3 Simple Steps To Make $100 A Day Trading Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency Trading Guide In 2019

welcome back everyone in today's video we're gonna be finishing up the three part series that we just started a couple days ago going from start to finish on really how to make an income from trading cryptocurrency so whether you guys are a day trader or swing trader a position trader or you're looking to get into trading cryptocurrency I wanted to put together this series to break down the necessary steps that you really need to take from start to finish in order to find a trade understand that a plan out a potential trade and then actually executing on a trade when the opportunity comes so if you guys really enjoyed this series and want to see more videos like this helping you guys with your trading definitely leave down in the comments below what kind of videos you guys want to see in the future I know we had a few suggestions on the last video so definitely keep suggesting more content in the description below now before we get into today's video for those of you guys who are not familiar with the channel we focus on cryptocurrency news and updates trading education and providing content that helps you improve your trading skills every day so for those of you who are completely new to trading cryptocurrency and haven't had the best of luck possibly check out the free four day course that we put together for you guys breaking down the three secrets behind making 60% plus per month swing trading cryptocurrency so that along with some other helpful resources can be found in the description below now again this video is going to be focused on kind of going over the steps that we covered in the first and second video and also following up on the execution part of trading and how to plan out your trade and then trade out your plans so again this video is focused on kind of starting out with you know getting up to that point of achieving $100 per day whether you're gonna be able to start off there at some point or working up to that point what it really takes and the breakdown of the numbers behind it as well as the steps to take to get to that point so starting off again in the first video we discussed how to scan and identify potential and that's what we're gonna cover here in this slide first off identifying potential is all about looking for a discounted relative to the time interval that we are trading on so we talked a little bit about time intervals how you know if you're a day trader you're probably gonna use a shorter term time interval like the 1 minute the 5 minute or the 15 minute chart and that's going to allow you to enter and exit a trade normally within that day and then if you are looking for a longer term time interval obviously you can up that for me I prefer the 1 hour to the 4 hour time intervals and now those are usually more so for swing trading so again we're looking for a discounted price relative to that specific time interval depending on what kind of trader you are and what you're really looking for so in order to make money there obviously needs to be a lack of supply and a surge in demand after we purchase an asset so we can sell at a higher price so that's of course why we're looking for that discounted price because we want to see a discounted price that when that that surge of demand comes in we're going to be on a higher probability side of the price going up rather than going down and of course we discussed the RSI indicator and of course the volume indicator those two indicators are also available as scanners on a website called trading room io we're gonna look at that in a moment again so again we we covered that in the first video and those scanners are really really helpful and you know allow us to find exactly what we're looking for and also giving us options there's not just there's normally not just gonna be one trade whenever you look there's gonna be a lot of different options that you can go through and it's going to allow you to have the you know obviously the option to pick which coin you want to trade and which trade you really feel is going to help you achieve your goals so really love that website really glad that I found that about eight months ago someone in our private group suggested that and since then it has been amazing using that now second we have to plan your trade right you can't just jump in once you see that it's a dis kind of price and then not really know what to do after you need to go into a trade and before you even purchase anything you need to know where you're entering where you're where you're exiting and also you know stop losses what's Bitcoin doing you need to know a few different things not just the fact that you want to buy something so before buying anything again you need to have a plan for every aspect of your trade I know I only put three bullet points here different entry points different exit points and the stop-loss but there's a lot of other aspects that we're not going to be able to get into in this video specifically again guys this is just a three-part series but if you guys want more education go ahead and check out that free four day course like I mentioned before first link in the description and of course there's some other links in the description that can help you guys out as well so by using technical indicators we can look for the highest probability trade that should work in our favor okay so it's not going to be a hundred percent every time which is of course why we have risk management when it comes to training and we have stop losses and things like that because just because something is 99 percent sure that we're gonna you know go into this trade and achieve a profit that doesn't mean that that one percent isn't gonna pop up and in you know results in a loss if we stayed in that trade so you guys need to keep that in