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  1. Is it possible that criminals can take avantage of these privacy measures? If you can transact money without information then there is a possibility that for example a kidnapper can just get the money which would make it easier for him … What do you think?

  2. bitcoin is worthless, buy gold and silver those will always have value and you dont need electricity to access them

  3. Imagine if the Bitcoin took off in masses and imagine the amount of disruptions it would cause to corporations, banks etc

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  5. if bitcoin became the world currency it would be worth millions per coin , they would need to split it into thousands of segments per coin like 0000.01 of a bitcoin , but i believe this is the start of the new world order no cash on the streets will effect peoples freedoms 

  6. I remembered that back in january 2014, bitcoin was at $1000 per coin, bitcoin fans was telling me, "I would never see my bitcoins!" now 2015 it's at $270 who's laughing NOW!!!!

  7. Can you morons who foam at the mouth and spam about how shit Bitcoin is at least get your facts right if you're going to attack it? It truly is amazing not just how wrong people on the opposite side of the argument are but how they seem to be just blatantly making things up to support their viewpoints.

    Now I know how early internet users must have felt when they first started using the network, it really is pathetic seeing all of this, please, please do your research and at least try to understand Bitcoin before attacking it instead of just trying to attack it with blatant stupidity.

    Then again, I suspect you'll just ignore this comment and carry on with spamming your ignorance all over the comments page.

  8. funny how naysayers keep saying Bitcoin is doomed to fail because "it's gone and deleted with the press of a button". It's been 6 years since Bitcoin was created. Humans must be idiots to still not have pressed that button yet. Perhaps one of the naysayers should go and try to find this mythological button and press it?

  9. My life long question of how much makeup a woman can pound upon her face and not slide off was answered in this video.

  10. Great Show, Great Panelists all with formidable knowledge. VIRES IN NUMERIS! Bitcoins will completely revolutionize finance!

    I commented this to Stevo B: "Bitcoins use cryptography and private keys only you can hold. Your completely unhackable unless someone steals the actual code. Like if you left your phone unattended and someone wrote it down. I have an IT background, so i know a thing or two about whitelists, opensources and data packets. Based on my empirical knowledge its like the best currency around. It doesn't have to be converted to any other fiat currency. It literally uses the public internet to trade! Scaring banks, credit card companies and goverments around the world. Unless a post apocalyptic scenario ensues, the internet isn't going anywhere. God be willing, Cryptocurrencies prevent the impending financial collapse. 

    You are still absolutely right about physicals metals, China and Russia have been aggressively buying, to hedge against financial disaster; but its a little difficult to keep gold when your country will just confiscate it from you. There is a law in the US that allows the government to confiscate your gold. They took the gold of a family that had inheritated gold coins from their patriarch who had just passed. Would that i could, i would buy a 1 million in gold this instant. But would i be able to keep it? Only the Lord knows…"

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  12. Yep, it TOTALLY has a future.

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  14. For those who don't know, Bitcoin can be printed on paper and used as paper money or minted as coins. Also Bitcoin transactions can be broadcasted throught radiowave, giving Bitcoin the possibility to be independent from Internet.

  15. Bitcoin is mined intellectually, gold is mined physically, and FIAT money is printed infinitely.  All three rely on 'FAITH'.  Gold is a finite natural resource and Bitcoin is a finite software code.  Since gold and Bitcoin are both finite, faith in a 'store of value' is preserved.  As long as people understand, adopt, and have faith in Bitcoin, then Bitcoin will thrive.  Nothing can top the economic efficiency of Bitcoin's 'medium of exchange'.  This awesome Boom Bust show helps people start to understand Bitcoin.  However I would like to see supplemental oil, gold, Bitcoin shows.  I would have liked to see Erin transfer her Bitcoin to Edward and show the blockchain transaction on the monitor in real time.  I would like to see Erin buy additional 'Bitcoin' on live TV to demonstrate how to buy Bitcoin.  Reggie has an awesome Bitcoin model initiative with Ultracoin.  I wasted a $80 transaction fee with JP Morgan on just one overseas money transfer until I adopted Bitcoin.  Like Reggie, I discovered the 'medium of exchange'.  Bitcoin pays for itself as $80 transaction fees add up and that factor alone pays for any fluctuation in Bitcoin's daily exchange value price in dollars.  And one final point.  Max Keiser is awesome.  I first heard of Bitcoin on the Keiser Report when it was pennies on the dollar.  Now the one Bitcoin value is $300.  Max has respected guests on his show like Robert Kennedy Jr.  Also Max speaks truth to power.  Max exposes the corporate elite and I respect his courage.  Max and Stacy make a great team like Erin and Edward.  Thank you!

  16. You can create it. Of course you can delete it. OR copy it. Simple as that. Cos it is not physical like gold. Never compare digital with digital Gold. 

    So, when economy crisis and lesser and lesser hv possibility to connect to electricity, let alone Internet connection? How to do trade with it? How to buy goods and foods with it? This is the logic behind the weakness of crypto currency.

    No matter how far the price gone to, I would still bet on physical Silver n Gold any day. It has practical use in the industries. Besides, it has the limitation as well. We need energy and manpower to mine it. So, there's value behind it. Same like Copper. Copper is needed. Without it, there's no Electricity or without Silver, there is no PC, Laptop or Cellphones. Processor and Satelites are using lots of Gold for its communication purpose as well.

    What does Bitcoin or other Coin does? Nothing. There's no value behind it. It is counter productive.

    We hv a system. Precious metal system which is valued by whole world. London exchange, NY exchange, Shanghai Exchange HK exchange, Singapore Exchange and so on and so on buying and selling previous metal. Why is that? Because it is trusted and it is valued as it has been using for currency for thousands of years. 

    I dont agree with this crypto currency. One day, when it crash, it will be like the fiat currency. Did u remember Bitcoin was stolen and hack at the Japan half year ago? It is true. Read the news or search Google.


  17. 89% of US currency in circulation exists in the form of accounting ledgers that are stored only electronically, just like Bitcoin, so if you turned off the electricity the United States monetary system would collapse and the cash in the form of promissory notes would also be worthless. Just a heads up.

  18. So to all skeptics out there. If bitcoin has no value why did Microsoft n time magazine start accepting bitcoin. Futhermore anything on the internet can be hacked thats why u can also use cold storage for your coin keeping it offline. And for those the say if you turn off the electricity u cant use bitcoin which is tru but that would b everyone last concern how about to money system would work at all so there aslong as the internet is on crypto will dominate n into the future because dencentralized currency is the future! Lol NWO coin everyone owns the coin so I guess we all are the NWO.

  19. if you developed bitcoin would you do so anonymously? it just seems so inconsequential and so counter productive

  20. Russians should be buying boatloads of Bitcoin. In fact, Putin should be taking control of Bitcoin to stop the West's assault on the ruble.

  21. The Carrington Event will prove one and for all that a bunch of electronic ones and zeros are not a store of value.

  22. why do they keep cutting reggie off he was really going into deoth about what bitcoin really can be ………

  23. Bitcoin is the NWO coin, it can be easily traced and not anonymous, theres only one crypto that fits the 'digital cash' category perfectly (Monero) and its not based on the Bitcoin protocol but rather on the Cryptonote protocol.

  24. The presenter reading the introduction reminded me of TV stations in the early days of the internet when they said "We now have a World Wide Web address, it is 'h'…'t'…'t'…'p'…'I think that's a colon'…'forward "slash"—that's the one going from top left to bottom right'…'another forward slash'…'w'…'w'…'w'…'full stop'…

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