$30,000 Bitcoin In 2019, Ethereum Banking, Central Bank Warning, SEC Forum & Bitcoin Price Tumble

hello everybody welcome back for another video hope you all doing well and that you are all having a great day before we start I do apologize if I sound a bit frazzled or annoyed I have a very bad headache I don't know if it's sinuses pollen I have no idea what it is but I woke up with a headache and it's not too nice anyway without further ado let's jump right into it the co-founder at Hong kong-based blockchain investment firm known as kinetic has predicted that bitcoin will rally as high as thirty thousand dollars by the end of 2019 kinetic capital's jahaan Chu provided his stance on major issues around Bitcoin in an interview with Bloomberg Markets Asia published on the 28th of May according to Chu Bitcoin will continue its bullish direction along with the aggressor – crypto market in 2019 due to three main factors including the drive of mass adoption by global Giants such as Facebook JP Morgan Rakuten and fidelity who have recently turned their interest towards cryptocurrency I know a lot of people don't care for the fact that JP Morgan and Facebook have expressed their interest in getting into the cryptocurrency space but it is very significant that we have in today's situation where a currency Bitcoin that is only ten years old has captured the imagination and the greed of other major companies that there are right now around the world who are so interested or rather they are trying to make sure that they try and get a slice of the Bitcoin pie because it is fairly certain at this point if you don't understand why Facebook JP Morgan and fidelity have gone into crypto currencies just because across the wider market a lot of analysts like we may not even get a lot of news like this but this is why I say that sometimes people should definitely be listening to a cryptocurrency podcast there are very few of them a lot of them are very like high P and they really don't even have like proper information like there was one of them it was like three guys drinking beers they talked about crypto by the end of it they were all completely wasted and you really couldn't keep up with what they were saying anyway the point is the amount of interest that's behind the scenes in the amount of analysis that people are actually doing as to the future price of where Bitcoin and crypto currencies could be this is why we here a lot of people are these major entities trying to get into it so while we may not care for them getting into it it does help to promote cryptocurrency adoption because there are than other people who realize okay Facebook and JPMorgan using crypto currencies oh that's very interesting I remember this cryptocurrency Bitcoin that sounds really cool and then they say the price of Bitcoin going up and then they start buying it to Bitcoin and then when they have Bitcoin their friends stop buying it's a Bitcoin so it does help for the adoption in the long term but I know it does a ruffle a few feathers when we do talk about them choo added that his bullish prediction is also based on the suggestion that the crypto industry could become a better text ori that is sought by global investors after what he calls the disappointments around uber and lifts IPOs yeah I'm not gonna even get into that one finally the expert points about the upcoming Bitcoin having a process of dividing the number of generated rewards per block in order to maintain the total supply of Bitcoin which he notes has previously pushed a bitcoins price higher he said a combination of these three factors I think will really see us getting from where we are now to $30,000 per Bitcoin there's a lot of stuff happening over the last couple of like day and a half or two days and I'm gonna get to it slowly as we go through the video but there's really and I'm it's it's it's like a it's like you see a hand coming towards your face to smack you and then you wonder if it's actually gonna smack and then to smash you directly in the face like there's something so obvious that's happening in the cryptocurrency industry right now and it reminds me that I have to if you think I was bullish before just wait to see me next time and also that I just want people to kind of pay attention to exactly what's happening in the space the amount of price predictions that we're getting I know a lot of people don't care for price predictions I know no one can dictate or say exactly what the cryptocurrency space is going but when we have a number of people this is not the first time that we've heard in over thirty thousand dollars by the end of this year we're getting anywhere from depending on how far you want to go 30 to $100,000 by the end of this year and also within the next year or year and a half not even like two and a half years we're getting quarter of a million to a million dollar Bitcoin prices and it's it's causing this huge energy rush massive panic behind the scenes that I think a lot of people just simply don't pay attention to maybe because they aren't as into crypto currencies as I don't wanna say they should be maybe as much as they want to be maybe they have other things going on in their life which is totally fine we you know not everyone can be as into crypto currencies as I can I mean it kind of absorbs the entirety of my life anyway we'll get into more stuff as we end up going on but let's continue next up big four accounting giant Deloitte is testing its new aetherium based data management platform with three Irish banks the Institute of banking or the IOB Bank of Ireland AIB Ulster Bank and Deloitte are collaborating and development developing a new financial services industry education platform based on blockchain technology the new platform is a first in the European financial services industry and will support the verification tracking direct access