mind not every single trade is gonna be a winner no matter how high of a probability it ends up being so the reason I also wanted to mention that I put different entry points plural is because normally as a trader depending on your account size for me at least and once you get up to the point where you're trading more so full-time or even part-time and you have a large account balance you need to learn how to scale in and out of trades so you're gonna have different entry points based on different you know levels of you know seeing the hypothesis that you have about the trade that you're looking at as the hypothesis is proven true using a few different technical indicators you're going to be able to scale in and also scale out at different price points depending if the trade is working for you are working against you so again that's a much more advanced topic that again we would save for some of the more premium options we have for education we do have a private training group that includes signals full-time discord chat daily weekly streams and a bunch of other stuff including a full educational curriculum and of course I won to mention that because we are starting to re-release that because it's been about two years since I first released that and we finally refined it to a point where I feel comfortable to continue to push that out and get more people in on that because I want to expand this community and I want to expand the private community as well because I think a lot of people out there trading cryptocurrency definitely need to be surrounded with more people like them so definitely check out those links below but let's continue on so number three is going to be execution so first off with execution you need to plan your trade and trade your plan now once you understand what you are doing no matter what happens you need to take action execute and monitor your trade properly so there's a lot that goes into monitoring a trade and also trading in general that we can't cover all in one video so go ahead and check out the channel for more videos talking more about some of these subjects and also if you guys want to see specific videos made definitely leave comments down in the description now talking about goals specifically because this video is focused on what do we have to do to put together $100 per day and it's pretty simple so 15% per week on five thousand dollars is going to equal seven hundred and fifty dollars per week which is of course a little bit over a hundred dollars per day now five thousand dollars may be a lot to some people and it may be not a lot to some people but five thousand dollars is actually just the trade size so when it comes to trading you don't want to just throw your whole account balance in every single trade so why put trade size in parentheses is because normally for me at least as a swing trader my trade sizes are anywhere from 10% to 25% per trade since I am more of a swing trader I put more of my account balance on each trade and I monitor them a little bit close more closely and I have a little bit more room to work with as a swing trader which is why my trade sizes are a little bit larger a lot of times with day traders you're only going to be using one to five percent of your account balance for each trade but for a swing trader like myself I normally use about 10 to 25% of my count balance portrayed so again $5,000 per trade and this is as when I started out as a trader when I really started going full-time my account balance was right around $30,000 and I would use about five thousand dollars per trade and allowing me to make that hundred dollars per day and continue to compound that and grow that income very very quickly especially in the market that we're in so again guys it's not that hard to put these numbers together and you can only imagine if your trade size is ten thousand twenty thousand fifty thousand a hundred thousand per trade size what your income can really grow to as you continue to advance as a trader so the bottom line that I want to make here is trading is all about compound interest first off you're never gonna see success if you don't start and you're never going to see the real success if you don't stay consistent with your trading because compound interest is an amazing thing and I've really come to learn that over the years as at first I started out with a little bit of money but as I grew that and as I continued to stay consistent the money began to grow in ways that I never could have imagined and at the point where I'm now dealing with very large trade sizes and a very large account balance so again guys you need to take action and start trading and then stay consistent with your trading of course we want to be able to help you out here at investors elite which is why you guys can go in the description and check out our premium education program which is an all-inclusive program with education educational curriculum our private discord chat daily weekly streams those are our an hour long where we go over the trades that we're looking at for the day and also signals from not only myself but the rest of the group and like I said there's gonna be a lot of more updates and giveaways that we're gonna be doing in the future but I wanted to make this video and and kind of let you guys know that we are now allowing people to enter back into the private to the private group and they saw the curriculum because we are doing a discounted price up until the full release of the educational curriculum so as of now each module is going to be released every single Wednesday up and the full curriculum is out and up until the point of August 31st the last day of August the price is going to be discounted by a by quite a bit so and still at that discounted price its way cheaper than anything else in the entire industry I know you have blockchain education which is a monthly price of