#35, China part 6, Northern China VW T4 Bus Transporter

We are driving to Ikea, illegally, without our guide. Pssst!!! Hui, sorry! Let´s see how it is! Oh, so relaxing to be alone on the bench her in front. Kittymobil is visiting a SPA. It went already twice through car washing and is still dirty. So they´ve to work manually now. We are now at VW “Das Weltauto”.. .. and searching for a horn! This is the “world car” behind us.. The world travel car! .. and this already for a few kilometers. We travelled from Germany to Beijing and.. .. only the horn is broken. We went to VW in Beijing to get a new horn, but they only wanted to sell it with mounting. That is easy for ourselves. So we went to BWM and they sent us to the … … heaven of car accessories. This is HEAVEN! You can get what ever you want.. Today our compressor broke down. And the horn is broken. In addition we needed winter window cleaner. And then we found plastic screws for car interior lining. By incident we found a cover for our stearing wheel. And now Jan is buying a dash cam. SHOPPING! Now it is time for the forbidden city with thousends of other tourists. Exciting if it works with our preordered tickets. Our guide said it is totally easy .. … we only present our passports to the ticket office. And ZACK we are in! This is a typical chinese fast food restaurant, as usual. Here is the menu! You palce your order.. .. get such a ticket .. .. and have to wait until your number is announced. I do speak chinese. Delicious, delicious,… This is the great wall. Bernd from Beijing gave us this superb tip of going to .. “lakeside wall”. This is a typical great wall bird: “Wall Eagle”! Especially and exclusively only at the great wall. The species is very rare. Let´s go into the wall. I was here already. Ok. Go ahead. 370km left until Erenhot, the border town to Mongolia. Let´s get surprised how… … how the taste of liberty is!

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