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good morning everyone it is February 19 it's that time again for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news and of course today we have more greens but everyone's wondering is this goal sustained or are we going down there's a lot of traders speculating and I'm going to talk about that there's a lot of news that want to talk about but the biggest one the biggest one that came out today is our trading volume 35 billion all right 35 billion worth of Bitcoin and crypto trading has commenced and it has hit a nine-time nine-month high so is this an indication that you know that we're we're ready for the bull run and we're in it right now that we have already hit bottom we passed it and we're on our way to recovery well let's dig deep and talk about that today all right so thanks for tuning guys there's also a lot of good news coming out at a ripple camp and stellar camp and of course by Nance still a lot of excitement over by Nance and their new decks coming out tomorrow and it is high-flying today so today is going to be a jam-packed day guys thanks for tuning in and as always I appreciate your support and I need it so make sure you smash up to life and subscribe to the channel and hit that notification button and those of you guys are ready tuned did as always thanks for thanks for joining and thanks for supporting me all right so let's get started this is the big topic crypto trading volume hits nine-month high at 34 it's actually higher it's actually at 35 billion and it came down a little bit but is nine-month high which is pretty significant since late April 2018 and back then BTC was was way way way higher probably three times as high as we are now and right now what's really happening is the all coins are starting to go up especially the big caps and you can see BTC dominance is starting to come down biddies dominus with 53 54 55 / now it's starting to come down and we have seen a lot of all coins really catch up and you can see the volume besides BTC the volume a lot of these all coins are going up unfortunately tether look at tether tether is almost equivalent to Bitcoin a lot of people are making trades like trades and they're not really holding because they're afraid they're taking stuff out of town they're putting stuff back in but overall the trading volume is is that nine-month high which is pretty significant and so this is one thing that a lot of bulls are looking at not so much bears Bulls are looking at well if we're we're trading so high right this must be a good thing and and I would say overall yes except the fact that tether trading is also an all-time high so I did a 35 billion keep in mind almost ten billion as tether so there are a lot of people that's still being cautious right now and that is the way to play it because you can't just blindly think that we just go go up back to 20,000 you know continuously there will be pull backs right anything anything that goes up will come down and I think there will be a pull back pretty soon and I mentioned that it could be a small pullback doesn't mean that it will go crash back down to 3400 or 3,100 but that is to be expecting that's why a lot of people still rely and stable coins and I'm gonna get to that and another article pretty soon all right so moving on from there other people other traders are looking at indicator signs and one of the things is we passed up 250 moving a May and we also we hit a 48 high so a lot of people are thinking that 5000 will be the next mark well before we get there we got to pass 4,000 we're kind of struggling at that we were close but we didn't really pass 4,000 yet but somehow there's this thing floating around how psychologically there is a 5,000 level that we need to pass especially from eToro there's a this guy named Maddy Greenspan who says there's a psychological and technologists at 5,000 right and they'll represent a more accurate test of this recovers endurance I don't know what it is about 5,000 I mean 10,000 is definitely one 20,000 is definitely one but I don't know about 5,000 but so right now you know a lot of people are thinking if we can do this then that means we have officially began rallying and eat this person whom he Toro says it's 5,000 now other people have said I even saw on the chat other traders think that it's 4,400 we don't know at this point I think first things first we need to pass 4,000 we did that back in January early January we did that we were not able to sustain ourselves so this time around we need to pass 4,000 and then hold above it so this is another person another another another traitor you know it's kind of kind of talking about you amazed moving averages and so forth and and people were speculating yeah so like here bra Votto so the after failing to retake the 50 they may for over three months PTC has blasted through would nearly double the daily volume at any other day 2019 and that was important that's what I mentioned yesterday not so much the EMA but the volume right if you just look at the volume you could see that volume definitely increased alright and here's the 4-hour you could see that volume there's many many bars and they are significantly higher than what we saw weeks ago right the last time