like $200 a $300 so there's a there's a lot of other options in the market but what we wanted to do here is provide an affordable option and something that you didn't have to pay for every single month or every single year this would just be a one-time payment and it's an all-inclusive community educational curriculum signals everything you guys need to really help you become a trader but of course you have to put the effort in yourself as well so go ahead and check out that that should be the first link in the description or the second link now you guys can go over and check that out and of course like I said everything's not going to be finished up until August 31st which is why there's a discount currently but again that discounts only going to be available until that point so don't wait because the price will go up and as time goes on the price will continue to go up because I don't want to allow this group to get too massive I do want to keep this group relatively small up until the point of where it's fully released so why don't we jump in to some of the websites go over some of the steps we just talked about and then we'll close out this video at the end okay so now we're back over in trading room da hi oh and I wanted to come here because we're just going to go over the steps kind of in a row and show you guys where you really want to be at each point and understand these steps pretty you know in depth so first off we want to identify that potential we're looking for things that are not only oversold or a discounted price on the relative time period that we're looking to trade in so for example if we're looking to do a long-term position trade for example the daily time interval we're going to be looking for the RSI to be low during that time interval not only that but we also want to see some good volume coming in as well so we're going to come up here and sort by volume and see what we can see that is a low RSI on the daily and I can see right here that a Oh is actually thirty point nine nine which is pretty low but we'll continue to scroll down here see if there's anything else that catches my eye and honestly there's not much that does because bitcoin along with every single other all coin have been going up a little bit over the past couple days so why don't we go ahead and take a look at Yost and we'll hop into a chart and actually plot out a trade which is the next step of course planning out your trade so come in here to see us and of course we're on silica we talked about that in the last couple videos which is actually a trade I'm currently in but we come over here to EOS because I want to give you guys a fresh example of how we do this so here we are in yo SEOs tether it looks like so Yas is currently not exactly oversold I think it may be on the Bitcoin pairing instead he owes Bitcoin okay so yeah cos Bitcoin come over here to the daily chart and we can see that a long-term position trade would be a good potential trade due to the fact that it is incredibly oversold on the daily chart it hasn't seen these low this low of a price since December of 2017 and it looks to have a good amount of profit potential moving forward so we can see that there's a large amount of profit potential back up to where the price was in April of this year about a hundred and eighty two percent so that is the profit potential that we may be looking for in a long-term position trade like this one now after we find that it has that profit potential we look at the long-term chart and again this is for a position trade it would be much different if we were looking at a swing trade as we were looking at in the video previous to this one with Zilka but I want to stay with a longer-term time frame to make it a little bit simpler for everyone to understand so now that we see the RSI it's discounted in the relative time interval we want to take a look at some of the other indicators so first off I want to take a look at the MACD as we can see the MACD shows signs of a the beginning of a possible uptrend it's incredibly low on the MACD and hasn't been at this point since December of 2018 and then before that really hasn't been at this point a lot either we see a couple points here where it was pretty low as well back in looks like August of 2018 but still the price wasn't this low of a price so it looks like a pretty good deal during this time in volt and then jumping in it to the moving averages I want to see what kind of action we're seeing there so like we talked about yesterday we want to see not only a discounted price in this relative time interval as we just looked at with the RSI but we want to see momentum momentum starting to move up so as we just looked at with the MACD we can see that the moving average has crossed over on the MACD and we're starting to see some good momentum here as you can see with these green and volume candles on the MACD as well as the fact that the moving average on the MACD has crossed showing a bullish sign so now that we've looked at that we can come in here and look at the moving averages and see how the price is reacting to some of the moving averages so the first moving average we want to see is this ten-day moving average and the first bullish sign that I'm already looking at is the fact that the the price is above the 10 day moving average which hasn't happened for a while as you can see the price has stayed below and the 10 day moving average has acted as a resistance even when it tried to push above in July which was earlier this month it looks like it tried to push above that price and got rejected once twice and it now finally pushed through on the third try so it's now above the 10 day moving average now but what we want to see is a possible push up to the 20-day moving average a rejection back to the 10 day and then it bounced off the 10 day and through the 20-day okay so there may be a few different