5.30.2018 Humaniq Coin Review 🔷 Why Cryptocurrency is Good

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BK effectively secured and available for
anyone anytime 2009 Bitcoin the world’s first correcto
currency appears this technology decentralized his money and makes it
even more secured today the global financial system has no borders anymore but two and a half billion individuals
still live outside of it these people are called unbanked why don’t they have
access to financial resources in the 21st century what will happen with the
global economy if they get it in what way will it affect the society and the
lives of these people and what is the potential of connecting
unbanked people for business startups and investors today we can provide
opportunities which will change the lives of millions of people
today we can change the whole financial system with our own hands today we see
those opportunities are real and we want you to see them too join humanik challenge and so looking back at their website you
can kind of see that they are specializing in providing accessibility
to capital to emerging countries they talk about what makes it a big thing
connecting the unbanked I’ll go out on a limb and anybody you know that actually
knows that statistic feel free to you know correct me but I’m willing to bet
that there are more people in this world without a bank account then there are
ones with a bank account as crazy as that sounds and here we are in 2018 and
you know two-thirds of the world still doesn’t have access to electricity so
this is a huge need needless to say so again I was mindful
of these guys for a while now and they talk about two billion people don’t have
access to banking half the world right over three billion live less than two
dollars and 50 cents a day this is pretty you know astounding and and all
the blockchain does is provide accessibility to capital if you look
back at that video you’ll see that the one lady had popped the money that the
guy gave her and she held it up to the light and tilted it to make sure it was
valid well we all know what the blockchain you don’t have that risk you
can’t make a counterfeit cryptocurrency once the blockchain has been enabled and
validated across multiple nodes and these guys definitely have that going
for them when we look on their website again they say that they have a global
challenge I thought this was pretty cool to where they actually had a competition
to where different entrepreneurs and project startups submitted their ideas
and I believe they flew them out to Kenya to meet the community that they
were providing these solutions for that they were actually building their
businesses for and this is I believe what the documentary
we’ll be highlighting again that’s very cool that’s the first time I’ve heard of
you know a major cryptocurrency doing something like that and getting on the
ground floor and kind of doing this grassroots marketing initiative to
really empower the people from the ground up this was a quick article on
medium that was posted and this was from Alex Fork CEO of humanik listed on
packer noon and and again it’s really just emphasizing you know the obstacles
of the unbanked and how they’re providing you know new options on the
blockchain right and then they talked about the industry and itself they said
some African countries are seeing four to six percent GDP well what does that
mean one of the things I try to do you guys is not just educate you on the
technical you know analysis part of it but also you know a little bit of macro
micro economics whenever we get the opportunity and so we talk about
emerging markets we talk about GDP what does GDP mean GDP is gross domestic
product essentially if you lined all of the world up you know top to bottom and
measured them dollar for dollar how much output they put out versus how much
input they bring in the GDP is basically that net result ideally it’s positive
and for the world it has to be positive and if we’re gonna keep moving in this
direction once it goes negative that means people are the country itself is
not producing any output or value for the world that’s not a good situation
the higher the number ideally the better and one of the things they talked about
a humanics white paper was the fact that they are focusing on you know Central
America Africa South America and Asia and so when we
click back over we see that these are actually the economies that will benefit
the most from the intrinsic growth of their own GDP it’s as emerging markets
and 2018 this is where we expect to see the economic boosted as a result without
the blockchain so now that we have a blockchain going into these nations
empowering them from the ground up ideally you know that should be a
win-win gross domestic product per capita this is where you start to line
up the big boys averse everybody else and the blue is essentially you know
developed markets these are seasoned markets and they compare the green to
the new markets emerging markets right and you can see right now that the top
five are big dawgs United States England Germany France Spain boom boom boom
but then you have Mexico Brazil Thailand Indonesia right Bangladesh Nigeria
leading the pact coming up behind them Poland right I went out to Poland and
spoke with you know the in – team and you know they literally had cranes right
there building up the land and and one of the reasons they weren’t able to
build it is because they were in I think the the the the country had just taken
him over I think it was like the Cold War you know the wall Stalin wall I
should know my history a little bit better but essentially their whole
economy is just now getting the opportunity to be built because they
were under control of mewn ISM and they weren’t able to build
their own economy for you know the better part of 30 years and so again I
think it’s a very good opportunity to not only get educated but also to get
involved on the ground floor if you’re local you know to that area especially
in South Africa they’re looking for you know cryptocurrency brand managers not
brand managers but kind of like in local people to represent and help get the
word out about humanik so that is an opportunity if you are local to that
area I forget what word they call it but I
thought it was pretty cool you know and then I will be very very interested in
seeing their new movie the new documentary I think that’s really cool
you know if you watch the became cold channel you know that me and my pretty
young thing on the left hand side she’s actually watching a movie right now
she’s an actress and so you know I’m always looking forward to you know new
experiences that happen on the blockchain and you know I appreciate the
community for sharing this one with me as I said I had known about humanik for
quite some time you know and it will be very interesting to see how this turns
out for them I think it’s a great opportunity for the world to really come
together and finally supply a solution for a problem that’s been lingering a
long time and that is accessibility to capital ideally you know in a
decentralized and pro-people solution right I think that’s all why
we’re here to help each other you know stay empowered and stay in profit you
know not only financially but also holistically and health health conscious
as well and that’s what we have to look forward to with humanik so thank you
again for this opportunity we will be back tomorrow with a brand new live
stream own boss of Bitcoin comm it’s been a long three months you know but
I’m gonna come back on the air with a live stream tomorrow thank you for
joining me thank you for your time make sure you like subscribe and share if you
appreciate mine till we meeting here stay cryptic y’all bees

7 thoughts on “5.30.2018 Humaniq Coin Review 🔷 Why Cryptocurrency is Good”

  1. How would this be any different from 'another' coin as such in terms of potentially empowering the unbanked?

  2. Hey BK, nice vid! The concept for the purpose of Humaniq is a good one! Providing access to financial tools and resources to enable people to rise out of impoverishment and into a leveler economic playing field! Keep up the good work!

  3. Great Video Jason, can you please review these privacy projects? DeepOnion vs PivX vs BTCP vs Monero? I would appreciate your feedback on these, thanks!

  4. Thanks for the video! Although not the same but it kind of reminded me of DeepOnion, it was distributed freely to people via 40 long weeks of airdrops from July 2017 to April 2018. It was pretty cool.

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