welcome back to another episode of kryptonite with me and something me Alex okay guys so as you know it's been an exciting year to say at least 2017 and a lot of cryptocurrencies has been mind-blowing even today I'm sure anyone who's following on a regular basis would have seen some pretty hefty jumps yeah 2017 will really be remembered as the year where cryptos truly entered the mainstream I mean before this year sure there's a lot of talk about Bitcoin theory and others but now every man on the street knows that you're right every man and his dog anyway but that brings us into what we have in store for the future which is gonna be 2018 but before we start discussing that that was just introduced we're gonna be bringing on today's show and he's been a follower of mine and I've been following him some time now actually since I joined steam it back in August yeah yeah and yeah you know what you're right you're right on that but his name Dennis and these can be found on steam at taskmaster 4450 he's a regular contributor and he posts a lot of really interesting blogs and to say he's bullish is quite an understatement is it Alex sure I think he said the price of steam a hundred dollars in 2018 was a conservative state yeah I mean don't need to say anymore you don't but if you want to find out more listen to what listen today's video because we go into more detail about that okay so we're pleased to introduce taskmaster 4450 this week who is our guest on the show recent blog appears have included pretty bold claims on both Bitcoin and steam so we want to really delve into the details of that tawny ya know so it's nice to have you on the show and thanks for taking the time out to be with Dennis and to start things off I think a great place to begin with would be your recent post which discussed the price of steam I mean you said it was gonna hit $100 which is exciting for us to hear as investors but why why do you think $100 and doughnuts give us a bit of information to that $100 with the president number of tokens and that makes steam a 2.5 billion dollar blockchain and we're I believe things will be a year from now 2.5 billion right now for a blog changes a pretty good-sized block by the end 2018 I don't believe it will be because we have a lot of money coming in from Wall Street and one thing those guys do is they push things up and so I think a year from now a two point five to five billion dollar blockchain is not going to be very big and actually my latest post I put up there this morning I'm now doing a series on the convergence of a lot of different factors that are really going to push steam forward and one of the things is the fact that Wall Street is common we have apps that are really making a lot of progress we have smart media tokens now I understand your point about all the institutional money coming in but do you think that is mainly because of things like smart media tokens and specifically developments on Steam it's rather than anything to do with the sort of inherent value of steam if that makes sense I think the Wall Street money is coming in simply because a Bitcoin and Bitcoin will get the lion's share of the Wall Street money because it has the liquidity it has the name and quite frankly hedge fund managers can get seven-figure checks out of clients with the name Bitcoin you know that wasn't even that said when you're talking anywhere from a trillion to a trillion to half dollars entering this marketplace it's gonna filter to any legitimate coin and I think steam right now I wrote a post a few weeks ago that said basically the only thing steam was lacking was publicity and it's a good thing right now because steams getting its ducks in a row and I think it'll be a top ten token my view is 10 years down the road we're gonna have probably a worldwide economy of around 100 trillion dollars mm-hmm 90% of that will be on blockchain blockchain technology is that revolutionary so when you have 90 95 trillion dollars worth of Commerce on the blockchain what are all blockchains worth four hundred trillion five hundred trillion and quadrillion so obviously we're gonna have like we have different networks now with the internet we have private networks public now what you're gonna have the same thing with block gain but when you have a couple hundred trillion dollars in value in blockchain I mean what's a what's what says something like Steam potentially worth I mean Steam has the ability to really take over the social media market could it be a two trillion dollar bar chain well that's a thousand bucks so really I think when you start to look at the cryptocurrency world the tendency is we look at it through our financial eyes of what happens in the stock market or maybe the commodities market or real estate and as we witness I mean look at steam steams a token that really didn't do much this year but started the year at $1 at 16 cents it's now at roughly a dollar seventy so for a token that really didn't do much had a lot of problems yeah and it's still not at fault you're on for 2018 because that's obviously the subject of today's episode where do you see the crypto slush blockchain platforms such as aetherium and EOS going oh I