to and management of regulatory and other professional designations education qualifications and lifelong learning cadential the platform is designs who lead to lower cost and reduce risk throughout the banking industry while this may not be the most exciting thing that I've ever read the points to bring home here is that etherium is being built on by a lot of mega institutions and I think a lot of people get confused as far as like well they're not using the ether token well they're not so and so and so but they're building their entire infrastructure on this and this is not the first time that we've heard of something like this I think this is probably the second and/or third time that within the European economic zone area that another of institutions or banks are building on top of the etherium protocol to be able to manage exactly what's going on we see a lot of I don't usually talk about it because I don't really care to talk about soybeans on this channel but there are a lot of companies around the world and like like Walmart II type things that you know really big stores and farmers and stuff like that who are actually writing their information and not laws but other protocols whatever the case might be on top of e3 them to be able to track things on a blockchain they're choosing aetherium to be able to track their stuff as is going around the world and this is also another major big thing as well I don't know if they're using aetherium but I know that the people from louboutin MOA Hennessey have announced that they're also going to be using blockchain to be able to track where their bags are where they're going how they're transferred who actually owns what and if the verification number inside of the bags is so and so and so and so this is becoming a very big thing but the interesting point to take home is that it's usually being built on top of aetherium which also then ties into the entire thing that we had before with the enterprise-d theorem Alliance comprised of hundreds of companies who are going to be using aetherium and they actually are using aetherium which then gives me the eye that ëthere iam is not going anywhere and why I continue to remain bullish on the etherium palette form next up encrypted instant messaging service known a telegram has officially released a test client for telegram open network or ton according to a recent email to investors the archive of files available for download on test dot ton dot org is a distribution of a preliminary version of the ton blockchain network light client along with the relevant portions of the tong blockchain library according to the readme information file the development is a simplified stable version of the light client only 25th of May a github a user's seemingly uploaded a version of the client per the readme file on github the client if configured properly connected to a full node on the ton network test net and send some queries to it apart from the light client itself users can also install a configuration file for smart contract developments which connect to light client to a special server users thus can start creating new smart contracts so on and so forth you can do this you can do that amazing amazing amazing I was listening to a podcast yesterday and they were explaining why they think the release of the the Kin cryptocurrency on on the kick platform and also the telegram blockchain are very significant it's because rather when it comes down to being able to send value around the world this is part of the reason why they've gotten into it don't be fooled or surprised or think otherwise that these companies are getting into the cryptocurrency space because they don't want to make money they're doing it because they're trying to corner a session of the market the same exact way that Facebook and the other big banks are also trying to do when they talk about adding a bank digital cryptocurrency what have you but was really interesting to notice is that these are also block chains that are being released that are trying to they don't say so explicitly but the entire point of these block chains is that they are claiming to or that they will be able to handle such an enormous amount of transactions per second that people believe that they could also try to also become major smart contract platforms and/or build video games on top of their systems as well because the main idea is once again I think I said this yesterday as well is that in the future people will use blockchain seamlessly won't even know that they're using blockchain but the way to do that the easiest way is to kind of get to have a like an email system some type of a messaging system where you're actually using the block channel using the token that's underlying on top of that blockchain or even if you're just using something like video games and they were explaining Ike ember which which which podcast it was it might have been from The Wall Street Journal they had something recently I don't know if this is the exact one but they had one it was the Wall Street Journal and it was something about blockchain they were talking about it was it was a very odd thing and I'm glad that the person who they were discussing it with who was you know level-headed and knew exactly what he was talking about the discussion kind of came down to that uh no one's really using the DAPs on EOS or on Tron or any theory maybe they have a couple hundred people per day and the guy was like yeah well it took Apple and everybody else about a good twenty to thirty years to really get their programs together they were trying to build the same exact things that are being built on blockchain right now in the in the late 80s and early 90s to get people to play these video games and to play on their systems and no one was really doing it because it just wasn't a normal amount it wasn't an enormous amount