we pumped up you can see that it didn't last so long and it fuzzed out that's why once I was for long but right now what we're seeing we're actually seeing sustained volume and it increasing which is a very different very different thing from previous times that we have pumped up so I think the volume shows a lot but you look at RSI right now it does indicate where we're all 90 so we are very overbought which means that we'll probably go be in for some profit-taking or a breather pretty shortly but who knows who knows FOMO kicks in and we can just jump straight up past 4,000 to 4400 we will see what happens all right so why are other traders saying here we go crosses key long-term hurdle for first month the first time in four months another person said we have passed through 200-day moving average first time in 127 days that's a long time long time total growing bullish volume on the 4-hour chart and its highest point in over 10 days the price action has stalled Tuesday as indecision brings the possibility pullback I think I think by now we know there will be a pullback nothing will just go off forever but we have we had a good run we had a pretty good run up 20 plus billion in overall market cap BTC has gone up about 300 points so a slight pullback is to be expected but but I think you know in terms of my mind you know I just talked about for you know 5000 being psychological level I say first things first let's past 4,000 and see if we could hold above that then we can see and make judgment calls and turns up if it's go continue but slight pullback I think is gonna be expected now something else there's not a ta that just a fundamental fact about why bit coin and crypto community or crypto coins will go up is the fact that there's at least six billion sitting on the sidelines and this person argues that $10 in bitcoin is possible without new money because we have at least six billion sitting there and this is because everyone is in disbelief still that we are in a rally remember and that's interesting remember psychology in a market cycle this cheat sheet right capitulation anger depression right and the next phase is disbelief this is a sucker's rally right that is what people are thinking right now and I'm not saying a hundred hundred percent that we are starting to rally however the signs are a bit different and we have a lot of things coming pretty soon as well so it's looking pretty good is looking pretty bullish and most people are still thinking well they're in disbelief they're like this this is a sucker's rally this is a fake out we're gonna go back down so this might be accurate this might be pretty accurate so we'll we'll see but with 6 billion sitting on the sidelines this first argued there's two billions sitting in crypto funds and holding companies 2 billion plus and stable coins I think that's actually 3 billion in stable coins another 2 billion sitting at exchanges silver gauge signature so that's 6 billion on board ready to buy crypto and and this person argue is that 10k is certainly possible with out new money and I agree with that I think that there's just so much money even the three billion from stable points if all that enter the market that will cause significant price increase so so this is something that just fundamentally I don't think it's I don't think it's that big of a surprise but I think some of you guys may not realize how much money is actually just sitting there because everyone's confidence is kind of iffy right now all right so let's move on to other pieces of news ripple all right rip wall I think this is pretty big okay just like how just like how are three started collaboration was swift to test this new quarter settler which settles transactions utilizing XRP are three now made a partnership with insta match global which is a digital network for institutional money market lending okay and because of that there are 50 more banks now that we'll be testing are threes quarter settler and which means that they are testing xrp so the you know a lot of people we're thinking that or is thinking that maybe ripples dead because JPMorgan is releasing their JPMorgan coin and so forth this is why I think no they're nowhere close JPMorgan it's gonna be a private coin to go do their own thing right and to get other people to adopt to it and so forth it's not as easy as it sounds and there's other things where you know what like r3 Swift they are the big players in the game right now right and they're all testing with XRP so I don't think XRP is going away anytime soon so I think this is very very big move a lot of people the biggest criticism for boy is well no banks need to use XRP no banks needs to hold it right but now we're seeing that we're saying yeah maybe they will maybe they will you know just like with Swift they don't have a direct partnership with Swift but they have an indirect partnership with Swift now because of this partnership the r3 so this r3 partnership with ripple is actually pretty huge and we'll see what happens but now we got a ton a ton of banks that's piloting the XRP with our threes cordis settlers so we'll see what comes of this right we just need to have a few of them start utilizing and start buying XRP that could cause a pretty significant price jump