You’re ugly you’re disgusting i’m gonna kill you give me $200 i want the money Uh I’ll I’ll, I’ll raise enough hell ’till you give in and give it to me I can’t do it anymore

(dramatic music starts playing in the background) (breaths sexily) I can’t pretend that it’s no longer okay (sad pewds)
I want to make doctor phil videos (again sad pewds)
but all of them get claimed by copy strikes I mean I should probably go to court (Do It Send em to the ranch) I mean it is probably like hundreds of thousand dollars of revenue Sony ATV publishing (the dramatic music stopped playing by the way)
I don’t. Care. About the money. I will make this video anyway and it will be up for twenty four hours before Sony TV understands what is going on because these are all manually claimed ok they go search for these things so hopefully, within twenty four hours this video will not get claimed because then I could private it welcome to 2019 how-what it’s like to be a youtuber well it’s a bunch of (farting noises) that’s what it is but I love Dr.Phil too much I miss him (heavenly choir dramatically plays) I miss his smile we are gonna start off with one of my favourite Dr.Phil clips one of my favourite Dr.Phil moments Who the *Censored* do you think you are (crowd reaction noises)

Dr.Phil: Woah woah woah woah woah woah woah Dr.Phil: No no no no no no no you you stop right there Dr Phil just goes completely SICKO MODE on these kids (Hey kids here is a meme for you guys have fun!) (laughs) and it’s epic but before we get into the good stuff before we get into the juicy juice (in high pitched voice)

*undefinable sounds* I don’t like you I like you back we got to understand the context although I would argue it’s almost funnier without the context Women in blue: you all could put my personal information on the internet (women is cut off by video) so lets try to understand where and who this woman is and why she is so upset Daniels relationship with his entire family altogether is very [email protected]#[email protected]% up when Daniel needs the most help his family does everything they can to not give it to him Daniel’s sister Sara hates me because I stood up for him when she was basically attacking him she kind of reminds me of…. …… that gingers have souls kid (slowly laughs) next level trolling you know he made it into Dr.Phil Every time Daniel calls her she says “Your almost thirty” “you don’t have a job” “You don’t have a house” “you don’t have a family” “you’re pretty much a loser” I am sick of the way that his mom speaks to him as well Cindy tries to put herself before her children and I find that very unhealthy they both have said that I am a pathological liar a week after her supposed miscarriage she’s pregnant again I get so mad that I want to smack the *oom* oof damn did you see that slap the karate chopper you know this is gonna get spicy you know this is gonna get juicy can’t wait both times that they accused me of lying about being pregant and having a miscarriage was and is complete *[email protected]#$%@!&* how dare you think that about me why would Iie about something like that (breaths sexily again) *swedish accent* ok so let me break it down for you in case you’re not following this is why I’m here (breaths) gingers have souls girl thinks she is a great husband to this guy but the family uh *hand movements* creepy luck bia- uh blonde ish tbpeople I dont know what to call it They dont like her very much and their very of the huspand of gingers dont have souls kid So they’re going like Oh you’re a liar and we can’t trust you And she goes like i’m not a liar how could i possibly be a liar 😮 And then she delivers the best line, the most appropriate line ever after you say that you’re not a liar That i am in touch with, eh.
My grandma would call it the “fail” Hehehe Excuse me what now?? “fail” how dare these people call me a liar and delusional Also let me tell you about the “fail” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) THE WALL BETWEEN THE LIVING AND THE DEAD Yes of course how dare you insinuate i would lie about anything

100 thoughts on “24 HOURS BEFORE DR. PHIL DELETES THIS!”

  1. Y O U ‘ R E U G L Y
    Edit : this is a joke, I don’t hate pewdiepie, but if your talking about T-Series, I hate T-Series.

  2. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. 1:10 I instinctively grabbed my Sengoku Driver and the nearest Lockseed. That actually startled me. I'm gonna keep it near me just in case.

  4. I wish Jeremy Kyle hadn't been canceled. I think Pewds would've liked his vids on outing cheaters and thieves and ripping abusers a new one, while also reuniting families and saving lives through diplomacy.

  5. miscarriage has to be one of the worst moments a person can go through


  6. "I'm mama bear and she has hurt his back"
    "No she didn't"
    "Well guess what you not getting any help anymore fuck you son"

  7. your videos are my everything! i also have those headmeownes…. meeeeeow! i see no relation between the brother and sister

  8. why doesn't sony tv let pewdiepie post dr.phil videos and they can get half of the revenue that he makes off the video because he's basically promoting dr. phil.
    I mean who heard of dr. phil before pewdiepie posted his first dr. phil video

  9. “Your gonna speak respectfully, and have a conversation…… OR your not!…………Im Dr. Phil btw”

    Me: Hes Daddy… I meant Dr. Phil btw

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