201812206 What is going on with the Cryptocurrency Market? (Featuring A Joke On Michale Jackson)

Please Read The Disclaimer Hello everyone, we have another episode of cryptojokes HAHAHA So we have this guy name joe. And his full name is like this Average Joe. So This is Average Joe. He is a very happy Average Joe. Okay, this is Average Joe. Now, Average Joe learn of bitcoin initially Okay. He know of bitcoin initially here. 11 Dec when Bitcoin is around 19K And people were excited, they were saying bitcoin is going to 100K. So Average Joe know of bitcoin Here. He got excited and put all his saving here. Thinking he will make 5 times the Money, so what happen later? A Few months later, Bitcoin Drop and Average Joe is not so happy. He lose quite a bit of his saving. They were supposed to be for his retirement. And it got up again. He got excited. Because it was a few months later, he got more $$$ and he pump more $$$ in and like that, bitcoin drop again… Because he is just an average joe!. He doesn’t take technical analysis seriously. So it got up and down, up and down. Now. Average Joe by now need to work part-time and he became more red from standing under the burning sun. People were secretly joking about him. They call him Darker Joe. Because he is much darker now. So Average Joe is now darker joe. So Bitcoin went up. and down and down and now up a bit and coming November, it drops like nobody business. Average Joe is now in despair. He almost lost all his average. Okay, Average Joe is now very very Upset. Bitcoin is not going to 100K okay and in fact, he lost a lot of his $$$ in bitcoin. Okay, So, it is almost a year from 11 Dec 2017. And because he keep working under the sun. He become darker and darker until people call him Jackson Michael. Why is it so? Because he has change from a White Man To A Black Man. so People call him Jackson Michael …. So Average Joe now go and pray. He is in despair. He went to Church. He is looking for help. So The Father told Him. Why don’t you take a Holiday? Okay. Take a Holiday somewhere. It is the year end Festive moment. The Birth date of JESUS CHRIST is just round the corner. So he did That and Average Joe hope he will turn white again. Okay. This is his only wish now. He hope that he will turn white again and be happy again. Okay. This is his only wish now and after that he is going to call himself. You Guess It. Michael Jackson, because he as changed from a Black Man To A White So this is what is happening now. I hope you guys enjoy it(The Joke) Have a Nice Day.

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