening institutional funnel flooding the market with retail investors huddling the bags for show it's a good thing I already have lots bags huddling which means it's only up from here the effect will be first felt on beat coins Christ before spreading across the altcoin market number for evaluation models introduced some sanity into the market crypto enthusiasts who are accustomed to regular statements by the old guard of Finance that Bitcoin has no inherent value while the creation of digital scarcity that was pioneered by beat coin gives cryptocurrency is cryptographically secure value putting a number to that value has proven rather difficult unlike its more mature equity counterparts the cryptocurrency markets have historically lacked a comprehensive evaluation framework the lack of substantive evaluation models have created a disconnect between crypto prices and their underlying fundamentals with market movements driven largely by sentiment and reducing robots models will allow the market to coalesce around consensus evaluation models this is a really expensive sentence or a really expensive paragraph that they put together year but basically what they're saying is there's no standard way to look at the valuation of any cryptocurrency a lot of it just has to do with market sentiment formal and the pump-and-dump serve your favorite youtube stars I wouldn't call anyone in the cryptocurrency YouTube space to star your if you're a youtuber in the cryptocurrency space you're a tool some day guys someday I will mature beyond just being a boob tuber someday I will spread my wings I will mature I will mature beyond just being the boob trooper that you know me as you know I have had thoughts my friends I have a have had thoughts that by doing this YouTube thing I'm actually pigeon holing myself into a terrible position in which I can no longer get a job because all of my recent history is that I made videos on YouTube in some ways this is a great way to tank and ensure that you have zero prospects if your experiment dies because they'll say what have you been doing for the last couple years and I'll say I've been making videos on a boob tube it's a good thing we're not gonna fail crypto enthusiasts are custom into regular statements yes the far the formula was given by this yes just yes leading thinkers in the evaluation space include Chris Byrne ski whose essays on the subject in Jerusalem exchange and whose book crypto acids the innovators investors guys to beat coin and Beyond serves as an investment Bible for the crypto industry ooh maybe you guys should buy that other attempts to value cryptocurrency is now sent around Matt Kopp Metcalfe's law which claims that the value of net work is proportional the square of the number of the connecting nodes which I've actually done crypto news bids on previously I find it there to be loose correlations but enough data to create an argument that it actually works at the end of the day all I know is that this is a very complex system with a multiplicity of variables that you can't control nor foresee welcome to crypto guys these models are expected expected to increase in sophistication as more bright financial minds to vote their research capacity to unraveling the mysteries around the crypto markets bring cryptocurrency valuations more in line with under lending underlying fundamentals while I see the need or at least I see the desire by at least traders to have to have cryptocurrency assets more correlated to the fundamentals of this crypto assets instead of FOMO instead of market sentiment market psychology and emotionality in the market I understand the desire for traders to want to have some a more level playing field but I think part of the maturity the maturity experience of cryptocurrency and beeth coin is that it's hard to create a model for it let's be honest everything that we've been doing for the last two years we had assumptions we had assertions we had hypotheses as to what we believe to be true and we find time and time again and when it comes to beats coin the Bitcoin changes everything it changes everything all the time you think you have it down and you think you have a model set you think you have the right framework to operate from but beat coin guys it's like a nasty Hydra continues to change the variables continue to increase everything is it's it's really hard what I'm saying it's really hard to nail down any type of solid framework to look at crypto Kurten the crypto currency market phone number five increased adoption of security tokens a lot of you guys have been talking about this and I as well when a beetle a computer in or a vitalik coin launched at idiom in 2015 he introduced the world to the vision of a shared world computer in which decentralized computation could take place thus began the age of the utility token uktokyoite ending shared ownership of a digital resource computing power processing power and file storage capacity are all examples of digital commodities that can now be brought at bought and sold on a decentralized marketplace thanks to the discovery of utility tokens thanks so much of italic coin for giving us the most useless tokens of all denilla verse soon realized that smart contract technology could be used to raise funding for their open source protocols ensuring this scam a model of I SEOs continues unabated with investors receiving native Network tokens in exchange for their contribution to the project you're hauling those bags this legend ICO mania which saw projects raising over 17 billion in the last 12 months in total utility tokens contribute to 88 a billion that's right with a be worth of market cap or 31% of the crypto market as a whole I wonder what happens when they'll all go away unlike utility tokens were saying to decentralize away the risk of regulation security tokens are fully compliant representations of ownership in a traditional asset classes such as real estate equities and bonds the blockchain presents the blockchain present a 24/7 transparent and global platform for investors to trade securities of all kinds security tokens have a significant large addressable market where the equity and bond markets are constituting a 70 trillion yes that's what the t7 train worth of assets in the US alone investors who are worried about the discrepancy between high market prices of utility tokens and the value of utility they provide will be significantly more comfortable by a token that is backed by a real-world tangible value many believe that capital formation is the next killer app of the blockchain and that security token offerings will soon see similar levels of enthusiasm exhibited in ICO markets well I'll tell you this guy's stos could be a huge boon for cryptocurrency I for one have a prediction not that my predictions are ever right because I'm never right on pretty much anything but I will tell you this my prediction for stos is that if stos get ingrained in the institutional investors minds it is also sanctioned when I say sanctioned I mean talked about but it's also sanctioned by mainstream media and supported and propped up by mainstream media and we see the big talking heads of crypto in YouTube and mainstream media talking about stos if all of this happens all of this happens together I my prediction is that we will see some of the biggest FOMO in all of cryptocurrency history in 2019 coming from institutional investors this in turn my prediction and I talked about this in my 2018 Bitcoin in review which you should probably watch I think this could create all-time highs for Bitcoin crypto currencies now is it going to be a wave all the way up yes a lot of people are going to be holding the bag as it goes back down probably but I'm telling you guys if stos are supported by mainstream Talking Heads verified as OK to be used by SEC CFTC these types of things I believe that one of the biggest waves that we will see in 2019 is the FOMO coming from institutional investors around stos or ETFs coming online I mean now's the time to be buying that Bitcoin guys let me know your thoughts in the beat coin pub this is a Bitcoin pub article I already responded and said not bad because it follows pretty close I should probably edit this because I should I could give a better answer than this not bad this follows pretty close to my sentiments on my 2018 the Bitcoin in review let's see how the FOMO works for ETF and stos amazing could be a pretty wild year guys thanks for joining me in DC TV daily raw uncut uncensored and straight to your firmament damn son where'd you find this no no no nope nope nope nope nope hey it's pretty good you

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  2. Peter please answer I am ur subscriber and follower, Cme futures have suppressed the bitcoin price, is that true? Do we have to wait for dollar collapse to see bitcoin make new all time high, is everything controlled by cme futures? Halving won't play any role in bitcoin price rise? Do we have to wait for so long and wait for dollar collapse to see the price rising?

  3. 2018 was a very hard/bad year for me and my family but I still grind everyday! 2019 is looking good now and can't wait, stay positive and go for it. Happy New Year!

  4. Yaooooooo The Ever Green Peterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! HNY-2019 And Best of Luck for the year …….Brilliant Describer personality…..DCTV the name Of Energy

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