3 Cryptocurrencies With a Second Chance to Buy Cheap

what's going on everybody Danny from legit crypto back yet again this time we're going to be talking about three crypto currencies here today that we have been given opportunity to once again buy for the cheap the current cryptocurrency market it is not something really far-fetched to say that a lot of people don't have a positive outlook on crypto for the moment anyone that got in near December we're back in January obviously is not having a fun time right now and it could be very hard to tell some people just to wait a little bit longer for some games when their portfolio is down 80 to 90 percent so obviously we are going to have some frustrations in the market some tensions in the market but at least today we did have a bounce-back day at least a little bit looking like it we have Bitcoin at around 5% aetherium at 10% XRP at 8% in the green and we can go on and on down the list when you have a day where most all coins were going down 20 or 30% in the red it's safe to say we should be seeing a least a little bit of a bounce back the next day or so after that now a lot of people wish they could see these sort of cheap prices again when we were back there in the heights of the bull market with Bitcoin at $20,000 with aetherium over $1200 people were wishing we could have some things like under $300 aetherium maybe even $40 neo something like XRP even under a single dollar people were craving those prices now they're back people don't want to be anywhere near them they want the next bull market to go ahead and come on already so let's look at three coins today as I said that are given a second chances to really get into it for the cheap before I get into the first coin being aetherium I do want to say even though these are cheap prices this still maybe not the best time to buy in the current state of the market one we are up in the green today for almost all the crypto currencies in the top 100 so we may see more of a dip come tomorrow especially considering we are in a bare cryptocurrency market I don't think we're just going to automatically shoot up from here so you may not want to get into all of these all coins right now you may not want to go all in if you are here for the long haul and you want to cop a little bit of a certain cryptocurrency feel free to do that or if you want to cost average putting a little bit in at these prices and then see if the price is going to fall you could do that as well but just going all in on a cryptocurrency right now especially if you're going to be going in our all coin I would just be a little bit careful but let's take a look at aetherium today up about 10% in the green it is at 288 dollars right now the current market cap for etherium stands at over 29 billion dollars with a 24 hour volume of over 1.9 billion for etherium if we go back to January let's see if we can get to the all-time high January 13 2018 we had aetherium at 1377 dollars if people could have predicted that 200 or $300 aetherium was coming they probably would not have believed it with the way the market was going now we are down to lows of 2018 falling under the 300 dollar mark possibly could even see something like $250 aetherium if we really dip even further downwards two hundred and eighty eight dollars and 65 cents an absolute steal for aetherium in my opinion if you are here for the long haul I think ethereum is going to be the second biggest cryptocurrency for a long time to come I don't see a cryptocurrency that is going to take the spot away from aetherium at this point right now it really just is Bitcoin definitely asking then we have aetherium and then all the other cryptocurrencies are really far behind those two in my opinion so anything under $300 for aetherium I think is an absolute steal if you are hanging on for the long term but let's take a look now at the second cryptocurrency that you guys may want to take a look at now the prices are way down so the second coin we are given an opportunity a second chance to buy is neo neo at sixteen dollars and forty-five cents if anyone said neo we back under twenty dollars you would have thought they were crazy back during the bull market but here we are once again for neo neo here I still think this is a thousand dollar cryptocurrency obviously we are further off than we once thought we were when we were in the bull market but I still think we are going to see a thousand dollar neo within the next few years I think it's going to be the second biggest platform it's going to be the main aetherium competitor for the time being I don't see another platform cryptocurrency really matching what neo is bringing to the table so far $16.45 eleven point 42% in the green we have a market cap for neo of just over 1 billion dollars and a 24 hour volume of 73 million if we look back in December in January we reached an all-time high of just over let's see if I can get to it around a hundred and sixty one dollars and we were getting closer and closer to that two hundred dollar mark for aetherium we saw a major dip we went down to forty six dollars everyone thought that was a steal for neo went back up to the 70 to 80 dollar range people thought okay you know ahead and we're starting to head back up and then we just dumped down from there and they were and the whole cryptocurrency market is feeling this we saw us go down to 1450 we are a little bit up today a little bit of a bounce-back for neo but I think anything under $20 is an absolute steal if you are looking at neo it is a long-term cryptocurrency to be holding for sure if it gets to the $10 mark that is a mark I'm going to be schooling up a lot of neo I think neo is worth a lot more than it is currently at today's prices $16 and 45 can believe myself it is at these prices I'm going to take the chance to definitely stock up at that $10 so definitely be keeping an eye on neo at its current prices but now let's get into the third and final cryptocurrency that once again we have been given a chance to buy nasty prices are down and the last coin we're going to be talking about today is – – is at 154 dollars and 30 cents up 13% in the green today with a market cap of 1.2 billion dollars in a 24 hour volume of just over a hundred and twenty four million if we are looking at – it has taken one hell of a fall it really ran up during the bull market we got to $1,500 back on December 20th for the all-time high of – and since then it has really plummeted down far as you guys could see at 154 dollars again we're like the other crypto currencies a lot of us didn't even think we were going to see these cheap prices again but we have seen a large dump in the prices of cryptocurrency a large dump of – especially at 477 dollars a lot of people consider this a cheap price for – considering the all-time highs that it has hit but now it's safe to say we're going to go even lower I think – has the possibility maybe even to hit around that hundred dollar mark and anything for me $100 or lower for – is an absolute steal especially when we have this very small circulating supply for the coin a small supply the fact that we had all-time highs of over $1,500 and with – being one of the largest crypto currencies to date I think it's safe to say we are getting a second chance to buy it again on the cheap maybe you don't want to buy and right now for – but definitely keep an eye on the token and keep an eye on the price just with this low supply and the value that is behind – what it being already one of the top crypto currencies it has to be one that you're watching whenever a hit is hitting cheap prices just like this thank you guys for watching if you enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe hit the notification bell make sure to leave a like and it comment down below what are some cryptocurrencies you think are absolute steals right now and some prices that you thought you would never see again for that particular cryptocurrency make sure to also check us out on 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23 thoughts on “3 Cryptocurrencies With a Second Chance to Buy Cheap”

