$250k Crypto ICO Investing Challenge | 2 Month Update

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38 thoughts on “$250k Crypto ICO Investing Challenge | 2 Month Update”

  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/ethtrader/comments/89vx6j/everyone_be_careful_of_restart_energy_democracy/
    Any comments on this FUD post????

  2. It wouldn't be smart to sell credits. Its one of the few coins that stays stable in a shit market. Their potential is much more and the results of the latest test showed around 400k transactions per second. I wish you alot of profit and would recommend you to buy it because i believe credits or eos could take over ethereum in 1 year

  3. What about BANCA? Hardcap ICO 20 MM, and now little over 5 MM markedcap. Very undervalued and will shoot up as soon as the bulls take over the marked!

  4. why point to only 100x when you can get 1000x ? 🙂 just joking, i think that most people will be happy to see even only (only??) a 10x increase during this market.. i am personally taking a moment to rest lately, patiently waiting for my few choosen coins / project to naturally grow, namely deeponion (which could well be indeed a subject for this video having huge room for growth), kryll which is still on ICO period (bonus are already gone) , napoleonx, rialto and one that i think will be very famous in few months: blocktrade

  5. Bro i feel a bit sorry for you guy's. Its so funny you started the series in this bear market 🙂 if you want to hedge against the bear market check out RMT Sureremit. Good luck!

  6. Thanks for the update!
    I am also a crypto enthusiast and I am very much interested in ICO-s. I am looking at one called Peer Mountain. I would appreciate if you look at it and provide your reviews!

  7. i am done. lost all my money in ctr coin. i am just trade crypto this few weeks and when i see cetra coin was so undervalued then i buy it with all my money feom 6months my paycheck and i really doesn't know that the coin will be delisted from exchange.please someone help me. how can i convert my ctr coin into btc??

  8. Honestly, Credits has not mooned yet, should wait until June with mainnet and an overall market recover, then you will have a great multiplier from that, I know you don't want to be dependent from one single coin but instead of selling credits you should consider passing from 5 holdings to 4 to distribute your money, this is just my opinion because i believe credits will do extremely well this year and will offer lot of gains to hodlers

  9. Hi Crypto Gurus, I'm seeking your thoughts on how much I should invest on monero hard fork. I want to hold as much as the amount of xmr I should for its hard fork with V coins.

  10. Thanks for update Tom, it was good review of your portfolio, you guys are very transparent. Cud you plz reduce window size your video which is covering some part of chart, or you can move it to upper right corner. Thanks in Adv.

  11. Great Review. My channel focusses on crypto technology, subscribe for when I do white paper analysis on ICOs

  12. Great review Tom! Keep fighting the good fight guys! Looking forward to the next vid!
    Interesting thoughts on portfolio re-balancing and logic versus emotions 😉
    Preparing to grab a small bag of Republic Protocol in the coming days ^^
    And a bigger long-term bag of wepower, but I want it under 0.08 😀

  13. Crypto Gurus if you are interested in investing in good ICO. I will not say TokenGo is the best, there is no such meaning as "the best". What I'm trying to say, you should look at it and research TokenGo platform, so in future you can invest. Right now it has 25 days till the end on the ICO.

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