25 Reasons Steem Can Replace Bitcoin as #1 Cryptocurrency by 2021!

will you join me in experiencing 25 reasons why steam will replace Bitcoin as the number one cryptocurrency by 2021 because this is the information of a lifetime I'm grateful to have this to share with you today I'm all-in on steam and I love you you're awesome thanks for getting started with this I think cryptocurrencies are the revolution we've been looking for a massive innovation in technology and I think steam is poised to be the first one to replace Bitcoin is number one are you ready let's go here's the 25 reasons right here on my website for all of the resources the links the evidence the data will you please go to Jerry banfield.com slash steam because everything I mentioned is linked right here is explained has examples and has all the data you'd ever want to look at here we go here we go welcome to steam will you join us in discovering steam because steam our it already said that like I'm obviously I just do these from the heart so here let I'll show you if you haven't seen steam it calm before this is the main user interface for the steam blockchain now there's a lot of other interfaces this is the top interface what you'll notice right away about steam steam is a blockchain that also has blogging built into it that's a massive innovation because what creates value for the blockchain is the blockchain itself on Steam the blockchain itself has a massive value the incredible amount the millions of posts that are contained within the Steam blockchain give it a huge value by itself for getting traffic to websites for helping users read stories and solve problems this blockchain has a massive value just from a Content perspective all of these posts I'm showing you're all recently there's thousands of new posts made every day this blockchain is building its own value at a rapid pace every day even outside of the crypto world just as a website that is the number one reason that this blockchain in my opinion already has the truest value that's the highest because it's self-sustaining its own growth why is it doing this so fast because on Steam we actually have a chance to earn from what we post the idea is spreading that everything we create every picture we upload every little post we write every video we upload has some kind of intrinsic value wherever we're uploading it on Steam for the first time we've got a chance to get at least something directly from the blockchain as a reward for sharing something that adds value for the blockchain this business model is a leap of head of advertising supported business models it cuts out the third-party making a direct relationship between creators and readers a direct relationship between the creator and the database unlike with something like Facebook where the creator and that readers all have to interface with Facebook and Facebook holds all the value for itself on Steam a percentage is given back both to the author and to the reader and all of that means the blockchain itself for Steam has massive value even without considering the cryptocurrency itself you can see my profile if you want to on Steam at.com slash out jury band film now that's the number one reason I don't think the number one reason by itself is enough to say drive an immediate oh my god this the best thing ever investment when we consider all 25 or there might be 26 of these reasons together now that is powerful and that's what I'll do will you go through the rest of these with me because once you see these you might have the same experiences meaning that oh my god there's no investing in any of the others this is the only one that has number one potential written all over it if you get really excited at any point you not on Steam yet if you use the sign-up link you can create an account for free the transactions are free the transactions only take three seconds and you can do that right on the link here that says sign up for Steam now the second big reason I'm so hyped up on the blockchain we call Steam and I have clear data to show that steam is on its way to being number one is by comparing the different blockchains and especially looking at their value these are the blockchains the top ones by transactions transactions are an indication of the velocity of money and of the interaction with the blockchain a high-value blockchain is likely to have a lot of activity think of a high-value company like Apple Apple has a lot of interaction with all of its products something like an iPhone where's my iPhone I use this I interact with this iPhone a whole bunch of different times throughout the day and then wherever I go I'm at liable to take my iPhone out that's an essentially the equivalent of a transaction on the steam blockchain all those times I interact with my iPhone are adding value to Apple as a company all those little tiny little things I do throughout the day how do you think I got an iPhone I saw thousands of times other people using iPhones all those little things people did on iPhones that's how I ended up getting one even though I hated Apple as a company 10 years ago guess what I'm on my second iPhone now my Wi-Fi thinks on her third steam as the blockchain has that same thing going with its team already is the number one blockchain in terms of transactions even though steams only two years old the blockchain is competing with our significantly older Bitcoin 8 or 9 your old blockchain now yes the average transaction value on Bitcoin and a theorem may be higher but look at the average valuation index the market cap relative to the activity this is why things team such a good deal if you look at the average valuation index here it doesn't have much value compared to the activity that's a good signal that it's undervalued some of these other block chains with lower numbers that's likely a signal they're overvalued in other words the value the use of the blockchain relative to the speculated amount that it is on markets today steam already has more transactions than Bitcoin and a theory amount of daily basis combined it even has way more transactions when you include its foundation bit shares and etherium and Bitcoin all combined and you see some of these other currency some of which have massive value have very few actual transactions and it all comes down to transactions if people are using and transacting on a blockchain that is adding value to the blockchain because every block is essentially adding the value of all those transactions every time I post on Steam every time I upload on Steam that's adding value to the blockchain just from a purely logical point of view a blockchain with more transactions is likely to grow a lot in value there we go that is a big number two reason for Steam Smart Media tokens when we combine the first two things with Smart Media tokens it just goes insane smart media tokens are a new protocol that will be added the steam blockchain in 2018 that will allow anyone to essentially create their own version of steam directly on the Steam blockchain using a smart media token this is massive because this is where I believe a lot of new users will come into steam because it presents a huge incentive for anyone with an to create a smart media token it's not very lucrative let's say if you've got a big newspaper to tell everyone to go sign up on Steam because then you essentially have to try and get everyone to upvote your posts it is lucrative if you've got say a big newspaper and you want to raise some money to create your own that newspaper token then you have your readers by that token and then you've got all the same proven functionality of steam within your newspaper smart media token which will then be able to be exclusively used on your newspapers website you'll be able to give out rewards to readers you might even be able to hire and pay authors by having them post with your smart media token these smart media tokens are going to have innovation at an unbelievable level on the Steam blockchain similar to what we've seen with etherium there's a big difference on aetherium though aetherium when you create an ER c20 token is very limited when you will create a smart media token you'll be able to do everything with that you can do with steam and there will be a built-in exchange with steam meaning anywhere that take steam you can easily exchange the Smart Media token esteem and then say exchange steam to US dollars on whatever exchanges take steam this means there won't be any need to go get your smart media token listed on a bunch of different exchanges you'll have one central exchange on Steam and then the more exchanges do steam the US dollars you won't need to use all these other exchanges and you'll be able to do all these without paying any fees with instant transactions you'll be able to do an ICO without having to even go learn about the theory and blockchain you bill to do it and then you'll be able to promote it straight on Steam Smart Media tokens combined with the first two things I just shared we're looking at ridiculous growth in 2018 and 2019 for steam I think we're on our way to a hundred plus million on Steam we've already got almost a million I'll get into that well I'll just get into that right now we already have nearly a million accounts on Steam there's ninety four thousand five hundred and eighty pages of ten accounts per page that means there's nine hundred forty five thousand accounts on Steam today that is real value on a blockchain I would imagine that's more wallets than a whole lot of other Kryptos even some that are above Steam have combined this is something that you can't just duplicate sure you could fork the steam blockchain but good luck getting people to actually go use that version when you've got these accounts on Steam this is a massive resource this is true value these are unique wallets that can post and earn rewards on posts this is a huge indication of value and I think when steam passes Bitcoin and wallets which at this point according to my calculations will happen around 20 20 or 20 21 there will be more wallets in fact there might be two to ten times as many steam user accounts as Bitcoin and at that point we'll be in position for the flip where steam goes to number one and I think steam is going to keep sneaking up and take some big boosts until then when