2018 Australian Ford Tin 50 cent coin set

so hello fellow coins like this how you going today this is Glen back with another video and today I’m going to be showcasing D Ford coin sets so before I had the Holden coin set now I have the Ford coin set and it comes in well this is a topping of a motor and it is well comes in this beautiful tin as you can see as a design specifics of a car it’s probably uh oh I don’t know a car that is what Falcon we’ll find out in a minute so here is the back gives you some information about what they represent so this is the Ford Racing team and well Fords and Holden’s pretty iconic for Australia especially the Ford Falcon and the Holden Commodore so let’s have a look inside and have a look at each of these coins individually so I’ll turn it around again so this is the front and that’s the inside of that tin that’s quite nice and this is actually the fourth team set there the first one was a Holden red Holden set the second one was a blue Ford and this year they issued two consecutive ones yeah hold on one was black and this one’s blue so first coin we have is a Ford Falcon set for Falcon it’s Australian car even though 40 sir an American company these cars are coming for Astraeus in 1967 year I don’t really Saudis much anymore so here’s the inside information and here’s the car on the side looks quite nice actually and here is the coin okay so as you can see this one is not colored it is just the coin by itself 1967 XR Falcon GT beautiful if we have a look at the back it’s a picture of the actual car god this camera doesn’t focus picture of this car and it has a the reverse of the Queen Elizabeth now that one has a mintage of 10,000 as it says here there’s pretty much specifications of a normal 50 cent so daddy’s allied Mint coin 10,000 the second ones all the rest of these coins are colored they have a mintage of let’s have a look on the back 30,000 coins beautiful so this is the actual racing car here’s the front you know but now we have specifications and then we have the car itself and as you can see the driver of the car was Allan Moffat so these and it’s also from the car itself as different our sponsors off the car and let’s have a look at the actual coin so these are actually quite good that you can see beautiful let’s have a look at the rest of the coin cards so the next one is 1971 this is another falcon and if we open it up we got the card air itself small folded up version use specifications of the actual car and let’s have a look at the coin so here is the actual coin itself as you can see looks quite good detail you asked me some of these features of cars actually not as good but this one of these quite good let’s have a look at the next coin card so this is the cover this is the inside information here I had the back of the card so this is the actual car itself from on the side as you can see the exhaust down the bottom and this is the actual coin itself looks good this one is not as good as the previous one it looks it’s just a little bit weird the way a car is set up okay and then we have it the next one it’s another Falcon 9 and 81 looks like all these Falcons but we’ll see this one looks more like a modern version okay so here is the actual back of the coin cover not bad blood here are the specifications of the actual car so here’s the track so these are all four de ooh better spray strokes and by first then the rest is just about the car itself okay so here he needs the car driven by Dick Johnson and John French so let’s have a look at the coin so here it’s the actual coin yeah it doesn’t look too bad I like it why can’t I get the Micro print they you can see in the actual car so they’ve actually gotten better with their detail on printing on coins which in the future will only get better because there are definite need technologies and they will modify existing technologies to suit their purpose okay so here we have the next one oh look it’s another Ford Falcon it’s a Ford Sierra 1989 and there’s two shells on the front to represent that can company shell here is the reverse of the cover this is a red there maybe they should have left at as color would it look better so here it’s the inside tire specifications weight 1.1 two-ton 2-liter engine 470 kilowatt power and here is the actual car you’re not as bad not bad still the first one was better but I’ve pink insurance in 1900 1967 cars it’s probably quite expensive okay so here’s the actual card itself the coin on the card you saw it looks alright maybe down the bottom underneath the car that could have actually put a road made it a bit color but still I like it not bad not bad not bad at all good on you Royal Australian mint in here I have the last one they’ve gone back to four Falcons so as you can see it Ford Falcon is actually evolved quite a bit it’s actually really different from the first one to go well one that was ten years ago but still they can use whatever names they want on their cars so here is the reverse this is pretty much to modern cars that you’ll see on the racetracks and they should be more powerful than the first one and here is the specification so this one’s for 60 kilowatt engine five liter and the first one was our 4.7 liter 180 kilowatts so obviously the engines have got more efficient looks like three times more efficient than what they are now and look the car weight it’s pretty much the same everything else is pretty much the same except just when our six gears the first one had four gears and well the coloration has gotten a lot better on these coins and on the car as well a lot of advertisement a lot more people getting involved on the first one not much advertisement also looks more more less distracting itself so you’re focusing on the car and not the actual advertisement so let’s look at the coin so here is the actual coin I like it see the different colors make the actual printing actually a lot harder so all the small lettering all the different changes of the colors on the car it’s a lot harder to do so congratulations to the mint for making a well printed Carolina coin this is nice not bad even though I’m not into car racing myself these coins are pretty good so if you haven’t actually got one you can never buy it off eBay gold coin store buy it online later coin store where you can still buy them from the mint we can’t actually get these tins from the mint anymore they all sold out you can’t even get them from coin shops anymore they all sort out the only place you can get him it’s a eBay unless a coin shop actually buy bought it again and he’s reselling them themselves so I like to say thank you very much watching if you like racing cars then you should get these coins that awesome and have an awesome coin collecting time people please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already so I can show you more excellent clone collecting stuff listen to the train going past I hope you can hear very noisy okay bye bye

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