now they are not alone right I've covered I've been a big fan of stellar for a long time and that's because of their partnership with IBM IBM has just announced or they Jesse lund you know when I interviewed Jesse lunch he kind of spilled some things he wasn't supposed to and this time around he interviewed someone else yeah I mean he was interview with someone else and he spilled some things he was supposed to but world wire okay IBM world wire is a competitor to rip 1xrp it's a it's a cross-border and payment system it built on top of stellar so the native token will be xlm however he did say that you could choose to use any digital currency but the native one will be exo-m and they are basically announcing that they're onboarding 40 banks okay to to test world wire so this is pretty big just like how you got 50 banks testing out XRP now you got 40 banks that's going to be testing exo-m now this is a good question will block world wire use XRP this could be a possibility because you can't use other currency digital currency within world wire but most likely most likely they will stick with Excel because it's just easier because it's on top of the stellar network but it's a possibility but it does show that IBM is not you know it's in this space the knots go let ripple dominate the space they are go continue execute and then they have a competing product and we'll see what happens this is kind of reason why I'm going to started going up a little bit so this is also pretty good all right moving on you got remember I talked about Amazon right Amazon Ave of America so now Amazon Japan but Amazon America is really you know the worldwide company but Amazon is one of the companies we would like to see open up Bitcoin as a payment right but now the Amazon of Japan rhotuka who bought out by comm and they're they're huge in Japan I don't know how big but they are pretty big they just kind of leaked out that they may be opening up cryptocurrency payments okay they did by exchange called everyone's Bitcoin for 2.4 million last August but there are smaller exchange however now they're talking about so to call there's a long quote we expect the role cryptocurrency based payments e-commerce offline retail and PDP payments will grow in the future in order to provide cryptocurrency payment method smoothly we believe it is necessary for us to provide crypto currency exchange function and have been considering entry into crypto exchange industry as the route to congroo so this is why the Apothic and they feel like they can't take they can't accept cryptocurrency without exchange function so you know you put one two one together seems like they're going down this path they want to build it all in so that people can utilize script of currency to buy things right so I think this is pretty good pretty significant and maybe this is the path the Amazon has it taken right before they cut except it maybe maybe they have to buy their own exchange right there go operate their own exchange or they utilize a partner like bitpay or something but who knows but again this shows adoption is coming and this is one of the reasons why the fundamentals get better right there's a lot of things there's a lot of things that tada 19 guys okay I have stated this time and time again fundamentals but you know I'm showing some TA and some opinions about Tien so for a short term they could be right but long term long term while you guys aren't in it why you guys are holding right is because the fundamentals keep getting better and better this is like I've said my story about 2013-2014 it's nothing like that there was nothing to look forward to back then it is completely different out there's so much to look forward to in 2019 and 2020 so totally different landscape alright last two pieces of news bit main I just talked about the gold released or new miner starting I think this month this month and it's supposed to be 28% more efficient or whatever but they have just announced that they lost five hundred million dollars in q2 q3 of 2018 and you would figure q3 was better than q4 so in q4 they're probably gonna announce when that comes out that to go lose seven hundred fifty million a billion dollars in q4 so the fact that they can still survive this it's pretty pretty amazing to lose five hundred million in a single quarter and we're not talking about a company that that's like Mike sighs right you can have like a company that's worth 100 billion dollars they come out yeah they lose 500 million and a quarter that's okay we're talking about comedy that probably has 1/2 billion of cash on hand and losing that much in a single quarter this is how you go bankrupt really fast so we'll see what happens most likely the IPO is dawn day or not even they have no one's gonna be investing in it so we'll see what happens with bit Maine if they can survive if they can survive all right lastly bit go because of what happened with quadriga and how changes basically if they go belly-up there's no insurance that that can cover this kind of thing right now right and all of you guys that have your Kryptos on exchange basically your goal lose out so–but go is trying to change that they're actually security companies which is kind of interesting so they're going off for a hundred