we look at that and combine it with the steam price charts we've got a clear proof that steam can survive the down times I had a friend he put thousands of dollars into big connect right before it crashed and the one thing I said to him that I didn't like about it was they I don't trust something that hasn't been through a hard time improving it can come back steam has been through a really hard time and proven not only that it could come back but it could learn from that hard time innovate and come back stronger than ever steam when it released and and had the big pump in July 2016 when all of the excitement over the same kinds of things I'm talking about was speculated on two years ago the price reached as high as $4 on July 14 2016 over the next year the price went as low as 7 cents after one of the co-founders left and started working on a competitor now we saw the Steam price go from four dollars to seven cents that's a 98 percent drop in value now imagine if we put that same thing in Bitcoin terms Bitcoin maxed out at twenty thousand a ninety eight percent drop in Bitcoin would be back down to four hundred dollars I think let me do the math multiply by five that's two thousand and add a zero that's twenty thousand yes imagine if Bitcoin went down to $400 from twenty thousand at its high steam went down that much and it came back and not only that this year it went up as high as what I think it actually touched nine dollars but it went up to seven dollars that to me proves resilience resilience for these block changes one of the most critical elements how does the blockchain stand up to a hard time I told my friend that big connect I would never invest in it until I saw what happened to the community when it dropped 90 plus percent as we can see it appears to have pretty much dissolved esteem continued to grow stronger even with the 98 percent price to climb now the price went up as high as seven dollars which seems to add two dollars and seventy three cents today looks like a pretty good opportunity you've got clear proof the price was as high as seven dollars before and you've seen some big buys lately the usual the last time all these steam pump started with a few waves of big buys I think it's about to go up again to over ten dollars relatively soon I love that was something I did not invest in steam until it went back up to a dollar I looked at it and I watched it and I bought in when it was over a dollar because after it dropped from four dollars to seven cents I wanted to see I saw it at 21 cents I said I'm not buying in yet I want to see if it goes up more before and it did and that's when I bought back in because that to me is a safer investment it's proof it'll come back from something that is traumatic now you have heard maybe some of the news about Facebook and Google banning ads for crypto currencies I think this is one of the best things that's ever happened to steam and what I hope is that when you start putting all of these together that one blockchain has all of these different properties it's ridiculous it's absurd Facebook and Google both recently banned advertising for crypto currencies now at first that sounds really bad for all crypto currencies until we start thinking about what that means for steam most crypto currencies have almost no organic traffic source in that's a digital marketing term it means most crypto currencies don't have a website that just pulls a whole lot of visitors to it all by itself from say Google organic search or social media referrals one of the best ways to promote an initial coin offering is on the trending page of steam let's go take a look at the trending page the trending page on steam is generally good for thousands of views immediately every single time when you get up to the top of it I know I've been on the trending page a lot of times on steam my pulse on a trending page have gotten generally a minimum of 5,000 views often 1015 plus thousand views within 3 to 6 days on that post the steam trending page is one of those resources for a blockchain that is at has massive value for steam and now this only counts the steam it dot-com traffic sources it doesn't count all the alternative interface I'm about to mention for example this new post which I have no idea about I just randomly clicked on was posted 19 hours ago it's got one thousand three hundred and nine views if you had to pay for that on Google AdWords that would probably cost several hundred dollars in clicks to get that now when you pay for it with Google AdWords as I know from spending hundreds of thousands on Google AdWords and you don't get anything back out of it you just pay Google that money now I'm guessing now this one actually did not use any voting BOTS wow that's that's pretty cool let's see where's one what you can do with these posts you can use voting bots to essentially guarantee that you wind up on the trending page that's nice there's actually two accounts that have not used bid bots here this one is this one a bid bot you can use bid BOTS to basically guarantee you get up this one used bid BOTS perfect you can use bid BOTS to basically guarantee you get to the top of the trending page and that's exactly what this post is done and even though it's not on the top of the trending page it's still gotten hundreds of views directly on Steam accom mostly from I would imagine the trending page and it has the potential over the next several days to get a lot more views if I go down to some of these that wait that's three hours to go fight if you go down through these posts on the trending page you'll see that there's a lot here's a good one this one was promoted with voting BOTS I'm going to mention this one again and you'll see this one got a massive amount of this one four thousand views within four days this one promoted heavily with voting BOTS and it got to number one and in four days averaged a thousand views a day now unlike Google AdWords the money spent on voting BOTS will actually be paid back out to the person who promoted it as you see this post is earning nine hundred eighty three dollars that means the person probably spent four or five hundred US dollars to promote the poll and they will get back probably three or four hundred dollars in author rewards and when more I SEOs figure this out this trending page on Steam is probably going to be almost all I SEOs because this is advertising done simply with voting bots on the steam trending page and this is just the trending page this is just on one user interface and the best part is that when you've got people reading on Steam you've got a high probability you're reaching the right type of audience especially if you have an IC o—- the more IC o—- start to realize that hey if you've got an advertising budget of $10,000 that will go a really long way on steam using voting bots to reach the top of the trending page that is only going to get bigger and bigger as steam it com continues to go up in rank I'll show you the steam it com Alexa steam it com is one it recently reached one of the top 1,000 web sites in the world it dropped back down after this recent crypto drop to 1,200 that means there's only one thousand nine hundred 1199 websites that have more visitors according to Alexa then steam accom now how would you get your post to the top page the trending a page on steam it calms one of the top pages how would you get your post to the top of the trending on almost any other top 1,000 website by just spending a few hundred dollars I think this will continue to be a better and better opportunity because with the high steam page rank of on steam accom what we see is the opportunity for bloggers to join steam spend a few hundred on every single post and build a following of readers and then earn most of that several hundred dollars spent back as rewards I mean compared to advertising on Google on Facebook posts on steam is an evolutionary leap forward and you might ask well how does that work with promoting the post I'll show you a little bit later how that actually works and that investors who are holding steam power are earning the money from using these voting BOTS I have a voting bot and it's incredible how much it pays out totally passive income I see the future especially when we combine the ability to do a smart media token and to launch an initial coin offering on Steam combined with promoting it directly through Steam and having the trending page guarantee a lot of pageviews and then indefinitely provide more page views from google organic search traffic and that doesn't even include all the sharing on social media we will continue to see more i SEOs jump into steam buy lots of steam and then promote their ICO on steam consistently we I've proven that it works to build a following just by promoting my own pulse I've proven that the more times you hit the trending page the better your results get when I hit the turning page I get a ton of views because people recognize me you Google and Facebook banning cryptocurrency ads is one of the best things that I think's happened to steam when we consider the steam it com Alexa rank and we consider these alternative interfaces all of their own PageRank we start to want to know more about steam one of the the evolutions of the steam blockchain over previous block chains is the witness' system the witness' system on Steam provides a solution to the huge amounts of processing power and and resources that are wasted mining on block chains like Bitcoin which also make it completely unavailable to the average person to even have a healthy participation in on steam we have witnesses which allow for voting on witnesses with the amount of steam power held instead of reliance upon just processing power and competition on just computers and money now the nice thing with this witness system is this transparent I don't know where I can look to easily find the top Bitcoin or aetherium miners and then to see their matching pulse on Steam you can see exactly who the top Witnesses are that are essentially making the blockchain you can see how many votes each witness has which then allows you to get to know for example I'm the twenty first witness right now and I've got six thousand nine hundred and sixty-five volts which I'm very grateful for you can see you can look and then immediately look at my