2021 will show if Bitcoin holding is as glorious as it appears! Crypto-dividend for the normies?

hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is April the 9th 2019 where we got here strong hand offended by selling value your wealth in Bitcoin I'm confiscating one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin the furrow of gratification oh we're gonna talk a lot about that today don't FOMO on all coins alright this Friday this week in Bitcoin will be on at 5:30 p.m. New York time BTC bene Bitcoin Tina Juan Gault mark your calendar we already know it 10 p.m. on Saturday be on Bitcoin will be the Bitcoin rabbi ok we have a fun court segment later in the show oh I know you're looking forward to hear what the court segment is today what are they serving in the food court can anyone guess in the chat what they're serving in the fun court today okay let me share this tweet it's from a guru who and he gets the basic point with this I don't agree with it 100% it's not a war that would be big corner and this is Bitcoin as the next Bitcoin type of thing bad news bitcoiners the next fork won't be some clown like king of the trolls or Rocketman whoo it's us verse of normies propagandized by the state and media to endorse inflation blacklist and Lord knows what else in Bitcoin hold so we can win that battle Swift and resolutely ok it's not gonna be much of a battle I want to I wouldn't even put it into war terms I don't like saying that but yeah the guy brings up a good point in the future there there will be a group of people that like a populist movement in the Bitcoin space from normies and 80 percenters who are envious of longtime holders of people who got in early of people who have a lot of Bitcoin and they'll say it's it's not fair they're only 20 are only gonna be 21 million and again this is what happens in politics to these these populist movements which are just basically wild mobs are are inspired with emotional sayings to do ludicrous things and vote for ludicrous people so expect something like that to happen in the space eventually large groups of people who don't understand deferral gratification who don't understand limited supply they're gonna they're gonna say no we want to make the real Bitcoin we're gonna fork off we're gonna make ATP 80 percenter or be populist or whatever whatever they want to call it nor be nor me the be nor me crypto dividend and I you know what I say go ahead make my day go ahead and do that it will fail the people behind it it's means for irrational emotional reasons they're going to be doing it so in in the world of pure numbers in emotionless pure numbers yeah the real Bitcoin will destroy that but it did the the nor me Bitcoin that will fork off oh it will pump for a while it will they'll be all sorts of people like praising it but yeah it will be an unfriendly fork and you know it won't just be from king of the trolls and Rocketman whoo it'll be a populist movement of a wild emotional populist movement the person who will start it probably isn't even in Bitcoin or crypto yet it'll be somebody that joins after you know when there's a lot of envy of Bitcoin when the envy is in the in the mainstream right now you know there's a lot of there's some no corners that are envious of a Bitcoin it's just a small group of people I mean we're and we're familiar with most of the vocal envious people but in the future oh there will be many they will be and they will they will say well we're gonna make our own Bitcoin so it's this this tweet says it's bad news for bitcoiners the next four don't be some clown no no I think it's great news because I'm totally confident yeah big Bitcoin can take on a challenge like that easily and again you can't be freaked out by it when it comes you just have to treat it as another crypto dividend that you turn into Bitcoin because there's a bunch of angry envious people that want to make an inflation normy coin great that's awesome let them do what they're going to do the real Bitcoin will be the real Bitcoin and yeah holding the real Bitcoin and not panicking having a strong hand that's that's a good way to speed up the failure of the future be normy pound that like button alright guy bennett said cent two dollars in the super jack he says they all pump until they die well yeah thank you guys been it but you know they kept some of these ones never really die i mean be cash yeah it's never gonna die probably but i think something like that yeah a beam or me or a be 80 percenter yeah it probably everyone probably would die alright yeah yeah and again the populist movement will be saying oh those elite bitcoin holders that have been holding this is 2017 or 2019 we need to make more bitcoin and i mean you can see in america that's how what america has has degraded into a bunch of envious people screaming about well you're privileged you're privileged that's why you're successful i mean they can't take personal responsibility responsibility is a new counterculture so a few people want to take it it's it's all about envy that's a envy and virtue singling that's what mainstream culture is about I'm so glad I'm in the Bitcoin over leg where we take personal responsibility but again you have to plan ahead and you have to look ahead to see how these envious the envious mobs are going to try to uh you know take advantage of Bitcoin or try to scare Bitcoin trying to make their own Bitcoin and plan ahead and just have a strong hand alright so let's talk about yesterday I mention a tweet that said bitcoin is a is the ultimate protest you don't have to go virtue singling into the street that's not real protest you just quietly buy your Bitcoin and that's a that's a protest against mainstream culture I think I just explained above you know what mainstream culture is all about and joining the counterculture in Bitcoin take personal responsibility that's definitely a way of protest but someone responded uh a loon the 418 tweeted this out and I retweeted it and again you can follow me on tech ball te CH be alt to see this most protesting unfortunately doesn't lead to change Bitcoin however will change everything totally agree totally agree again you know that you see all these people protesting Trump you know just to show off to their girlfriends or whatever and they that doesn't change the darn thing it's just a waste of their time and they're not getting any because of an either pan