45 thoughts on “$218,000 Bitcoin during the next bull run.”

  1. Dream on! Your Litecoin prediction is a joke! Last time LTC went from $3.30 to $420, a 127x. If your calculation should be accurate, LTC will increase by 98x = $2,352.00. I personally assume it will hit a high of over $4500 in your timeframe for BTC.

  2. Litecoin doesn't have strong fundamentals he says??? It's only the second oldest blockchain and the silver to Bitcoins gold…this guy is Bananas!!!

  3. you assumed alts will run as much as BITCOIN not more. history shows that ALTS run higher than BTC because they have lower market cap.

  4. Why do I get the feeling like this is the same as finding the image of Jesus in your morning toast. Parabola? No. Pareidolia. But nobody hopes this guy is right more than I.

  5. I agree with everything in this video Colin! Really amazing in depth analysis, funny to see your btc prediction bang in the middle of your last prediction. Shows your methods look valid. Only thing I disagree with is btc fees, the next bull run isn't going to be retail, $200 fees is nothing if your invest $50million. High fee's I think actually increase btc's value because it prices alot of small buyers out and limits transactions. Potentially bitcoin never needs to change now, its finished. Gold costs a hell of alot more than btc to own, what's $200 for a 100% secure store of value with no running costs. Bitcoin never changing again would be good because it would create certainty. That's why gold is so valueable, it's because we're certain no-one can change it or print it (control). Still love you brother!

  6. So your current estimation is backed up by the fact that it was in middle of your previous estimation range?! Slow clapping

  7. Really great, that you are considering the fees of Bitcoin. This is one of my concerns, too. Because I went through the high fees at the end of 2017 and switched therefore at that time to Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. Sure Bitcoin is the King, but with a bottleneck.

  8. You didn’t factor in the halving and mining difficulty. LTC halves in August which immediately doubles the value as the current stock and flow ratio is diminished. BTC halves in 2020. I think your numbers are exponentially low. Almost every coins in the top 1000 in this space is going to do exactly what BTC does. Just about every metric is showing this. I like the way you’re thinking but I believe it to be extremely conservative. Pass the popcorn.

  9. You are the first Ive seen count the 2013 pullback as a seperate cycle rather than just a little abnormality in the bigger cycle. I think this is because it keeps the cycles more relateable to each other and in line with the halving cycle. Why do you choose to treat that cycle otherwise?

  10. Why did you skip XRP? And why would You include BCH even after it undergoes a 51% attack which invalidates it as a fungible and usable currency? Next.

  11. My take is September 2021 for next peak and a high between $90k and $120k. Obtained peak via best curve that fits the peaks on log chart. Ethereum will do much better than BTC in next bull run

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