of awareness and this is why it comes down to why I still am regardless of what's happening with the SEC I'm still relatively strongly bullish that the price of Ken eventually will go up the same exact thing with the ton token whatever they end up calling it is because they are finding different ways to be able to use this in it's no longer a situation of trying to figure out how to onboard 500 people 2,000 people to your platform to actually use your cryptocurrency you ought to use your token it comes down to the fact that these platforms already have millions tens of millions 100 million people on their platform if you kind of release something that says hey you get five of these for free send these to your friend and everyone's sending this money back and forth and eventually people start accumulating them playing video games where you actually get these things for free this this leads us into the world where blockchain becomes mainstream because people using it without even realizing that they're using it and using the crypto currencies that are being created whatever on a daily basis it's very interesting to see this should apparently be coming out soon I think they're their deadline was Halloween yeah let's move on next up this is a good one the president of Germany's central bank the Deutsche Bundesbank the baby calf has worn the central banks about the potential risks of introducing digital currencies this was reported by Reuters on the 29th of May yen's vitamin baby cow president and chairman of the board of the Bank for International Settlements or the BIS reportedly claimed that the adoption of digital money could potentially destabilize the financial system during periods of crisis German economists explained that easy access to digital currencies could accelerate a collapse of lenders while it would fundamentally change the business model of banks even in a good economic environment I'm gonna try and get back to that in one second vitamin also argued that easy access to digital money can potentially lead to increased volatility which would negative negatively affect central banks in terms of balance sheets the Deutsche Bundesbank is part of the European system of central banks and is reportedly the most influent entrant of the organisation due to its former size the bank is purportedly the first central bank to acquire full independence resulting in the name Bundesbank motto for its form of a central bank the Bundesbank model is reportedly used by the european central bank as a basis for the entire euro system this is now I don't know if if what they're doing could be considered hate the word but it's a good it's a good shortening of FUD this is the third or fourth country that we've heard from in the last week and a half or two weeks we just heard from Russia about a day or two ago where they're economists and the heads of these banks are there so and so and so are now coming forward with this these grim warnings as to exactly what could happen with crypto currencies the one that we had from Russia was they pretty much had the exact same thing they were afraid of normal people gaining access to crypto currencies because more people would eventually choose to use those crypto currencies and it would destabilize the economy of Russia this kind of comes in that down to the exact same thing the the the issuance of or the easy getting miss of crypto currencies that we have right now is a very big problem for a lot of people around the world and it's mainly down to the current institutions that we have I think is very interesting when I'm sure they do this on purpose you can't really even negative news sometimes can be you know good news negative air quotes if more television shows news outlet started talking about cryptocurrency even in a negative light the negativity eventually dissipates and people only know exactly what they were talking about before rather they they don't see it in it as much of a negative light especially if you hear about Bitcoin every single day on the news and it's always negative and eventually about a year and a half later you hear that someone has made money in Bitcoin you yourself then go okay maybe I should start buying that as well because I also want to make money governments cannot stop someone was asking me this before if governments can stop a Bitcoin you can ban Bitcoin all you like bitcoin is banned in 7 8 9 countries around the world but people still have access to it because because the internet and this is just how things are so when I was talking about over here why we get these really crazy prices and predictions it's because that banks around the world already seeing the implications of them not really taking this seriously many years ago I spoke about that a couple of weeks ago where there was a situation in 2000 someone wrote and I and III thought it was incredible that they wrote this they said they wrote this you know a couple weeks ago and they said in 2011-2012 if banks and higher institutions or whatever had really taken Bitcoin seriously for what it was going to be because at that point we had a lot of people talking about bitcoins gonna take over the world bitcoins gonna hit 10,000 dollars when they Bitcoin is gonna do so and so so Bitcoin is gonna blah blah blah and everyone's like yeah ok like when we get when we started talking about a Bitcoin price of $100,000 people were talking about that in 2011-2012 and they said of banks and institutions had taken that seriously they could have dismantled the entire Bitcoin network because they were barely I was a barely a hundred thousand people on the network you could have easily initiated a 51% attack or something just like to destroy the entire Pitt coin network you could have implemented code if you wanted to whatever the case might be did kind of dismantle the entire network but as they have not