that like button but buying Bitcoin know that that will change things for you especially and that's what you gotta be looking out for you man you don't have to be trying to show off the people to gain status that'll so will to gain a social status that will gain you know wealth and just waste you your time but what what a mainstream society we live in waste all your time gaining status and becoming poorer Wow Bitcoin overlay jump into it baby jump into the fire hey this is where the big boys play and Maestri society is where the virtue singers cry and or envious moving on let's go back to what I talked about yesterday I love these two hundred ten thousand block theory you guys got a value your time in having's and that is what the two hundred ten thousand blockchain a block theory is all about and watch yesterday's show if you need a better explanation I think it might be one of my biggest discoveries ever thank you so much guy Bennett for telling me about it the dude who came up with it wants me to be on the show and maybe he'll come on the show I linked to it again but what it all boils down to is you know since 2013 since I've owned my first two Bitcoin in 2013 I've heard so many ridiculous uh financial strategies that don't involve Bitcoin oh you gotta buy the stocks you gotta buy Peter Schiff you gotta buy gold you gotta buy you got my houses you gotta buy this that and the other and all along all this time it could have just been as simple as just buy Bitcoin and hold onto it for at least two hundred ten thousand blocks uh or which is roughly four years because so far so far every single person who's ever bought Bitcoin two hundred ten thousand blocks later for all you Fiat freaks it's worth more in terms of Fiat and this is a fact and and it's just amazing how simple it is how just and and how it's not glamorous it's not glamorous it's just holding it's what I've been preaching this entire time yeah thank you very much for this shirt my buddy down in Perth Nathan gave me this a while ago just want to give a shout out again pound that like button as the shirt says but it's simple as 44 years of patience I mean if you bought before any person who bought Bitcoin before this time in 2015 you're doing great and under this theory if this if this third theory remains true storage is so key controlling your own private key is so key so you don't lose your Bitcoin as if it's as simple as just buying Bitcoin and then two to ten thousand blocks later it's worth more in terms of Fiat that that's just amazing and so the true test will come in the year 2021 okay that's when the this in late 2021 two hundred ten thousand blocks after Bitcoin reached its all-time high in 2017 in terms of Fiat two hundred ten thousand blocks that I'll probably be in what October or November of 2021 if Bitcoin is worth more than its all-time high which was what was it 19,600 whatever you say it is if more than that two hundred ten thousand blocks afterwards which is again in late 2021 then a lot of people are gonna wake up to this situation and they all sorts of money will pour into Bitcoin at that point okay I mean there are people with hundreds of thousands of dollars who's late to get returns on their investments and whatever that's their own prerogative if they only want to own it for four years and they won't and almost guarantee that they're gonna their their investment is going to be worth more in fiat and they'll just sell it after four it's good good for them I mean whatever if you look at this it's not just about two hundred ten thousand blocks I've been four hundred twenty thousand blocks how about six hundred thirty thousand blocks four years eight years twelve years I mean just just play it out now valuable holding will be if this is this theory is further supported in the in late 2021 but again obviously you could tell I I've been I've been way supportive of this theory before I even knew about this theory I mean I've been talking about the 20/20 having since before the Reverend the twenty sixteen happened so again I've had it in my mind that yes two hundred ten thousand blocks if you wait two hundred ten thousand blocks in terms of Fiat your investment will be worth more in Bitcoin and something like again this this beats this so beats owning a house okay for four years and it I mean there would be little reason to own rental properties you know in a highly regulated city like Baltimore or st. Louis you know what I'm talking about people if you've ever dealt with rental properties like I I've I mean I've lived around them I've owned properties in in these types of cities in Baltimore obviously what a pain-in-the-butt it can be and what's the return that you get with Bitcoin if this if this two hundred ten thousand block theory remains true I mean it will just I I don't know why anyone would want to own rental properties and deal with section 8 and all that sickening stuff I don't know why anyone wants to deal with section eight right now they tell you the truth but because they're grieving and they don't understand they're greedy in a real bad way in an ignorant way because they don't understand that the piece there is no peace of mind when you're dealing with section eight errs and when they rip your property apart you can do nothing and you're the villain you're you're the villain in the government's eyes when the Section eight or rips your house apart and again I have never I have never had a Section eight person live in my house I have lived among section eight people on Linden Avenue you you google that and you check that anyway though we've gone on a rant about 16 let's get back to you can see every Baltimore baby pound that like button I've seen a lot of stuff so yeah so oh yeah one thing about the two hundred ten thousand uh block theory that the dude did not mention he did not mention crypto dividends and how be cash alone covered so many people's initial investments in Bitcoin in terms of Fiat that that was he did not put that into his theory but crypto dividends these glorious airdrops and forts that we've been getting because some you know somewhere unfriendly somewhere friendly whatever that also is is an amazing benefit and increases the the fiat value of your initial investment and on a related note you know when we're dealing with crypto dividend some conservative Bitcoin holders out there your strategy just might want to be you know