247 Crypto Earns Review – Failed ICO SCAM (Insider Warning)

hey what's up everyone paul here from prestige options and we are back guys with another important skin update against 24/7 crypto ants that's right folks we are calling 24/7 crypto earns a skin and in this video guys I'm gonna give you three major reasons as to why this investment program is not to be trusted now in addition to that guys stay tuned to the very end on this video because I'm also to be providing you with safer recommendations in regards to training programs for online trading and cryptocurrencies that you can get involved with especially if you are a beginner so before we get started guys don't forget to like our videos and if you're new to our channel be sure that you subscribe click that Bell icon and that way you get notifications for all our future updates so let's go in guys let's begin so welcome everybody to the 24/7 crypto urns website and basically guys these types of websites or investment programs are classified as as a type of SEO and the concept behind these types of programs are very simple which is why they're so popular and basically the idea behind 24/7 crypto runs is that you as an investor if you have a certain amount of money you invest money into one of their programs and in return you expect these people behind 24/7 crypto earnings to invest your money into crypto currencies for a return profit so ultimately guys you don't have to do anything except give them your money so it does sound pretty simple because you don't have to do anything you don't have to have any previous knowledge about our markets but it's really not as simple nor is it as safe as we would want them to be so I'm going to go over three reasons why guys we do not trust 24/7 crypto and let's actually first start with reason number one and that is they're advertised results okay so we have three different packages here ranging between 120 to 600 percent which is a lot of money guys and I'll explain more in detail break it down so that way you stand better you can also see that here it's one of the first things that you gonna see me enter their website you know I'm glad to make it six hundred percent or even to 120 percent on an initial deposit and you know not be me not having to do anything it sounds pretty tempting yes but let's break it down okay let's just focus on their smaller package alright a hundred and twenty percent every 24 hours so if you were to deposit let's say a thousand dollars one hundred and twenty percent I'm a thousand dollars guys is about twelve hundred dollars so this is every twenty four hours so ultimately if you think about it 24/7 croteau Irons is guaranteeing that you can make over a thousand dollars every single day now if you were to just calculate you know weekdays Monday through Friday that's five thousand dollars every week that that's you know with twenty thousand dollars every single month and best of all you don't have to do anything so this is why it has these types of icos like 24/7 crypto urns these are dangerous skills because they're just so appealing now the reason why I say this is impossible guys is because there's no such thing as a guarantee especially when you're playing around and investing in markets whether it be global pairs or crypto currencies there are constant fluctuations guys and it's impossible and unethical to guarantee any fixed rate of income it doesn't matter if you're advertising every hour or every day or whatever you can't do it guys so let's reason number one why 24-second cryptocurrency is a scam now reason number two is actually what I consider one of the most important if you actually scroll down below you know they say that 24/7 crypto earns is a certain excuse me a certified registered company than the UK but what you need to understand guys there's a huge difference between registrations and regulations and if you're looking for an investment from to you know invest money you wanted to regulate right especially if this is a company that is claiming to invest for you what's also interesting to guys is if you actually click it it gives you an error not found requested 404 error page so clearly even though they advertise that they're you know registering the UK that's clearly not true but we also do a background check through the financial conduct authority to see if they were regulated or licensed and there's no information whatsoever about 24/7 crypto and so ultimately guys you know if you decided to invest money with them you're taking a huge risk because they're not licensed they're not regulated and you know if you deposit them they can basically run with your money which is exactly what they do so that's reason number two guys now reason number three is actually a very common quality that we see in a lot of these ICO scams and 24/7 crypto nice it's just the newest addition in a long line of skill so basically guys 24/7 crystal earns is a Ponzi scheme they actually don't make money by investing you know your money into cryptocurrencies they didn't make money by taking your money and they provided these partnership programs or you know these up you know with different levels and different tiers to basically try to encourage people to advertise their company as much as possible and because they are not a regulated or licensed company you know it's not gonna be long as you know within the next couple of weeks or a couple of months 24/7 crypto eyes won't even exist so when they get shut down there are also going wrong with your money as well so that's how they really do it get so that is reason number three so those are the three reasons guys that's my major warning against 24/7 crypto earners they are a skin and you know it's not recommended that you join with them now don't want a video description I'll be leaving a link to our review which goes into more details fully exposed to 24/7 crypto urns as a scare but like I said earlier at the beginning of this video if you check the information down below I also left a I'm safer and you know reliable trading applications that you can get involved with you know especially if you're new to online trade and these are also asked that I use and I post my own trading sessions and results here on our channel so take a look see which ones are best for you and if you have any questions you can comment on my videos or email me directly at prestige battery at gmail.com and if you've enjoyed our video guys give us a thumbs up like our video we appreciate your support but also don't forget to subscribe and thanks for watching our latest skin update against 24/7 Crypt alerts have a great day guys and I'll see you next time

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