2019 Australia 50 coin, new suppose rotated error

so hello fellow coin collectors he gone
today and today well we’re gonna have a look at the new Australian 50 cent coin
that just come out I don’t have any of these outside of the bags and I’m not
gonna rip these bags open just to have a look if you want to rip them open and
actually quite easy but this the light reflecting off into that they’re not
that good mostly at one of these points so I try and get a better image for you
and there you go so that actually is a pretty simple design and all these words
on there from various native extreme languages and they’re supposed to
represent the word for currency or coin something like that but these indigenous
people they actually never use currency as you’re seen in front of me now they
would have traded used butter well maybe they would have used a medium that
actually was not a middle because they were actually a Stone Age people they in
2000 and I’m not too fed in 1788 they were actually thrown into the Industrial
Age because Australia essentially went from a Stone Age period where they use
stones wooden in wood as tools to an industrial age where they actually in
industry came to Australia it would have taken like 20-30 years for that to
actually fully develop but their languages are quite in interesting they
have a feminine long you I hope I said that right
and that just mean that just means men in two languages doing one from West
Australian went from Cape York but they face these languages based on their
grandma generally not their vocabulary so then up in northern Kimberley and
Northern Territory they have a lot of our language isolates which means their
languages that have no relation to in the other languages or family very small
family groups like indo-european which includes this is an example which
includes English Hindi Iranian Spanish Russian they’re all positive one
language family because the grandma the base grammar is actually you can see
similarities with it and then you have a you know like Tibetans you know Tibetan
Tibetan Chinese Mandarin I mean Cantonese they’re all languages that are
related to each other then you have isolates like Japanese and Korean
they’re both not related to each other but they related to no other languages
so they’re just a few example was in here we have a beautiful well I will say
number my mother did TD the that T it’s a bit hard as an English speaker that
she pronounced like the ng k oh sorry e ng k on this word the ng k in this
word it’s actually pretty hard for me to pronounce the need to actually practice
so mulu gallon banda bigger island boy are no longer international even these
Tunis languages good come on daddy perky and I’d actually
like to know what these words what they rough translation into English here so I
think that might be actually a bit different so and then they might
interesting effect like if I hold the coin this way
didn’t I turn it over it actually has a rotation like that so let’s have a game
over that way I want to thank you much as far as I know these haven’t actually
been released into circulation you know she can see it’s damage from be rubbing
with a jar so we turn it that way go that way
and as you can see the 50 cent is actually not a bomb it’s at the side so
keep these centers that side and this is actually the normal rotation okay so if
you look on the Royal Australian means this is the normal rotation turned
around again let’s choose another coin from another vein let’s choose this Bank
choose another point okay turn it around as you can see some rotation but there
is actually a curious rotation in which a 50 cent is actually at the bottom so
if we have if we turn it around like that and the 50 cent should actually be
at the bottom next actually a rotated coin and I’ve heard that people in
Queensland have got whole bags so if you get a bag of these coins then you should
be able to find if you’re lucky a rotated coin but generally you have to
go through each coin and quite frankly go through each coin
in these bags is actually quite hard so I don’t think I have any of the 19
degree rotation I think these are all just pretty much the same rotation this
coin do much the same and this one no so what I’m looking for is huh
we’re not putting my hand on the 50 my hand also in the bottom of the Queen’s
head was actually it’s not the case which is a pity and that rotation might
actually be the Commons far as I know but I have actually I’ve actually not
seen any a lot of people were saying about it but no one’s actually produced
any evidence of it so coin rotations so these ones you could have got in bags
and still get them at the Ross crane mint in Canberra on the 10th of April
that actually had a pop-up shopping we in Adelaide Brisbane Sydney Melbourne in
Canberra p-per and Hobart we’re not included and you could actually get
these you could exchange Tim Baker at a time so go what I done is I’ve got five
$0.50 and five $2 then I went back and got five more two-dollar coins so look
out what do you rotation keep the same coin
2019 um so that is the update whether it actually is proving that some coins are
rotated 4d 50 cents to be at the bottom woody
fuckin titties we shall see but as far as I know the coins I have here this
rotation is actually no so if I put two coins together then you
flip them around so that should actually be how you get the coin so when you spin
it around the north-south axis you should turn it this way so I hope you’re
fine any of those rotator coins and have awesome coin collecting time people okay
thank you and check out my links below and II see our thumbs up subscribe to my
channel bye bye

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  1. Rotation error? Another coin I got to look out for while searching coins.

    Just joking! So it is regular rotation.

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