  1. RIPple xrp is trash and when the SEC labels it a security (As they should) and XLM gets added to CoinBase, it will never recover

  2. Im actually shocked at how cheap NEO is. I picked up bags at $45 about 9 months ago before the bull run and was laughing when it hit $180. But I didnt sell as I was a long termer. In hindsight I could be sitting on close to x10 the number of NEO I currently have but never mind loading up now. I agree its a $1000 coin without doubt. If it can establish itself in China and get the regulators onside we are in. Remember when Ethereum was $9 in January 2017? Now we are saying $280 ETH is a bargain! NEO will follow, and when its time comes, you will look back now and say "That was my chance". Even just pick up 10, its $170 for huge upside potential, plus you get dividends comparable to stock market rates. Its a win-win.

  3. Funny I just bought more LSK today. People don't seem to realize, if you are holding BTC, it is the best time to buy good alts when BTC has such market dominance……..they need to check out our free education and free support channel on facebook

  4. Buy Digibyte while it is still cheap. Average down if the market slide a little. Don’t buy more than you can risk—but Big ROI if it continues its upward move. ?

  5. Lisk HQ is releasing Core 1.0.0 on mainnet on the 29th of August!

  6. This is not over. even people who got in 12month are still up. The market is long term. I always say why I didnt know about crypto back in 2011. I dont want to say in 2025 why I I did not by crypto in 2017. If you had bought syscoin, XEM, or Nexus 2years ago, you would still be 1000x up. I still believe Neo will worth 2k in the next 2-3years. HODLING and dollar cost averaging is my personal opinion. And dont forget you still gonna get some Gas as dividend.

  7. Hey, Danny. Just to let you know that the following are all launching fully for Lisk on Wednesday, August 29th………. Lisk Core 1.0.0 ✅, Lisk Commander 1.0.0 ✅, Lisk Elements 1.0.0 ✅, Lisk Explorer 2.1.4 ✅, Lisk Nano 2.0.0 ✅, Lisk Hub 1.0.0 ✅. Yep you read that right….. Lisk Core 1.0.0 is to launch fully with all its great new additions.

  8. What happened to LISK it pumped and dumped now your not talking about it seems suspect. Are you still holding lisk? I was a believer last time i listen to a youtuber

  9. What happened to LISK it pumped and dumped now your talking about something else. Are you no longer in lisk? I was a believer

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