profile from there you can look at the other witnesses on here and for anyone who's new or getting started with Steam especially if you're an investor participating in the witness voting system is a huge opportunity to immediately connect in the community whereas let's say you set up a huge mining operation for a Bitcoin and aetherium I'm not sure how you even make something out of that or if you've got a million dollars worth of Bitcoin you essentially don't get anything for having a million dollars of Bitcoin when you have a million dollars worth of steam and it's powered up you then have the ability to be one of the top witness voters it's easy then to make relationships with the top witnesses and with the witnesses even easier with the witnesses farther down who would absolutely love to collaborate with you as a witness voter and who are working each day to add value to the Steam blockchain this witness system is a complete evolutionary leap ahead of proof of work mining and it makes it very attractive as an investor in steam or as a potential developer or miner to get involved with the witness system because the witness system is so transparent and easy to access you can see exact who the witnesses are and you can get to know them for example you can just click on a witness we can click on justa we can see what things just is doing what things justa is Rhys teaming and talking about we can look in justice wallet and see how much steam gesture has and steam power you can immediately start getting to know each witness for example some witnesses don't post much other witnesses like me I post every day this is going to continue to snowball as the witnesses and the voters and the investors all continue to collaborate and this is what gives steaming the ability to go through now 19 hard Forks unlike some other block chains where someone could be a miner and you wouldn't even be able to hardly know who they are very easily on Steam it gives us as witnesses easy accountability you can see exactly where I'm at in the witness rankings you can then if you want to talk to me about updates on future versions of steam if I want to talk to the witnesses I'm voting for about how they're going to vote for the next hard fork it makes it very easy to collaborate and evolve what block chains like Bitcoin and aetherium seem to be really struggling with are getting that cooperation among the miners and the involvement from the community when it comes to which changes are most important and which changes are going to happen next steam makes all of that so much better with the witness system by providing transparency and allowing every single user to participate you don't have to have a whole bunch of steam power every single vote counts and contributes even equally you might think well I just signed up I don't have anything what good is voting for you as a witness to your friend might decide to vote for me as a witness after seeing that you're voting for me and when we consider that network effect the big voters are often highly impacted as I am with the networking effect I have friends that come to me and say will you vote for this witness the every single vote for witness matters where on Bitcoin even if I've got a million dollars in Bitcoin sitting in my wallet I'm not sure how I could have any influence on the miners and on future hard forks that collaboration and ability to work together is what gives teaming opportunities to continue to scale and evolve successfully which we've already proven through 19 hard Forks now you guys I hope after 30 minutes you're seeing how all this stuff builds on itself all of these things just snowball into something ridiculous I'll show you even more when it comes to a press and media coverage steam is rockin with getting earned media attention for example here's an article that was featured on wired.com the named the social network doling out millions and ephemeral money you go look at the article this is an article on a big website with a huge following of readers that features steam exclusively technically mentions bit share also it even features individual users directly on Steam this is happening repeatedly and is going to keep happening more because steam with this transparency with all of the posts with the author's posting the steam who also write for things like wired.com there's a huge incentive for authors in other places to essentially write about steam and then hope to cross-promote get some of their audience safe from wired.com over to steam so they can start getting up votes and get some of their audience from steam over don't wire calm to help increase their standing at wire calm to get more reason views on the articles and then every single website and community like this that publishes an article about steam then becomes aware of steam and this takes us back to the smart media tokens every time a website like wired.com writes about an article there's the potential that that web I will then start to look at smart media tokens and consider adding all the benefits of steam into their existing community this the smart media tokens then have a built-in promotion system every time steam earns some media attention and that that's not the only time I'll show you another article there on Bloomberg recently in fact just seven days ago YouTube and Facebook or losing creators to blockchain powered rivals like D life when we go over here we see on Bloomberg another website with a huge audience this dedicated an entire article to promoting steam it's in shown how for example a youtuber with 5 million followers jumped over to start using the app on steam named D tube which is similar to D live except it doesn't have live streaming when you see articles like this same thing with Wired Bloomberg having published an article like this is likely to now get a little bit interested in steam oh yeah we did an article on that wait you mean we can launch us a Bloomberg coin token we could give our readers the chance to earn money from our token by commenting on our articles we could pay our authors by voting their posts instead of having to pay them a salary it won't take very many things like that you might say well that's how likely is that to happen 10 when there's 10 to a hundred different big websites that have published articles about steam it only takes one of them to go all in on a smart media token and a bunch of the other ones will follow say let's for example Bloomberg goes all-in launch the smart media token raises a hundred million dollars with its ICO don't you think wired.com will notice that and say hey maybe we'll do wired.com smart meteor token and we'll raise a hundred million dollars and then we will be able to pay our readers and our followers back the positive reinforcement loop here is just read Nickolas now one of the main critiques i've heard is that the competitors are going to come out and just blow steam away that there's competitors developing better versions of steam and a cerium that will then just eliminate steam fortunately for steam steam has the first mover advantage in this situation that means the steam did it first steam has launched this massive set of innovations before anyone else all on the same blockchain steam as far as I'm aware it's the first blockchain to integrate blogging that means it's first that means even if competitors are better they're not likely to pass steam anytime soon I'll give you the evidence let's look at the charts on coin market Capcom now what currency do you see up there at number one Bitcoin is Bitcoin technically superior to any of the block chains below it I mean aetherium I think I'll no one in the world would argue that Bitcoin has better technology than aetherium and even if they did what about some of these other ones litecoin what about you got steam you got a – that has master nodes on I mean they can send anonymous transactions and then you look down at these and almost all of these you say these are better than bitcoins this is where bitcoins competitors are blow it why because bitcoin was first Bitcoin as first mover advantage and in order to pass Bitcoin you can't just be a little bit better or have better technology you need to have an entire community you need to have all those little actions like I talked about with my iPhone I talked about with my iPhone how every time I get my iPhone out that's a little transaction especially when someone else sees it every one of those times I get my iPhone out and use it is adding value Bitcoin all the it's been talked about add to its value for every time someone says Bitcoin a lot less people say aetherium and you can see even though aetherium without question has better technology a more valuable blockchain in terms of all of when if you just looked at the pure value of the blockchain itself without considering the speculation and all the money you would certainly say a theorem has a more valuable blockchain then Bitcoin does and yeah bitcoin is worth a lot more Bitcoin is the standard for trading cryptocurrencies with each other because bitcoin was first it has first mover advantage you can't just compete with something and have better technology and automatically get first place if you want to be first place in a similar market you need to be in my opinion ten times better you need to have something way more valuable than the previous iteration in my opinion steam has got that steam is ten times better than Bitcoin for all the reasons I'm showing you here I'd say aetherium might be five ish times better and five inch times better aetherium may have a chance to get close to Bitcoin in value but Bitcoin and the theorem are so closely tied in value and may be difficult for Bitcoin to pass or be passed by a theorem because essentially a Bitcoin price has to stay the same while the etherium price triples in order for aetherium to be more valuable than Bitcoin now when you look at some of these other ones and I'm not going to even mention any by name they may have more speculated value than steam but that doesn't matter these block chains that have been speculated and traded a lot are just asking for a collapse in value if they don't have users if they don't have transactions to back up that value steam has users it has transactions to back up its value Bitcoin has users in transactions