I think from a token standpoint it's gonna explode the one of the points I made in my article this morning is cryptocurrency and again a lot of this is riding the back of Bitcoin because that has the name out there and that's what the media talks about but cryptocurrency is starting to penetrate the mainstream lands now we still have you know and estimates very 1% 3% 5% of the people have ever used a token of any sort but that's gonna continue to grow so on the pricing side I expected to to absolutely explode now on the other side you have the development and that steady as she goes there's are some flock change that there's wonderful development taking place steam is one of them I'm very impressed by the steam developers not only for steam it but of zaple and some of the other apps blockchain excuse me Bitcoin has a lot of development going on Charlie's doing a lot with litecoin obviously you mentioned iOS which you put bitch air steam and heels together and we all kneel at the Church of Dan but we know what is going on with those three blog chains and there's others out there and so I think over the course of the next year you're gonna see a lot of developments and a lot of apps and couple that with the increase in publicity in the mainstream couple that with fact with businesses IBM truck and Industry a lot of these corporations the banking industry they're starting to embrace blockchain and in the private side as a way of you know cutting down the supply chain monitoring costs things of that nature but you mentioned that when people obviously hear the name Bitcoin people are willing to write seven-figure checks for it naturally because it's being so hyped oh wait there's a lot of way behind it exactly do you believe that momentum is going to sustain or do you think there's going to be a other tokens are going to overtake Bitcoin eventually or or be do you see the technology of in Bitcoin not being able to maintain its and associated scalability and eventually drop off that's a great question and I don't look at it really as a competition and people say who's gonna be the winning coin and what's gonna be the token who's gonna be our digital cash and my view is it's gonna be a lot of it's gonna be dependent upon what blockchain you're on and what you're doing and what purpose and when you couple in things like atomic swap which Charlie Lee was already able to pull off with Bitcoin to litecoin I think at a certain point in time we're going to get to the point where you make a transaction for a cup of coffee you have it in whatever token you have it in and it's sent via whatever network is the quickest the least expensive at that moment in terms of the more near future with big coin I look everything that people say about Bitcoin is true there is better technology out there there are faster networks Bitcoin is already having trouble with the backlogs on the network Ben shares and steam and iOS are much much faster networks Bitcoin is also expensive but one thing we have to keep in mind is I read a stat in the United States eighty percent of all transactions financial transactions are done through banks in terms of dollar amounts the credit card and debit card payment which that's where your cup of coffees come from only accounts at 3% yeah now in the United States when a company sends out its payroll they send out the money on Wednesday so people can get paid on Friday and what cost 3% 2% 1% whatever it cost so with Bitcoin in the sense even if it takes 5 hours for the payroll money to go to war if I have to pay an overseas supplier 200 thousand dollars and it takes five hours does that matter to me and I think eventually what people said is because Bitcoin got the publicity it will ultimately be a store of wealth for one I think Bitcoin will also be a store of documentation because we're already seeing MIT developed an alcohol block search and they already put diplomas on the blockchain I mean they didn't put the actual diploma speaks Bitcoin doesn't have the smart contracts yet but the basic idea is it's a verification device and so you're gonna see tax information you're gonna see deeds you're going to see any public records put I believe on Bitcoin because one thing Bitcoin does have because it's so slow in the process that he uses the verification process it is one of the most internet works there at least for the data on there you're not going to breach Bitcoin as more of these programs come out onto the marketplace and I know the brave browser is one and they have the bad token as some of the smart media tokens pulling it back to steam start to come out there and I mean one of the things that was mentioned but I Dan was a vise token so as people start engaging in that media if you will and start earning tokens you know now all of a sudden they have these tokens what do they do with them and then that's when they're gonna start to figure out how to spend stuff and things like that but I heard John McAfee say one thing very interesting when he was asked a similar question and he says it's gonna be to the point where it depends on where you are like right now if we're in Germany I use the euro from the US I use a dollar from in Great