paid attention to it and they did not pay attention to even when prices went up to $20,000 in 2017 they came down to the fact that prices were going down they were like okay we don't have to issue any so and so we don't need any rules or regulations on these things because a cryptocurrency space is dying for some reason they're in their own little world where they only think that their system is going to continue lasting forever and that's not how things are going to be it's it's impossible at this point Bitcoin unstoppable unstoppable eeee unstoppable so when we get news like this I think it's very important to pay attention to it because once again I think a lot of people regardless of how much you might hear some people still lose focus of exactly what all this is about we are going to have a system where the old way of banking I don't believe that banks are going to die completely I think it's completely impossible we will always have a world where people will desire some type of a banking system to be able to hold their money there's no situation in this world right now if someone has a tenth of a Bitcoin Bitcoin goes up to ten million dollars and they have a million dollars that they're gonna want to put that into their drawer under their bed or I'll even leave that on to the computer people just have this mentality that we've grown up with for the last couple of hundred years to use a bank what's gonna happen is is that banks are going to have to change their models and this is why I thought it was also very interesting that we see a lot of other banking institutions who are also now getting other getting into Bitcoin or are building on top of etherium or even the one that we had before was Visa and MasterCard who they were talking to Facebook or every when we get these other banks around the world who are like talking and integrating X R P X rapid or even X Current onto their platforms because it kind of comes down to the fact that when we live in a world rather we already live in a world where payments can be sent instantly and very very cheap you have to change your business model because no one's gonna start using you anymore and this is why we're seeing a lot of the major industry leaders starting to come forward and talking about yeah you know yeah we also we also think blockchain is cool let's implement it ourselves if we didn't have crypto currencies that we didn't have Bitcoin if they had destroyed Bitcoin years ago they could care less about allowing you and your family and your friends to save money as you're sending money around the world I mean if I try to send money from where I am to any other place in the world the International payment banking fees are terrible absolutely horrible usually like both sides of the party have to end up paying fees as well but when you send encrypt any other crypto currency especially ones that have like the transaction fees are like a tenth of a cent even sending even if you send Bitcoin and you're trying to send for instance one hundred thousand US dollars through Bitcoin in Bitcoin and your transaction fees are a dollar fifty nine that the bank's can't match that and they won't match that this is where we get that talk about the the collapse of the former economic world that we have and this is this is going to happen very quickly and I think it's going to I mean it's not gonna happen overnight it's gonna happen over the course of a two to three-year period we're gonna live in a very different world I've experienced it I'm pretty sure you've experienced it as well when you enter crypto for even a week and you realize that you can send money to your friend in Mongolia in Japan in like three four five seconds without any delay and they get that money and they can send it right back to you or like whatever the actual case might be you realize that the banking and current system that we have right now is just complete garbage it's it's it's it just should not be an actual thing so I'm expecting a bit of an acceleration of many banks around the world we're going to be coming forward to talk about that they believe that either crypto currencies are a mistake I'm pretty sure you've also seen a lot of the there was that congressman I think who said that he thinks that Bitcoin should be banned I love sentences like that because they don't really understand exactly that you can't ban Bitcoin you can to destroy Bitcoin you can't stop Bitcoin at this point is just say how the protocol works like you know every single day that Bitcoin stays alive the stronger the actual model gets when we end up having a situation where Bitcoin is already this big it's already almost indestructible imagine how large the actual network will be in two to three years when we have I think we have like it's estimated anywhere between 30 to 50 million people or on the Bitcoin network imagine when we have around a billion people it's going to be completely unstoppable anyway I love news like this I'm pretty sure we're gonna have a lot more news like this look forward to your local bank eventually either issuing their own cryptocurrency or talking about that they're going to be using some other type of big cryptocurrency system I think the largest nail in the coffin for them will be that they have to announce that they are basing their prices on Bitcoin or that they're using Bitcoin as some type of collateral or that the day themselves are also buying a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is that's kind of the next step I mean we have a very huge step before us but we've already come you know they're already thousands of steps beneath us that we've already walked up because it was a long journey to get here but I think it's indicative of where we are going when we have major institutions talking about when you talk about something when banks are talking about digital currencies