aetherium s users in transactions litecoin has users and transactions Bitcoin aetherium litecoin are on a lot of exchanges you these competitors I don't see as any threat at all the steam because they will never catch up with steam in terms of the amount of users and especially with something like Smart Media tokens which will be the first place you can easily essentially take an established community like a wordpress blog get it on the Steam blockchain and monetize it you can't just do that easily within a theorem token there's no easy way to do that without fees on any other blockchain steam ax is in no danger from its competitors in fact I think as some of its competitors fail the money will pour into steam as people see that the hopes and promises they thought they were getting from what was supposedly a competitor really are already available on Steam I think competitors are actually going to help steam get to number one by having investors when the competitor one goes down and then doesn't live up to his promise they'll want something similar that will and steam will be extremely attractive for that the competitors also prove that the basic ideas of steam have massive value even if steam itself today is a bit undervalue one of the huge things that gives steam value that cannot be duplicated by its competitors are these applications that are popping up on the steam blockchain every one of these applications I'm about to show you has its own website or separate user interface meaning when you reach the top of the trending page on Steam accom all the views and alternative interfaces are not even counted all the views that some of the alternative interfaces get from google search are not even counted in the steam at com Alexa ranking steam is powering all of these applications I'm about to show you to allow virtually anything to happen on the Steam blockchain example on D live dot IO I'll show you my D live dot IO profile we are able to livestream to the steam blockchain all of my followers 36 thousand followers on the steam blockchain are able to discover my live streams on every single steam user interface when I use the application named D live to make a post or a video upload to the steam blockchain this allows them say all of the automatic votes I get on the steam blockchain every time I livestream I get those automatic votes on my live stream these applications are making seem the most valuable place for influencers to build a following because I then can essentially use an equivalent of YouTube directly on Steam with D live I can use an equivalent of a blogging platform like WordPress directly on Steam and as steam continues to grow steam will literally have applications that do almost everything somewhere else does and that means that building a following on Steam will be one place where the following reaches all the different applications as an influencer online with over 2.5 million followers the worst thing that is having these followers not easily be able to go between different platforms or among different platforms my 2.2 million followers on Facebook it's difficult to get those followers over to YouTube my 234 thousand subscribers on YouTube is difficult to get those followers over to Twitter and I know what my 2.2 million followers on Facebook is very difficult to turn that into any actual income on YouTube there's a completely different business model then turning into income will say ad revenue supported vs. on for example on my wordpress blog I can use Google Adsense you see all these other platforms right now are disconnected when you're an influencer who's already got of following it's very attractive to get your following over to steam because all the sudden you can have one following that goes everywhere you go I can livestream on D live and all my following then is able to see that even if they've never used D live before it comes up just as pulse so I'll show you how this works when you look at my profile on steam it calm you see I did this video on D live yesterday and then what it does essentially is link to D live dot IO well what's awesome about this is I've got a full post on steam it calm and then when I've got I've got votes from the application D live which allows me to earn money when I post specifically with the D live application to steam and that's what makes these applications so attractive is that these applications are able to pay creators directly for using them which actually makes it most lucrative as a creator to post with applications outside of steam accom like D live the innovation here is just ridiculous let's look at another example of this for open source contributions what I love about utopian is solving a massive problem in a way that benefits everyone here's the massive problem right now developers doing open source projects say on github have no easy way to turn that contribution to humanity into money unless they use utopian dot IO which is on the steam blotching let's take a look at utopian dot IO what this does it allows the users and especially developers and coders but anyone I've posted on utopian denial it allows anyone contributing to an open-source project to have a chance to earn something even if it's not a lot to earn something for that contribution right now most developers on github if you have to make something that has built-in monetization for most projects there's very little potential to earn any income for the foreseeable future unless you've got built-in monetization until you discover utopian dot IO now on utopian dot IO you can simply submit what you did and earn rewards look at these I'm just going through these I've never even seen these posts before here's one $20 84 dollars here 98 dollars here for a video tutorial and a 40 cents for this one a hundred and seventy-three dollars for this one and you can scroll down and see tons of these every single day I think now there's hundreds of developers earning collectively tens of thousands of dollars every day on utopian dot IO in exchange for posting open source contributions now that is a huge problem that's solved with the steam blockchain blockchains get true value from solving big real world problems just like this problem there's very little incentive for a developer to code something these days that doesn't have some kind of monetization even if it might be really useful it essentially has to just be from the good of the heart and now utopian dot IO empowers developers to make things just because they help people but it even empowers things like video tutorials it even empowers things like advertising it empowers things like translation it empowers things like bugs it empowers things like suggestions it empowers – all of these things which in and of themselves are extremely useful and before utopian dot IO we're very hard to actually earn any money doing therefore most people would not even have time or make the time to do something like create a video tutorial when that tutorial wasn't likely to make any money because people have to go to work something like utopian denial allows the developer and allows the artist that creating things like tutorials that allow someone like an ethical hacker trying to find bugs to have a place to make contributions and to earn money for it even if it's just enough to be a hobby it could even be a full-time job easily with doing it every single day utopian dot IO what is amazing about it is that a lot of the projects there are for the steam blockchain this means there's a place on steam where there's a clear community to incentivize building apps that are good for the steam blockchain regardless of whether they actually make money there for the steam blockchain as a way to pay for constant innovation that solves problems just like this even if they aren't profitable even if the author has to pay costs associated with hosting that app regular updates to it can actually lead to a profit using utopian dot IO now that's great we've got an awesome tool for developers and for tutorial creators on Utah pin we've got an amazing tool for live streamers and video uploaders and what about musicians podcasters comedians are any audience artists working with audio files we have an interface for that – it's called D sound dot audio on D sound dot audio we're able as I do to upload music and actually be able to earn a bit of money for without having to produce an album get it on iTunes we're able to just immediately upload our music and then all of our following we have on Steam as a chance to listen to our music or I've done I do a podcast we're earning a hundred and fifty dollars as I've done on this recent podcast that's very difficult with my podcast on iTunes even though hundreds of thousands of users have listened to my podcast on iTunes I can't prove to you I've ever earned anything from him on YouTube if a thousand people listen to one of my videos I get two dollars for it when a few hundred listen to it on Steam and that's one of the podcasts on D sound I've got a good shot to earn fifty or a hundred dollars per episode that's a gigantic difference from putting something on iTunes and I've even had the courage to share some of my stand-up comedy now imagine I'm actually able or turn twenty bucks by doing a stand-up comedy routine I'll tell you what it'd be real hard to get anyone to pay me $20 to do stand-up comedy somewhere else on a steam blockchain that's possible steam with the tools I've just mentioned is I would say the best opportunity in the world for musicians who are hoping to just create songs and do music videos and live stream it's the best in the world for musicians I know because I'm a musician I've got all of these I've got the keyboards I've become a musician in the last year and a half from no experience and the steam blockchain is the best place in the world to get started and grow following as a musician because I can still I still do upload my songs to SoundCloud I still do upload my songs to my podcast I still do upload my songs to YouTube I also upload them to D sound and I'm D alive which then helps me earn some money from uploading them there which adds value to the steam blockchain which helps more people discover D sound and D live and steam and it helps more people find and listen to my music who are just intending to follow me for my blog