4 Ways to Invest into CryptoCurrency

today I’m going to talk about four ways to invest in cryptocurrency 2018 this is your first time at our channel or you haven’t subscribed click on the subscribe button at the bottom my name is Travis Sickle CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER with Sickle Hunter Financial Advisors four ways to invest in cryptocurrencies now I was reading an article the other day in a financial magazine that’s that there are two ways to invest in cryptocurrencies I thought there are more let’s go over them there’s four ways four ways that I can think of if there are more leave them in the description at the bottom way number one way number one is probably the easiest way it’s also the newest way but it’s the easiest way to invest if you want to get in on crypto currencies how do you do that invest in ETF there are ETFs that are being created specifically for blockchain investors so what these ETFs do is they’re going out not investing directly in crypto coins or cryptocurrencies or on the blockchain they’re investing in companies that can benefit from them so these are companies that are actively using actively investing in and developing or poised to benefit from crypto currencies so these are the companies like AMD or Intel that are making the chips or you have Nvidia who’s making the actual graphics cards and if you don’t know a lot of the coins need to be mine so basically it’s computer hardware that’s being developed and used for the blockchain so using the ETFs is probably the easiest way to invest if you want to have a position in crypto currencies way number two would be actually buying those individual stocks so if you don’t want to buy everything that’s associated with blockchain or on the blockchain index you can go out and select your own individual stocks and like I mentioned before the companies that are making the chips or that are involved in blockchain there’s a lot of different ways in fact even a lot of the big banks are involved in cryptocurrencies to some degree whether it’s research or actually using certain coins to do transactions they’re being utilized so that’s another way that you can take look at investing in blockchain or cryptocurrencies the third way of course is buying the actual crypto coins you can go out and buy the coins on exchanges there’s an exchange like coin base where you can give them your money or you can ACH from your bank account over to that platform and then you can go out and buy coins you can convert coins from one to the other where you can go out and buy coins and swap them in and out just like you would on the stock market but it’s important to note that these are not even remotely regulated in the same way that stocks are on the exchanges so going out and buying the actual coins is it regulated the same way that other stocks are so you just want to understand that when you’re investing in cryptocurrencies the fourth way the fourth way and probably the most interesting way definitely not the easiest is actually mining it basically you could go out and build one of these mining rigs is what they’re called is there a type of computer with a bunch of graphics cards on them and that’s what’s doing the processing so the same graphics card that might be on your desktop or your laptop which allows you to basically see the screen and see the video those graphics cards are being used to process the transactions or mine for cryptocurrency now you can mine for a lot of different coins the two most notable coins that are being mined is course Bitcoin and aetherium probably the two most well-known coins but there are tons of other coins too actually mine if that’s the route that you’re gonna head now those are the ways to invest in Bitcoin or crypto currencies that’s just the way to do it does it mean what the valuations are does it mean this is a recommendation to do it it’s just understanding what your options are when you’re looking for cryptocurrency exposure this is just pointing out how you can invest in cryptocurrencies or if you want that cryptocurrency exposure in your portfolio of course this is extremely volatile and very difficult if not impossible to evaluate so make sure you’re doing your homework do your research of course these are not recommendations on any method investing in cryptocurrency it’s a highly volatile it’s very difficult to evaluate and we don’t really know where it’s going to be so invest at your own risk if you’ve enjoyed this video be sure to subscribe and leave your comments down at the bottom

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