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20-18 turned out to be extremely challenging for the crypto industry it suffered from hackers authorities and bears the split within the crypto community only made the situation worse and this is only a brief summary of the year ho ho ho guys I have one more special episode for you the year is coming to an end and it's time to sum it all up but in general have you counted how many episodes I have already released this year and how much news was there oh man I'm telling you I'm terrified with these skills as well and every day their number just grows what's my point it is incredibly difficult to extract only the most valuable information from the news flow and not to drown in it I asked coin gecko Super Service to identify the top news the stroke the crypto community this year coin gecko gladly responded to us and made the hottest news digest I've ever seen in my life I took only five pieces of news there the full version can be found here ok enough chin music I'll start with the end the news about the attack on one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world by Nance was ranked fifth by coin gecko Packers found a bug in the wallet of one of sis corn a cryptocurrency that is traded on Finance with its help they pumped up the price of one Cisco in token to 96 BTC and salted even during the drop guys this sum is a huge I mean it is huge more than three hundred and twenty thousand dollars the attackers were through the money and Finance suspended trading in order to resolve the problem the SEC was very active this year – especially in the denials of Bitcoin ETFs in total the Commission rejected nine applications from various companies this news hit the fourth place in the coin gecko short list one of the most high-profile icos in 2018 was conducted by the telegram messenger in general it managed to collect 1.7 billion dollars and this news takes the Honorable third place unfortunately only selected investors could participate in the crowdfunding so the mere mortals like me didn't get an opportunity to invest well you know what never mind there will be a bunch of icos ahead just watch and second place we have the Korean crypto exchange bit hump but none in its best light though during the summer hackers hacked the exchange and lured away crypto currency amounting to 31 million dollars Ripple holders suffered the most but you know what bid hung has compensated for the damage and the Honourable first place is taken by the news about the end of the war between the developers of Bitcoin cash yeah they couldn't agree on a common vision for the future of cryptocurrency and in the end it split into two so guys that's it for today write in the comments which news you would rank first for 2018 and by the way did you want me to interview Cohen Gekko for you let them sum up the result of 2018 well you know what you press the like button and I will definitely arrange it happy Holidays to you guys

23 thoughts on “2018 cryptocurrency news – top blockchain and bitcoin news”

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  2. eth has lost its status, poor Vitalik is lagging behind XRP so that to sell it ar a good price anticipate that in 2019 its price will grow!

  3. 15 Thnx for top crypto news, agree that they are the hottest this if btc raised from 3K to 20K, that would be the most amazing news, I’d sell it immediately and buy myself a new car ahahah

  4. When I Imagine the amount of assets which flow every day on the cryptocurrency market, I’m driving crazy.

  5. soon sec will fail in its attempt to keep cryptocurrency and blockchain the bubble will burst, or it will grow even do you think?

  6. love your vids much more than Kirby’s, Crypto Trader’s and any other YouTube cryptocurrency news quality content is the quality content, go on with it 😉

  7. Make a vid about scammers and how to find out market is full of such projects, especially shitcoins and fake ICO

  8. I hate crypto and I hate these endless talks about btc etf omg stop chattering on this cause there is no point sec won’t permit it anyway

  9. Just some years ago nobody heard of Telegram, but now it seems to me that it’s superseded Messenger and what’s up, so I guess it’s nice that they’ve held ICO

  10. hah recall the day when Binance crypto exchange was am absolutely shocked that today hackers crack even such major can be hacked, even the “unhackable” McAfree’s wallet.

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