million dollars in crypto insurance through Lloyd's of London and I don't know how they pull it off but and I don't know how you apply but they go offer at least a hundred million dollars now in Quadra God's case it was more it was like a hundred and sixty million so I wouldn't cover it completely but if you are smaller exchange or at least if you're even bigger change you can at least get something a hundred million so I don't know how I don't know how like why Mason Gemini does it because they do offer it but mostly it's for Fiat that you keep on there but they say they will cover a crypto 2 but up to a certain amount and I don't know how they do it but this is another company is offering insurance for these exchanges and hopefully they're paying attention right we continuously hear about a changes being hacked and now we're hearing like founders dying and losing the private key and so forth stuff like that just it's just outrageous after the fact right when things are working no one questions it after the fact you hear about this kind of stuff you're like just what the heck that are doing alright so that's it for the news taking a look a hundred 135 billion so we're still sitting pretty most things are in green by Nance coin I mentioned a lot because this was to be expected there Dex is coming out and they also have I what is it a new ICO coming out Felix AI like Anna in a week or so so it's to be expected their goal go up a lot of excitement about that but you have stellar that's going up significantly because of the news with world wire ripple didn't go up as much but they did a little bit because of their new party this new r3 partnership but overall I think things are in the green I think people are kind of iffy about what we're gonna do are we go go are we gonna go higher or our week I'll come back down I think a breather is to be expected but you look at the volume the volume is increasing and we are slowly going up not like a sudden pump like this so I think that's pretty pretty significant and it means that it's more sustainable as well but first things first let's get past 4,000 before getting too excited alright alright guys that's it let's turn it back to you guys for some Q&A Jake thank you for that there's actually two Jakes both of you guys any of news with litecoin well you missed I don't know if you missed it from last week like why now is confidential payments and I had a video about it which is why I searched up 30% but since that nothing but they're still holding very well almost 250 dollars right now around 48 so overall still pretty good remember Charlie called you know like point down to $20 and it was close it hit like 21 something and that may be the bottom we may never see that again so so it says anyone try to import a critical transaction TurboTax wall does not work unless you use the new online version of premiere well that's interesting tip that's interesting too Raul asks you think price will go back down I think well we'll have a pullback well have a breather I don't know to how how low but I think it's to be expected because we have seen pretty significant rally but I think we're gonna this because I think the signs are showing that we are we are in a different scenario it looks different it looks different plus the fundamentals like I said keeps getting better and don't forget fidelity they're gonna come out there custody services pretty soon we're talking about March so there's a couple weeks right Nasdaq has come in there and I see so there's a lot of things coming next one too seedy dogs hang on a scale one to ten how hard did you get rekt where one is the lowest and 10 is the highest if it was ten I wouldn't be doing these streams anymore and because I'll know I mean I would have to find a job and I I still don't so so I would say compared to before I got to crypto I'm at a1 but compared to my all-time high probably a six you know so it depends how you look at it because compared to my situation before I got into crypto I'm light years ahead so and that was only you know two and a half years ago to two and a half years ago so it really depends if you want to look at something glass half-full or half-empty what if a Dalek creates its own coin like JP emits they could but it makes no sense fidelity fidelity is more their asset manager they hold assets for people so really no reason why they would do that and they hold virtual assets but I mean there's a possibility when whenever money's moving around it could it could happen but that's where I argue someone like SRP can still be used for exchanging between these coins even though there might be privacy coins you still need something to trade them so that's why even they do something like XRP doesn't mean I'll go away stellar was massive today yep that's because their world wired news that came out we're nice yeah LTC Anna in a year I don't know it depends like overall and a year prediction if we can have a good sustained rally and I'm talking about within the next few months March April May we start coming back up and we hit 6,000 once again and every time let's say we hit 4,000 5,000 6,000 we start going back up I would say if we could hit 6,000 in a short period of time I would say we could hit 10,000 done pretty soon and