specifically it's because they fear them and this is where their fear lies right now because they know that they have waited too long and they have kind of missed the boat let's move on next up at a frost moment for government industry relations u.s. Rea that this was very interesting for those of you who weren't listening before please listen to this at a fraught moment for government industry regulations or relations US regulators and cryptocurrency insiders are sitting down for a meeting the Securities and Exchange Commission or the SEC will convene its first FinTech forum on Friday at the agency's headquarters in Washington DC discussing a range of issues related to digital assets and distributed ledger technology the speaker roster includes a dozen legal financial and technical experts as well as several key SEC officials yet while some see an opportunity to air the industry's concerns and get a better understanding of the SEC s perspective the forum comes at a time when some major crypto firms are taking a more aggressive tack most notably crypto startup known as circle there they're headed by I believe oh gosh course not remember the name it's not JP Morgan Chase is one of the other major banks I had it right on the tip of my tongue and now it's gone anyway Goldman Sachs yeah circle is headed by Goldman Sachs said this month it had laid off 30 of its employees blaming an increasingly restrictive regulatory climate in the United States as a factor in a subsequent blog post circle said the SEC at the very least had issued confusing if not contradictory guidance the firm said in a speech last year by director William Hinman which emphasized decentralization as a key factor in determining whether a token is a security and a more recent framework which did not mention decentralization at all messaging platform kick has also recently made headlines with five million dollar fund to defend crypto from regulatory overreach the crowdfunding campaign which includes and sounds you can donate blah blah blah blah blah the regulator's sent kick ass all Caldwell's notice in November 2018 notifying the company that the SEC staffers believed it violated securities laws when it raised ninety eight million dollars in a token sale for its caine cryptocurrency kick CEO ted livingston has said that the company spent about five million dollars communicating with the regulator since then circle kik and others say a lack of clarity from the SEC about what is and what is not a security is hurting the industry and holding back innovation in the United States but it does not appear as though this uncertainty will be resolved on Friday given the lineup and agenda not to mention legal limits on what the SEC can do so without reading any further because it kind of continues going on it's going to be a very interesting Friday I assume sometime later during the day when this meeting has concluded I assume it will be filmed and or spoken about it there will be people who will be able to relay the news to us as to exactly what happened this is going to be very interesting because it's gonna be the SEC in a room with people who are Pro crypto and I assume I don't think tensions will boil over I assume people will be relatively professional about it but it's something that I mentioned last year I said the u.s. is for some reason not taking cryptocurrency seriously everyone keeps talking about how they want to rule over and regulate crypto currencies but no one's giving any information as to exactly what's happening and now we're entering a situation in the cryptocurrency space where people are planning on pushing hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars into the cryptocurrency space I'm gonna make another video after this video and explain to you exactly how crazy the cryptocurrency space is getting because I still think people don't get it there's a really crazy stuff happening behind the scenes I'm expecting something to boil over because a lot of people it's no longer little money getting into this is now major corporations who have who expected in 2018 for the SEC to give them some type of clarity so that they're able to actually launch or list their thing if we even have the people from the New York Stock Exchange we even noted they said it out loud they were like can someone please get it together because they planned on launching their thing last November that's a long time to plan on launching something and have the CFTC go okay well you know well we'll clarify all this in 30 days it's it's basically June like they're they're taking so long and they're losing so they're they're making the industry within the United States lose so much money because they I'm trying to choose the nicest words I'm trying not to I'll use profanity or anything like that but it's it's it's it's far too much at this point they know that what they're doing is is lazy it taking their time because they're used to the old system this is this is what when I talk about the speed of cryptocurrencies it's not just the transaction speeds it's also the actual movement of the entire cryptocurrency space like the cryptocurrency space within the rest of the world isn't how waiting for regulators within the United States like it means nothing to the rest of the world what the SEC and CFTC say about what's happening in Europe in Africa in South America in Asia and arnica if you want to throw that in there as well so I don't assume this will be very one-sided I think a lot of people will ask explicitly and I said this about a month ago when we had news that this meeting was going to happen or that this event was going to happen I think people finally just asked what constitutes a security give us a list of exactly what needs to be done because we've had two SEC officials come forward say what one thought was a security another one contradicted him there