who never would have seen my soundcloud song but because it's all on Steam do see my D sound post we've got it several more interfaces here that just when you consider all of these interfaces for the Steam blockchain it's just one my head's going crazy with this there's busy or gits an alternative interface to steam it calm and yet it's got features a rich set of features that basically give users the opportunity for a completely different user interface let's say a lot of critiques had been steamed it calms user interface stinks tons of critiques that way I don't like this about steam it calms interface then you can just use busy or gets the exact same blockchain when you make a post on busy organ goes directly to steam it comm also and you can use busy org to do all the same things you do on steam accom plus you can do more things on busy org in a completely different interface there's different things you can do with your wallet the features are different for example if I look at a post on busy org you can see it it's got these nice social sharing widgets right next to it when I look at a cryptocurrency related post it has the amount it has the value of that cryptocurrency pulled from an exchange straight on the page when we see is it anyone that can come along and develop an alternative interface for the steam blockchain and then put that on a different URL what we see is also freedom from censorship so let's say steam accom gets blocked on facebook busy down org should still work on Facebook we can share posts from busy down organ stead of steam accom if we prefer that domain I share my post usually with busy org to Facebook and Twitter and all the page views that come in and are tracked on cement comm don't even count on busy or this is a separate interface a separate URL that has its own chance to get ranked in Google search that has its own chance to bring users naturally to the website when you consider all these different communities you see that this is just an epic positive reinforcement loop the more of these websites like busy org succeed the more the steam blockchain grows the more the steam blockchain grows the more website like busy org will continue to grow it's just this ridiculous positive feedback loop that's snowballing to somewhere out of control here's another example fundation dot isle is the world's first as far as I know of decentralized crowdfunding platform Fondation dot io allows us to fund projects directly through the Steam blockchain and cut out the middleman we no longer have to pay huge fees to other platforms to host a crowdfunding project I know I've submitted my post on Kickstarter several times and my Kickstarter campaigns then didn't even get approved I put all this work into a crowdfunding campaign that got blocked because they didn't think my book was going to be a success or something like that and fundation dot IO if it actually loads allows us to fund our projects directly on the Steam blockchain with no third party accountability for better and worse meaning anyone can launch a project on fundation dot io and just do whatever they wanted with the money I would say most of the time that's a good thing and the steam blockchain has the built-in communication tools the built-in reputation tools to help us look at any project on fundation dot IO and see whether this is a trusted member of the community or whether this is someone brand new in and then the idea is it's not loading right now let's find the idea is with all these apps on Steam are relatively easy to create compared to say creating this from scratch on your own website because you've got the entire power of the steam blockchain all you need to do is make an interface that works with the Steam blockchain finally we've got several mobile applications for steam which include East Team B steam and several others I don't remember right now B steam is a new mobile app for iOS and Android it allows users to experience the full power of the steam blockchain using a mobile app which a lot of users prefer to use a mobile app to interact with something for example the Facebook app to interact with Facebook when compared to doing something like just going on the web site you've got B steam which is totally free to use it doesn't take any of your author rewards the way some other applications on the Steam blockchain do it you can see the posts here from B steam what it looks like it's easy on B steam you can go in and just essentially do all the same stuff you do on Facebook but have the potential to actually earn even if it's just a few cents to earn something from what you shared to build a following that will empower you to earn even more going forward and to have indefinite possibilities for getting more people to see your post when you post something on Facebook if people don't see it within the first 24 to 48 hours it often is hard to get people to look at it because Facebook is not very friendly with Google in terms of indexing photos and posts IMATS team when you submit a post through the beastie mobile app it goes to the steam blockchain your posts could get visitors indefinitely from Google organic search traffic to steam it com even though you posted with a B steam app the ones with Instagram or something there's no or very little possibility of getting that same thing you could get a lot of visitors on something and with this new Google change you can get a ton of visitors you post something just like a picture that picture ranks on Google Image Search you're very likely to get people discovering your presence on the steam blockchain through organic search when you just keep uploading new posts and new photos every single day whereas doing that on Facebook or Instagram there's almost no hope of that in terms of getting people on Google or getting natural sharing over a long period of time applications like B steam and East team give us another way these are on the steam blockchain and the better these mobile apps do the more people will discover the mobile app in the App Store before even discovering anything else this is it's a crazy amount of innovation on Steam now all of this innovation is funded through a system that's I think the first of its kind on Steam called delegation if you're familiar with other cryptocurrencies steam is a proof of a delegated proof of stake blockchain on Steam that means you've got proof of stake which means that the amount of steam you in you put in you're vesting pool or you power up gives you all of your rewards as essentially someone who staked their cryptocurrency on the Steam blockchain that means I've got something like a hundred plus thousand steam power today that means I've given that 100,000 steam into the vesting pool I can't immediately withdraw it I have to power it down in exchange for that I get voting power so when I go to vote on a post if you looked at the busy org it says my votes worth $84 I can make 10 of those a day that means I have the ability because of my steak and the delegations which I'll explain in a minute my account has the ability to up vote 840 dollars a day on Steam that makes holding steam in powered up steam power an extremely valuable thing to have if I had the same amount of steam I think I've got like three hundred thousand dollars steam today that's powered up in the steam power if I had that much in Bitcoin I wouldn't get anything out of it I'd literally have it sitting there my wallet doing nothing I'd be taking all the risk of losing access to my wallet and then never being able to get my Bitcoin back I'd be taking all the risks of holding that much but I'd be getting almost nothing back for it on Steam my $300,000 worth of steam today allows me to either pay myself if pay myself hundreds of dollars a day if I wanted to just by uploading my post it allows me to pay other people hundreds of dollars a day without it costing me anything because the more power you have the more influence you get over who gets the new steam that's created on Steam unlike other block chains the majority of steam that's paid out as we can see on Steam DB com the majority of steam that's paid out is paid out – oh no steam DB coms not there it's just learned the majority of steam is paid out on Steam goes to authors that means everyone who's blogging on the steam blockchain the majority sixty five point nine percent of the new steam that's created goes to authors sixteen point nine percent goes to the up voters that means people up voting posts giving other people money get back sixteen percent of new steam people commenting get four percent 8% Spade in interest and then the witnesses essentially the miners only get five percent compared to other block chains where the miners get almost everything that's a ninety five percent difference versus most other block chains holding steam power pays really well especially when we combine it with delegation and this means that holding steam power is becoming the it already is for me but people are starting to learn holding steam power and delegating it or using it every day is by far the best way to earn income holding cryptocurrency holding a Bitcoin in a wallet by comparison is worse almost nothing holding three on there thousand dollars of steam powered up delegated your voting BOTS for me is worth about a hundred dollars a day in payouts now if I had 300,000 in Bitcoin I'd get nothing and I'd take risk on the price going up and down at the current price of steam my hundred and sixteen or what 18 whatever a thousand steam power pays me a hundred dollars a day in liquid rewards I can cash out you do that by either voting off you can vote your own posts up you can vote other people posts up and earn or you can delegate to a voting bot I've got a tutorial showing how and why to delegate steam power when we power steam up it essentially it gives us this influence over the Steam blockchain in terms of where the new steams being created and who the new witnesses or top Witnesses are when we delegate our steam power what we do is give up our voting rights not for witnesses we give it up just for posts so what we can do is delegate our steam power to a voting bot and the earnings on my voting bot have been between 20 to 60% APR in steam that's not considering the price going up of steam that means the average earnings have probably