possibly go up as high as 15 or 20,000 by the end of the year because right now to be frank it's early it's February and we could definitely definitely start moving up in a big way I just showed you guys six billion at least sitting on the sidelines and this doesn't even cover new money this is existing money that's in there right then you add in effect maybe another six to ten to twenty billion comes in from institutional investors right maybe the ETF gets approved and backs Bitcoin futures also brings in more money and custody services on fidelity can bring in more money right you had all that in hitting all-time highs or hitting at least 20,000 in the year is not unreasonable but we do need to start that rally first so that's why I said let's see what happens over the next few months can we break four dollars in a hole can we break five thousand hold and can we get back to 6,000 where we used to be before the whole Bitcoin SP shenanigans started happening I'm not that big of a fan of litecoin all right I'm Neutron litecoin so I'm a much bigger fan of Bitcoin compared to like coin and some of these other ones in a big caps right now like like sir peo stellar Tron Finance coin these are all ones I've been talking about for a long time yeah t max it just wait until big Matt a big money phone will send yes well mogo's football does not discriminate retail festers and institutional investors they all do it so that is true any chance of buying BTC under 3,500 guys yeah there's a chance to buy a 3100 I would say very very little chance in my opinion to buy a 3,500 it could it could you know it could come again let's say right now whatever we're seeing right now let's say it's a fake out and we drop back down to 3,600 then we could go to 3,500 pretty quickly and we were just there three days ago I saw we were at 35 50 you know so it could happen but right now the signs are showing that that's different it's different even the TA side they're different we're breaking all these moving averages the trading volume is huge right and then you look at the fundamentals and there's getting better you got a lot of a lot of things coming tron alls yes these are waiting – they're all waiting yes I mean these are all waiting to break out a lot of these companies are continuing to execute and they're promising I mean they're delivering what they're promising and they will be the ones that come out much stronger much stronger once we get past the script of winter I love your name I'm wrong you're right because that bad is gonna have a huge year 2019 I believe once they open up incentives to view ads I think that'll be a pretty big thing why use Bitcoin if you couldn't if you can create your own look Venezuela I don't know some people argue this is just my opinion but I view Bitcoin as an interim like coin if you want to use it I know lightning know we're coming adoption coming up and stuff and it's growing but in my opinion why people hold Bitcoin it's not through use it's gonna be a store of value I think interim there can be use cases for Bitcoin but overall I think why the values go increase is because it's limited there's a finite supply and it becomes the ultimate store value that's that's the reason now I think other things can overtake Bitcoin you know with the Lightning Network you can definitely utilize something like litecoin to utilize it even Excel M is is looking into Lightning Network right so there's a lot of things out there a lot of cryptids out there that could be used as a day-to-day transaction currency it doesn't have to be Bitcoin Steve Steve Jones has our saw you found a try I am because of their BitTorrent acquisition i think justin justin is his hat just as his flaws but he he is a marketing machine and he's keeping people informed and excited about the potential of tron and BitTorrent and so forth and that is why Tron is still a top ten coin and that's why someone like neo which used to be the poster child for a Chinese company has fallen to number 17 and that's the difference between someone like Justin and so unlike da I think this is first named da do you think gift Oh can recover I hope so you know I still see them executing the problem is I've always said gift Oh needs to get some celebrity endorsements and I don't know if they have any celebrity because there was rumors about Kylie Jenner and moving the gift oh and I haven't seen that but if they can get some celebrities to get on there and start virtual gifting that will really help them so you know I haven't checked done to coin in a while where is that a coin yes it dropped out of top 100 her now at 21 million that's still probably 19 million is too much I'm still waiting for dad to coin to fall sub 10 million Jake I don't see why people don't get B TT be a lot of people say it has no use case there is a use case first of all right now you think about it there is no incentive for people to to host a node and to torrent or be a host to some torrent file so there's no incentive for that you can do it if you wanted to do it but let's say you know what like someone asks you hey can you can you put up some file right there is no incentive for you to do so B TT will give you incentive because you will be paid for hosting something so that is an incentive