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(upbeat music) – Hey everyone. Welcome to the Financial
Information Channel. In this video, I’m going
to give you the information about three job opportunities where you can work at your house. This is so you can earn
an additional income. In addition, this is not a traditional nine to five hour job. I am going to leave the links
in the video description and in the comments section, where you can go to that website and get additional information. Let me show you in the
computer, the first job, and that’s gonna be called ai. This is basically so you can basically create captions on videos. This is a very flexible job
where you can work at any point. In addition, they pay anywhere
between $27 to $42 per hour. The reason why captions are important because if you plan to
do YouTube later on, doing caption is going
to improve your reach on your videos. You’re getting the
experience on doing captions, and at the same time
you’re gonna get paid. This is a website where
you’re gonna be able to apply, and if you click on Apply Now it’s gonna take you to the application where you’re gonna be able
to fill out the information about yourself and start
applying for the job. I would take a look at this website if you plan to do YouTube later on. Doing captions is gonna improve
your reach on your videos. Having this experience when
you’re working on this website is gonna help you in the future. Now let’s go to the number two, and that is going to be Kraken. That is related to bitcoin
and cryptocurrencies. Let’s go to their website so you can get an idea of
what you’re going to be doing. As you can see, this is going to be the customer support specialist. Basically what you’re going
to be doing in this website is to communicate with customers. As you can see on the screen, it says on a daily basis you will respond anywhere
between 20 to 150 client requests by email regarding
trading, explaining margin, answering questions and
about order execution. This is a good opportunity
because you will get the knowledge about how the crypto moves without being investing. In addition, you will get some knowledge about the overall investing strategies. I will do a video in the future comparing the stock market
with cryptocurrencies. Let’s go to number three option. This option is very attractive, however, it is only available in
Illinois and Indiana. Let’s go to the website. This is located in the Legacy.com website. This is a content screener. Basically I am going to read what is going to be your main
duty on this type of position. As you can see, the primary
task of this position is to read messages before
they are posted online. The position starts at $13 per hour, which is really nice when you consider you don’t have to leave your house. This job has available shifts, and as you can see these
are all Central time, because like I mentioned earlier, this is only for the Illinois
and Indiana residents. You saw, these are the three type of jobs where you can work from your house and that’s actually to
create an additional income. I am going to continue
posting these type of videos more often, with different type of jobs. In addition, I am going to create videos on how you can start your YouTube channel and how you can make money on YouTube. I am going to cover topics on YouTube related to SEO, thumbnails,
and many other things. That is going to be
everything for the video. Please leave a like if you
found this video helpful and share it with a
friend or a family member in case they are looking
for any type of job. Let’s try to help people
that might need it and remember, I’m going
to continue making videos about stock market, personal finance, and how to make money online. I’m gonna thank you once
again for watching the video. Have an excellent day
and take care my friends. (upbeat music)

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  1. These are the website links for the jobs available in the USA –
    AI Online Job – http://www.ai-media.tv/become-a-closed-captioner/
    Kraken Cryptocurrency Online Job – https://jobs.lever.co/kraken/9b317cb8-8dfc-4866-9e95-47c5ff018b73
    Legacy.com Content Screener – http://legacy.theresumator.com/apply/okpAgyugDA/Content-Screener

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