was some paper that was put out that said that decentralization has to be a main factor ie the nodes that you and your company owned have to be less than he knows that are actually publicly available they really something else there was no mention of decentralization at all it was something completely different so at some point they will have to do something but I've lost all hope for any type of movement from the SEC or the CFTC any time soon and I mean that and this is very detrimental I'm expecting if not if by the end of this year we don't have any type of movement from the SEC or CFTC you'd better believe we're gonna have a couple of major cryptocurrency platforms companies industries pack up and leave and go to Europe like everybody else it at this point there's a reason why all these other places aren't like based in the US it's because of them taking too long so I think when it mainly comes down to is that people want to figure out because when you sell these things you have to like know the the tax implications if by the end of the year you are a huge company and you made 100 million dollars off their trading selling so and some cryptocurrencies am I being taxed as a commodity am I being taxed as if I was selling buying and trading property like the IRS says how am I going to be taxed on this how like what exactly is going to happen like no one is I don't know it's very frustrating and it's a little annoying but hopefully we if nothing else if nothing else is clarified I hope that someone at least screams at them or gets a little rowdy because it's it's very sad what's happening and um yeah I mean anyway let's move on to kind of finish things up for those who don't know what happened yesterday Bitcoin ended up moving up in price and hit $9,100 and then suddenly air quotes as large as I can possibly make them fell back down and slam down I think I found $500 and then eventually selling pressure ended up getting Bitcoin to Ronnie he was like 8,000 $78 somewhere around there it's currently up a little bit more than that and where we were before a lot of businesses this is my opinion you if you've watched my videos before you know how I am what I think I'm a little annoyed at the cryptocurrency space and kind of is what it is is it's two things pick one was expected to break past $9,000 this week that was that was pretty much a given I want to say a lot of people are expecting that what happened and what continues to happen is is that there are so many people and I don't know who these people are I'm at this point I probably will never meet them I don't care to be their friends they're a lot of analysts and other crypto youtuber channels who are so desperate to be correct for prices to actually go down I think it's causing an enormous amount of people in the cryptocurrency space to actually be afraid and have sell orders at certain prices just so that they don't get burned but was in it's causing this really weird snowball effect Bitcoin was going to hit 9,000 Paul back was expected this exact this has had this happens all the time every single time that Bitcoin either has been going back up or has been even hitting monumental amounts even on our way up from 900 to 20,000 dollars every time we hit something significant we pulled back a little bit in price but what's happening is is that every single time that Bitcoin pulls back in price a lot of really weird articles like even if I scroll down to the end of this time around here it says the fact that Bitcoin quickly reversed effecting negative effect effectively negating upwards pressure has some worried that's a lie no one's worried if you're actually looking at the actual fundamentals of what's happening in the cryptocurrency space how many people are actually into Bitcoin this is why exactly why I'm going to make the next video like right now and then upload it eventually at some point in the very very very near future I don't like III don't get it everyone hmm to many people in the cryptocurrency space you know remember when we had in 2017 that entire you know we had about a good 300 hype channels everyone talking about yet kryptos gonna hit the script is gonna go so and so that's been morphed into this like really weird world where all the new cryptocurrency channels are just talking about negative price and influences or what's gonna happen negative you know man prices are going to high I think prices are gonna dip guys did you see the price go up my under cater tells me that price is gonna go down and it's like where you where where where where where are you getting these indications from who who exactly is feeding this stuff to you and I see a lot of people on my Twitter as well writing sometimes or it's sending me messages talking to me whatever they're telling me so and so said the price is gonna go down right the same exact people who told you that prices were gonna go down we're also the same exact people that told you Bitcoin was gonna hit 800 1200 2200 when it was floating around three thousand dollars there's not one person out there who thought when Bitcoin was at six thousand dollars that it was going to drop down to three thousand two hundred because of Bitcoin cash Satoshi's vision coming to light being birth to whatever kind of word you want to use no one you can't you can't say where things are going to go in the cryptocurrency bits it's impossible there are far too many factors in the cryptocurrency world right now to be able to say anything accurately where anything is going to go the point of the matter is when that's intended them and then even further remember the news that we had about a good week in some change ago where Bitcoin actually ended up pushing past 8,000 dollars into the fell back down for 30 minutes and ended up shooting right back up there's so many people out there who are so desperate to push down the price of