right so that's part of thing the centrai storage decentralized distribution you will get paid by running a node and doing those things so that's a use case already now if you are some company or you are user right so I'll give you an example like I used to play a game called Starcraft 2 and every time there's a large update or if you need to download the game itself we're talking about gigs of downloads right they use a torrent system to get you the file it's not like a direct download you could see it's like a torn exist amor you're down from everyone else that has it I don't know the utilized BitTorrent but maybe they do but if you were impatient person and you wanted to get that torn faster okay you can also pay BTT to get that done so that is another use case and same thing Justin also wants to utilize video streaming for it this is the same concept as theta right if you're a content creator you get paid in BTT you can also as a as a Content viewer you can tip people with BTT as well so there's a lot of use cases so I don't get why people all don't get it it's just that it's it's not done it's gonna take a while but there's a lot of use cases for BTT BitTorrent Jake bit torn it's still free it'll always be free but there's incentives to do stuff right just like I said there's no incentive for you to actually be sharing something or for you to store something that is incentive you're getting paid for it right just like what brave is doing or basic attention token is doing all ads for consumers free you could view as much ads as you want you're not gonna get paid for it but what Braves with beat I should say bats new system you get paid for viewing ads so just because something's free does it mean that it can't be improved upon or Santa buys so that's the thing why not have one trillion supply there's a lot of coins with it right if you want to make it very very cheap you have a huge supply look at kid look at this supply what is that 10 trillion supply and Kim is from kick-a reputable reputable app company so some people want to keep things low and that's just how it is can be be can be TT be used like store storage cloud yes that's one of the things Justin said decentralized storage so they're competing with storage and also SIA coin too so they're Justin's gonna make BitTorrent compete with a lot of these crypto companies out there so whether or not they can execute that is too early to say right now but there's a lot of big plans for it you never know Jake you never know warriors does not go down they're not warriors is too strong too strong all right guys I think that's pretty much it I guess people still don't really understand be TT all coin daily actually told me to make a video about I guess people just don't understand I think people only concentrate on this supply port I mean the the distribution part but there's also a lot and so one just munch on as mentioned about VPN they also talked about using a proxy service so you can utilize that right you can pay BTT to utilize proxy service across beat bt BitTorrent that is a possibility also paying for decentralized storage that is also possibility and to get faster downloads that's a possibility so there's a lot of things in in place so maybe I should make a separate video about it because it seems like a lot of people are confused I'll about the potential and now I'm not saying that it can do it right away but there there's the potential of it which is why I'm excited about it and I'm excited about trying overall all right let's wrap up overall overall the topic of for the main topic of today is the trading volume now one thing you got a note that Heather almost takes about 10 billion of that but that's okay because 10 billion that could be people taking money out it's Heather and put to kryptos but the fact that trading mom has nine month high this is pretty significant one of the signs that maybe the worst may be over and we are go start our rally filing because this is the worst crypto winter we have seen in terms of the the length of time and the percentage you know the percentage drop is about the same as before but it's about it's about time that we get out of it right and the fundamentals are go improve vastly this year not only from investment side but also from adoption we still have Lightning Network going up a lot we have reports so we're like run to Kin opening up crypto payments right and maybe who knows amazon follows behind that and plus we have other things in play I mentioned today like ripple and stellar both getting banks to test out their products so overall fundamentals get much better this year so let's see what happens I would say let's pass 4,000 first and then we could talk about whether or not this is sustainable but right now if we take a breather it would not surprise me because of how much we've gone up however with the volume still being high and increasing you know we could see a we can see this thing continue to go up so only time will tell alright guys thanks for tuning in make sure you smash up the likes and subscribe the channel of you're new and tune in tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. Central Standard Time alright take care guys bye bye

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