#3 cryptocurrency trading tip from Wyre CEO Michael Dunworth 🔥

When I say read in number 1 I mean
read about the different coins and understanding them but number 3 I
would say understand the people in the space and listen to content not just
reading white papers but listen to talks, listen to seminars, listen to podcasts. I
think those are really really important when it comes into the space like really
starting to consume content from many many many different opinions so that you
can form the best opinion. I think that is super super important in basically
from a content consumption so there’s one is more like research and the other
is staying on top of things so staying relevant so listening to a podcast once
every other day checking the local news sites and things like that to make sure
the industry evolves so quickly you don’t want to be you don’t want like if
you’ve got last week’s information you’re you know a year behind like even
some of the like some of the Wall Street Journal writers we’re now trying to
write about bitcoin passing USD$10,000 by the time they’ve got an approval from
their editor to publish it bitcoin had passed USD$13,000 and they’re like what
this article’s irrelevant now because it’s already USD$13,000 like you’ve got to
move quickly which means you know stay keep reading and keep understanding
consuming content you

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