$213K Bitcoin to Replace USA Money Supply – $400K to Replace Gold! – When?

well this article is encouraging to me let me tell you guys there are two data points in which you should keep in your mind number one if you want Bitcoin to replace gold as the main mechanism for a store of value for consumers that Bitcoin must hit about four hundred thousand dollars per coin to match the market cap of gold another data point you should remember is that if you want Bitcoin to replace the US dollar Bitcoin must reach about 200 to 250 thousand dollars per coin keep these in mind because I'll tell you it's going to happen what's up crypto nation is paid up with the centralized TV are you enthralled are you excited are you engorged in your pod geez what's up guys telegram UVs a Bitcoin must hit two hundred thirteen thousand to be exact to replace US money supply two data points guys four hundred thousand to replace gold two hundred thousand to replace the US dollar it's gonna happen guys oh man it's gonna happen zurk based investment bank and financial services coming Union Bank of Switzerland UBS said that the Bitcoin price must hit nearly two hundred thirteen thousand dollars to replace US money supply bloomberg reported August second going to Bloomberg the new report by UBS suggests that BTC cannot currently be considered money or a viable asset as his versatility is Stimme by the capacity constraints of the BTC network that's fine it's a store of value it's meant to be slow the report says our findings suggest that beat coin in its current form is too unstable and limited to become a viable means of payment for global transactions or a mainstream asset class right now the report states that while digital currencies can potentially become an alternative asset class their prices are likely to remain volatile just like gold was when gold was released any new type of asset cloud will asset class will have volatility until mass-market appeal comes on adoption comes on and the price will stabilize math guys no math when it comes to Bitcoin limited supply guys deflation area the volume of BTC using commerce declined significantly during the last year since its peak of 411 million in September 2017 per a recent survey by market research firm chin alysus regarding price volatility and crypto markets senior economist at Chan gnosis Kim a growler said quote when the price was going up so rather than last year one day you could lose a thousand dollars if you spent it it's called opportunity cost kind of like the beat coin Lambo a senior researcher at the International Computer Science Institute Nicholas Weaver told Bloomberg that digital currency is not actually usable as a form of payment something high transaction fees that's the main reason you must be using the wrong coins while UBS reporter states that BTC network's processing efficacy must significantly improve in order to be an effective form of payment some BTC evangelist believe that leading digital currency will become the world's a single payment method I can see that happening I don't know if I want it to happen I'm not gonna answer that but you guys can call it if you'd like in march the CEO of both twitter and payment service square jack dorsey said that he sees BTC is the world singer future currency the emergence of which will take probably over ten years but it could go faster in response to many Wall Street investors concerns that crypto currencies are in a bubble building miller multi-million millionaire investor and founder of hedge fund miller a value partner said in march that bubbles are necessary to bring capital on the market to see if these innovations are actually going to stand and compared to BTC with major inventions throughout the history well keep in mind guys 200 grand for bitcoin to replace the US dollar four hundred grand per beat coin four hundred grand to replace beat coin I replace gold it's gonna happen guys so here's my question to you guys two things number one when is it going to happen let me know in the beat point pub what is it gonna replace the US dollar when is it gonna get when is it gonna hit 200 400 in your estimation and well actually the probably the most important question is do you think it'll ever happen let me know in the beat coin dot pub if you're new here guys subscribe to our YouTube channel check out patreon.com/crashcourse access to what we're building let's smash the like button for the Bowens the Bowens dual spank the doges but she's yawning yes

45 thoughts on “$213K Bitcoin to Replace USA Money Supply – $400K to Replace Gold! – When?”

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  2. People when he says replace the dollar he means in international trade. Not replacing the dollar as a currency used in the States. Please know what you are talking about before you comment.

  3. i'd rather have DGX token which is backed by and tied to gold, making it stable enough to be the real replacement to any currency. 
    I don't value mere un-backed code of any blockchain enough to EVER be stable currency.

    Decentralized or not..  it is just code made by faulty humans.. you never really own anything.. because of this it will always be volatile and be nothing more than a casino game

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  6. Ahahahaha! Bitcoin to replace gold… What is today's youth smoking? We (the Bitcoin bulls) lose credibility when we say something like that! IMHO Bitcoin is valuable because it will make it possible for the people to keep a larger chunk of their money and as the world economy grows the new value added (which is enormous) will be in BTC and other cryptos. And in 100 yrs gold will still be gold, accounting for a good chunk of the entire massive economy. Hopefully fiat disappears for good.

  7. Even if it could happen which lets assume yes. You think the US will just sit by and do nothing. This is a country start wars just for a little bit of oil and brings down governments it doesn't like. A little manipulation here some FUD there is nothing.

  8. So it sounds like you are saying that cryptos will outperform metals. I'm thinking about selling another monster box for more Litecoin.

  9. It’s not a store of value that was meant to be slow. The white paper was very clear that it is a peer to peer cash. The blocks were supposed to increase when nesesary so it would never be slow. Read the white paper, and quit making shit up and spreading it as truth.

  10. If fiat crashes then what would be the new devalued value be for bitcoin and others. We talking about hyperinflation in the future like Zimbabwe?

  11. “Just like gold was when gold was first released” 🤦‍♂️ Except gold is a finite natural resource that can not be reproduced. Computer programs are man made and can be reproduced and manipulated. Yes even block chain.

  12. So the market cap of gold is suppose to stay still while the economies crumble and bitcoin increases in value? 😂

  13. Listen. Nobody gives a shit about the application of bitcoin in every day life. Everyone sees it as a way to get rich when you sell. This guy is telling you this crap because he is invested and wants you to drive the price up. Buy gold. No I'm not invested. Buy gold because it cannot be wiped out by a solar flare.

  14. i just want BTC to hit at least $100K and stabilize, so people don't have a smug look on their face when u tell them that u own crypto's.

  15. This guy is so full of shit. The dollar will eventually be replaced by a gold backed currency……probably the Chinese yuan. When a house collapses, it has to be built from the foundation up and gold is the foundation of money……not worthless crypto. Crypto is worse than fiat currency and when Bitcoin becomes practically worthless, it will make the fiat US dollar look good.

    This guy is simply trying to pump and dump. A Ponzi scheme needs new buyers and he's selling a something for nothing fantasy. Be cautious.

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  17. I believe it should happen but it will be extremely painful and the resistance from governments will be great. This will be an epic battle.

  18. mohamed kadafi tried to replace the dollar with the dinar. There was war with Libya under Obama administration what makes everyone think the G20 is going to except

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