you develop a plan where when my crypto dividends cover X percent of my initial investment that's when I sell all my encrypted dividends or when they when they cover all of my initial investment in Bitcoin which if you've been in Bitcoin long enough the crypt of dividends have covered your initial investment I mean if you if you bought uh if you bought what is up let's be cash worth right now like three hundred twenty dollars or something if you bought Bitcoin before it was worth three hundred twenty dollars yeah be cash is alone has covered your initial fiat investment that's a that's a side note there but I did again DVD block the two hundred ten thousand block theory which I really love and I wit I think much many more people should be talking about it and probably many more people will be talking about it in late 2021 if it's uh if we're at at all a new all-time high at that point but the initially did not mention the crypto dividends which also help cover your initial expenses which is great so I can't believe I didn't think about that yesterday since I am the crypto dividend guy all right what's the final thing all right so enough about that I think I covered everything and I wanted to say about the 200 again check out yesterday's show and the link to the whole theory is linked to below of course everything I talked about is linked to below remember to play the show and all my shows at 2x speed they go a lot faster and you become a more efficient person you're in motion I watched everyone's video at 2x or 1.5 1.75 X speed and yeah you can understand it when it's playing fast here is a tweet from quaint progress oh yeah Bitcoin progress is a is a Twitter feed actually and you can keep track of the progress toward the next Bitcoin subsidy having so it's a great way it's just a simple Twitter feed that gets updated every every week or so is every so many blocks and it shows you how close we are to the next Bitcoin have having in terms of blocks what percentage of this this 210,000 block period we've gone through what and we've gone through like somebody percent of it I don't even know I don't have the link in front of me but you check it out let's link to below ok so today in the foot cord what do you guys think it was what's the what what are they gonna try to freak us out what's the future fun of America well it's actually not about America it's about China oh yeah China says he's wants to eliminate Bitcoin mining alistair Milne reminds us China banned Bitcoin four times in 2017 some might see it as an extremely bullish indicator I don't see it as anything but ludicrous Fudd that Reuters a mainstream media outlet they just jump on these things all the time will it freak some weak hands out maybe will some speculators try to freak people out and start selling because of it once it becomes a once the word spreads a little bit more maybe but in the long run will China even do it who knows who cares we've if you've been in this space for a while you've heard this China food hundreds of times it seems like it's unbelievable but yet everything cyclical in this face it has come about again it's it's like some horrific reoccurring disease that you get from being totally irresponsible and not wearing something when you should be anyway we won't talk about that pound that like button and don't pound that something that will give you that horrible disease that reoccurs all right so oh yeah and speaking about fun some people remember I I'd say back in 2016 there they would always be so often on this week a big point I would mention like flood Friday's it would seem like every Friday some type of fun news would come out and all these reek hands would panic in the Bitcoin price with you in terms of Fiat would go down and again I got a big smile on my face it's great memories and I guess oh you weren't around the space then but I know I don't wish fun Fridays upon us again but if they happen over the head what the heck it would seem like every Friday there would be some story and there'd be a panicking the Bitcoin price would dropped again these are back in the days they would go room from 600 to 550 or 525 it'd be scary for people oh how we have matured in two hundred and ten thousand blocks I love that two hundred ten thousand block theory pound that like button value your time in having long term thinking defer gratification be at least able to defer gratification for two hundred and ten thousand blocks all those normies out there that are going to create there Normie coin they don't have that ability they just have the ability to be envied which isn't much of an ability at all a little teeny baby has that Chapel have that ability to okay so uh here is something that somewhat entertainments and somewhat of a waste of a top of your time to you so don't spend too much time on this but it's a crypto mean central to Twitter feed link to below your trusted unverified sarcastic source of the most ridiculous and absurd use cases of blockchain and s coins trust don't verify toxic bitcoin meme Department okay so yeah it's our classic but day whatever sometimes you need a little bit of sarcasm don't get too into it but it's you know it's always fun to get a little smile on your face and everyone's got a little bit different different type of personality it's not it's not for me necessarily but hey maybe it's for you I bring up a lot of things on this show okay everybody found that like button been a good one everybody remember subscribe this channel like this video bang that Bell button new show every day spread the word on Twitter and all your social media follow on tech at Twitter Tech ball tch be alt i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister i will say hi to you guys in the chat do as the shirt says

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  1. I did read that the Fud about cheap Bitcoin mining in China, was more likely increase the BTC Fiat price by raising the overall cost of mining BTC.

    Bitcoin ‘Halving hype’ and the Hoffman Line on the horizon ……

  2. I am not offended by selling. I am out in fiat and I will buy again at 3600 or I am out completely.

  3. Im ready to hold to 2023 or 2024 just in case it tries to shake out all the 2021 bag dumpers. One day we won’t need to exchange btc for fiat to use its value. Also check out my crypto comedy skits. Peace

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