been 30% that means you delegate to my bot a hundred thousand steam power you're likely to earn thirty thousand steam within a year of that delegation now imagine if you had a hundred Bitcoin and you earned 30 Bitcoin by holding that in your wallet for one year that's what's happening on Steam right now today and this this is fairly new and the price of steam has been consistently going up since this delegation of voting BOTS and there's even a new system which you don't even have to delegate to a voting bot you can directly essentially interact with the author Dan and this is how I was talking about voting BOTS getting the top of trending page basically the people like me and that have even more have that have lots of steam power have a powerful vote we can essentially trade our vote for a direct payment because the user getting that vote both gets rewards and as the potential to get more readers and then just for holding steam power we get massive rewards now not very many people know about this yet the more people know about this the more people will be grabbing huge amounts of steam off of exchange is powering it up and delegating it for that true passive income real passive income that you set it up you get the payments every single day in your account I get two payments every day in my account and my voting bot also funds projects my voting bot funds building in exchange for steam new US dollar my voting bot funds ads first team back when before Facebook and Google banned them my voting bond funds new applications on Steam in addition to all these other methods my voting bot helps fund applications and innovation it helps fund posts that add value to steam it helps fund authors adding to steam it helps funds contest all these delegations then power these voting BOTS which is what I mentioned before for the reason I think I SEOs are going to explode on steam these voting BOTS which are powered by delegations mean that if you hold steam power and delegate it you can get the payouts that come to these voting BOTS in exchange for the delegated steam power and you the best part is your principle continues to grow but you don't have to touch the principal in order to get the payout you get the payouts and your principal grows with the interest from Steam and it grows from curation rewards if you actually run the bots yourself and you get payouts without having to touch the principal it's an incredible system for example my voting BOTS every ten times a day has a vote worth a hundred and fifty one dollars that means fifteen hundred dollars a day because I've pulled my hundred and eighteen thousand steam power in and hundreds of other people have put steam power in hundreds of other people get daily payouts from my bot and then what happens is authors send bids to my bot for an upvote on that post so for example you see Jeff Jago here sent ten steam and it the ten steam currently valued at twenty six ninety eight he gets a vote worth forty 4.80 nine cents back on his post now sometimes the competition means that you actually get a smaller vote or is it a little bit smaller than you paid for when you consider the curation rewards that is okay though because you can then use all these bots to promote a post heavily reach the top of the trending page get a big audience and get most of your money back imagine if I spent a hundred thousand on Google AdWords and I got seventy thousand dollars back plus all the clicks that's what we're talking about on Steam you're in an hour in this this is absurd innovation what we see on here is ten times better than other things that exist if Google gave me seventy thousand dollars back right now I'd have to change my pants because I've paid Google a hundred thousand dollars they've given me nothing on Steam when we promote ourselves with voting BOTS we actually get something back even if voting BOTS get more competitive we'll still get something back it's an incredible system it means that investors have a very simple way to earn passive income and it means that people participating every day have a built in method to promote themselves that actually return something back with voting BOTS and if you use the voting BOTS cleverly you can even make a profit you can promote yourself for a profit I mean there's nothing that good anywhere else I've seen I've been online for something like 18 years now there's nothing even close to this good I've seen before that's why I'm talking about it so much now you might ask okay let's say I sign up for Steam I've got no money what does Steam do for me the community and steam is the best I've seen with helping each other out the middle support project is a great example of this where the middle support project helps authors that don't have any steam especially who just sign up to get connected and to earn a little bit because the big yes difference is earning a little bit versus nothing on most of the free social media platforms we have today you earn nothing the biggest difference in the world is to earn a little bit versus nothing the middle support project is extremely effective at helping new authors earn something on quality posts and with continued participation in the Meno support project you can expect to consistently increase earnings and build followers over time even without doing any other promotion in terms of voting BOTS or buying into steam this is what to me truly makes team the number one blockchain is that there's a huge opportunity to join in and start using steam and to get a piece of the earnings without having to buy I don't see hardly any good ways to do that with Bitcoin or almost any other block chains – has a very innovative masternode system the you budget proposal funding system for example but you can't participate in that unless you drop two thousand dollars on five – at the current value and then risk losing all of that if your project is not funded that's not very entry level user-friendly on steamie you can earn thousands of dollars and I have seen hundreds if not thousands of authors including who I haven't seen that have earned thousands of dollars on Steam without buying any steam at all that's what makes this a really good blockchain people in Nigeria Venezuela India Pakistan can jump on the steam and have a chance to earn without putting any money in now earning five dollars day might not seem like a big deal to me with 10,000 a month in expenses just to pay for student loans and healthcare for my family and a house and a car and food and a massage every week someone earning five dollars in Venezuela that's a big deal to earn five dollars a day there now sure I can probably earn five dollars day easier in the USA with English but I'm $5 a day is a miracle to earn that much in Venezuela where that might be big money that you know you're not going to be able to be the richest person in Venezuela that's enough to eat and probably feed your family just posting on Steam that is the difference a blockchain can make in the world and then when you've got all these initiatives combined there's the chance to have that big earning occasionally to get a 50 or $100 post just for doing a good job on Steam no I've seen a lot of questions Jerry okay steams so great why is the price not higher why is the price where it is today you showed us that block tivity why isn't steam one of the top 10 crypto currencies already first steam has made a ton of mistakes in the first two years 19 hard Forks clearly demonstrates the need for a lot of changes some of the initial coding things set like the hundred percent interest were really not very well thought out and those things were changed meanwhile you see that 98% of drop put off a lot of investors put and put off a lot of people from joining in and then you combine that with the fact that steam has all the things that make it a great blockchain instant or three second transactions no fees that makes it more difficult to add to a crypto currency exchange compared to something like an e rc 20 token which is relatively easy one of the reasons the steam price is currently lowers because steam is only on three of the top ten exchanges and steam just recently got added to the number one exchange by Nance steam oath just the steam price pumped from about $2 to a high of seven or eight dollars when it got added to up it steam also recently pumped up after the coal market dropped from about a dollar 50 to almost $3.00 shortly after being added on by Nance steam is still not on several these other exchanges which have made massive profits and huge specula value for some of these other crypto currencies and steam is not even on those yet we're going to see steam get added to a bunch more exchanges over the next year too and every single one of these exchanges team gets added to give steam a massive potential for a price pumping everyone has the ability to double the Steam price one reason for that is because every one of these exchanges ends up having separate wallets so when someone holds steam on by Nantz that steam over there that then is not available on other exchanges and the more the currencies get spread out among all these other exchanges it's very easy for one particular exchange to have a huge Buy it's very easy for users to leave it on there and forget about it it's very easy for money from different sources to buy in now some of these other crypto currencies which in my opinion have very little true values of blockchain what they've done very well is get added to a bunch of different exchanges then you'll notice a lot of the table currencies are on a lot of these topics changes steam is not as easy to add to an exchange as some of these others because it's not an ER c20 token it's a real blockchain that has a ton of users that has different protocols then exchanges are used to adding however the more users and wallets the more activity there is on Steam it continues to be more attractive for exchanges to make that extra effort to put steam on that exchange by Nantz made that extra effort to put steam on the exchange a bit made that extra effort to put steam on the exchange these other exchanges are interested in making a profit adding a blockchain with huge value with lots of users and wallets that has the potential to bring in tons of new users to that exchange that are just interested in