Bitcoin whether it be for them to be correct or for them to accumulate more don't lose sight of exactly what's going on behind the scenes if you're a trader go for it have fun trade your heart out do exactly what you need to do other people out there don't lose focus on exactly what's happening don't get afraid I'm starting to see some of the comments and I know that these are and these are either BOTS or people who have nothing better to do with their day they're scaring so many people in the comment section I sit there and I'm like what are you people talking about some people like trying to either scare people for the coins that they're holding don't hold Bitcoin you should only be holding SV and I'm like no one watching this channel should ever if someone tells you to only own satoshis vision delete them from your life block them they you you do not need that kind of negativity that you you don't need them in your life something amazing is happening in the cryptocurrency space bitcoin is going to go back over $9,000 it is a given it is going to happen this downward pressure all the stuff that we're experiencing is because of negativity and I know in my heart that's exactly what's going on Bitcoin should not be lower than $10,000 but there's so many very prominent dominance huge people in the cryptocurrency space who are corralling people into believing that bitcoin I heard some I heard a prominent Bitcoin person not gonna miss once again not saying any names who said that Bitcoin is overvalued and should be trading around three to four thousand dollars how insane you have to be to think that bitcoin is overvalued when we know all the stuff that's going to happen just a country announcing that they're a one country announcing that they're going to be issuing Bitcoin bonds should be enough of bitcoins price to at least be over twelve thousand dollars prices are depressed right now and they're going to continue to remain this way until big money starts throwing more money into the market you know what yeah no I'm done I'm done I'm done no I'm done with this topic right here I'm gonna make my second video right now so that everybody know exactly what's happening in the cryptocurrency space just so you all get it just to everyone behind the scenes and if all the negative people live your own life stop spreading your negativity on to other people it's old it's lame I'm tired of seeing I'm trying to sing in the comment section I'm trying to sing people posting on Twitter yeah bitcoins gonna go down to three thousand dollars I'm like okay you please by all means you wait for that amount tell me exactly when Bitcoin hits 15 thousand dollars please tell me exactly how that three thousand dollar bitcoin is looking for you I'm done with this topic I'm so annoyed with the try not to use the the the the S word with the stuff happening in the cryptocurrency space let's move on as always in enormous thank you to my patreon supporters professor Wally from gun buy University SC vers le fine art Krypton beer shipmate Brady nailed El Doug Jared Snider wise Nite Owl Shaolin fried rice Gilboa snake crypto Joe mohair Maroney Carver Chernov singer-songwriter Mike savage Rai Rai Yasha Harada Amy star Sheen Jeffrey Ramsay Crypt not a clarity Snowden crypto artist Cody 3d Nicholas one earth one piece one loves set soon and Nick Kanaya Richie Rich the third RF dusty Cody vlad the impaler Pak says Sam Siri Vaseline I hope that is correct I think I wrote that correctly Sam Siri Vaseline I think that's correct Jeremy the photographer Jim Gardner minting coins Arthur Yakko nickim Angela vody Anthony Charles and mechanic thank you all very much for your support even with us hitting a $1,000 Bitcoin we are ready almost up by $400 as logically we probably shouldn't have fallen in the first place the out coins have taken some of the largest hits SV shouldn't have been up this high in the first place very fragile and it's going to continue falling my opinion a lot of the other alt coins or anywhere down from seven around just below 10% as soon this is going to continue happening at least for the rest of the day until Bitcoin starts its upward movement back up I hope you all enjoyed hope you're having a great day a great morning a great afternoon two great evening wherever you are wherever you might be I hope it's not absolutely fantastic thank you all once again for watching and listening I hope you enjoyed I think my headache went away I think I screamed my headache away maybe we should all try that anyway thank you all once again for watching and listening I appreciate all of your support and I will definitely be talking to you all soon see you you

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  1. Great video TMI you should settle down as I can see you BP going through the roof. People are people and most are stupid for what they watch and believe in. I think that SV should be pulled from all exchanges and that we all know the true BTC is where it is at, but like DAI says which I believe XRP is the greatest asset on the planet

  2. Is it true they can't make laws around crypto because to make official laws for crypto they will have to break the first amendment?

  3. p.s. I am not worried one little bit about BTC. I'll sell mine 3 years before I die lol……OR NEVER!

  4. We are with you, if anything bitcoin is under valued. To much positive things happening. To me it seems unstoppable.


    In the USA when they talk about assault weapons bans being in the works…..Assault weapons sell out around the country….gun makes love it. Best part the ban always fails so PROFIT PROFIT PROFIT!

    So talk more about Banning BTC and people will rush and FOMO that much harder.

  6. don't look at the price look at the future your not looking to sell your btc your looking to spend your btc

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