points where we would enter so first off if you're scaling into a position for me at least I would want to enter on the lowest RSI point and then I would want to enter as well on the point where we push through the first moving average and then also when we get rejected by the 20-day come back to the 10-day and then on the push through the 20-day so there may be three different entry points or points where we scale into this trade because this would be a larger trade so like I said before as a swing trader myself as a swing trader I only usually do 10 to 25 percent of my total account balance per trade something like this that is a longer-term trade I may do 30 or 40 percent because it's a longer-term position trade and it's actually a longer-term time interval then I would normally do as a swing trader so there may be three different points that I scale into normally I would only do two or one as a swing trader but this again helps us mitigate our risk and not go all in at once and kind of see if the trade is working for us because again we want to see a few different things happen first off we wanted to see that RSI discount so we entered in a small amount of the position there then we want to see actually the momentum carry above and break the resistance of the 10-day moving average which we are starting to see right here which it would be another entry point and then we want to see the bounce off the 20-day back down to the 10-day acting as a support now and then whenever we see a break through the 20-day moving average that could also be another entry point as well and again the profit potential at that point we would want to possibly look to sell up at the 50-day moving average which could then act as a resistance once we get to that point or possibly the 200-day moving average either way once we're in the trade then we can start to look at things like a trailing stop loss points where we're gonna take profit and a few different other things like that that we're not gonna go too much into in this video but again full you guys can of course check out some of the other content on the channel also that free four day course and of course our premium education as well which is going to be released every single week up until the end of August so if you guys want to be a part of that you guys want to grow with the channel with the community this is something I'm really excited about and finally ready to kind of release in a full manner because in the past I've had signals and education be separate and I want to bring everything together put it all together for you guys in for a low price compared to some of the other outrageous prices that I've seen in the industry and grow a community and really grow a community of successful traders and that's what I'm trying to do here so if you guys want to be a part of that of course and go ahead and check that out you guys can see that that is the trading accelerator and I would love to have you guys all on the team so again once we understand what our plan is we need to obviously learn how to execute an execution comes down to of course learning how to use the order book and learning how to actually use some of you know some of the limit order the market order when to use all these different things as well as some other tools that we use and myself and the private community uses something like three commas to actually manage the trade and a few other things like that so if you guys do want to learn more about some of the more advanced methods that we use when executing our trades go ahead and of course subscribe to the channel and check out some of the resources in the description but again guys this is the last and final video of this three-part miniseries that I wanted to do show you guys how to get to a hundred dollars per day and really breaking down the numbers of a hundred dollars per day and again for this trade specifically this may not be a way to get to that hundred dollars per day because a something on a daily time interval that's not something that is normally controllable or necessarily going to help you achieve that number you would have to have a large account balance to get a hundred dollars per day with day trades on the daily timeframe but again if you guys want to come in and learn how to become a swing trader or a day trader there's definitely going to be opportunities that are going to allow you to reach you know for example eight percent in 16 hours that we have right there and then another pretty much the same exact trade ten percent in twenty three hours and this is all within we have the 16th of July all the way up to the 20th of July that's within four days so this is only one coin within four days and you're going to be able to achieve these percentages because the market allows for these percentages a big thing that I always get is you can't make that percent per day well if you look at my account balance you'll see that over the last year and a half I've almost reached 15 percent per week most of the times a lot more than that for the last year and a half so this market is a lot different than for example the stock market forex market you're going to be able to achieve pretty high percentages if you understand how to take advantage of this market so again if you guys want to become a part of the team you guys want to continue to grow with us and grow with the private community as well as the channel make sure to subscribe check out some of those links in the description some of the resources we have for you guys and I really hope you guys enjoyed this video and understand more so than you did before of the real necessary parts of understanding how to find a trade execute that trade and then continue to stay consistent with your trading so hope you guys enjoyed this video and I will see you guys in the next one

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