trading that specific currency the exchanges will want to add steam as fast as possible and I'll steams on bitch track and it's been on bitch tricks for a long time the problem there is there's so many currencies on bit tricks that's easy for steam to get lost in the crowd a lot of these exchanges don't have as many currencies which means all the money gets focused on the ones that does have and over the next year every single time steam gets added to one of these big exchanges and to lots of the smaller ones the steam price is likely to go up significantly I'd say 10% at a minimum for every exchange and then getting added to say some of these topics changes I would say easily a 50% to double price pump just in getting added to that exchange just in allowing buyers on that exchange to make those initial buys of steam to start loading up on steam and to allow traders who are in other things that may be on the way down or maybe over speculated to get out of those other things and get into steam and I think over the next year we're likely see steam added to a bunch of these topics changes every time it gets added the price will pump I from talking with everyone from Ned at steam it Inc everyone I've talked with on steam and steam it Inc getting added to exchanges is a top priority it's more challenging for steam than for most other block chains to get added on to these exchanges however the more steam grows that will continue to be worth it for the exchanges to put steam on even though it's more challenging now what makes it what will make it easy for exchanges to see the value of steam right away is the ability to go look at all these reports on steam that show all the activity on steam for example here's the website steam reports you can see the account voting for any article you can see the vote graph you can see who's voting for your particular posts you can see how much you're earning you can see the biggest votes if for example you can see the biggest votes of the day by looking at this particular chart you can see how much these interactions were too vote on post the transparency on Steam makes it very attractive to get involved in all the things you can see on Steam make it worth joining and make it easier to talk about a lot of these other blockchains it's hard to go look at all these different details you can go look at for example who's delegating to who you can see the biggest delegations chart you can see where these delegations are happening you have the ability to look at all this stuff on the steam blockchain which makes it very attractive to get involved with because you can see proof that everything's working a lot of investors at this point aren't asking enough questions about what real value there are in these blockchain some smarter and very cryptocurrency investors get the more unattractive it'll be to just dump 500,000 in the Bitcoin because you think it's going to pump and to say look which one of these really is already working and has the best potential the steam transparency makes it very lucrative for more informed investors to go in and go all in on steam and the more of the informed and early investors go in on steam the more hype excitement the more all the rest of the steam ecosystem grows one of the outstanding things on steam now when we combine everything I've just shared you is the ability to essentially convert money into a following and influence I don't know any other way that's as easy as on steam to convert money let's say you've got a million dollars in the bank and you want to invest it but where do you convert that million dollars into influence into following into having your voice heard ultimately don't a lot of us just want to be able to put our voice out there and be heard I know I do that's why I'm here we've got on steam the most attractive option anywhere to convert money and therefore cryptocurrency into something meaning fall-like interactions influence and to then get rewarded and actually earn as an investment steam is the ideal all-in platform for investing you put your money in then you start using steam every day you start uploading posts you start building a following if you put enough money and you can literally for example if you have ten million dollars in the bank it's very difficult to turn that into people actually listening and paying attention you without essentially creating a website on your own making a bunch of pulse or videos then paying to advertise those without getting anything back on steam you could literally dump ten million dollars into it into steam power right now you'd be one of the very top investors in the world in steam I think top 10 when you put in 10 million dollars you'd be one of the top 10 investors in the world and what you'd be able to do then is probably become one of the number one authors on the platform also you can literally vote your own post up close to the top of the trending page every single time up to ten times a day realistically you wouldn't want to do that what you'd be able to do is do a massive amount of good on the platform and give back to others one of the most innovative solutions for actively using the steam blockchain every day as an all-in investor like I am who use the steam every day is smart steam calm I'm smart steam calm it has all the benefits of using a voting bar without a lot of the limitations so let's say you put your 10 million dollars in the steam and you want to earn some good money on it but you don't want to just make 10 posts a day and just vote yourself up you want to vote some other people up you want to vote your own post maybe once a day up and then you want to also earn some passive income on it smart steam as the ideal setup for that what you can do on smart steam is sell your votes and I do this my wife she does this on her account what you do is sell your votes so when you have a certain voting power your votes are then available for sale were instead of using a voting buy you essentially get paid directly by the author through smart steam for that particular vote that then allows you to do your own curation and then let's say your voting power you set it at ninety percent you get twenty percent new voting power every day that means that you can vote and do whatever you want every day and then let's say you take a vacation for a week and you don't use steam at all and you put in a lot you'll come back to a big payout for all those votes you did not use this is a brilliant system for and I've seen several top authors and users on steam with investors using this system because it allows you to essentially always use up your voting power get a return from that but it doesn't totally take away all of your voting benefits like delegating to a voting Bob delegating to a voting body is an ideal passive solution if you just want to set it once and forget about it smart steam though makes it easy for authors to then buy votes directly from high voter voters with a lot of stake and then it makes it more collaborative and more verified than the wide open environment of voting bar as you you what you can see just the totality of all this innovation is unbelievable it comes down to though are we really doing some good with what we're contributing with these cryptocurrencies when we're doing things like investing a lot of our time and energy these cryptocurrencies every day are we really building better relationships with the people in our lives are we having time to spend are we doing some good in the world this top 25 steam posts the link here it shows that these are 25 what I think the best posts on Steam are and what it does it shows you about just some of the good that people are doing on steam things like attacking global poverty with steam 74 million of us on earth live on under a dollar 90 a day it'd be relatively easy with steam to empower that 74 million people to earn two dollars a day as a part of a blockchain with a lot of value whereas those same users are probably posting on other social media websites not having the chance to earn anything on Steam I think we can help millions of us earn at least a couple of dollars a day just for sharing the same kinds of things we already share on other social media for free you see these posts showing things like here's language hacks that help you out this shows you how powerful steam it post is this post changed my expectation of what I want in the future I used to think a big house with lots of bedrooms and all the fancy luxuries that was my dream until I read this post on Steam now I want to build the most sustainable house possible I don't want some massive house with huge bedrooms that cost a fortune and air conditioning in Florida I want to make something that collects its own water that's got a garden this post had a huge impact on me then what's nice on Steam is we can afford to post about whatever we want and not worry about how much money it's going to make here's an example of a post showing how a family's newspaper could be saved by Smart Media tokens here's a girl from Latvia who started on YouTube and then got on Steam and now is able to do steam full-time instead of having to hustle and have another job and do videos in our spare time steam at your steam has a groundbreaking recovery solution meaning you can put your steam and steam power and not instantly lose everything if it gets stolen I mean you can see these posts in here show you that what we're all about on Steam is doing some real good in the world helping people to have help available helping helping people with this game of money giving people a bit of rewards back from making contribution on the Internet and then this empowers us to just share our stories to share our truth on steam in a way that's unsensible it allows us to more genuinely connect with each other garlis of where we are when you read these top 25 posts I think that's the sense you'll get and that's part of a big ideological change we are seeing and this is evidenced by the recent Facebook hearings people are starting to realize that our data all that stuff we submit to Facebook and Twitter all these things we create online have value and we the basic idea we're sharing with steam is that everyone's creations have value that's the whole basic idea of the blockchain that we're selling is that you and everything