Britain I use the pound or the euro from in Japan I use the yen it's gonna be a similar time thing if I'm in the physical world I may be still using some fiat currency if I'm on Bitcoin blockchain I'll use Bitcoin if I'm a light coin I'll use like coin and you'll see different commerce appear on a lot of these blockchain so ultimately to answer your question how does somebody buy the cup of coffee a year or two years from now I don't exactly know the answer you know at some certain point as I said I believe that there will be some type of atomic swap system in place so no matter what token you have you can turn it into a cup of coffee for 2018 I'll bring it right back round severe Soviets of the video what kryptos at the moment doing pretty well maybe top 100 kryptos do you see possibly falling off in 2018 this is what the week of coins in your opinion and yes and I'm putting up a spotlight I don't I mean obviously in the top hundred there are some coins that are hyped it's of coins that are junk and I honestly I don't have expertise in all the top hundred yeah so I really can't answer that from a coin by coin perspective I think Bitcoin litecoin in the theory of the big three will continue to do well however I don't believe the return will be as well or as good as on esteem for example I mean I put a hundred dollar price on Steam that's you know over 50 times return from where we are right now on the price of steam I do not see Bitcoin for example nineteen fifty times or turn that would put it in what like eight hundred thousand dollars I don't see that for 2018 I mean like coins been on fire here lately the last few days and I also like I'm very happy I don't see like coin at fifteen thousand dollars by the end of next year so my holdings right now I think the big one said I as I said I'm at the Church of Dan I don't have any EOS in my portfolio and I probably do need to add something but I'm big time on Steam I'm big time off bitch airs I think bitch chairs may be a little slower but steam the smart media totally and you guys mentioned the ICO so I'll kind of lead into the end I think the ICO market is going to continue to be robust I think steam is going to be one of the main players in that because of the smart media fold in technology the Smart Media Tech normally token technology from what I understand it's a turnkey system I mean unlike the a theory am sister with the ERC 20s which they'll they'll create a token great now what do you do you look at the smartmedia token first off it's very specialized so it's for content creators you get the correct curation reward system you get the ico smart contract built into the blockchain you have the security that we know is steam already built in so a content creator who has a website or something like that they're not a cryptocurrency security expert we already provide that for and they have a decentralized exchange most people don't realize that steam is a decentralized exchange and every cryptocurrency that is creating uses smartmedia token is going to be paired with steam so there's instant liquidity so if you are an you know 25 tokens from you know watching video and you get a next Oken you can exchange that for steam instantaneously now not felix without guests being crypt of enthusiasts they're always going to be positive about the price addictions of cryptocurrencies but having said that it's always refreshing to hear everyone's houses opinions on it now naturally I'm all for the growth of cryptocurrency so I always love seeing ya it's always good to hit everyone else kind of agree with me on that now I think you raise a good point and like said a means view people do often overlook the usage of these coordinates ultimately the aim is for these to be adopted in the mainstream for people to no longer have to trust third parties that is the premise behind crypto currencies so the more we see of that and the mortal educated people can become on that subject the better you're right of course now the price games they're really only the icing on the cake here and look at this from a wide angle on a broad aspect really but it's like sentence the technology behind it and what they can bring and what they hold for the future which is really the amazing part behind it yeah and you know what for you onto the shoutouts what highlight says that 2017 it's been a crazy year for productos but I'm going to make a bold clear myself and I say 2018 is gonna be eaten wild you've never seen anything like it before okay now on to the shoutouts for today guys without a doubt first is going to act taskmaster 4450 after having them on today's show I'm providing some really interesting perspectives for next year he's got some face woman for tonight and you know what the second goes to who else to at an Tom Burton he's not so fantastic Stephen contributor you know what I think his last post it might be natural cook Jenna it's got heavily overlooked I think it did so I'm gonna repo stuff you guys have watching alright anyway yeah anyway as always don't forget to follow subscribe although unlike and we look forward to seeing you again see you later okay guys


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