you create have value and we have set up a system to give you value in exchange for adding that value to our community when you write a post a tutorial that brings thousands of people the steam blockchain from Google search we've set up a way to give you some money directly for that contribution instead of having as you can see even on my website all these ads that come up then that's the only way I can earn money directly and simply on my website without having to sell something essentially is having these ads on Steam you've noticed there not been any ads on any of the steam websites I've been through we're promoting this idea that all of us have some kind of value to share with the world and then everything we share potentially has value that a girl posting a picture in a bikini and a lot of people like that might be worth five or ten dollars every single time on Steam now when those photos are posted on Facebook and Instagram Facebook is getting to show five or ten dollars worth of ads in proximity to those photos it's getting all the value all those photos that's not giving any of it back on Steam we give some back and we cut out that third party the advertiser that blockchain directly interfaces with the author allowing readers to communicate to the blockchain what each author should earn that is the idea that's the big vision of what we're doing here that everyone has value and that we can work together to solve some of the world's most challenging problems I finish this off with you here by looking at what truly provides value for blockchain in a cryptocurrency to me true value comes from people participating in the blockchain who are able to collaborate in other words how the people participating are able to collaborate which is the same principle that defines a value for companies like Apple and defines the value for fiat currencies like US Dollars the US dollars we have in our wallet allow us to collaborate you build this for me I'll give you some dollars you give me some dollars I'll write this post for you you give me some dollars I'll give you a massage you give me some dollars I'll grow some food for you the US dollars allow us to help us to work together now one could argue the world would be better off without using US dollars just to interface directly person-to-person I think steam will help us do that I think steam will help us interface with each other more effectively than we're even able to do with US dollars I see that all these transactions on Steam every little action people are taking are adding real value to the steam blockchain all the end you can see this by look I've just dedicated an hour and 30 minutes of my most valuable time today to talking about steam for an hour and a half that adds value to the steam blockchain you've got me when you've invested in steam you've got me on your team I'm essentially probably with the best known public relations and marketing and advertising guy for steam you've got me essentially working for the steam blockchain you've got me and millions of others or hundreds of thousands who are making posts every week on the steam blockchain who are transacting every week on the steam blockchain and we're talking about steam even if not holding any steam power you've got millions of us adding value the steam blockchain every day in a ridiculous amount of communities on steam and off steam Dischord channels in steam hm and the question is is this helping us build better relationships with each other I think steam is helping us build better relationships with each other and that to me is the bottom line for cryptocurrency are we using this to build better relationships with each other or are we sitting on our phones using Facebook or Steam and while we ignore the other people in our lives I'm here to serve on Steam because I believe this helps us build better relationships with each other why when we earn what we're a little bit for while we're already contributing that seemingly small amount of money is a massive difference versus giving away a lot of our best a lot of us give away our best creative time the web sites like Facebook and Twitter and get nothing in return when we start doing that on Steam even a little something in return that's more money we have that then we don't need to go to work at a job we don't like for that exact same time in my case this gives me time to be a father this gives me time to go to an AAA meeting every day this gives me time to spend with my family and be a husband this gives me time to talk to my mother on the phone I don't have to work 40 hours a week to get a full time income and steam is one of the largest parts of that steam has been the best thing that's ever happened to my business online I've dropped very lucrative things like earning ten thousand a month or as much as ninety thousand a month teaching video courses I have made steam my first priority because this to me offers the most of the entire world when all of us even just get a little bit by voting our friends up occasionally promote one of our posts we're getting a whole lot more than nothing and I'm grateful to have this to share with you today this is why for these reasons I think there are about 25 of them these are the reasons I am certain that steam is on the way to being the number one blockchain in 2021 now I don't have any guarantees I'm no fortune teller I can't predict the future any better than you can this is my intention I intended to assist steam in becoming the number one blockchain by 2021 as so many of us start using steam as hundreds of millions of us choose steam instead of using something else as millions of us only post to other social media accounts when they go back to steam I'm grateful to have this message to share with you today I'm grateful I've been given so much by the steam blockchain that I have so much to give back today I've helped people earn something like a hundred thousand dollars on Steam I've done a ton of contests the hell is work collaborated with investors witnesses to do budget proposals I've helped people in probably 50 countries 20 conservatively maybe 50 plus oh definitely if you include everything I've uploaded I've probably upped people in at least 50 countries to collectively earn a hundred plus thousand dollars on steam within a year now where else could I have done that this easily that's why steam is incredible thank you very much for watching the if you'd like to learn more will you please go to Gerry banfield.com slash team because on steam I've got all that I've got all these things I just mentioned so that you can go review them yourself so you can bookmark this page you can see all these different links I mentioned you've got a clear sign up for steam a direct sign up for steam link on my page you've got a link to my profile up here using all these tools if you liked one of these tools they're all linked on this page for you as I get more links as I get more things to share I will expand this page so that this page is a comprehensive list of the things I think are worth knowing about on Steam if you'd like me as your mentor whoops on steam took my face off if you'd like me as your mentor I have a partner's program you may be interested this is essentially my partner's program where I active collaborate with you everyday if desired through discord exclusive discord channel only four partners if you want to join steam and go all-in will you please join my partner's program because this is my steam mentorship program and this is where I collaborate most effectively on steam in terms of Jerry I've got this idea can you help with this Jerry I've got this post we share my partner programs how I do that if you've watched this whole video and you're wondering how I do all this we please go to my resources page on my website because I've got all that stuff listed starting with steam then I've got all the other things I used to be here with you today thank you very much for watching this video the number one cryptocurrency for 2021 and beyond I intend to help steam get to that position millions more of us are intending to see steam continue to grow and thrive each day that's the true value of steam I love you you're awesome I appreciate you watching this if this video was helpful will you please share it with someone because they might have the same experience you do and you and then we'll both feel good about that connection well my my teeth are like numb I've talked so long

28 thoughts on “25 Reasons Steem Can Replace Bitcoin as #1 Cryptocurrency by 2021!”

  1. Seem like Jarry invested so much into steem and steem fall and fall, acording steem author spec. Maybe when he start making crazy videos how to earn tousand dolars on steem, he should understand basic steem coding a scheme.

  2. Well just a thought.is it possible to make a video about how steem has changed from 2017 till now is there still an opportunity.i am sure a lot of the new people will appreciate that.thanks 👏

  3. Hey. How do i actually invest in Steem or Bitshares? Is there a wallet? And on which exchange do i buy Steem, Bitshares?

  4. steemit wont get any new users.. its done.. guys like u and the bots have destroyed it.. there is no way that a new guy can make a good profit from it.. he'll remain a minnow and will always.. all the bots if used take out all the sbd and there is no one upvoting because everyone is now asking for sbd in return to upvote.. so if one don't have sbd he won't get any upvote and once he won't get any upvote he won't make any sbd.. so its a deadlock. thanks to the bots and guys like u who have ruined it..

  5. I didn’t really put much thought into crypto currency until I watched one of this videos and i was amazed to bump into an expert that brought life and turned my finances into higher levels, I made more than $20,000 in 2 weeks, I’m blessed through this.

  6. "I am doing this from the heart">looks over at teleprompter literally every 2 secondsI despise shills like you, truly you are disgusting. Not a single care for others, only for making a small profit from the loss of many. If anyone wants an example of scams like this , please look up bit connect and watch how people shilled that shitcoin just before it crashed… You sleazy beta looking crook. Fuck off.

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